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Best Angela Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Angela is the Saber Marionette of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The story of her origin started with her creator Dr. Baker who was one of the founders of Lab 1718. He decided to leave the institution because of their inhumane practices that defeat their purpose of bringing peace to the world.

Angela Default Skin - Mobile Legends
Angela: The Saber Marionette

Dr. Baker started a project of his own and successfully created Peace Android Project 1. He firmly believed that Love and Hope were man’s best inventions so he programmed related stories to her creation and then named it based on heavenly angels.

When the mad scientists of Lab 1718 found out about his project, they ordered Alpha and Beta to hunt them down. When Dr. Baker learned about the attackers, he placed Angela in a flight capsule and asked her to look for Dr. Rooney. However, the flight capsule was hit by a thunderstorm and Angela ended up landing in a remote area. She set off to look for Dr. Rooney to save her father.

Angela Overview

Angela is a support hero with a good set of burst, stun and Area of Effect damage. She has one of the highest mobility in the game because of her native speed-boosting feature and remote body-possession skill. Angela is feared for her capability to empower the strongest hero in her team.

Best Angela player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Angela – 91% Win Rate

The current Global Top 1 Angela player is Babyyy >.<. She managed to maintain an outrageously high win rate of 91% after 1,757 games. We will be examining her best Angela build and then learn more about her formula for the spell, emblem configuration and items.


Passive: Smart Heart
Angela’s Movement Speed gets a 15%-30% boost for 4 seconds each time she uses her skills. If she attaches herself to an ally, the ally will enjoy that speed boost as well.

Angela Story - Mobile Legends
Basic Stats of Angela

First Skill: Love Waves
Angela casts her Love Energy to a target area to deal 170 + 80% Total Magic Power damage. The first attack will leave a Lover’s Mark to the target. Succeeding attacks coming from her will deal additional 20% damage and an 8% slow effect for 3 seconds. This can stack up to 5 times. If your allies are hit by the Love Energy, it will grant them 150 + 60% Total Magic Power of healing. 5 Charges is the maximum that can be stored.

Second Skill: Puppet-on-a-String
Angela shoots some puppet strings to her target to deal 300 + 40% Total Magic Power Damage then slow the target for up to 80%. If the enemy remains strung by the strings within 3 seconds, it will be immobilized for 1.5 seconds and receive 450 + 60% Total Magic Power damage. The target will get an extra 20% Magic Damage if it has a Lover’s Mark.

Mobile Legend support hero spreading magic dust like fairy
Angela Floral Elf Skin

Ultimate Skill: Heartguard
Angela attaches herself to an ally and then generates a shield that can absorb up to 1200 + 200% Total Magic Power damage within 6 seconds. Angela’s attachment to her ally will last for 12 seconds. While attached, she can continue to use her skills without losing any mana. If the ally dies while she’s attached, she will just be withdrawn from it. Pressing the ultimate skill again allows her to detach to an ally as well.

Best Angela Build


Demon Shoes. Angela is one of those mana-intensive heroes so it’s important for her to get this high mana source at the start of the game. It’s also affordable and will improve her movement speed.

Support Hero recommended build
Best Angela Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Glowing Wand. This next item will increase her damage, HP and Movement speed. Its passive burn feature will intensify her attacks further because of its continuous damage. Multiple skill attacks over a short period will double its burn damage.

Genius Wand. This third item will increase her damage and movement speed further. The item’s passive feature will make her attacks armor-busting with its Magic Penetration and Magic Defense reduction.

Clock of Destiny. Aside from giving her more Magic Power, this item will significantly boost her HP and Mana capacity. It doesn’t stop there because its passive feature will continually increase her HP, Magic Power and Mana.

Angela summer time - Mobile Legends
Angela having fun in a pool resort

Late Game Items

Lightning Truncheon. This late-game item will further enlarge her Mana and increase her Magic Power while reducing her cooldown. Its passive-resonate is the most feared feature because of its high magic damage which has an AoE.

Immortality. This final item will help Angela stay in the game in case she and her possessed ally get caught in a bad situation. Boost Angela’s Movement Speed using her first skill to escape. Its Physical Defense booster will lessen the damage she gets.

Angela Emblem Set

Custom Support Emblem was chosen by the Global Top 1 Angela player. As a support hero, the features of this emblem will provide the right enhancement for her skills based on her function. Let’s check what configuration our top player found to be very effective for this emblem.

Recommended emblem for support heroes
Custom Support Emblem configuration for Angela

For the first feature, she selected and maxed out Mastery to increase Angela’s cooldown reduction. Doing so will allow Angela to cast her skills more. For the second feature, she selected Rupture to make Angela’s attacks more armor-busting because of its Hybrid Penetration.

The final feature she picked is Focusing Mark. This enhances the damage that her allies deal with enemy heroes that she attacks. This clearly fits her perfectly as a support hero especially when she fuses with one of her allies.

Battle Spell

Flameshot. This battle spell is powerful in offense while giving its user a defense capability at the same time. Since the focus of Angela’s build is heavy on Magic Power, this allows her to optimize this spell because its damage scales based on the user’s Total Magic Power. It also has a long range and short cooldown. Its knockback feature can help Angela push her melee attacker away and then run to escape.

The most popular spell for mage and support heroes
Flameshot is the highly recommended spell for Angela

Sprint. This second option allows Angela to quickly escape in case the hero she possessed dies. This also allows her to stay close to an escaping enemy that she caught with her strings until it triggers the stun.

Flicker. This last option will practically give Angela the same benefits as Sprint but the instant teleportation will allow her to avoid quick incoming attacks like Johnson’s ultimate skill.

Angela Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Love Waves. This first skill should be prioritized when the upgrade option pops up. It uniquely deals damage to enemies while healing your allies at the same time. On top of that, it also has a slow effect and its damage stacks up in every hit.

Angela attached to another Angela
Angela’s Ultimate Skill: Heartguard

Heartguard. This ultimate skill should be upgraded as soon as it’s available. Empowering your strongest ally through fusion and its shield will increase both of your chances to kill multiple enemies. 

Puppet-on-a-String. While this skill is great for capturing your target and securing a kill–there’s no need to rush in upgrading it.

Angela Combo

First Combo:
First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attacks + First Skill + Flameshot

Before reaching level four, you can use this simple combo to drive your enemy out of your lane. Spam your first skill to lower down your target’s HP before doing the combo above and you might get a chance to kill it. 

Second Combo: 
Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + First Skill

After fusing with a hero, help kill its target by capturing it with your thread and then barraging it with your first skill.

High assist in Mobile Legends using Angela
Expert Wingman win by Angela

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Take note that Angela’s first skill has a long-range and casting it boosts her Movement Speed. Simply keep hitting your target with your first skill and then run away to avoid retaliation. When the enemy’s HP is low enough, capture it with your strings to slow it down then keep on attacking it with your first skill. If it blinks away to escape, use flameshot to eliminate it.

Angela is unstoppable - MLBB
Angela is hard to stop on the battlefield

Assist. You don’t always need to attach yourself to an ally to help it. Simply hide in the bush of your ally’s lane then string your enemy when it starts to have a duel with your ally. With both of you hitting it with your skills, you’ll most likely kill it.

Possess Appropriately. Always check the map and be alert when an ally is engaged in a fight. Attach to it immediately to protect it with your shield and help it attack its enemies. Her ultimate skill has a long cooldown so make sure to use it with the right hero which can help produce the best outcome.

Ultimate Skill Usage. To use Angela’s ultimate skill, press and hold the ultimate button then drag your finger to the hero that you want to attach with. Pointing to that hero will take your screen to his/her location to give you a view of what’s exacting going on. Shifting to another hero will give you the same output. If you want to flee from a possessed hero who is about to die, hold down the ultimate skill button then select a direction where you want to jump to escape.

Additional Tips and Tricks

  • You can escape Harley’s ultimate skill explosion by possessing an ally.
  • You can possess Aldous and Pharsa while flying and Johnson while driving.
  • Helcurt’s vision block won’t allow you to possess an ally.
  • Lolita can block Angela’s attacks.
  • Esmeralda can steal Angela’s shield.
  • Attaching to Hanzo while on ultimate will connect you to his puppet while fusing with Sun will connect you to his real body instead of a clone.

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