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Acquiring WoW’s 19th Anniversary Mount: A Guide with a Golden Twist

As unbelievable as it may seem, World of Warcraft is commemorating its 19th anniversary starting Nov. 16, and Blizzard is rolling out the red carpet with some fantastic treats for all players who join the festivities. Among these is a coveted new mount, and for those savvy enough, this could be an excellent opportunity to strategically use WoW gold.

Word of Warcraft19th Anniversary Mount
Acquiring WoW’s 19th Anniversary Mount: A Guide with a Golden Twist

The 19th Anniversary of WoW is a unique event, stretching from Nov. 16 to Dec. 7. During this period, players are treated to a plethora of exclusive benefits, including reputation and experience buffs, WoW mounts, pets, and gear upgrades. These perks are especially beneficial as they pave the way for a smoother start to Dragonflight season three. If you’re focused like me, however, your primary goal is the mount.

Let’s dive into how you can secure WoW’s 19th Anniversary mount.

What is WoW’s 19th Anniversary Mount?

The mount in question is the Azure Worldchiller. It’s a regular flying mount capable of soaring through Azeroth and the Dragon Isles. However, it hasn’t yet mastered Dragonriding, a skill that all mounts will acquire in the upcoming WoW expansion, The War Within.

Securing WoW’s 19th Anniversary Mount

The Azure Worldchiller, WoW’s 19th Anniversary mount, is dropped by the world boss Doomwalker. This boss is an exclusive feature of WoW’s birthday celebration and can be found in Tanaris, right outside the Caverns of Time. The boss has several spawn locations, which include:

  • 64.4 49.8
  • 63.3 50.7
  • 63.2 49.1
  • 62.7 50.0

Remarkably, the Azure Worldchiller boasts a 100% drop rate, meaning defeating Doomwalker once should secure your mount. Alongside the mount, there are other attractive rewards during the event, such as pets, Timewarped Badges, and buffs for both experience and reputation. These are perfect opportunities to use your WoW gold effectively, especially considering the reputation buff extends to the newly added Dream Wardens faction.

19th Anniversary Mount: Azure Worldchiller
The Azure Worldchiller Mount

This 19th Anniversary event is not just about celebration but also about smart resource management. Utilize your WoW gold wisely during this period, whether it’s for additional gear upgrades or for acquiring special event items, to fully capitalize on what the anniversary has to offer.

World of Warcraft: Anniversary Rewards, Quests, and Activities

As World of Warcraft gears up to celebrate its 19th Anniversary, starting Nov. 16, 2023, and concluding in early December, players are invited to immerse themselves in an array of special events and rewards. This almost two-decade journey of the celebrated MMORPG offers exclusive mounts, pets, and numerous other rewards in recognition of its enduring legacy.

Since its launch on Nov. 23, 2004, this influential MMO has captivated millions and, with three upcoming expansions, shows no signs of slowing down. This 19th Anniversary is a testament to its longevity and the vibrant community that has grown around it.

For those eager to participate in the festivities and discover what the retail version of World of Warcraft has in store, here’s an overview of what to expect.

Duration of WoW’s 19th Anniversary Celebration

The 19th Anniversary event kicks off on Nov. 16, 2023, post-scheduled maintenance, and will run until Dec. 7, 2023. Simply logging in during this period grants players the WoW 19th Anniversary achievement and a special package from the development team.

This event is a golden opportunity to engage in unique quests and world events, each offering exclusive or highly desirable rewards. Read on for a detailed look at the planned activities and rewards for this once-a-year celebration.

Events and Rewards of WoW’s 19th Anniversary

Upon logging in after the Anniversary patch, your first stop should be your mailbox to collect developer gifts. Each player logging in will receive:

  • Celebration Package: Boosts experience and reputation gains by 19% during the event.
  • Invitation from the Timewalkers: Initiates the ‘A Timely Celebration’ quest chain.
  • Celebration Firework: A festive toy.
  • 200 Timewarped Badges.
  • Lil’ Frostwing: A new pet.

Additionally, the Doomwalker World Boss in Tanaris offers the exclusive Azure Worldchiller mount, a Wrath of the Lich King-inspired dragon mount, with a guaranteed 100% drop rate for a limited time.

Don’t miss out on visiting the Caverns of Time while in Tanaris. Special items like Khadgar-ball Soccer and Leeroy’s Spicy Fried Chicken (courtesy of Leeroy Jenkins himself) await, alongside the opportunity to queue for unique Anniversary raids and battlegrounds.

A Celebration of Legacy and Community

As World of Warcraft turns 19, it not only celebrates its rich history but also the vibrant, dedicated community that has kept its world alive and thriving. This Anniversary event encapsulates the spirit of WoW – adventure, camaraderie, and the ongoing pursuit of epic journeys and rewards. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, this event is a perfect time to dive into Azeroth and experience the magic that has made World of Warcraft a cornerstone of the MMO genre for nearly two decades.

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