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Best Alucard Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Alucard is the renowned demon hunter of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. His short story accounts that he was an orphan who later became the Moniyan’s Arbiter of Light. He was mentored by Tigreal and he highly respected him but this all changed after discovering a secret.

The Moniyan's demon hunter: Alucard
Alucard: The Arbiter of Light

During a demon hunting operation, his arm was wounded by a magical blade. The wound won’t heal and is spreading a dark mutation in his arm. This dark energy gave him some special abilities. This incident led Alucard to get help from a blacksmith who can make him a gauntlet that will prevent the spread of the strange transformation in his arm. This blacksmith happened to be a soldier who had a mission with his father long ago. He was the only survivor in that mission because of the help of Alucard’s father so he told him the truth about his death.

The blacksmith revealed that Tigreal’s greed for glory put their regiment in a bad situation that caused his father to sacrifice himself to save his fellow soldiers. This made Alucard confront Tigreal and betray the Monastery of Light. He later became a wandering lone wolf who continues to kill demons.

Alucard Overview

Alucard is a Fighter/Assassin that is feared for his chasing skills and vampiric lifesteal ability. In fact, he is one of the best chasers in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. On top of that, he is capable of facing multiple enemies because all of his active skills have AoE (Area of Effect).

Best player of Alucard in MLBB
Mobile Legends Global Top 1 Alucard player A r z y.

The Global Top 1 Alucard player A r z y. will be the main reference of this guide. This will cover what’s the best build, emblem, spell and much more according to the best practices of A r z y.


Passive: Pursuit
When Alucard is just facing one enemy, his skill damage will be equivalent to 1.5. Using a Basic Attack after each skill will give him 1.2 damage and will let him leap to his target.  Alucard’s skills are capable of Physical Lifesteal but for only 50%. 

Alucard Story
Alucard Basic Stats

First skill: Groundsplitter
This lets Alucard dash to a target location then deal 250 + 110% Extra Physical Attack Damage to the enemies within that area then reduce their speed by 40% for 2 seconds. Take note that this triggers Spell Vamp instead of Physical Lifesteal.

Second skill: Whirling Smash
This is an Area of Effect attack where Alucard whirls his sword to one or more enemies to deal 300 + 120% Extra Physical Damage. It doesn’t activate Physical Lifesteal but Spell Vamp instead.

Layla attacked by skill 3
Alucard’s Fission Wave

Ultimate skill: Fission Wave
Alucard activates 40% Physical Lifesteal while slowing down the targets for 40% for 4 seconds. Within 8 seconds of the activation, Alucard can unleash the fission wave in a selected direction which deals 400 + 200% Extra Physical Damage. This wave can activate Spell Vamp.

Best Alucard Build


Warrior Boots. Since Alucard tends to face multiple enemies, durability is a priority. The warrior boots item is not limited to the default Physical Defense but it has a passive feature that continuously increases your defense every time you receive an attack. This passive has a stack limit and works only for a short period of time. It also has the standard additional speed like most boots.

A R Z Y. Build for Alucard
Best Alucard Build – Emblem, Spell and Items

Bloodlust Axe. This weapon is affordable yet it adds huge Physical Damage and a good amount of cooldown reduction. Its substantial Spell Vamp ability is a good match for most of Alucard’s skills. This vampiric item makes Alucard a more formidable foe.

Blade of Despair. The name itself will put despair in your enemies because it has the highest Physical Attack among all weapons in Mobile Legends. The moment your opponents see that you were able to get this item ahead of them—they will surely avoid facing you one-on-one. What’s more fearsome about this item is the additional chunk of Physical Damage when the enemy’s life is less than half. Despite looking heavy, it actually adds a little movement speed to the hero.

Endless Battle. Alucard will become more resilient after getting this item. Despite an above-average price, it’s worth every penny. It gives you hefty Physical Damage, an additional life, cooldown reduction, movement speed and the most relevant feature for Alucard—lifesteal. The long list doesn’t end there, this weapon has two passive features that provide True Damage and more movement speed.

Late Game Items

Queen’s Wings. This defense item will transform Alucard into his final vampire form. The huge life points it adds would definitely bulk him up but its passive is the tricky part. When Alucard’s life gets critically low, this item will activate to reduce the damage he takes while significantly increasing his Spell Vamp. This would trick the enemies that they’re ahead of the game after seeing that Alucard’s life is almost drained only to get shocked after the situation is suddenly reversed. Alucard’s health will instantly recover then he can instantly pour out his wrath with a vengeance because of the item’s cooldown reduction and extra Physical Attack.

Alucard in vampire mode
Vampiric Alucard

Malefic Roar. Late game heroes will have thicker body defense but getting this armor-piercing weapon will render their investment in extra protection practically useless. This armor buster increases its penetration based on the points of the enemy’s physical defense. That’s on top of the weapon’s default Physical penetration feature. It also adds a sizable Physical Attack to the user.

Alucard Emblem Set

The Assassin Emblem is what the top global player A R Z Y. used and it seems to be working great for him. You can also use the custom Fighter or Physical Emblem set, depending on your game mode. Just in case someone got ahead of you in picking the core role.

Assassin Emblem based on Global Top 1 player
Recommended custom Emblem set for Alucard

We can see in the screenshot that he maxed out Bravery for additional Physical Attack damage and Invasion for extra Physical Penetration. This won’t just make Alucard’s attack more painful but it will also help him farm faster and clear out lanes early in the game.

His final selection is the Killing Spree for life restoration and movement speed. Definitely a perfect ingredient to Alucard’s vampiric skills and items. This will turn him into a fast-moving greedy vampire.

Battle Spell

Retribution. This is a given if you’ll be the core player. Jungling fast in order to get your strong items immediately will make you a very dependable teammate as you roam and gank. You’ll also get the advantage of killing/stealing the turtle and securing the buffs. This will work well with your assassin emblem. The final form you should choose for it is the Bloody retribution because it adds True Damage and life absorption to the hero.

Jungle Special Spell for core player heroes - Mobile Legends
Retribution is the highly recommended spell for Alucard

Aegis. As a hero who tends to jump into multiple enemies, this temporary protection is perfect to keep you alive until your lifesteal and spell vamp activates. If you have a teammate with a low hp nearby, a large percentage of the shielding effect will be given to that ally.

Execute. This is another good option to secure your kill when facing an enemy one-on-one. If the enemy you’re facing thinks that there’s enough life for him/her to escape, activating this skill will be an instant upset. This spell gives huge damage based on the amount of lost life the enemy has on top of the default damage rises based on the hero’s level. Its cooldown is reduced if the kill is successful.

Alucard Gameplay

Skill Sequence

Focus on the second skill. The Whirling Smash has the edge of having a bigger Physical Damage and a shorter cooldown. This is something you would want to spam in order to quickly farm and clear out the minion waves. After getting your cooldown items, you can use it more to quickly kill your enemies and suck the life out of them with its Spell Vamp.

Superhero pose by Alucard
Alucard’s Whirling Smash

Prioritize the Ultimate Skill. This is a given to most heroes but not all. In Alucard’s case, this is certainly a must as soon as the upgrade is available. Its large percentage of lifesteal with slow effect will make you a sticky predator who won’t let go of its bite. Then there’s the Fission Wave getting blasted on your enemy’s face that will suddenly slash a huge chunk of life.

First is last. Although the Groundsplitter makes Alucard look cooler and intimidating, its damage is weaker compared to the Whirling Slash. Its cooldown is longer as well even if you already maxed it out. In short, the first skill should be your last priority. It’s important to take note that it has a slow effect and splash damage as well.

Alucard Combo

When I first used Alucard, I was hitting his skills in sequence like crazy then wonder why I kept losing so easily. I realized later that you need to use the Basic Attack every time you execute each skill to optimize your damage.

First Combo: 
Skill 1 + Basic Attack + Skill 2 + Basic Attack + Skill 3 + Fission Wave

Second Combo:
Skill 1 + Basic Attack + Skill 3 + Basic Attack + Skill 2 + Fission Wave

Third Combo:
Skill 3 + Skill 1 + Basic Attack + Skill 2 + Basic Attack + Fission Wave

Some of you might wonder why Fission Wave is separated from Skill 3 when it’s supposed to be part of it. Take note that you can delay using it after activating Skill 3.

Powerful shockwave from Alucard
Alucard’s Epic Shockwave

Fourth Combo:
Skill 2 + Basic Attack + Skill 3 + Basic Attack + Fission Wave + Basic Attack + Skill 1 + Basic Attack + Skill 2 + Basic Attack
Skill 2 + Basic Attack + Skill 1 + Basic Attack + Skill 3 + Basic Attack + Fission Wave + Basic Attack + Skill 2 + Basic Attack

Take note that the last combo works well when you’re hiding in the bush and is best used on blinker heroes. This combo reserves Skill 1 in case the enemy blinks to escape. If you use Skill 1 upfront, it will delay your chasing ability when the enemy blinks and run. This will give your opponent a better chance to escape. What I like about this combo is that it lets you use Skill 2 again at the end of the combo because its cooldown is already over by that time.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Attack using the 1st and 2nd Skill then run away until your cooldown is over then attack again the same way. If you’re inside the bush, start with Skills 2 and 3 then if the enemy actually has several reinforcements, you can escape using Skill 1. But if the enemy is alone then start to blink, use Skill 1 to chase it. Take note that Skill 1 also lets you jump through walls.

Spam your skills. Keep on using your Skill 1 to move faster around the map. Alucard is one of those users who doesn’t need mana. Don’t be afraid to keep using all of your skills because you won’t run out of mana. This is the reason why your build has several cooldown items.

Killing spree by Alucard
Alucard is unstoppable

Core player role. As an assassin and core player, keep roaming and assisting your teammates. Make sure that your team always gets the turtle, crab and Lord. Never miss getting all of the buffs as you roam. Kill the Lithowanderer even if your life is full to avoid the enemies from getting it and to make you more durable when fighting.

Gank. Always check the minimap for ambush opportunities. If your teammate is hiding in the bush in an anticipation of an enemy, put yourself in a position where you can quickly respond to assist. If your successful ambush is near the enemy’s base, take the chance to steal their buffs.

Did I miss an important tip? Please share your ideas in the comment section.

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