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Wanwan Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide | Mobile Legends

Wanwan is the agile tigress of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Her father was the leader of Cadia Riverland’s Tangmen faction. The Tangmen group is known for their craftsmanship of concealed weapons.

Best Wanwan Build - Emblem, Spell, Items and Guide
Wanwan – Mobile Legends

When his father found out that their products were used for malicious activities, it made him frustrated so he decided to disband the Tangmen faction. He later decided to exile himself in a forest along with his daughter.

As Wanwan grew up, she trained and hunted with his father. She was given their most lethal weapon which consists of 81 needles. In her teens, Wanwan decided to embark on an adventure to explore the world. To better defend herself, her father gave her Tangmen’s most precious weapon—the Crossbow of Tang.

Wanwan Overview

Wanwan is known for her signature bunny hop move. She possesses a good set of burst, crowd-control and AoE skills. Her most fearful move is the Crossbow of Tang ultimate skill because it allows her to barrage attacks on her target while becoming immune to any assault at the same time.

Best Wanwan player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Wanwan of Mobile Legends – I N S O M N I A

This tutorial is referenced to the successful gameplay of the Global Top 1 Wanwan player I N S O M N I A. We’ll review and elaborate on his best Wanwan build and check why his selection of emblem, spell and items are the best fit to optimize Wanwan’s abilities. Congratulations to I N S O M N I A. for reaching the top rank for Wanwan! 

Basic Stats

HP Regen5.4Mana Regen2.8
Physical ATK95Magic Power0
Physical DEF15Magic DEF15
Attack SPD0.98Movement SPD245
Attack SPD Ratio100%


Tiger Pace

Wanwan’s basic attacks are capable of exposing the target’s position and weakness for 5 seconds. Successful hits to the enemy’s weak points can deal 55 + 3 x Hero Level Extra True Damage. This will have an extra 12% damage if all weak points are hit for 5 seconds. Throwing a sleeve dart allows Wanwan to hop over a short distance. Its speed levels up as her attack speed increases.

First Skill:
Swallow’s Path

In a selected location, Wanwan can throw a Fire Swallow to deal 120 + 40% Total Physical Attack Damage to multiple enemies in a straight path. This skill can trigger the Tiger Pace. When an enemy is hit by the Swallow Daggers as she retrieves them from the Fire Swallow, it will receive 60 + 65% Total Physical Attack Damage. All of the enemies hit in its path will be slowed down by 30% for 1.5 seconds. If a target is hit twice, it will be immobilized for 0.5 seconds.

Second Skill:
Needles in Flowers

It lets Wanwan immediately remove crowd control attacks on her. She then switches to Tiger Pace while unleashing her deadly needles that deal 150 + 60% Total Physical Attack Damage.

Ultimate Skill:
Crossbow of Tang

Wanwan’s crossbow gets activated and this allows her to barrage arrows at her target for 2.5 seconds. Each arrow can deal 60 + 40% Total Physical Attack Damage. If Wanwan kills an enemy before the crossbow’s active period ends, she will switch to attacking another nearby enemy. This will extend the active period of the crossbow to 1 second and her Attack Speed will be increased by 30% (capped at 3 times). As soon as her ultimate ends, the Tiger Pace will be triggered.

Best Wanwan Build


Wanwan Emblem Set

Custom Marksman Emblem set

Recommended Emblem and Talent for Wanwan - Mobile Legends
Custom Marksman Emblem configuration for Wanwan


Bravery – Physical Attack +12.00
Swift – Attack Speed +5.00%
Weakness Finder – Basic attacks have a 20% chance of briefly reducing the target’s Movement Speed by 90% and Attack Speed by 50% (only for ranged attacks). This effect has 2 seconds cooldown.

Battle Spell


Our Global Top 1 player chose this battle spell even if he already has an Attack Speed-heavy item build. The motto of his build is more attacks = more chances of winning! Since Wanwan’s hop speed scales up with her attack speed, this spell will make her movement crazy fast. Going on a wild frenzy mode like Rambo on a machine gun will definitely help Wanwan unlock her ultimate skill quicker.


This is another option to consider to enhance Wanwan’s survivability. Although her bunny hop will somehow do the trick, the distance of the leap is quite short. You can also use this to help you unlock her ultimate when in a drastic situation.

Wanwan Gameplay Tips

Skill Upgrade Priority

First Priority – First Skill: Swallow’s Path
Main Priority – Third Skill: Crossbow of Tang
Least Priority – Second Skill: Needles in Flowers

Wanwan Triple Kill - MLBB
Wanwan getting hyper in battle

Wanwan Combo

First Combo:
Basic Attack + Move Button + First Skill + Basic Attack
This is simply for revealing the target’s weak points and attacking them using your first skill and basic attacks to deal greater damage.

The Second Combo is for hitting all of the enemy’s weak points to activate Wanwan’s ultimate skill.

Steps to Activate Wanwan’s Ultimate Skill

  • Start with a basic attack to reveal the target’s weak points. Take note that there are three weak points. Two at the front and one at the back.
  • Use Wanwan’s first skill to attack one weak point in front and another behind the enemy. Note: Upon casting her first skill, the enemy will have a tendency to move sideways to escape the daggers that will attack it from behind.
  • Hop sideways to the direction your target is moving to attack the last weak point in front of the target as you retrieve the dagger.
  • If the enemy gets stunned, it will be easier for you to hit the last weak point and unlock her ultimate skill.

Avoid using your second skill to attack the weak points of the enemy. Reserve it in situations where you need to free yourself from crowd-control effects.

Wanwan Mobile Legends Combat Strategy

Early gank. At the start of the game, hide in the bush then surprise your enemy with your basic attack to reveal its weak points. Immediately cast your first skill to hit two weak points then barrage it with your basic attacks using inspire. Your enemy would probably survive that attack but may have to go back home to heal. Take advantage of the situation to kill the crab and minions to have a level and item advantage.

Poke and hop. Even Zilong on ultimate skill will have a hard time catching you when you do a Basic Attack while hopping backward. In case he does, you can use your second skill to free yourself from the spear flip then cast your first skill to stun him or force him to move sideways. Let melee heroes chase you without letting them catch you as you attack them.

Survival. As a squishy hero make sure that you’re the last one to show up in a clash. Wait for the enemy mages to cast their spells and the assassins to get busy with your other teammates before revealing yourself. Refrain from exploring the bush alone unless you’ve confirmed the location of your enemies on the map. You can also wait for a fighter or tank to check the bush before getting near them.

Wanwan FYI Checklist

  • Wanwan’s bunny hopping speed increases as your Attack Speed levels up.
  • Use the stun feature of Wanwan’s first skill to stop channeling spells like Tigreal’s ultimate skill.
  • Unlike purify, Wawan’s second skill doesn’t just free herself from crowd-control skills but it can also help prevent upcoming control skills like Ziliog’s spear flip.
  • The bunny hop can let you go through walls and escape Badang’s wall.
  • Wanwan’s second skill can help you get free from Franco’s hook.
  • Franco’s ultimate skill and Kaja’s rope can’t be canceled by her second skill.
  • Fanny will be easier to beat because she is exposing all of her weak points as she spins.

Did I miss a valuable tip for Wanwan? Please share it in the comments section below.

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