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Best Valir Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide | Mobile Legends

Valir is the Son of Flames of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He went to the southwest of the Land of Dawn to train in the terrifying active volcano called Inferno of Fire. It’s a known training ground for mages who wants to master fire magic. His intensive training left him with plenty of burn marks on his body. He made a 10-year vow to a friend that he will become stronger and fight him after their agreed time.

Best Valir Build - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Valir – Mobile Legends

In the fifth year of his training, a mysterious image full of anger was in search of him. As he was training hard to withstand the scalding lava, a powerful wind blew past him which reminded him of someone. Vale appeared before him and barraged him with attacks, he fought back and it triggered a great power coming from the volcano. As they were enjoying their friendly match, Valir told Vale that he was 5 years early.

Before Vale can even utter a word, Gord suddenly appeared with the intent to abolish Valir’s Arcane Magic. Valir is Gord’s former student. Gord accused him of betraying their academy and he won’t hesitate to kill his former student if he goes out of control with insane power. Vale blocked Gord’s attacks and in the process, Valir managed to combine his arcane magic with the inferno fire. This increased the strength of his body and it made his eyes fiery. The power of all three of them triggered a collapse in the volcano. After the incident, Valir is nowhere to be found.

Valir Overview

Valir is a mage hero who specializes in damage and guard. His enemies fear him for his barrage of fireballs, distance fighting and stun ability. He has low durability but he has powerful offense and crowd-control abilities. With the right techniques and execution of his attacks, you can heavily damage and annihilate your enemies more effectively in the game.

Best Valir player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Valir of Mobile Legends: lifeissounfair

This article will be referencing the Global Top 1 Valir player lifeissounfair. We’ll try to learn how his best Valir build helped him reach the top spot for this mage hero. We’ll take a better look at his choice of spell, emblem and items and follow his gameplay to maximize Valir’s potential in the game. 

Basic Stats

HP Regen6.8Mana Regen18
Physical ATK105Magic Power0
Physical DEF20Magic DEF15
Attack SPD1Movement SPD245
Attack SPD Ratio100%


Passive: Ashing

Valir’s skills apply a stack of Ablaze on hit. At a certain number of stacks, the fire detonates, dealing extra damage to the enemy and stunning them.

First Skill:
Burst Fireball

Valir casts a fireball in the target direction that explodes on the first enemy hit, dealing damage to enemies in the area and slowing them. It also ignites the ground below and causes another explosion after a short delay.

Second Skill:
Searing Torrent

Valir unleashes a torrent of flames in the target direction, knocking back enemies hit.
Vengeance Flame: The torrent forms a firewall at the end of its path.

Ultimate Skill:
Vengeance Flame

Valir removes all debuffs on him, gaining extra Movement Speed while enhancing his subsequent skills.

Best Valir Build


Demon Shoes

+40 Movement Speed
+6 Mana Regen

Unique Passive – Mysticism: Recovers 10% Max Mana on hero kills or assists and 4% on minion kills.

Ice Queen Wand

+75 Magic Power
+10% Magic Lifesteal
+150 Mana
+7% Movement Speed

Unique Passive –  Ice Bound: Skills slow the target by 15% for 3 seconds, capped at 2 stacks.

Glowing Wand

+75 Magic Power
+400 HP
+5% Movement Speed

Unique Passive – Scorch: Magic Damage will burn targets for 3s, dealing Magic Damage equal to 1.5% of the target’s Max HP per second, and increasing their Magic Damage by 2-4 (scales with level). Stacks up to 6 times.

Necklace of Durance

+60 Magic Power
+5% Cooldown Reduction
+10% Magic Lifesteal

Unique Passive – Life Drain: Dealing damage to a target will reduce the Shield and HP Regen effect on them to 50% of normal for 3 seconds.

Lightning Truncheon

+75 Magic Power
+400 Mana
+10% Cooldown Reduction

Unique Passive – Resonate: Every 6 seconds, the next skill deals 50-1000 extra Magic Damage (scales with Max Mana) to up to 3 enemies.

Genius Wand

+75 Magic Power
+5% Movement Speed

Unique Attribute: +10 Magic Penetration
Unique Passive – Magic: Dealing Magic Damage to enemy heroes will reduce their Magic Defense by 3-7 (scales with level) for 2s. Stacks up to 3 times.

Valir Emblem Set

Custom Mage Emblem

Recommended emblem for Valir
Custom Mage Emblem configuration for Valir

Agility – Movement Speed +6.00
Observation – Magic Penetration +6.00
Mystery Shop – Equipment can be purchased for 90% of its price.

Battle Spell


Fires a Flaming Shot in a designated direction, dealing damage that scales with distance to the first enemy hit. Casting this skill also knocks back nearby enemies.


Moves a certain distance in a designated direction. Then gains extra Physical and Magic Defense.

Valir Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

First Priority – First Skill: Burst Fireball
Main Priority – Ultimate Skill: Vengeance Flame
Least Priority – Second Skill: Searing Torrent

SS of Valir in Mobile Legends
Valir’s Ultimate Skill: Vengeance Flame

Valir Combo

First Combo:
First Skill x N + Second Skill

Second Combo: 
First Skill x N + Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + First Skill x N

Valir’s combo is heavy on his first skill. As long as it’s hitting a hero and not a minion, you can practically use it limitlessly. You should only use the second skill in required cases like when you’re trying to push away an enemy blinking near you or if you need to cancel an enemy’s channeling spell.

Fighting Strategy

Spam. To reiterate what was mentioned in the combo, Valir’s first skill should always hit the enemy hero so it would stack again. In other words, you can keep spamming his first skill continuously as long as you have enough mana. Using Valir’s first skill against minions or jungle monsters will trigger its cooldown and you’ll have a wait a long time to be able to use it again after using it twice.

Passive Tip. Take note that Valir’s passive skill, Ashin, will also get a stack after an enemy is hit by the aftermath explosion of his first skill. If you see an enemy getting two stacks of Ashin with just one attack, do your best to hit it with your first skill again to stun it and deal extra damage. Once stunned, you can barrage it with more deadly attacks.

Push. While pushing to destroy the tower is important, we’re talking about pushing an enemy to the ally tower’s range to help you eliminate it. As you roam, you may catch an enemy getting very close in one of your towers. Immediately position yourself inside the bush near its back and then push it to the tower’s attack range using your second skill. Immediately follow up a barrage of your first skill until it gets stunned and eliminated. If you’re tower hugging and it’s getting too close to you, flicker behind it and then follow the same technique of pushing it inside the tower’s range.

Rush. At the start of the game immediately buy the boots and rush inside the bush in the mid-lane. This will give you a good chance to hit an unsuspecting enemy when it arrives.

High kills by Valir
Legendary Win by Valir

Team Play

Roam. As a mid-lane hero, you’re expected to visit the other lanes to help out your teammates during clashes or ambushes. Do it in a subtle way so that your enemies won’t think that you’ve already left your lane and gone out to help another lane. One of the best times to do it is after the minion wave in your area is already cleared out.

Ambush. With the right positioning, you can push an enemy toward your allies when ganking. While hiding inside the bush, prepare for a quick exit. Before the enemy enters the bush where you’re hiding, activate your ultimate skill to boost your movement speed and then quickly exit the bush as your enemy enters so you can push it towards your allies. You can also Flicker behind a group of enemies when they get near the bush where you’re hiding so you can push them to your allies.

Team Fight. If you can foresee that a group clash is about to happen, stay hidden as much as possible. This will give the enemies the wrong impression that you’re not around to help when a clash starts and it will also help prevent assassins from targeting you. You should only show up when the clash begins. Your AoE and Crowd Control attacks will be optimized when several enemies are around.

Survive. As much as possible, it’s recommended to reserve Valir’s second skill for pushing away enemies that blinks near you unless there’s a high chance that you can kill an enemy when using it. If there are plenty of enemies with a stun and slow effect around, keep your ultimate skill ready to free yourself from those attacks since it works like purify.

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