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Best Gatotkaca Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Gatotkaca is “The Iron Bone” of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He came from the Pandava clan of the Arcapada universe. Gatotkaca is also known as the Champion of the Gods since childhood.

Gatotkaca Fighter/Tank hero - MLBB
Gatotkaca: The Iron Bone

He was once defeated in a battle so he trained hard within the cauldron of heaven, Candradimuka. This training helped him gain supernatural powers which are instrumental to his rise as a mighty warrior.

Armed with Brajamusti-Brajadenta twin gauntlets and covered with Antakusuma armor—he’s also referred to as the Knight of Priggadani. Gatotkaca’s weapons allow him to fly like a lightning and hunt down his opponents. He’s a brave and devoted warrior who has become a symbol in his homeland.

Gatotkaca Overview

Gatotokaca is a tank/fighter hero who has an ultra-tough defense, Area of Effect and Crowd Control skills. His most feared attack is the Avatar of the Guardian because it can surprise a group of enemies with its high-impact landing and knock-up feature.

High Win Rate player of Gatotkaca - Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Gatotkaca – KINGKONG

The current Global Top 1 Gatotkaca player is KINGKONG. He managed to keep a win rate of 74% for this hero in his 574 games. We’ll take a closer look at his choice of emblem, spell and items to see how they can work best for Gatotkaca and optimize his skills.


Passive: Steel Bones
Gatotkaca gets a 2% additional Physical Defense based on his lost HP (up to 200). He also gets 5 Rage whenever he receives 300 worth of damage. This Rage’s maximum is up to 100 and the received damage is calculated before the damage reduction.

Gatotkaca Story
Basic Stats of Gatotkaca

Once he reached 25 Rage, Gatotkaca’s next Basic Attack is enhanced. The power of the enhanced attack will be based on his Level, Magic Power and accumulated Rage. In contrast, his healing power will be equivalent to the attack power value.

First Skill: Blast Iron Fist
Gatotkaca will smash the ground and then create a fissure in the selected location to deal 200 + 150% Total Magic Power Damage to all enemies within the area. It also has a slow effect of 30% and continuous damage of 100 + 20% Magic Power Damage per second.

Second Skill: Unbreakable
Gatotkaca musters his power then dashes to a target location to deal 200 + 100% Total Magic Power Damage to all enemies in his path and taunts them for 1.2 seconds. The distance of the dash would depend on how long he channeled the skill. 

Futuristic armor of Gatotkaca - MLBB
Gatotkaca Sentinel Skin

Ultimate Skill: Avatar of the Guardian
Gatotkaca leaps to a selected area to deal 500 + 300% Total Magic Power Damage to all enemies nearby then knock them up for 1 second. The enemies who are close to the center of his attack will be knocked up longer while the enemies close to the edge will be pulled to the middle. The camera will zoom out to show the landing target before casting the skill.

Best Gatotkaca Build


Warrior Boots. It’s best for Gatotkaca to start by adding extra armor and boosting his movement speed with this item. This will allow him to roam faster to help his allies.

Gatotkaca best build - Global Top 1 player
Best Gatotkaca Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Cursed Helmet. After getting his Physical Defense armor, this next item will give him Magic Defense. It also has one of the highest life boosters with its 1200 HP. Its Burning Soul aura that damages all nearby enemies perfectly fits with Gatotkaca’s taunt skill and Vengeance battle spell.

Concentrated Energy. This third item won’t just bulk up Gatotkaca’s HP but it will add magic damage this time. On top of that, he’ll also get Magic Lifesteal which will make him a tougher enemy to kill.

Immortality. Gatotkaca’s enemies will get frustrated after learning that all of their effort to kill him ended up fruitless because this item will just resurrect him. While the enemies are busy taking you down, your allies are also busy taking them down so by the time you’re resurrected—there may not be an enemy around you anymore.

Gatotkaca in red getting ready to land - MLBB
Gatotkaca Spark Skin

Late Game Items

Athena’s Shield. Aside from having high Magic Defense, this item will also increase Gatotkaca’s HP even more while giving him an HP regen capability. It even has a passive feature that further reduces the Magic Damage received.

Blade Armor. This high Physical Defense item perfectly complements his Vengeance battle spell because they both reflect the damage he receives. High-damage but squishy heroes like marksmen will receive the biggest blow of its damage reflection. 

Gatotkaca Emblem Set

The Custom Mage Emblem is highly recommended for Gatotkaca based on the selection of the current Global Top 1 player. As a tank/fighter this allows him to deal greater damage like a fighter while keeping himself sturdy through his item build. The next question is, what’s the most suitable configuration of this emblem for Gatotkaca?

Emblem for fighter/tank hero in Mobile Legends
Custom Mage Emblem configuration for Gatotkaca

For the first feature, he selected and maxed out Agility to enhance Gatotkaca’s mobility. This will let him respond to clashes quicker and chase escaping enemies better. For the second feature, he picked Observation to make Gatotkaca’s damage more painful because of its armor-busting trait.

He selected Magic Worship for the final feature. This will further enhance his burning damage power from the Cursed helmet. 

Battle Spell

Vengeance. As a tank that’s prepared to absorb a large amount of damage, reflecting some of those to your enemies will help you make the most out of your bulkiness. The 35% damage reflection that this spell provides along with the blade armor, would incur serious damage to his attackers.

A battle spell that reflects damage in Mobile Legends
Vengeance is the highly recommended spell for Gatotkaca

Flicker. This blink feature would be a good alternative to setting up an attack when Gatotkaca’s ultimate skill is still on cooldown. Not to mention that it’s also useful in chasing low-HP enemies and in escaping a terrible situation.

Gatotkaca Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Blast Iron Fist. Prioritize maxing out this first skill because it deals a huge Area of Effect damage, slow effect and continuous damage to all enemies on its shattered ground. This would be a big help during team fights.

Fighter/Tank dashing down to attack an enemy
Gatotkaca’s Ultimate Skill: Avatar of the Guardian

Avatar of the Guardian. Upgrade Gatotkaca’s ultimate skill as soon as it’s available. This skill will bring trauma to your enemies and make them think twice when grouping together.

Unbreakable. This powerful skill which inflicts huge Magic Damage and distracts your enemies doesn’t have to be prioritized. Every upgrade will have a small amount of improvement in its Magic Damage but it won’t prolong the taunt effect.

Gatotkaca Combo

First Combo:
Second Skill + Vengeance + First Skill + Basic Attacks
Use this combo at the start of the game before reaching level four. 

Second Combo:
Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + Vengeance + First Skill + Basic Attacks
This combo is great to use when you see your enemies ganging up against one of your allies or if you simply spotted them grouped together.

High assist by a tank/fighter - MLBB
Expert Wingman win by Gatotkaca

Fighting Strategy

Protect. Your first role as a tank is to protect the damage dealer which is the marksman. They may be weak and squishy but their damage is monstrous. Help them farm and secure the crab so that they can get their strong items quickly and damage the enemies better.

Hunt. Gatotkaca may not be an assassin but his goal is to actually hunt assassins that might be targeting the marksman. Make sure to explore every bush where an assassin might be hiding while keeping the marksman behind your back. If the assassin makes the mistake of fighting you, taunt it to lock it in place and then work with the marksman to kill it.

Mega Kill - Mobile Legends
Gatotkaca storming his enemies

Target. When casting your ultimate skill, you don’t have to always place the circle at the center of the target. If your enemy is attacking a tower, place the center of the circle behind it. There’s a tendency for the enemy to slide back the moment it sees your landing indicator. Having a huge part of the circle behind your target lets you catch it even if it tries to blink away.

Group Battle

Gank. Message your team to gather and ambush using the quick chat feature and then visit the enemy’s favorite spots like the buff area or turtle. If you are lucky to spot a group of enemies trying to kill the turtle, then your team is in for a treat of an easy meal.

Team Fight. Ideally, it’s better for Gatotkaca to jump into the battle the moment a fighter hero initiates a team fight because the enemies tend to group together to gang on the hero. Getting hit by Gatotkaca’s ultimate skill while grouped together would be bad news for them. Unfortunately, if you’re playing solo, this would be difficult to achieve so it’s better to initiate the team fights most of the time.

You’re lucky if there’s an Argus or Sun in the team. Argus can start the fight and have all of the enemies gather around him. This gives you a chance to hit more enemies when casting your ultimate skill. In Sun’s case, he can send out a clone decoy that the enemies will gang up only to find out that they were faked and are now in a bad situation inside your ultimate skill.

Make sure to avoid engaging in a battle without a backup or without hinting to your allies that you’re about to initiate a team fight. As a tank, your goal is not to make a huge number of kills but to have a high number of assists.

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