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Natalia Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide | Mobile Legends

Natalia is the Bright Claw of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Since her childhood, she was already trained to be an assassin for the Church of Light. She excelled in the field and became a top assassin for the Moniyan Empire. After several successful missions, she unexpectedly failed in her last assignment. Tigreal managed to help her escape but her partner had a terrible fate.

Best Natalia Build – Emblem, Spell, Items and Guide
Natalia – Mobile Legends

She took upon herself all of the guilt and accountability for the death of her partner. With a devastated spirit, she immediately left the Church of Light to live in exile. Natalia went to the most dangerous areas far from the Empire and the Church. She wanted to challenge herself with more complex missions to regain confidence once she proves herself again.

Natalia Overview

Natalia is an assassin hero who specializes in chase/reap. She has low durability but high control effects and offense. Her cloaking ability and surprise attacks make her enemies tremble. Learning the right strategy and proper execution of her skills will help you dominate the game with this hero.

Best Natalia Build by Global Top 1 player
Global Top 1 Natalia of Mobile Legends: Super Fall :3

The best practices of the current Global Top 1 Natalia player Super Fall :3 will be one of the bases of this guide. We will inspect his best Natalia build and then elaborate on his choice of emblem, spell and items to understand what helped him earn the number 1 spot for this assassin hero.

Basic Stats

HP Regen6.8Mana Regen18
Physical ATK105Magic Power0
Physical DEF20Magic DEF15
Attack SPD1Movement SPD245
Attack SPD Ratio100%


Assassin Instinct

After not taking or dealing damage for a while in the bush, Natalia conceals herself, gaining extra Movement Speed while enhancing her next Basic Attack. She deals extra damage when attacking from behind.

First Skill: 
Claw Dash

Natalia dashes in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies in her path. She can cast this skill again within a short period of time if an enemy is hit.

Second Skill:
Smoke Bomb

Natalia releases a smoke bomb on the spot, dodging all Basic Attacks and slowing enemies. This will also increase her Basic Attacks.

Ultimate Skill:
The Hunt

Natalia can enter Assassin’s instinct, concealing herself and enhancing her next Basic Attack.

Best Natalia Build


Rapid Boots

+70% Movement Speed

Unique Passive – Side Effect:
Loses 25 Movement Speed for 5 seconds upon dealing or taking damage.

Blade of the Heptaseas

+70 Physical Attack
+250 HP

Unique Attribute: +15 Physical Penetration.
Unique Passive – Ambush: If no damage is taken from enemy heroes within 5 seconds, the next Basic Attack deals 160 plus 40% Physical Attack as extra Physical Damage and slows the target by 40% for 1.5 seconds.

Malefic Roar

+60 Physical Attack

Unique Attribute: +35% Physical Penetration.
Unique Passive – Armor Buster: When attacking an enemy gains 0.05% extra Physical Penetration for each point of the enemy’s Physical Defense, capped at 20%.

Demon Hunter Sword

+35 Physical Attack
+25% Attack Speed

Unique Passive – Devour:

Basic Attacks deal 9% of the target’s current HP as extra Physical Damage (capped at 60 against minions)
Unique Passive – Devour:
Basic Attacks grant 3% extra Physical Lifesteal for 3 seconds, capped at 5 stacks.

Hunter Strike

+80 Physical Attack
+10% Cooldown Reduction

Unique Attribute: +15 Physical Penetration.
Unique Passive – Retribution: Dealing the same damage to the same enemy hero or creep 5 times in a row grants 50% extra Movement Speed that decays over 3 seconds (8 seconds cooldown).


+800 HP
+20 Physical Defense

Unique Passive – Immortal:
Revives 2.5s after death, gaining 16% Max HP and a 220 – 1200 shield (scales with level) that lasts 3s (210s cooldown).

Natalia Emblem Set

Assassin Emblem Set

Natalia Build - Best Emblem - Mobile Legends
Custom Assassin Emblem configuration for Natalia


Agility – Movement SPD +6.00%
Invasion – Physical PEN +6.00
High and Dry
– When there’s only one enemy hero nearby, damage dealt to the enemy hero is increased by 7%

Battle Spell


Deals True Damage to the designated enemy hero. This damage ignores the enemy’s shield. If the target is slain by this skill, its cooldown will be reduced by 40%.

Best Natalia Build - Battle Spell

Deals True Damage to creeps or minions. Allows the carrier to purchase Jungling Equipment Items. With Jungling Equipment Items, damage taken from creeps is permanently reduced.

Natalia Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

First Priority – First Skill: Claw Dash 
Main Priority – Ultimate Skill: The Hunt
Least Priority – Second Skill: Smoke Bomb 

Natalia vs Ruby in MLBB
Natalia silently kills her target

Natalia Combo

First Combo:
Passive + Basic Attack + First Skill + Ultimate Skill + Basic Attack + First Skill + Basic Attack + Second Skill + Basic Attacks
Second Combo: 
Passive + Basic Attack + Ultimate Skill + Basic Attack + First Skill + First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attacks

The second charge of the ultimate skill is reserved for escaping or chasing. Take note that the sequence of skills will still depend on the situation. If a large number of enemies show up unexpectedly, you might need to use the first skill for escaping.

Fighting Strategy

Upgrade. Prioritize unlocking Natalia’s ultimate skill in the early part of the game. It might be tempting to attack some enemies before reaching level 4 but it will usually end up in frustration because of a failed kill. Having your ultimate skill handy increases your chance of a kill. Learn to hold back a bit.

Beware. Although most of your enemies will have to beware of you when you’re nearby, you also need to know who can counter your cloak. Take note that AoE attacks can get you revealed. You might be invisible but you’re not immune to attacks. 
Here are some examples: AoE stun attack by Aldous, Irithel’s rain of arrows and roar, Balmond’s spin, Valir’s flame push and Lesley’s Ultimate Skill.

Farm. If you’re playing Natalia as a core, the latest update made her damage higher so you don’t have to use a jungle emblem to farm faster. The assassin emblem should suffice. Make sure to always secure the turtle for the team.

A female assassin in a white hood with bronze gloves
Legendary Win by Natalia

Team Play

Roam. With your Rapid Boots and boosted Movement Speed from your passive skill, roaming across the map would be a breeze. Monitor the map regularly to check for opportunities to help an ally and then immediately respond to it.

Gank. As you visit a lane, make your presence known to your ally by hiding inside the nearest bush. This will encourage your ally to initiate a duel only to surprise the enemy that you’re there as a backup.

Team Fight. Be extra cautious when jumping on a team fight because AoE attacks can easily cancel your passive. Take advantage of your cloaking ability to get behind the enemy team so you can pin down their marksman. Make sure to wait for the tank or fighter to initiate the fight before jumping in to avoid CC and AoE attacks.

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