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Game of Warriors – Tips & Gameplay

Game of Warriors is a fantasy epic war mobile game released in 2017. Google Play Store displays that it has more than 10 million downloads and Android Rank estimates that it’s about 29,000,151 downloads. It has a score of 4.6 stars from 1.2 million reviewers. Downloading it is free but it earns money through ads and in-app purchase options.

Game of Warriors - Android Mobile Game
Game of Warriors

Enjoy the experience of leveling up a modest village with farmers into a castle with highly armored soldiers. Upgrade your farm tools into advanced weapons and then fortify your wooden wall into a stone wall with advanced siege weapons. There are 100 enemy territories that you can invade and these are divided into four different races (Goblins, Skeletons, Worgens and Orcs). Some territories can unlock heroes and mercenaries which can help your army in launching an invasion.

Game of Warriors Gameplay

The Game of Warriors starts with a small village of farmers trying to defend their area from invading goblins. After defeating the first wave of enemies, the player will earn some gold and will be able to upgrade the base to have a siege weapon. The gold earned from defeating the enemies can be used for upgrading, hiring mercenaries and invading enemy territory.

An army of orcs are attacking a human base
Game of Warriors Defense Mode

Every battle wave will also increase the player’s experience level while earning some experience points. These points can be used to upgrade various skills under the General’s Skills category. There are two goals in this game. The first one is to survive the highest number of attack waves and the second one is to invade all enemy territories. These can be achieved through a constant upgrade of the base, units, siege weapons and skills.


Defense. This is the initial mode of the game. The number of enemies attacking in each wave increases and becomes stronger as you move up higher. Goblins would be the first race to attack and then followed by Skeletons, Worgens and Orcs.

Battering Ram with Javelin throwers against the Orcs
Invading an Orc territory

Invade. This mode gets unlocked as soon as you finish the first wave of attacks in your base. Capturing an enemy territory will help you get passive income but you also need to spend some gold before you can launch an invasion attack. Each territory will slowly increase your gold even if you’re not playing the game as long as it’s running. 


Swordsman. This unit is initially a farmer carrying a knife. The continuous upgrade will make it a militia, man at arms, knight and an elite knight for its final upgrade. Swordsmen don’t have any advantages or weaknesses

Spearman. This unit starts out by upgrading a farmer into a militia farmer that carries a pitchfork. Upgrading it will turn it into a pikeman and then an elite pikeman in its final form. Spearmen are strong against cavalry but weak against ranged units.

Soldiers upgrade table in the Game of Warriors
Soldiers Tech Tree

Javelin Thrower. You can unlock this unit after acquiring a militia spearman. It eventually becomes an elite javelin thrower after reaching the final upgrade. Javelin Throwers are strong against spearmen but weak against cavalry.

Cavalry. You can unlock this unit after getting a spearman. It will start as a scout and will become a heavy cavalry in its final form. They are strong against ranged enemies but weak against spearmen.

Battering Ram. You can unlock this unit after getting a trained javelin militia. Its final upgrade is an armored battering ram. This is strong against wall gates and doesn’t have any weaknesses.


The base can be upgraded to have a stronger wall and increase the damage of the archers and siege defense weapons. These can be upgraded using the gold earned from the colonies or when killing the enemies during wave attacks.

General’s Skills Upgrade

The General’s Skills are either passive or active and are divided into three categories: Skill, Base and Army. Each category has several options that can be upgraded. To do an upgrade, the player needs experience points instead of gold. You can earn experience points by defending the base from a wave of attack from the enemy. 

Upgrades for siege weapons, archers, wall, gold and experience
General’s Skills

Skills: Battle Horn, Archers Support and Catapults Support.
Base: Tower’s Damage, Catapults Damage, Wall Archers Range, Wall Archers Damage, Wall Hit Points, Gold Per Colony, Gold Per Kill and Experience Per Kill. 
Army: Melee Soldiers Damage, Ranged Soldiers Damage, Siege Weapons Damage, Siege Weapons Health, Units Cooldown, Heroes Health, Heroes Damage and Mercenaries Cost.


To dominate the game faster, you can buy diamonds to buy heroes and potions in the store. They also offer a bundle that covers diamonds, gold, potions and XP.

Game of Warriors Tips

Prioritize the Gold. More gold means more upgrades. More upgrade means a stronger army. How do you speed up the gold earnings? Invade as many territories as you can and then max out the upgrade for each colony. The passive income you’ll get from those colonies will speed up your gold earnings. Another way to increase your gold earnings is by prioritizing the upgrade for Gold Per Kill and Gold Per Colony. You can find these two under the General’s Skills.

Map of the four territories of Goblins, Skeletons, Worgens and Orcs.
Most of the territories were invaded already

Keep the Game Running. Another trick to earn gold is to keep the game running even if you’re not playing it. You’ll notice on the upper-left of the game that a bar keeps on moving and you earn gold every time it gets full. That is from your colonies. Keep the game running before bedtime but make sure to set the brightness to the lowest level to prevent it from draining out your battery. You’ll wake up the next day with lots of gold in your account. Make sure that your phone is robust enough to handle this kind of trick. 

Prioritize Experience. What you should prioritize upgrading is Experience Per Kill. Why? Once you’ve maxed out that option, you can level up your experience quicker and earn experience points faster. More experience points will also help you upgrade the rest of the skills and power-ups more quicker.

Invading Army - Game of Warriors
Preparation before invading an enemy territory

Unit Deployment

Select the Proper Soldiers. Once you’ve unlocked the four types of soldiers, you can only deploy two groups at a time. Back up melee soldiers with ranged soldiers. In the middle of the clash, take note of the strengths and weaknesses of the units. If the enemy deploys cavalry, you can counter them with pikemen. This also applies to the Invasion mode as well that’s why you have the option to change the order of the soldiers you’re deploying in the table before invading.

Select the Right Siege Weapons. Take note that siege weapons have two modes. One which is strong against soldiers and one which is strong against siege weapons and elephants. If you get a wave with a parade of elephants and lose, you can switch all of your siege weapons that will best counter them to win in your next attempt.

Game of Warriors is an offline game that should be added to your checklist!

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