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Xavier Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide | Mobile Legends

Xavier is the Defier of Light of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Xavier is a member of the Knights of Light and holds the prestigious title of Arbiter of Light. Despite his exceptional abilities and accomplishments, Xavier finds himself in a state of inner turmoil and despair after suppressing the Free Smiths’ Guild. When he is given the order to capture two individuals, Yin and Melissa, whom he is told are heretics, Xavier is once again faced with a difficult decision.

Best Xavier Build - Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide
Xavier – Mobile Legends

Xavier’s journey begins as a child with extraordinary intelligence and a mystical power called Mystic magic. He joins the Monastery of Light and eventually becomes a part of the Knights of Light, a revered force within the Moniyan Empire. Xavier earns accolades and is appointed as the Arbiter of Light by the Bishop.

However, during a mission to suppress the Free Smiths’ Guild, Xavier witnesses the ruthless actions of his own comrades, the “Ravens,” as they mercilessly kill innocent women, children, and the elderly. Disturbed by the truth behind the mission, Xavier starts to question the orders he receives and the actions of the Church. In a moment of defiance, he saves a child from the massacre and secretly places them in the Church’s orphanage.


Xavier’s act of compassion is discovered, and he is condemned by the Bishop, who sees his actions as siding with the heretics. Xavier is subsequently sent to the border to carry out dangerous missions against the Abyss. For the next decade, he is haunted by what he witnessed and loses his passion for his duties. Eventually, Xavier is given a second chance by a new Archbishop and returns to Lumina City to maintain order as a guard.

Story of Xavier - Mobile Legends
Xavier leading Yin and Melissa

In Lumina City, Xavier sees the injustices and propaganda perpetuated by the Church, causing him to lose faith in its teachings. He struggles internally and contemplates resistance or leaving his position. However, his loyalty to the Archbishop and his vow to serve the light prevent him from acting on these thoughts.

During a secret mission to eliminate signs of heresy, Xavier encounters Yin and Melissa, who are being chased by demons. Although he is expected to arrest them, Xavier is reminded of the incident from a decade ago and the choices he made. He reflects on whether to follow his duty or to listen to his conscience and make a different choice this time.

With the weight of his past experiences and the burden of his decision-making, Xavier declares that this time, the choice is his to make.

Xavier Overview

Xavier is a mage hero who specializes in Damage/Guard. His Durability is low but he has an exceptionally high Offense and an above-average Control effect. He is highly recognized for his powerful beam that can go beyond the map and his ability to poke his enemies with his Mystic Bullet which bounces off multiple enemies. With enough practice, optimum build and a clear understanding of his skills—it won’t be hard to dominate in the game with Xavier.

Best Xavier player of Mobile Legends 2023 - CipáSatoru
The Global Top 1 Xavier player of Mobile Legends: CipáSatoru

CipáSatoru is the current Global Top 1 Xavier player of Mobile Legends. This guide will be referencing her best Xavier build and will have a closer look at her choice of emblem, spell and items to help us learn how she dominated and became the top player for this hero.

Basic Stats

HP Regen6.8Mana Regen5.2
Physical ATK111Magic Power0
Physical DEF15Magic DEF15
Attack SPD1Movement SPD250
Attack SPD Ratio100%



Xavier enhances his subsequent skills each time his skill hits an enemy hero.

  • Stage I: Increase Movement Speed when the skill hits an enemy hero.
  • Stage II: Skill width greatly increased.
  • Stage III: Skill cooldown greatly reduced. The state lasts 5 seconds.
First Skill: 
Infinite Extension

Xavier fires a Mystic Bullet that deals damage to enemies it passes through. The Bullet’s flying distance increases each time it hits an enemy or the Mystic Barrier.

Second Skill:
Mystic Field

Xavier conjures a Mystic Barrier that slows enemies it comes into contact with while speeding up allies. When hit by Xavier’s other skills, the barrier expands into Mystic Field which deals damage and immobilizes enemies within 1.2 seconds.

Ultimate Skill:
Dawning Light

Xavier unleashes a beam of Mystic magic in the target direction, dealing damage to all enemies along its path. He also directly enters the Transcendence state and resets the state’s duration.

Best Xavier Build


Xavier Emblem Set

Custom Mage Emblem set

Recommended Emblem for Xavier - Mobile Legends
Custom Mage Emblem configuration for Xavier


Agility – Movement Speed +6.00%
– Magic Penetration +6.00
Bargain Hunter – Equipment can be purchased for 90% of its price.

Battle Spell


This battle spell was chosen by our Global Top 1 player for Xavier. The advantage of Sprint is that it allows Xavier to continuously deal with Basic Attacks on his target while chasing it. It’s also a good spell to escape an ambush.


This is the game-recommended battle spell for Xavier. It’s more efficient when it comes to chasing and escaping because of its instant effect. It can also allow you to blink inside a bush to confuse the enemy where you escaped.

Xavier Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

First Priority – First Skill: Infinite Extension
Main Priority – Ultimate Skill: Dawning Light
Least Priority – Second Skill: Mystic Field

Layla killed by Xavier - Mobile Legends
Deadly Strike attack from Xavier

Xavier Combo

First Combo:
Second Skill + First Skill + Basic Attacks
Use this combo before unlocking your Ultimate Skill. It’s important to start with the Second Skill so you can slow your target first before you can stun it and barrage it with attacks.

Second Combo: 
First Skill + Basic Attacks + Second Skill + First Skill + Ultimate Skill
The goal of this combo is to allow Xavier to reach three stacks (Stage III) on his Passive Skill before using the Ultimate Skill. Having a Stage III stack in his Passive Skill will add a large percentage of damage to his Ultimate Skill.

Third Combo:
Second Skill + First Skill + Basic Attacks + Retreat + First Skill + Ultimate Skill
This combo is ideal during a group clash where you can help your teammates by immobilizing some enemies as they attack them and then moving back out to a safe spot to cast your ultimate skill uninterrupted. Three regular skills are used to get three Passive stacks before using the Ultimate Skill.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Xavier’s First Skill gives him a poking advantage because it bounces straight to enemy minions and heroes. You can simply align yourself with the minions and the enemy hero to hit it from a safe spot. After unlocking your Second Skill, use it to slow and stun your target so it can’t hit you back when you attack it. Move back out when the enemy’s stun duration is over and then repeat the same steps. This will also help increase your Passive’s stack.

Xavier is the MVP in Mobile Legends
MVP Win by Xavier

Snipe. Since Xavier’s Ultimate Skill can reach the edge of the map, you can use it to eliminate a low HP enemy who managed to run very far. Be alert when you see duels or clashes from your allies because they may have a low HP target who managed to escape. It’s easy to hit an enemy that is moving straight away from your direction in the middle of the map but catching a moving target on the opposite sides of the map requires a bit of practice.

Team Play

Roam. Mage heroes are mostly placed in the mid-lane to easily visit the top and bottom lanes to assist the team. Xavier’s slow and immobilizing ability is great for securing a kill when assisting allies.

Position. It’s critical for Xavier to be in the right position to make the most out of his skills. Immediately cast his First Skill if you see a group of enemies lined straight. Keep proper distance when casting your Ultimate Skill because it can be interrupted by knock-back or stun attacks.

Team Fight. Crowd control and AoE are Xavier’s best assets during team fights so make sure to properly time your attacks to hit the most number of enemies that you can. Since Xavier is a squishy hero, always hide behind the tank and fighter during clashes to avoid getting targeted by assassins. Watch out for Marksman heroes as well because their swift and painful attacks can swiftly drain your HP.

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