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Best Miya Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Miya is the signature cover girl of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Despite her youthful look, she already lived for thousands of years—thanks to her elven nature. The many years she lived weren’t mostly pleasant because of the seemingly endless wars that their people has to endure.

Miya - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Miya’s signature pose

The Moon Goddess gathered most of her strength to create a Lunar Aegis that will serve as their protection. She fell into a deep slumber upon its completion. This finally fulfilled Miya’s dream of a peaceful life. The elves thrived and enjoyed serenity in Azyra Woodlands free from any external threats.

Several years later, the empire of the Abyss was successfully expanding but had a stalemate with the humans. The elves had an internal conflict about joining the war or not because Estes believed that they should help battle the demon army. Having suffered many years of wars in her lifetime, Miya chose to remain in their domain and just continue to defend their land.

Miya throwing her arrow - MLBB
Miya: Moderna Butterfly

However, although the Lunar Aegis is strong enough to prevent the spread of corruption in their territory, it’s not strong enough to stop the large Army of the Abyss. Miya had deep regrets for not joining the fight against the demons early on because they now have become more powerful. She prayed earnestly to the Moon Goddess for protection but heard no answer. When Balmond’s orc army and Thamuz’s demons were closing in, Miya felt that she had no choice but to arm herself with her silver bow and join the fight.

Miya Overview

Miya is known for her splitting empowered arrows. Her ghostly stealth ability can help her escape death or shock an unsuspecting foe while her rapid attacks can swiftly tear down any target. Her painful attacks combined with speed, stun and elusiveness make her one of the most formidable marksmen of Mobile Legends.

Best player of Miya in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Miya player: thagtute

The Global Top 1 Miya player thagtute will be our reference for this guide. We’ll examine what’s his best build, emblem, spell and effective practices that have placed him on top of the fold. Congratulations to thagtute for reaching the top spot for Miya!


Passive: Moon Blessing
Miya’s attack speed increases by 5% every time she hits her target. This could stack up to five times within four seconds.

When the Attack Speed bonus full stack is reached, her basic attack will have the Moonlight Shadow attack increase that deals 30 + 30% Total Physical Attack Damage. Take note that this can have critical damage but no attack effects.

Story of Miya
Miya Basic Stats

First Skill: Moon Arrow
Miya’s arrows are split into three on each Basic Attack. This deals 10 + 100% Total Physical Attack Damage to the main target while the rest gets 30% damage. This will last for four seconds and can trigger attack effects.

Second Skill: Arrow of Eclipse
Miya launches an empowered arrow that can stun the enemies for 1.2 seconds in a selected area. This can deal 90 + 45% Total Physical Attack Damage. Upon landing, the arrow splits into 8 smaller arrows that can slow the enemies by 30% for 2 seconds. It also deals 30 + 15% Total Physical Attack Damage.

Ultimate: Hidden Moonlight
Miya immediately removes her debuffs, boosts her Movement Speed by 35% then goes into stealth mode for two seconds.
This mode will be canceled when an attack is initiated. When her stealth mode is over, she’ll have a full stack of Moon Blessing.

Best Miya Build


Swift Boots. Attack speed is already native to Miya’s default features and banking on that asset would be the most practical approach. This item would be a good start for Miya to give her better mobility with its movement speed increase and its attack speed increase would help her farm faster in the early part of the game. 

Miya Build ML
Best Miya build based on the Global Top 1 player

Windtalker. This affordable item packs a lot of good features that fit really well with Marksman heroes. This gives a huge Attack Speed boost and a decent critical chance increase that will make Miya a fearsome tornado. Its added movement speed is beyond most items as well. This is great for chasing heroes or escaping a potential death.

Beyond the stated features, it even has a passive that shoots a mini typhoon that deals magical damage to up to three enemies and an extra Movement Speed boost again.

Berserker’s Fury. Despite the cost of this item, it’s very important to have a damaging basic attack in the middle of the game. Its high critical chance will work well with the Windtalker while its high damage makes every crit attack more impacting. On top of that, the item’s 40% extra Critical damage and 5% extra Physical Attack would give a serious blow to your enemies.

Mobile Legend's 5th Anniversary Skin
Miya using Moon Knight’s weapon

Demon Hunter Sword. This item wasn’t labeled the Tank Killer for no reason. It may look weak because of its default attack damage but the 9% additional damage that it gives based on the enemy’s current HP is the deal-breaker. It also has a significant Attack Speed increase and Physical Lifesteal. That’s a lot of features in one item.

Late Game Items

Scarlet Phantom. Considering that two of the previous items have already increased her Critical Chance—this item will raise it even further. It will be high enough that almost every attack coming from Miya will deal critical damage. Although this item already has a high Critical Chance and Attack Speed, its passive will increase both of them further when a critical hit is made.

Blade of Despair. This is probably the most feared late-game item in Mobile Legends considering that it has the highest damage. Its passive compliments the Demon Hunter Sword because the Demon Hunter Sword’s damage is higher when the enemy’s HP is full while the Blade of Despair increases your overall damage when the enemy’s HP is less than half.

Miya Emblem Set

The Custom Marksman Emblem Set worked great for the Global Top 1 Miya player thagtute. Based on the set of items and skills mentioned previously, most of the native features of this emblem would optimize most of Miya’s abilities. Let’s take a look at what configuration worked best for him after playing Miya for almost 8,000 games.

Marksman Emblem - MLBB
Best emblem configuration for Miya

We can see that he started by maxing out Bravery for greater attack damage. Since most of the items he has lined up are heavy on critical damage, he didn’t choose Fatal anymore. A high Critical Chance with low damage won’t have much effect. This is good for harassing melee opponents early in the game. 

He went max out Agility next for faster movement speed. Most of the items on his list already have movement speed but he chose to enhance it further with this emblem feature. As a squishy marksman, this feature can help Miya escape death faster but it will also help her respond to clashes and chase dying enemies faster.

For the final feature, he went for Electro Flash which is a great feature that will help Miya stay in the game instead of needlessly going back home to heal. Its HP restoration by 30% Physical Attack would also be good to have when fighting an enemy one-on-one. When this is combined with the emblem’s default Lifesteal feature, Demon Hunter Sword, and high attack speed, your enemies will be shocked that you’re not as squishy as they think. 

Battle Spell

Inspire. This spell will put Miya’s Attack Speed at an insane level. She can kill an enemy so fast without giving it a chance to retaliate even a little—at least for squishy heroes. What’s also great about this spell is its fast cooldown. You can also use it to quickly kill the Crab, Turtle and even the Lord.

Inspire battle spell - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Best spell for Miya: Inspire

Flicker. To minimize deaths for Miya, this battle spell is a good next option. If you used her ultimate skill to activate Moon Blessing quickly but suddenly got caught up in a situation where you need to escape—you can use this as a backup.

Miya Gameplay

Skill Sequence

Moon Arrow. This first skill should be prioritized for the simple reason that it enhances the damage of every arrow you throw and multiplies them as well. The more empowered arrows thrown, the greater chances of winning.

First skill of Miya in Mobile Legends
Miya’s Moon Arrow hits three enemies

Hidden Moonlight. Miya’s ultimate skill should be upgraded as soon as it’s ready. Her stealth mode is not just for escaping but for dispelling bad buffs and ambushing enemies too. Since it also enhances her movement speed, you can use it to chase a dying enemy as well. Don’t forget that your Moon Blessing gets a full-stack once this skill is deactivated.

Arrow of Eclipse. While this has higher initial damage and can stun your enemies, you don’t need to prioritize this second skill over the first skill. One-time large damage can’t be beaten by quick and multiple smaller damage. Upgrading this skill won’t prolong the stun effect as well so getting it by the minimum should be helpful enough.

Miya Combo

First Combo:
Second Skill + First Skill + Inspire
This will be your first combo at the start of the game. It’s best done while hiding in the bush. The goal of this combo is to force your enemy to go back home to heal so you can have a farming and level-up advantage.

Valentine's skin MLBB
Miya’s fierce shining arrow

Second Combo:
Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + First Skill + Inspire
This is effective in assassinating squishy heroes like marksmen and assassins. Despite being a marksman, Miya can turn into an assassin with this combo especially when she’s ahead in level and items.

Third Combo:
Basic Attack + Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + First Skill + Inspire
This is best used when assisting a teammate or joining a team fight. During a clash, one of your enemies might suddenly abandon fighting your teammate to jump to you since most enemies tend to prioritize marksmen because of their squishiness. This is where you use your ultimate skill to run away and escape. When the enemy gets back to your teammate, that’s where you run back into the battle to freeze it then barrage it with your first skill and inspire.

Japanese Miya Skin - MLBB
Miya in Suzuhime skin

Fighting Strategy

Items first. The reason why marksmen are urged to go down the gold lane is that their items are what make them ferocious killers. The goal is to complete your weapon collection as soon as possible because once you achieve that—every basic attack will send a bone-chilling trauma to your enemies. Make sure to help your teammates during clashes as well instead of just farming endlessly like there’s no tomorrow.

Killing Spree Miya - MLBB
Miya on a killing frenzy

Poke. As a marksman, you always have this advantage against melee heroes but since you’ll encounter another marksman in the gold lane, make sure that you’re doing it with less damage taken.

Gank. Use your ultimate skill to get near the unsuspecting enemy then freeze it with your second skill. While frozen, unleash your arrow barrage with your fully stacked passive, first skill and inspire. Your squishy opponent will never get the chance to even fight back. If you’re dealing with a tank or a heavily armored fighter—use the combo below.

Best marksman player in Mobile Legends
thagtute’s all-time favorite hero is Miya

Proper positioning. Most mages tend to cast their skills forward so try to avoid that by positioning Miya slightly on the side. The safest approach is to wait for your enemies to cast their skills to the tank before showing up at the party.

Miya FYI Checklist

  • Split arrows help speed up your passive stack.
  • Miya’s second skill can be used to help teammates escape.
  • AoE damage can still affect Miya even when she’s invisible.
  • Franco’s hook can be stopped by Miya’s stealth mode if you’re just being pulled but she can’t escape his ultimate skill.
  • Miya can still use her ultimate skill after Chou’s knockback move.
  • Rafaela’s first skill can reveal an invisible Miya.
  • Hayabusa will continue to execute his Shadow Kill even if Miya goes into stealth mode.
  • Miya can escape Saber’s Triple Sweep ultimate by going into stealth mode.
  • Miya can’t escape Kaja’s rope even if she uses her ultimate skill.
  • Wanwan’s ultimate won’t stop its execution even if Miya becomes invisible.
  • You can escape Silvanna’s chains with your ultimate skill.
  • Barat’s tongue grab can be escaped with stealth mode.
  • Guinevere’s Violet Requiem can be escaped with Miya’s ultimate skill.
  • Miya can escape Aurora’s freeze with her invisible mode.

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