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Best Zilong Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide | Mobile Legends

Zilong is the celebrated undercard of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. His story accounts that he lost his parents as a child when a violent wind struck their carriage. After the strange wind was gone, Zilong was left alone wandering in the wastelands helpless and exhausted. 

Best Zilong Build - Emblem, Spell, Items and Guide
Zilong – Mobile Legends

A strange old man floated down in front of him and then took him to a mysterious place. It was revealed he was taken to the temple of the Dragon and that the old man is the Great Dragon himself. He was adopted as an apprentice and lived in the Dragon Altar for several years.

When it was time for him to choose a successor, he chose Zilong instead of Ling despite Ling’s victory in their competition. Everyone wondered why the Great Dragon made that decision when Ling was the best student and a better fighter.

Zilong flying in the the air
Zilong with the Great Dragon

After assuming leadership, Zilong demonstrated bravery, kindness, selflessness and a resilient heart. Despite being adopted by the Great Dragon, he posed as an ordinary man who always help the people of Cadia Riverlands during calamities. His actions and noble character made him earn the trust and recognition of everyone. He was later entrusted to handle the Great Dragon Spear to mightily protect the Dragon Altar and Cadia Riverlands.

Zilong Overview

Zilong is one of those heroes who can take the role of a fighter or an assassin. Players try to distance themselves from this hero because of his shocking combo of blink and spear flip. Speed and immunity are Zilong’s best assets. He can quickly shred squishy heroes to pieces once he gets fully upgraded and get all of his strong items. Like Layla, he used to be seen as weak and unreliable but this all changed after his Project NEXT upgrade.

Best Zilong player of MLBB
Global Top 1 Zilong – ENONG DIKASIH ZILONG

This guide will be based on the best practices of the Global Top 1 Zilong player ENONG DIKASIH ZILONG. We’ll cover the best build, spell and emblem that worked based on the fighting style of our top player.

Basic Stats

HP Regen7Mana Regen3.2
Physical ATK123Magic Power0
Physical DEF25Magic DEF15
Attack SPD1.2Movement SPD265
Attack SPD Ratio100%


Dragon Flurry

Dragon Flurry is triggered after three Basic Attacks. It deals 150% Basic Attack damage and has an HP restoration feature that is equivalent to 50% of Zilong’s Physical Attack. When using a Demon Hunter Sword, the effect will only work one time. Take note that this can activate Physical Lifesteal.

First Skill:
Spear Flip

This allows Zilong to carry his enemy using his spear and then turn it over behind him. This skill deals 250 + 80% Total Physical Attack Damage.
While the enemy is airborne, it won’t be able to move, attack or use any skills.

Second Skill:
Spear Strike

It enables Zilong to leap to the enemy and then hit it with his spear. This deals 250 +60% Total Physical Attack Damage and lowers the Physical Defense of the enemy by 15 for 2 seconds.
When Zilong eliminates the enemy, the cooldown of this skill is immediately reset.
The dashing attack activates Spell Vamp instead of Physical Lifesteal.

Supreme Warrior

Zilong’s Attack Speed will increase to 45% while his Movement Speed will increase to 40%. He will become immune to slowing spells and if he already received a slow effect, it will be dispelled. Zilong will also become immune to damage effects.
The Dragon Flurry skill will have a shorter trigger of 2 Basic Attacks instead of 3.

Best Zilong Build


Zilong Emblem Set

Custom Assassin Emblem set

Recommended Emblem and Talents of Zilong
Zilong’s Custom Assassin Emblem set


Bravery – Physical Attack +12.00
Invasion – Physical Penetration +6.00
Master Assassin – When there’s only one enemy hero nearby, damage dealt to the enemy hero is increased by 7%

Battle Spell


This spell will insanely speed up Zilong’s attack speed and even bypass the defense of his enemies. Considering the high Critical chance and damage he makes combined with his ultimate skill—squishy enemies will be gone in a flash.


This is the next best option for Zilong because he can take the core player role. Securing the buffs, creeps, turtle and Lord is a must for this role. This farming-focused spell will help you level up quickly so you can back up your teammates better.


Another good option for Zilong considering that he roams and assists a lot. Since Zilong is a strong pusher, this spell can be annoying to the enemy. Just one wrong move for them during a late-game clash and their base is gone.

Zilong Gameplay Tips

Skill Upgrade Priority

First Priority – Second Skill: Spear Strike
Main Priority – Ultimate: Supreme Warrior
Least Priority – First Skill: Spear Flip 

Zilong Mega Kill - MLBB
Zilong is on a killing spree

Zilong Combo

First Combo:
Second Skill + First Skill + Ultimate Skill + Inspire
This is the most typical combo to chase an enemy with low HP. You can also use this to initiate a fight when the enemy is alone and you have a backup.

Second Combo:
Ultimate Skill + Inspire + Second Skill + First Skill
This combo is perfect when you’re hiding in the bush for a surprise attack. This is also a good combo when facing an enemy one-on-one.

Third Combo:
First Skill + Ultimate Skill + Inspire + Second Skill
The last combo is best used when an enemy becomes too complacent to get near the tower. Hook the target inside the tower’s range then unleash your rage through the Ultimate Skill and Inspire. Since the enemy knows that there’s no chance of winning against you and the tower, the player will most likely blink or run away outside the tower’s range. This would be the best time to use Second Skill to chase your weakened opponent.

Take note that the Second Skill reduces the enemy’s Physical Defense so most of the time it’s not recommended to use First Skill before using it since it won’t optimize your damage.

Zilong Mobile Legends Combat Strategy

Spam your Second Skill. As mentioned previously, this skill refreshes when the target dies. The target is not limited to heroes only but it also covers creeps and minions as well. This means that you have a good chance to always get gold when you last hit the minions and creeps. The best part of this feature is that you can continuously harvest low HP enemies during a clash.

Avoid initiating a team fight. Zilong is good at making sure that the low HP heroes don’t get away after a team clash but is too weak to start a clash. Despite having a debuff for slow effects, Zilong is not immune to stuns. His spear hook is very tempting to use to blink and then grab an enemy even when there’s a backup but this will most likely end up in death. Let the Tank or Fighter start the fight then wait for the mages to cast their spells before jumping into the fight.

Zilong with high kills and assist
God Among Men Win by Zilong

Prioritize the marksman. Marksman heroes are known to be squishy but monstrous in inflicting damage. If you’re anticipating a team fight, try to lurk from the side or from behind to capture the marksman first when the team clash starts. Leaving a fully upgraded marksman rampaging during a clash could lead to your team’s devastation. 

Core & Pusher

Roam and assist. This is the reason why Inuyasha focused his Emblem and Items on movement speed. Since Zilong tends to be weak in one-on-one fights, he can easily make it up with his quick response and assistance. If you’re a core player, this is definitely a given. 

The pushing edge. If you’re ranking up solo, you can’t expect the best teammates all the time. When most of your teammates are performing poorly, the best way for Zilong to turn the situation around is by making the most out of his pushing edge.

Pushing edge means that Zilong can push better than most heroes in Mobile Legends—especially when he’s using the Arrival spell. Since the build is heavy on attack and movement speed, Zilong can clear up the minion waves faster and destroy the towers quicker. 

Tempting the enemies to gather and ambush you on one lane as you push is a good diversion in order to use Arrival to teleport to the opposite side and then continue pushing there. What’s scary about this spell is that you can teleport to the location of any minion ally to push. Imagine the enemy team making a slight mistake of leaving their base during the late part of the game when your minions are already near their last tower. Their base could be gone in a flash while they’re busy fighting in a clash.

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