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Mythical Glory Solo Rank Guide – Mobile Legends

Mythical Glory is the highest rank that you can reach in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It used to be Glorious Legend way back in 2017 until Moonton decided to add a higher rank. Both Mythic and Mythical Glory have a dragon symbol but the horns are slightly different. They might add a phoenix symbol in the future but who knows. You will need 600 points as a Mythic player before you can move up to Mythical Glory.

The highest rank in Mobile Legends is Mythical Glory
Mythical Glory Dragon

Learn how you can reach Mythical Glory even if you’re playing solo by checking the guide below.

Mythical Glory Preparation

Before Playing a Rank Game

  • Turn off your mobile phone’s notifications, messenger apps and calls.
  • Make sure that your phone’s battery is not low.
  • Check if there’s a scheduled power interruption in your area. If possible, get a UPS to keep the internet on in case of a blackout.
  • Make sure that you’ve done your school assignments and house chores so that your parents won’t interrupt you in the middle of the game.
  • Have a warm-up by playing classic or brawl first. This will also let you test the internet stability before playing a rank game.
This will keep the internet running

Hero Selection

  • Regularly check the latest game patches to learn about the heroes who got buffed or nerfed.
  • Prioritize learning the Meta Heroes but learn to be good with above-average heroes as well because Meta Heroes tend to be banned a lot during match-up (Epic and above).
    Note: Meta Heroes are characters with an edge over the rest based on the latest skill adjustments.
  • During match-up, try to adjust based on the roles that your teammates picked (Doesn’t really apply to Grandmaster or below).
  • Pick your hero with the highest win rate in every possible chance.
  • Solo players have a higher chance of winning by picking the core player role.
  • Master at least two heroes per category (Marksman, Mage, Fighter, Tank, Assassin and Support).
Karina build in Mobile Legends
Sample core hero build

Hero Preparation

  • Prioritize to upgrade your most used emblems (Physical, Magic, Tank, Jungle, Assassin, Mage, Fighter, Marksman and Support). Physical and Magic emblems are good for starters but you will need to upgrade role-specific emblems when you reach the higher ranks.
  • Make sure that you have the best item set, emblem set, battle spell and gameplay strategy per hero.
  • Learn the skills of every hero to know what’s the best method to counter or fight them. It’s best to learn about them when playing BRAWL or by simply checking the hero’s profile which shows a demo of their abilities.
Upgrade your emblems fast to reach Mythical Glory
Maximize your emblems


This game is a race against time. If you can level up and get your strong items faster than your enemies, then you’ll obviously get a great advantage in the game. If you’re not fighting any heroes then you should either be farming, clearing up lanes, killing the turtle, etc. Never waste a second.

Map awareness. Always check if someone needs a backup or if one of your towers needs to be defended.

Minimize your use of the chat feature. Use Quick Chat instead.

Predict your opponents. Keenly observe your enemies’ movement pattern to have a better chance of correctly predicting their next move.

Target the strongest enemy first. Check the scoreboard to see the highest scorer among your enemies then prioritize to kill that hero first. Ask for reinforcements if possible. Your teammates will be able to push, farm and clash better without the enemies’ best player.

Objective Focus

Learn when to push. Push your lane when you see the enemies gathering on the opposite lane instead of taking a long journey to help your teammates defend the tower.

Take note of the two kinds of game objectives, the Core Objective and Team Objective. The Core Objective refers to the Red Buff, Blue Buff, Crab and Lithowanderer while the Team Objective refers to the Turtle, Lord, Tower and Kills. Make sure to wisely balance your time when trying to achieve these objectives. Have an effective rotation.

Focus on the goal. Keep in mind that destroying the enemies’ base wins the game—not the number of kills. 

Don’t be complacent. Don’t try to toy with your enemies because of the large kill and item gap. Anything can still happen especially in the latter part of the game. Epic Comeback is the sour fruit of complacency.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Victory Screen
Diligence is the key to victory

Things to Avoid

Feeding the enemy. This is one of most the basic rules of MOBA. The more you die, the more the enemy gets stronger and the more you get left behind in leveling up. This also delays your farming time to get stronger items.

Risking death in order to kill. If your enemy has a very low hp, it’s very tempting to chase it even if it means that you’ll risk your life getting killed by the tower or getting ambushed by the enemies. If the enemy has a low hp after a clash, let the player go back to the base to heal then take the long journey back to the tower. This means that a great deal of your enemy’s time was wasted while you were leveling up by clearing the lane and jungling.

Movement and Farming

Idling or wandering aimlessly. Make sure that you’re not wasting too much time hiding in the bush in wait for an ambush or going back and forth to the base to heal. Have a good balance of damage, lifesteal and heal items to reduce the need to go back to the base to heal.

Disregarding the Creeps. This is a common mistake of new players. While it’s important to get a lot of kills, you should take note that Mobile Legends is a team game. The team that gets the Turtle first will have a team upgrade advantage. Getting the crab first will give you a gold and item advantage. Don’t forget that the buffs will give you an attack and mana advantage. If you can steal the enemy’s buff—the better. Don’t get the buffs if you’re not the core player.


Prioritizing farming over helping the team. This is actually a typical complaint in the game. A teammate attacked an enemy head-on anticipating that you’ll jump in as a backup only to be ignored because you kept attacking a creep. Your teammate ended up dead and your enemy escaped with a tiny life remaining.

You could have saved your teammate and killed the enemy at the same time. There are a lot of team fights that could have been won if only you jumped in to help your team nearby instead of locking yourself into a creep. While it’s important to farm and kill the creeps to level up, it’s more important to help the team.

Trash talking and too much chatting. This mostly results in auto-lose. Trash talking will clearly put you in idle mode and will also take away your focus. On top of that, this will cause a distraction in your team and result in low morale. Instead of blaming your teammates, just encourage them to make up for the mistakes.

Disregarding your role. If you’re a tank, your goal is to protect your teammates, especially the squishy but high damaging marksman heroes. You should be giving the crab and the creeps to the core and marksman instead of stealing them so that you can level up faster. Your role is heavier on support and protection and not killing. This is just an example of properly playing your role. Your role should be clear to you when you pick a hero.

Outside the Game Practices

Playing a rank game in a café. A sudden surge of customers can immediately pull down the internet speed and cause your game to lag. Play brawl or practice mode instead.

Adding a player just because of one lucky game. Check the player’s profile first to confirm the high win rate and the number of games played before adding the person to your list. Team up with them at every possible chance. One lucky high score in a single game doesn’t define the overall.

Mobile Legends Mythical Glory Rank
Reaching Mythical Glory at the late part of the season

Mythical Glory Extra Tip

At every start of the season, take note that a lot of Epic players were former Mythic and Mythical Glory players. This means that you can’t expect to rank up easily in the first part of the season if you just reached Epic. There’s a good chance to rank up faster in the middle and late part of the season.

This is just a general guide. Some of what’s stated here can be bent depending on the situation. If you think that there are some missing valuable tips in this guide, please feel free to add more in the comments section.

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