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Balmond Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide | Mobile Legends

Balmond is the fierce orc of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. After the fall of the orc’s kingdom due to the attack of the demons, his father hoped that he will become someone who can lead their race and bring back their glorious days. Their clan was scattered into different small tribes under the oppression of the demons after their defeat.

Balmond - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Balmond: The Fierce Orc

Balmond trained relentlessly and his father taught him various types of combat skills. He also studied all kinds of ancient Orc tomes which improved his fighting techniques. When he was old enough, he led a group of Orc fighters to clash against a pack of oppressive demons in their tribe.

The story of their victory spread throughout all of the Orc tribes so they rallied behind Balmond to help him in his rebellion. This enraged Thamuz, the Lord Lava of the demons so he deployed a larger army to fight the orcs. When Balmond’s army was starting to get surrounded, he was still resilient to fight to the bitter end.

During a duel with a demon, Balmond has bitten its throat which sent a large amount of its blood to his body. The demon’s blood gave him a strange transformation and powers that he never had. In his rage, he attacked and defeated a cluster of demons which caused their blood to splatter on the other orcs who also gained unexplainable powers.

This made the demons fear the orcs’ newfound strength so Alice decided to settle their battle with a deal. Balmond agreed to remain loyal to the Abyss in exchange for regaining the entire Roaring Wilderness. His father’s dream of unity among the orcs and the rebuilding of their kingdom was finally going to happen.

Balmond Overview

Balmond used to be a fighter/tank because of his durability but he was back to just being a fighter in one of the previous updates. His most feared skill is the cyclone sweep because of its powerful damage and Area of Effect. This also helps Balmond clear up minion waves very quickly.

Best Balmond player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Balmond: nay’`ciblek

The current Global Top 1 Balmond is nay’`ciblek. This guide will be based on her best practices and we’ll tackle what would be the best build, emblem and spell to use that worked well in her gameplay. Kudos to nay’`ciblek for being the top Balmond player of Mobile Legends.

Basic Stats

HP Regen9.4Mana Regen0
Physical ATK119Magic Power0
Physical DEF25Magic DEF15
Attack SPD1.06Movement SPD260
Attack SPD Ratio100%



Whenever Balmond kills a creep or a minion, 5% of his Maximum HP will be restored. If he kills an enemy hero, this levels up to 20%. Note that the Maximum HP only covers his current HP. 

First Skill:
Soul Lock

This skill gives Balmond the ability to dash forward to an enemy and deal 150 + 60% Total Physical Damage. Upon contact, he will stop and slow the enemy by 30% for 2 seconds. This skill can activate Spell Vamp but not Physical Lifesteal.

Second Skill:
Cyclone Sweep

Balmond can whirl his large axe continuously for 3 seconds using this skill. It will deal 50 + 50% Total Physical Damage to all enemies hit. The damage will keep on increasing by 25% every time the enemies are hit but its maximum is at 100%. This attack can be critical and can trigger Spell Vamp.

Lethal Counter

Balmond smashes his axe in a large fan-shaped area which can deal 400 + 60% Total Physical Damage plus another 20% based on the target’s lost HP as true damage. This will also reduce their movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds. Minions and Creeps will receive 1300 damage from this attack.

Best Balmond Build


Balmond Emblem Set

Custom Jungle Emblem set

Recommended emblem and talents for Balmond
Custom Jungle Emblem configuration for Balmond


Brutal – Damage to Monsters +21.00
Knowledge – Battle Spell Cooldown Reduction +6.00
Seasoned Hunter – Damage inflicted to Lord, Turtle and Turrets is increased by 20%, while damage received from the Lord and Turtle is reduced by 20%.

Battle Spell

It’s rare for a fighter to get this spell, much more, a tank/fighter. This means that Balmond deals enough damage to lead the team in getting the Turtle and Lord. It’s awkward to see him farm as well when he’s supposed to be protecting the marksman with his tank build. So far, this worked very well for nay’`ciblek.


If one of your teammates assumed the role of a core player ahead of you, the Execute spell would be the next best option. This is a good alternative for Balmond’s combo if his ultimate skill is still on cooldown.


As an enemy chaser, getting away from Balmond would be next to impossible once this is activated considering that most of the recommended items for him already increased his movement speed.

Balmond Gameplay Tips

Skill Upgrade Priority

First Priority – Second Skill: Cyclone Sweep
Main Priority – Ultimate Skill: Lethal Counter

Least Priority – First Skill: Soul Lock

Triple Kill MLBB
Balmond getting wild in the clash!

Balmond Combo 

First Combo:
First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attack + Ultimate Skill
This is practically the combo that you’ll be using the most. You may skip using the Basic Attack if your damage is high enough to use the Ultimate Skill. This depends on what type of enemy you’re facing. When facing a tank hero you will need to repeat the first three steps before using your Ultimate Skill.

Second Combo:
Basic Attack + First Skill + Second Skill  + Ultimate Skill
This combo is applicable when you’re trying to ambush a blinker hero. From the bush, shock your enemy with your Basic Attacks then use your First Skill if your enemy tries to blink and escape. The moment you get close enough to your enemy, start attacking it with your Second Skill and then your Ultimate Skill.

Balmond Mobile Legends Combat Strategy

Skills Extras. You should take note of the capabilities that Balmond’s skills have that you won’t find in the game’s description. The first skill could actually allow Balmond to pass through walls. This is good during an ambush and escaping.

The cyclone sweep cannot be easily stopped by certain stuns. Eudora’s stun and Franco’s hook won’t stop Balmond from spinning but a jump from Guinevere will do. Balmond’s ultimate can also be easily interrupted by Zilong’s hook and flame shot’s knockback. Beware of casting your ultimate when you’re near an enemy who can cancel it.

Legendary in MLBB
Balmond’s Legends Continues

Heal-All-You-Can. You don’t always have to waste your time going back to the base to heal. If you just killed an enemy in your lane with a little life remaining, take note that Balmond’s Bloodthirst passive allows him to regain a small percentage of his life when killing enemy minions. This is the same with creeps but a larger percentage is gained when killing an enemy hero. Combine this with your Spell Vamp items and your need to go back home will be greatly reduced.

Attack Techniques

Poker Ace. Poke your enemies with your First and Second Skill combo then move back out. Most of the time, this combo can reduce more than half of your enemy’s life. After the enemy used up the healing spell, do another surprise attack from the bush using the same combo then use your Ultimate Skill. If you are using Execute as your spell, you can actually kill an enemy with this combo even before you get your Ultimate Skill.

Kill Steal. This is the most annoying practice for teammates who are trying to get all the glory of the kills for themselves instead of thinking about the overall benefit for the team. Balmond’s Ultimate Skill is meant to be used when the enemy’s HP is low because the impact of its damage depends on the lost HP. Balmond has a good way of securing the team’s kill for the benefit of everyone. It’s better to steal the kill than give your enemies a chance to escape.

Jungling Trick. Since Balmond’s Second Skill has an Area of Effect, you can actually farm two creeps at once by poking the Red Buff creep and the one on top of it. When they’re already positioned close to you, start your Second Skill to attack both of them at the same time.

With Balmond’s tanky build, he performs best when he has a backup or a partner. For the average solo gamer, he’s a bit difficult to use during the late part of the game especially when you’re trying to carry the entire team to win. Make sure to finish the game as soon as possible because the late part of the game can be a pain for him.

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