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Shadow Fight 2 – Complete Guide & Tips

Shadow Fight 2 is an exciting free-to-play martial arts game for mobile that was released on May 1, 2014, by Nekki. It already has over 100 million downloads and has a positive rating of 4.4 from 15.7 million reviewers on Google Play Store. Android Rank estimates that its actual number of downloads is 240,338,201. This mobile game is also available on iOS, Nintendo Switch and Mac OS.

A thrilling mobile game with martial arts fights
Shadow Fight 2 Mobile Game

It has a rich cultural setting based in Ancient China and Feudal Japan and most of the characters are based on Kung-Fu Masters, Shaolin Warriors, Ninjas, Samurais, Ronins and Geishas. The character’s actions depict real-life martial arts techniques with fluid and graceful execution. Its intense action and fast-paced gameplay will give you an exhilarating experience.


Shadow Fight 2 starts with a story about an arrogant fighter who considered himself invincible. He traveled far and wide to find the most challenging opponent until he discovered the Gates of Shadows. The elders have forbidden anyone to enter it but he broke that law to satisfy his hunger for a thrilling fight. The demons from the gate rushed upon him and then tore his flesh and turned him into a shadow warrior. Now, he is on a quest to hunt down the demons that escaped the gates.

An arrogant fighter is about to enter the Gates of Shadows
Shadow Fight 2 – Gates of Shadows

Shadow Fight 2 Gameplay

The game is divided into seven ACTS/Stages and each one has different modes. Defeating a particular number of bodyguards will unlock the other modes. When all of the bodyguards and their bosses are defeated, the next ACT will be unlocked. The difficulty level of the enemies is categorized as EASY, NORMAL, HARD, INSANE and IMPOSSIBLE. An EASY enemy deals little damage but takes huge damage. The opposite gradually happens as you face an enemy in the higher categories.

Shadow Fight 2: Hermit casting his magic to Shadow
Shadow Fight 2 Gameplay

The player’s level is shown beside the STAR symbol. 52 is the maximum level that you can reach. The lightning symbol with 5 bars on its side indicates the player’s energy limit. This energy is not something that you can use to fight your enemies but it’s actually a playing limiter. It means that you can only play 5 consecutive games in one sitting. Succeeding games requires you to wait every 10 minutes to be able to play again.

One of the stages in Shadow Fight 2
ACT VI: Iron Reign

Coins and Gems can be used to purchase weapons and magic. The advantage of coins is that it’s easy to acquire but there is a limitation on what you can purchase. Whereas, gems let you buy a wider variety of weapons and magic powers but it’s difficult to acquire unless you’re willing to spend real money in the game. Furthermore, gems also allow you to buy time in the Underworld and buy energy bars so you can play again immediately after using up your default energy bars.

Stages & Bosses

  • ACT I: Hero Reborn | Boss: Lynx – Modes: Tournament, Survival and Duel
  • ACT II: Secret Path | Boss: Hermit – Modes: Tournament, Survival, Duel and Challenge
  • ACT III: Trail of Blood | Boss: Butcher – Modes: Tournament, Survival, Duel and Challenge
  • ACT IV: Pirate Throne | Boss: Wasp – Modes: Tournament, Survival, Duel and Challenge
  • ACT V: The Greatest Temptation | Boss: Widow – Modes: Tournament, Survival, Duel and Challenge
  • ACT VI: Iron Reign | Boss: Shogun – Modes: Tournament, Survival, Duel, Challenge and Gates of Shadows
  • ACT VII: Revelation | Boss: Titan – Modes: Stone Grove, Incubator, Factory and Spaceship
The six demons of the Gates of Shadows
Shadow Fight 2 Bosses

Modes Details

Boss & Bodyguards. The goal of this mode is to defeat the bodyguards one by one so you can fight the final boss.
You can join the tournament to earn coins so you can buy new weapons and armor or upgrade existing ones.
This mode only has one round per enemy but you need to beat all six of them using a single HP bar.
You need to have an internet connection to be able to play this mode and you can only play it every four hours. You’ll be given random weapons and you need to abide by the random rules of the mode.
This works similarly to Duel because of its random weapons and rules but you don’t need to wait every 4 hours or an internet connection to play it.
Gates of Shadows.
You’ll be facing all of the bosses in the current and previous stages in this mode. It will be just one round per enemy similar to Survival.
In the Revelation stage, the game modes were given different names. Stone Grove is Tournament, Incubator is Survival, Factory is Duel and Spaceship is Challenge.

Difficulty Options

You can switch the game’s difficulty by clicking the sun on the map. If the sun is visible, the difficulty of the game is normal. If it’s switched to eclipse mode, the level of difficulty will be hard. Both of these options are independent of one another. You can finish the normal mode, switch to the hard mode, and then play the entire game again in a challenging setting.

Shadow Fight 2 Combos

The official list of Shadow Fight 2 combos is shown below. To see the combo of a particular weapon, simply select it and then check its list of combos in the menu.

Complete list of combos in Shadow Fight 2
Shadow Fight 2 Combos
  • Block – Automatic
  • Swords Slash – Punch Button
  • Swords Double Slash -Punch Button + Punch Button
  • Swords Strong Slash – Forward Arrow + Punch Button
  • Swords Super Slash – Forward Arrow + Punch Button + Punch Button
  • Swords Spinning Slash – Back Arrow + Punch Button
  • Swords Upper Slash – Up Arrow + Punch Button
  • Swords Low Slash – Down Arrow + Punch Button
  • Elbow Strike – Down-Back Arrow + Punch Button
  • High Kick – Kick Button
  • Front Kick – Forward Arrow + Kick Button
  • Back Kick – Back Arrow + Kick Button
  • Spinning Jump Kick – Up Arrow + Kick Button
  • Double Jump Kick – Up Arrow + Kick Button + Kick Button
  • Front Jump Kick – Up-Front Arrow + Kick Button
  • Axe Kick – Up-Back Arrow + Kick Button
  • Kick-flip – Up-Back Arrow + Kick Button + Kick Button
  • Sweep – Down Arrow + Kick Button
  • Double Sweep – Down Arrow + Kick Button + Kick Button
  • Spinning Step Kick – Down-Forward Arrow + Kick Button
  • Fall Kick – Down-Forward Arrow + Kick Button + Kick Button
  • Horse Kick – Down-Back Arrow + Kick Button
  • Forward Throw – Up Close + Forward Arrow + Punch Button
  • Throw Through The Back – Up Close + Back Arrow + Punch Button
  • Suplex – Up Close, Aback + Back Arrow + Punch Button
  • Long Step Forward – Forward Arrow + Forward Arrow
  • Back Handspring – Back Arrow + Back Arrow

Some of the combos won’t be available immediately and will be unlocked as you progress in the game. They fall under Special Abilities. The combos are Double Sweep, Double Jump Kick, Elbow Strike, Fall Kick, Kick-flip and Suplex.

List of special skills in Shadow Fight 2
Shadow Fight 2 Special Abilities

Special Abilities

Cobra – A 40% chance that during the first 3 seconds of a round, your First Strike would reduce enemy health by 10%.
Desperate – +15% damage when your health is lower than 20% | Max +35% damage.
Avenger – A 20% chance to trigger Avenger, which grants a Critical hit with 160% damage for 5 seconds after receiving a Critical Hit. | Max 28% chance & 170% Damage.
Rock – A 40% chance to withstand a Critical Hit without falling to the ground, returning 40% of its damage to the enemy.
Helm Breaker – A 15% chance to increase your Head Hit damage by 35% for 5 seconds after dealing a Head Hit. | Max 27.5% Chance.
Furious – A 20% chance to get +10% damage on a successful hit. This effect wears off if you’re hit or after 8 seconds.
Pain Rage – A 20% chance to increase damage by 15% for 8 seconds after receiving a Head Hit. | Max 30% Damage.
Concussion – A 5% chance to prevent enemy use of magic or ranged weapons for 8 seconds after a Head Hit.
Full Power – A 20% chance to increase your magic damage by +30% for 4 seconds after your magic is fully charged. | Max 27.5% Chance & 37.5% Damage.

Second Set

Eagle Eye – Not using ranged weapons for more than 5 seconds triggers a chance to get +35% ranged damage for 3 seconds.
Steel Foot – A 7% chance to knock down your enemy with a kick. This chance is doubled if you’re in the air.
Block Breaker – A 10% chance to bypass your enemy’s block. | Max 27.5% Chance.
Martial Spirit – A 10% chance to increase your magic recharge from a successful unarmed attack by 100%. | Max 22.5% Chance & 100% Charge.
Overcharge – After your magic is fully charged, 5 successful melee attacks grant you +30% magic damage for 5 seconds.
Enlightenment – A 10% chance to avoid death blow, replenishing 25% of your health instead. | Max 27.5% Chance & 25% Health.
Mirror – Blocking an enemy hit gives you a 30% chance to get +50% damage for 2 seconds.
Disorientation – A 30% chance to increase your attack by 30% after a ranged attack. | Max 40% Chance & 40% Damage.
Ricochet – A 15% chance to block all damage from an incoming ranged attack.

Shadow Fight 2 Weapons, Armors & Magic

The Shadow Fight 2 weapons, armor and magic can be bought with coins or gems. This is the same for their corresponding upgrades. Some exclusive weapons can only be bought with gems.

Level 52 Flame Clubs with Time Bomb Enchantment
A Shadow Fight 2 Weapon with Enchantment

Each weapon has unique combos and ranges. Knuckles and knives are good for close combat while spears and long swords are effective in distance fighting. Heavy weapons are slow but deal great damage and have a high chance of knocking down an enemy.

Projectile weapons and magic are also thrown in different ways. Some projectile weapons roll on the ground and some scatter in mid-air. Certain Magic Powers flash from the top or from the ground.

Shadow Fight 2 Equipment Set with Time Shift
Chronos Mythical Equipment Set

Mythical Equipment Set

Special weapon sets can be acquired by playing Ascension (discontinued) or getting to the top list of raids. The current Mythical Equipment set are Monk Set, Sentinel’s Set, Warlock’s Set, Forest Guardian Set, Skanda’s Set, Wind Marker Set, Director Set and Chronos Set.


Simple Recipe

Precision – A chance to make a Critical Hit with increased damage. This chance depends on the power of the enchantment.
Overheat – Each strike has a chance to put a buff on you for 5 seconds which makes your next strike inflict 200% more damage. This chance depends on the power of the enchantment.
Poisoning – A chance that your enemy will start to lose 3% health per second (10.2% when used in Magic) over 5 seconds after being hit. This chance is proportional to the damage dealt and the power of the enchantment.
Weakness – A chance to weaken your enemy’s melee attack by 75% for 5 seconds after a successful hit. This chance depends on the power of the enchantment.
Magic Recharge – A chance to increase your magic recharge from a successful hit by 300%. This chance depends on the power of the enchantment.
Bloodrage – A chance that you will deal 200% more damage on your hit, but would also lose 30% of damage dealt in health. This enchantment won’t work if it would cause you to lose. This chance depends on the power of the enchantment.

Basic and Average Enchantments
Shadow Fight 2 Simple and Medium Recipe

Medium Recipe

Lifesteal – A chance on every successful hit to replenish your health by 40% of the damage dealt to the enemy. This chance depends on the power of the enchantment.
Bleeding – A chance that your enemy will start to lose 6% of health per second over 5 seconds after being hit. This chance is proportional to the damage dealt and the power of the enchantment.
Enfeeble – A chance to weaken your enemy’s attack by 75% for 10 seconds after a successful hit. This chance depends on the power of the enchantment.
Frenzy – A chance to increase your melee damage by 150% for 5 seconds after a successful hit. This chance depends on the power of the enchantment.
Stun – A chance to stun your enemy for 5 seconds with a successful hit. This chance is proportional to the damage dealt and the power of the enchantment.
Time Bomb – A chance on every successful hit to set a delayed explosive on your enemy, which will detonate after 2 seconds. This chance depends on the power of the enchantment.

Mythical Recipe

Tempest Rage – Deliver hits, and your power will increase. It will descend if you get hit. Accumulate enough power to land a deadly blow.
Typhoon of Spirits – Attack your foe, don`t miss a hit, and your shield power will grow. Accumulate it enough and avenge when an enemy hits you.
Crimson Corruption – Successfully attacking your foe with a weapon will curse him. He will receive periodic damage.

Shadow Fight 2 Recipe that requires green, red and purple enchantments
An example of a Mythical Recipe

Icy Resistance – As long as the blizzard is wrapped around you, the damage is no threat. If anyone dares touch you, the blizzard will imbue you with strength and increase your damage for the next 3 hits.
Karma – Make a strike combo and get a buff. The bigger the combo, the stronger the effect. If your health is on the low side then the effect will heal you, and if you’re full of strength then it will increase damage in exchange for health.
Squall – Kick your enemy in the legs and a gust of wind will knock them down. Strike them as they fall and deal them a crushing blow.
Plot Twist – Hit the enemy with magic. You’ll see what happens. (Magic Damage is significantly higher in this set).
Time Shift – Hit the enemy to slow him down. In this state, the enemy is more vulnerable to attack.


The achievements section is a collection of badges that you earn when you achieve a special move within the game. Some badges are earned by simply finishing an ACT or simply joining a raid. Every achievement is rewarded with a gem.

Push and Kick Achievement
Achievements are rewarded with gems

Shadow Fight 2 Shop

Gem Section

Coins – Pile of coins = 320,000 coins/Bag of coins = 1,600,000 coins/Chest of coins = 6,400,000.
Gems – Pile of gems = 100 gems/Casket of gems = 400 gems/Bag of gems = 900 gems/Chest of gems = 2,500 gems.
Unlimited Energy – The player won’t need to wait every 10 minutes to play the offline mode after running out of energy.
Perk Reset – This allows the player to reset the Perk Tree.

Bag Section

Mystery Box – Play the lottery, try your luck and you will be lucky!
Charge of Darkness – Minor Charge (72-88 damage), Medium Charge (488-551 damage) and Large Charge (990-1051 damage).
Pack of Patterned Keys – 5 keys to enter the battle with the Son of Heaven.
Chest of Eternals’ Treasures – Contains a huge amount of goods for sure victories in raids!
Dragon’s Chest – Contains Dragon and Panda items.
Chest of the Forest Mystery – Monk’s set item or a lot of raid consumables.
Chest of Souls Keeper – 1 Sentinel’s set item.

Dragon's Chest and Phoenix Elixir
Some items that you can buy in the shop


Phoenix – Combines effects of elixirs “Crag”, “Magic Source”, “Steel Hedgehog” – works for 1 round.
Star Clarity – Reduces proc chances of enemy enchantments to trigger and activate.
The Explosive Vigor – Applies the bomb and steals the enemy’s health after the explosion – acts 1 round.
Magic Source – Increased magic recharge every time the player is hit during 1 round.
Healing Vine – Regenerates health after you took some damage during 1 round.
Steel Hedgehog – Reflects a percentage of damage received from every hit during 1 round.
Crag – Hits can’t knock you off during 1 round.
Monk Set Shards – These magic items can be exchanged for an item from the Monk set.
Sentinel Set Shards – These magic items can be exchanged for an item from the Sentinel set.
Mystical Coupons – These coupons allow you to get your prize from the Mystery Box!
Enchanter’s Chest – This contains 1,400,00 simple recipe enchantment tokens, 300,00 medium recipe enchantment tokens and 100,000 mythical enchantment tokens.

Shadow Fight 2 Underworld

The underworld is an online version of the game where you can join other players in fighting vicious monsters. You can even join clans to have a greater chance of having well-performing teammates who don’t abruptly abandon a raid. There’s no update until now about having extra rewards for being a clan member.

Tenebris, Drakaina and Karcer
Shadow Fight 2 – Underworld


Tier 1

Volcano – Shield: 1,757 | Time: 5:20 | Players: 4
Megalith – Shield: 5,121 | Time: 10:50 | Players: 5
– Shield: 10,095 | Time: 12:40 | Players: 6
Son of Heaven
– Shield: 750 | Time: 9:30 | Player: 1
– Shield: 11,533 | Time: 12:40 | Players: 7 | Requires Dan 3 or higher

Tier 2

Fatum – Shield: 8,473 | Time: 8:40 | Players: 5 | Requires Dan 4 or higher
– Shield: 8,893 | Time: 8:10 | Players: 5 | Requires Dan 5 or higher
Hoaxen – Shield: 12,639 | Time: 8:10 | Players: 6 | Requires Dan 6 or higher

Tier 3

Karcer – Shield: 10,473 | Time: 5:00 | Players: 6 | Requires Dan 8 or higher
– Shield: 12,513 | Time: 7:00 | Players: 6 | Requires Dan 9 or higher
– Shield: 14,377 | Time: 7:30 | Players: 5 | Requires Dan 10


Dan is a ranking system that the game adapted from the actual ranking system by the East Asians. In this game, you need to reach a certain number of points per raid season to level up in Dan. Once you’ve reached the highest Dan level, the next upgrade would be related to the belt color. It’s bronze by default but if you reach the Top 100 or Top 10 within a season, your belt will change to Silver or Gold.

Top 100 player and Top 100 clans in Shadow Fight 2
Shadow Fight 2 – Dan belts and rankings

Shadow Fight 2 Tips

Dojo First. After buying a new weapon, don’t get too excited to jump into the next battle right away. Take a short time to practice the new weapon in the dojo first until you’ve mastered its combos. This will save your energy from an unnecessary defeat.

Timing and Execution. This game is not heavy on speed but on proper timing. If you constantly attack too fast without proper timing, you’ll end up exposing yourself to a vulnerable position. This will give your enemy an opportunity to attack you with a deadly combo. The famous Muhammad Ali’s advice to “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” applies in this game.

Attack Distance. Every weapon has a short, medium and long-distance attack. Some weapons are limited to short to medium only while some are limited to medium to long distance only. Using a long-distance attack on an enemy too close to you will result in a miss and will leave you open to attacks. Therefore, you should always mind your distance from the enemy and use the proper attack move based on your distance.

Martial arts fighting in the middle of a burning city
An example fight with Shogun’s bodyguard

Weapons Flexibility. It’s fine to have a favorite weapon but you need to be flexible enough when using other weapons. The main reason for this is the random weapons fights. It’s inevitable for you to get into a game with random weapons like in Duel, Challenge and Raids. You won’t be able to level up without winning those fights.


Weapons Upgrade. Don’t try to be too stingy by trying to win fights without upgrading your weapons because you’ll end up wasting a lot of time. While it’s good to win against INSANE and IMPOSSIBLE enemies a few times to get an achievement and gem, doing it a lot will be a total waste of time and energy. You’ll need to face that kind of enemy multiple times to defeat it whereas you could have upgraded your weapons and defeated that enemy in one fight.

Recommended Enchantments. The two highly recommended enchantments are Frenzy and Poisoning. Frenzy will increase your melee damage by 150% within 5 seconds. If another Frenzy enchantment kicks in while another one is still active, your 150% increased damage will be increased by another 150%. Magic with a Poisoning enchantment could reduce more than half of the enemy’s HP. It’s because the poison has 10.2% damage per second within 5 seconds when used in Magic unlike in weapons where it will only deal 3%. This is also effective during raids because you need to inflict high damage within a short time limit.

Recommended Special Abilities. Desperate, Avenger, Helm Breaker, Pain Rage, Full Power, Block Breaker, Martial Spirit, Enlightenment and Disorientation. Most of these are focused on helping make a comeback when your HP is already low. The other two are for quickly gaining Magic Power and increasing your Magic Damage.

Defeating Titan

Once you’ve reached the final boss Titan, upgrade your favorite weapon because that’s where you can perform the best. Due to his height, Titan’s weakness is his feet. Focus on low blows against his feet. When Titan pauses, roll forward to go behind him to avoid his high blows and grappling hook. Don’t use Magic on him while his shield is active. Deal weapons attack first to disable his shield before attacking him with Magic.

How to defeat Titan
Shadow Fight 2 Final Battle with Titan

Shadow Fight 2 Raids

Maximize your level first. Although you can play raid even if you’re just in the early levels, you won’t perform effectively. Enchantments are important to have during raids. It’s advisable that you finish the mission game first and defeat Titan. Once your weapon is at level 52 and you have all of the best enchantments in your gears, you’ll perform great in the Underworld.

Use power-ups wisely. Use your Charge of Darkness and Elixirs to worthy opponents only. Don’t waste powerful charges on Tier 1 monsters and keep them reserved for higher-level monsters. They’re also a good emergency resource if you think that you won’t hit the minimum raid damage requirement to qualify for rewards.

Get a Mythical Equipment set. This used to be easier when the Monk’s Set can still be acquired in the Ascension. Since Ascension was discontinued, your next option is to reach the top place during raids based on your Dan. The challenge there is when you reach the highest Dan. Without any Mythical Equipment Set, it would be hard to reach the top spot. This is where you can decide if you’re willing to spend real money in the game to complete your desired Mythical Equipment Set.

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