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Best Zhask Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Zhask is the King of the Swarms of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He was the leader of planet Kastiya who constantly invade and plunder many planets. His swarm is quick in reproduction that’s why it’s easy for his army to outnumber its enemies and defeat them. The only threat that is suppressing their plans is the race of Mithlora. They are beings who are striving to maintain balance in the universe.

Best Zhask Build and Guide - Mobile Legends
Zhask: King of the Swarms

Yve was the one leading the task to find and destroy Zhask and his swarm. She was always a step behind because the moment she arrives on a planet that Zhask attacked—He already left without a trace. On the few occasions that she was able to catch Zhask and damage him seriously, he still managed to escape after getting covered by his swarms. Zhask is enjoying the catch-and-chase he has with Yve.

In one of his random planet attacks, he arrived at the Land of Dawn and managed to spread his doom in the Northern Vale. Villages and tribes were destroyed but the brave knight Tobias sacrificed his life to beat them while Aurora gave him a powerful blow that seriously injured him. He thought that only Yve could do such damage to him he never expected such a place to have so many powerful beings. He hid in the meantime while trying to regain his strength but he’s troubled to know that the signs from the sky indicate that Yve is about to arrive.

Zhask Overview

Zhask is a mage hero who is feared for his Nightmaric Spawn and powerful burst attacks. His skills are composed of buff, slow, Area of Effect, summon and Crowd Control. He performs great during team fights because his thick carapace keeps him protected as he barrages his enemies with various attacks.

Best Zhask player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Zhask – 76.4% Win Rate

This guide will be referencing the current Global Top 1 Zhask player Φep3b. We will be inspecting his best Zhask build and then take a closer look at his choice of emblem, spell and items to learn how he was able to maximize the potential of Zhask with these.


Passive: Decimation
Zhask summons a wild Nightmaric Spawn in his place if he gets killed. It will slowly lose HP until it dies.

First Skill: Nightmaric Spawn
Zhask unleashes a Nightmaric Spawn on a selected area. It will have 50% of Zhask’s attributes plus an extra 20% Magic Power. All enemies within its range will be attacked automatically. Every three attacks will activate its death ray that deals 90 + 20% Magic Damage while slowing its target by 75% for 0.6 seconds. It will vanish the moment Zhask moves too far away from it.
Fusion Enhanced: The Nightmaric Spawn’s damage will be boosted by 200% and it can be moved to a different location.

Zhask Story
Basic Stats of Zhask

Second Skill: Mind Eater
Zhask hits his enemies with a telepathic power in a straight direction to deal 300 + 100% Total Magic Power Damage to all enemies in its path. The Nightmaric Spawn will simultaneously deliver the same attack. If an enemy is hit by both of them, it will be stunned for 0.5 seconds.
Fusion Enhanced: The combined attack of Zhask and the Nightmaric Spawn will deal 540 + 180% Total Magic Power Damage.

Third Skill: Hive Clones
Zhask throws a set of Nighmaric Clones in a straight direction. When an enemy comes in close contact with a clone, it will explode and deal 110 + 50% Total Magic Power Damage. The enemy will also be slowed by 80% for 1 second.
If the Nightmaric Clones doesn’t hit a target, it will bury on the ground and then explode when stepped on.
Fusion Enhanced: Zhask will throw more Nighmaric Clones.

Zhask in white and gold
Zhask Cancer Skin

Ultimate Skill: Dominator’s Descent
Zhask will fuse himself to the Nightmaric Spawn to immensely increase its attributes and his skills. It will also regain HP based on the Basic Attack’s damage.
Use again: Zhask gets out of the Nightmaric Spawn but his enhanced skills will be back to normal.

Best Zhask Build


Magic Shoes. This will simply boost his Movement Speed while reducing the cooldown of his skills. 

Global Top 1 Zhask build - MLBB
Best Zhask Build – Emblem, Spell and Items

Clock of Destiny. This affordable magic item will give him high Magic Power, HP and Mana. All three of them will keep getting higher as time passes by so you’ll eventually get more than what you paid for.

Lightning Truncheon. Burst damage and AoE is what this item is all about. Every 6 seconds, it can add up to 1,000 Magic Damage to enemies which can echo by up to 3 enemies. That’s on top of its default 75 Magic Power. It also has a mana increase and cooldown reduction.

Calamity Reaper. Zhask’s Basic Attacks will be buffed after using his skills because of this item. It will also give him high Magic Damage, mana regen, cooldown reduction and will increase his mana capacity.

Alien hero with Nightmaric Spawn in white color
Zhask Bone Flamen Skin

Late Game Items

Feather of Heaven. This late-game item is another Basic Attack buff while increasing his attack speed. It will also boost his Magic Power and reduce his cooldown further.

Holy Crystal. Heavy magic damage is what this is about because of its high default Magic Power. Its passive feature can increase Zhask’s overall Magic Power by up to 35%.

Zhask Emblem Set

Despite being a mage, our top global player is using the Custom Tank Emblem set for Zhask. He can actually perform a tank’s role momentarily when casting his ultimate skill so getting a tank emblem will boost that further. This will greatly help that team if no one took the tank role. Let’s check out what he found to be the best configuration for this emblem.

Emblem with Fortress, Firmness and Tenacity
Custom Tank Emblem configuration for Zhask

He started by maxing out Firmness to increase his default Physical Defense while he also maxed out Fortress which will increase the percentage of his overall Physical Defense. This is great against marksman heroes because their long-range attacks could put Zhask at a disadvantage.  Prolonging his survival against them will allow him to deal greater damage to other heroes during a clash.

For the final feature, he selected Tenacity which will boost Zhask Physical and Magic defense further when his HP is below 40%. This will help him survive surprise attacks before merging with the Nightmaric Spawn.

Battle Spell

Inspire. Boosting Zhask’s attack speed with this battle spell will help him activate his death ray more and deal more attacks to his enemies.

Battle spell for increasing attack speed
Inspire is the highly recommended spell for Zhask

Flicker. If survivability and chase are your focus, you can use this battle spell instead. Leaving the Nightmaric Spawn when things go bad will only give him a short blink so adding this extra blink ability will help him survive better.

Flameshot. This is another battle spell to consider for Zhask to eliminate enemies who managed to run far from him after leaving it with almost no HP left. Its knockback feature will help Zhask escape from his chasers.

Zhask Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Nightmaric Spawn. Prioritize upgrading his first skill because the Nightmaric Spawn’s attributes will be closer to his attributes the moment it reaches the maximum. This spawn can fight on his behalf while he is at a safe location.

Dominator’s Descent. This ultimate skill can turn his Nightmaric Spawn into a real nightmare after merging with it. So make sure to upgrade it as soon as it’s available.

Zhask merged with the Nightmaric Spawn
Zhask’s Ultimate Skill: Dominator’s Descent

Hive Clones. This would be your next priority since it allows Zhask to flood his enemies with an overwhelming number of clones after using his ultimate skill. It could quickly slash a large amount of HP to its target if it gets hit by most of the clones.

Mind Eater. Despite its high damage, Crowd Control and AoE, you don’t have to prioritize upgrading it. Its major flaw is that it can be easily evaded.

Zhask Combo

First Combo:
First Skill + Third Skill + Second Skill
This combo is recommended before reaching level 4. Start by deploying the Nightmaric Spawn near the tower to help you kill the minions faster. Use the second skill inside a nearby bush to see if an enemy might be approaching/hiding there. When an enemy gets too close to you, use the second skill to stun it along with the Nightmaric Spawn.

Alien Mage hero with 22 kills and 2 assists
Legendary Win by Zhask

Second Combo: 
First Skill + Third Skill + Second Skill + Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + Third Skill
Use all of your skills before using the ultimate skill because it will reset your two other skills. After severely damaging a target with your two skills, you can finish it off by using those same two skills again after merging with the Nightmaric Spawn. Note that those two skills will be enhanced after activating your ultimate skill. Successful hits have a great chance of killing your target.

These are just two of the many combos that you can use for Zhask. Always consider the scenario when using a particular skill. Like if a group of enemies is in a steady position fighting your allies, you can stun them with your second skill before casting your third skill. The purpose of using the third skill first is to slow down the Movement Speed of the target so it will get hit by the second skill.

Fighting Strategy

Push. Zhask has a push advantage by simply placing his Nightmaric Spawn in the nearest spot to the tower but outside its range. His enemies will have a hard time getting near to him because they’ll be attacked by the spawn first. The moment the enemy kills it, Zhask can simply summon a new one as a replacement. If the enemy tries to get near, it will be stunned and slowed by his other two skills.

Triple kill by Zhask
Zhask is getting brutal on the battlefield!

Farm. As a hero taking the mid-lane, he can easily farm the minions with the help of the Nightmaric Spawn. He can also kill the Lithowanderer nearby to help him heal after a tough duel. You can leave the crab and jungle monsters to the rest of your allies.

Team Fight. If there’s a clash nearby, upset your enemies by summoning your Nightmaric Spawn in the middle of the fight. Stunning and slowing your enemies will give your team a huge advantage to win the battle. In the absence of a tank just keep pushing your lane and message your team to gather around you. If ever a group of enemies tries to attack you, simply switch to tank mode and stun them while your allies help you eliminate them.

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