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Best Badang Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Badang is the iron fist of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He came from a small fishing village and was loved by everyone because of his helpfulness and courage. One day, things became hard for the villagers because they were suddenly unable to catch any fish. Their fishing tools were mysteriously getting broken when they used them in the river. They thought that the river became cursed by a mystical water monster.

Best Badang Build - Emblem, Spell and Items
Badang: The Tribal Warrior

Badang refused to believe that story so he set up a trap to try and catch the culprit. With a bulk of fish and nets, he managed to lure the creature but it was strong enough to destroy his trap. Badang bravely jumped into the water to fight the devilish-looking monster. Despite his severely wounded arms from their duel, he managed to pierce it with a spear.

When it was already weak, he pulled it out from the river and then it started to regurgitate all of the fish that it ate. As he was doing so, evil energy came out from its body as well. The water monster slowly transformed into a water elf and thanked Badang for restoring his original form. His encounter with the glowing gem from the monster’s body somehow healed his body and made his arms stronger than before. Since everything was back to normal, he decided to go on a quest to the southern mountains to discover the source of the elf’s evil transformation.

Badang Overview

Badang is a fighter hero who is known for his rain of punches. His skills are made of up Burst, Crowd Control, Slow Effect, Area of Effect and Blink. An ambush combo from Badang could mean death because of his ability to lock his target in place while barraging it with attacks. With the right strategy and proper execution of his skills, you can make Badang a powerful contender in the game.

Best Badang player of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Global Top 1 Badang – 74.8% Win Rate

This guide will have the Global Top 1 Badang player Try me now as one of its resources. We will be examining his best Badang build and then inspect his choice of spell, emblem and items to learn how they were able to level up his gaming with this hero.


Passive: Chivalry Fist
Badang’s Basic Attack gets buffed after every four Basic Attacks and deals 50 + 30% Total Physical extra Attack Damage to the target hit. This will also knock back the target but if it hits an obstacle, it will be stunned for 0.8 seconds (Jungle monsters and minions will be stunned directly).
This effect can also be triggered by his skills that cast Fist Wind.

Badang Story
Basic Stats of Badang

First Skill: Fist Wind
Badang throws a powerful punch that forms a Fist Wind in a selected area which deals 160 + 90% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies hit. This will also knock them back and reduce their Movement Speed by 30% for 1.5 seconds.
If the Fist Wind hits an obstacle, it will explode and deal 120 + 60% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies around it. This can also add 1 stack of Chivalry Fist.
Badang can only store a maximum of two Fist Winds which recharges every 11 seconds.

Second Skill: Fist Break
Badang dashes in a straight path to deal 230 + 50% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies hit. At the same time, he also gains a shield that is equivalent to 350 + 150% Total Physical Attack which lasts for 5 seconds.
When a target is hit, he will immediately stop and knock it back while summoning a stone wall that lasts for 4 seconds. The stone wall can damage all enemies hit by 130 + 30% Total Physical Attack.
Use Again: The stone wall will be removed.

Badang throwing a flurry of punches
Badang’s Ultimate Skill: Fist Crack

Ultimate Skill: Fist Crack
Badang showers his enemies with punches in a straight direction that deal 80 + 54% Total Physical Attack Damage per punch. The Fist Wind from each punch will explode when an obstacle gets hit and deal 40 + 27% Total Physical Attack Damage.
Badang won’t get affected by Crowd Control effects for the duration of this skill.

Best Badang Build


Warrior Boots. This low-cost item will simply boost his Movement Speed while giving him Physical Defense.

Global Top 1 Badang player build
Best Badang Build – Emblem, Spell and Items

Demon Hunter Sword. This may have a low default Physical Attack Damage but if you add the 9% of the target’s current HP, then it’s tremendously high. It will also significantly increase his Attack Speed so he can quickly reduce a large chunk of HP from bulky heroes like tanks or fellow fighters.

Blade of the Heptaseas. Since Badang’s attacks are heavy on ambush, this weapon will fit him well because it will boost the damage of his Basic Attack if he is not engaged in any fight within 5 seconds. It will also increase his HP, Physical Attack and give him a slight Physical Penetration to counter the armor of his target.

Malefic Roar. This item has the highest Physical Penetration in the list which means that it is his most powerful armor-busting weapon. Its passive will increase his Physical Penetration further based on the armor of the target. It will also add a high Physical Attack to Badang.

Fighter hero in golden hair and armor
Badang Fist of Zen Skin

Late Game Items

Blade of Despair. This late-game item will make Badang’s attacks extremely painful because of the high damage that it provides. If the target’s HP is below half, the passive feature of this item will increase his damage tremendously.

Endless Battle. This final item will help sustain Badang in the game. On top of the high Physical Attack that it provides, he will also get cooldown reduction, extra HP, Physical Lifesteal and slight Movement Speed. His Basic Attacks will be buffed further because of the Basic Attack True Damage it provides after using a skill.

Badang Emblem Set

Despite being a fighter hero, our Global Top 1 Badang player found it more effective to use the Custom Assassin Emblem set for him. This makes sense since Badang uses concentrated attacks on a target like an assassin. The default feature of this emblem are heavy in boosting damage and Movement Speed. Let’s check what is the best configuration for this emblem that will help Badang even further.

Emblem for faster movement, higher Physical Penetration and extra damage
Custom Assassin Emblem configuration for Badang

For the first feature, he maxed out Agility to increase Badang’s Movement Speed. This will allow him to chase faster and escape better despite his bulky build. For the second feature, he selected and maxed out Invasion for higher Physical Penetration. This will allow Badang to inflict painful attacks even at the start of the game.

For the final feature, he selected High and Dry. This will boost his attacks by 7% when there’s only one enemy around. It’s clear that his approach is similar to an assassin who silently hunts enemies one by one.

Battle Spell

Inspire. This battle spell is currently used by our Global Top 1 Badang player which is a good alternative when his ultimate skill is still on cooldown. This will let you continue to barrage your target with swift punches after pinning it into a stone wall.

Battle spell for faster attack speed
Inspire is the highly recommended spell for Badang

Flicker. If survival and chase are what you’re after, you can consider this blink spell. You can also blink while casting your ultimate skill to chase a target.

Badang Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Fist Wind. Prioritize upgrading this first skill because of its low cooldown and high double damage. It also has a slow effect and knockback feature.

Fighter hero with a blue lion theme
Badang Leo Skin

Crack. As his most powerful attack, you need to upgrade this ultimate skill as soon as it’s available.

Fist Break. This dashing second skill is good for trapping your target or even escaping but you don’t need to rush upgrading it.

Badang Combo

First Combo:
Second Skill + First Skill + Inspire + Basic Attacks
This is an ideal early-game combo before reaching level 4. It’s best done while hiding inside the bush and then surprising your target with this attack. If your target has a blink ability, you might need to hold off using inspire so it won’t get wasted. Since your target’s blink ability is already on cooldown, repeat the same combo with inspire since it won’t be able to escape anymore.

High kills and no deaths by a long-haired fighter hero
God Among Men Win by Badang

Second Combo: 
Second Skill + First Skill + Ultimate Skill + Basic Attacks
This combo starts the same as the one above so you can deal maximum damage to your target before using your ultimate skill. It’s ideal to use if you’re dealing with one enemy only.

Third Combo:
Second Skill + Ultimate Skill + First Skill + Basic Attacks
Use this combo if you think you can trap several enemies inside your stone wall. Instead of having the First Skill next, you’re immediately following up with the ultimate skill to prevent the enemies from escaping. Most of them may not survive the attack. So that’s when you use the First Skill and Basic Attacks to finish off the one that survived.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. The moment you activate your first two skills, you can start poking your enemy by trapping it with your stone wall and then hitting it with your Fist Wind to stun it. It might be able to escape the first time if it has a blink ability so simply wait for your skills to refresh and then surprise it with the same combo but with inspire this time.

Survive. If you’re caught up in a bad situation, take note that you can use your First Skill to push away your chaser and slow down its Movement Speed. You can also use it to save an escaping ally. The dash of your Second Skill will allow you to pass through walls. The enemy chasing you will have to circle around the wall just to be able to continue chasing you so it might just abandon you.

Maniac kill by Badang
Badang is unstoppable!

Ambush. After getting a taste of your combos, your enemies will start distancing themselves from you to avoid getting pinned down. To ensure a catch, hide inside a bush when you see an enemy going in your direction. The moment it’s near enough, surprise it with your killer combo to eliminate it. You can also wait for an enemy to get engaged in a fight so it will be too distracted to avoid your combo.

Team Fight. Try to catch as many enemies grouped together as you can during a team fight. If you managed to catch three enemies inside your stone wall, it will give your team a huge advantage because they will be momentarily immobilized and heavily damaged. Most of them might not even survive the attack. If you have a tank like Tigreal that pulls all enemies together in a small area, wait for it to set an attack. Catching 4-5 enemies inside your stonewall is a big win for your team.

More About Badang

  • While casting your ultimate skill, you’re immune to Diggie, Saber and Guinevere’s Ultimate Skill.
  • You can stop a flying Fanny with your First and Second Skills.
  • Johnson would be a great partner for you.
  • Kaja’s string pull and Franco’s Ultimate Skill can stop your Ultimate Skill.
  • Lolita’s shield can block your First Skill.
  • Wanwan’s second skill will allow her to escape your stone wall and Ultimate Skill.

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