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Best Irithel Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Irithel is the Jungle Heart of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. For an unknown reason, she was abandoned in the forest as a baby but a smilodon found her and raised her as her own. The mother has a cub named Leo and they treated each other like siblings. As a kid, she learned how to survive and hunt like an animal.

Best Irithel Build and Guide - Mobile Legends
Irithel: The Jungle Heart

In one unfortunate event, their mother became badly wounded because of a territorial fight. The siblings went to the town to find help but a slave trader captured them instead. The leonin Nana just happened to be around and couldn’t stand the oppression they were going through. After mustering all of her powers, she attacked the slave trader and managed to save the two children.

They were both very thankful to Nana and apart from rescuing them, she also taught Irithel about combat skills and the human language. Leo eventually grew up and became a fearsome and bulky smilodon.

Irithel Overview

Irithel is a marksman hero who is recognized for her powerful exploding crossbow arrows. She has a good set of buff, Area of Effect, Burst debuff, Slow and Blink. Irithel can stand out during team fights because of her powerful AoE attacks. With the right techniques and items, Irithel can be a serious threat to her enemies.

Best Irithel player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Irithel – 82.8% Win Rate

This guide will be referencing the current Global Top 1 Irithel player Theint’s. We will be examining her best Irithel build and then check her choice of spell, emblem and items to have a better understanding of how these helped her reach the highest spot for this hero.


Passive: Jungle Heart
Irithel’s attacks won’t halt her movement. Her Basic Attack fires two crossbow arrows with each one dealing +55% Total Physical Damage. Attack effects can only be triggered by the first crossbow arrow.
1 extra crossbow arrow will be added to her Basic Attack if she reached 10 units of movement.

Irithel Story
Basic Stats of Irithel

First Skill: Strafe
Irithel pours a rain of arrows in a selected area to deal 330 + 60% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies hit. This will also reduce their Physical Defense by 15 for 3 seconds.

Second Skill: Force of The Queen
Leo unleashes his powerful roar to deal 200 + 60% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies hit. This will also have a Movement Speed reduction of 40% by 2 seconds.

Marksman hero attacking a mage near the tower
Irithel’s Ultimate Skill: Heavy Crossbow

Ultimate Skill: Heavy Crossbow
Irithel signals Leo to jump into a selected area while empowering her crossbow for 15 seconds. Her Movement Speed will be boosted by 30 and her arrows will be buffed to deal 120 + 60% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies hit. The reload time for the added crossbow arrow will be reduced.

Best Irithel Build


Swift Boots. This cheap first item will simply boost her attack speed and Movement Speed.

Global Top 1 Irithel Build - MLBB
Best Irithel Build – Emblem, Spell and Items

Windtalker. This second item will have a high Attack Speed and Movement Speed boost while increasing her Critical Chance. It also has a passive feature that releases typhoon Magic Damage to up to three enemies. This will also slightly increase her Movement Speed further for a limited time.

Berserker’s Fury. Irithel’s Critical Damage will start to become more painful because of this item. It has a high Physical Attack and Critical Chance. Its passive feature will significantly boost her Critical Damage while momentarily increasing her overall Physical Attack.

Scarlet Phantom. This third item will make her almost all of her Basic Attacks to deal critical damage. It will boost her Critical Chance further while increasing her Attack Speed as well. Its passive feature will further boost her Attack Speed and Critical Chance in every successful Critical Hit. By default, it will also slightly increase her Physical Attack.

Ancient Marksman transformed into a futuristic warrior
Irithel: The Astral Wanderer

Late Game Items

Wind for Nature. This is a powerful defense item because of the lifesteal it gives while making her immune to all Physical Attacks for a short period. It will also increase her Physical Attack slightly while boosting her Attack Speed.

Demon Hunter Sword. This final item will make her a tank buster because her Basic Attack will have 9% additional damage based on the target’s HP. This will also slightly increase her Physical Attack but will increase her Attack Speed again making it insanely fast. It even has a lifesteal feature as well to keep her sustained.

Irithel Emblem Set

The Global Top 1 Irithel player is currently using the Custom Marksman Emblem set. Unlike other dual-role marksman heroes, Irithel’s nature and skills are pure of a marksman and will benefit from the default features of this emblem. Let’s figure out what is the best configuration for it that will optimize her capabilities in the game.

Emblem with Bravery, Swift and Weakness Finder
Custom Marksman Emblem configuration for Irithel

She started by selecting and maxing out Bravery to increase her Physical Attack. For the second feature, she picked and maxed out Swift to increase her Movement Speed. These two features will work well based on Irithel’s style of constantly moving while attacking her target.

For the final feature, she selected Weakness Finder to significantly reduce the Movement Speed and Attack Speed of the target for a short period. This is also great for her attack and run technique. Although its probability of getting triggered has a low percentage, it can help Iritihel to win in clutch moments.

Battle Spell

Sprint. The Global Top 1 Irithel player is currently using this battle spell. This will work perfectly with her Ultimate Skill because she needs to constantly run fast to chase escaping enemies as she barrages them with exploding crossbow arrows.

Battle spell for slow immunity and Movement Speed boost
Sprint is the highly recommended spell for Irithel

Inspire. This is another good battle spell option because it allows her to barrage her enemies faster when her Ultimate Skill is active.

Irithel Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Strafe. Prioritize upgrading this first skill because aside from damaging her enemies, it greatly reduces their defense as well. Attacks you inflict on them will deal higher damage when they get hit by this skill.

Marksman hero with a large cat wearing golden armor
Irithel: The Nightarrow

Heavy Crossbow. This crossbow arrow buff is her most powerful attack so make sure to upgrade this ultimate skill as soon as it’s available.

Force of The Queen. You don’t need to prioritize upgrading this second skill but make sure to keep it handy when chasing or escaping.

Irithel Combo

First Combo:
First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attacks
Use this combo before unlocking your ultimate skill. It’s critical to start with her first skill because her shield reduction will allow her to inflict greater damage on her enemies.

23 kills and 7 assists by female marksman hero
Legendary Win by Irithel

Second Combo: 
First Skill + Second Skill + Ultimate Skill + Basic Attacks
This could end up becoming your main combo. It’s important that your enemies have reduced armor and Movement Speed before attacking them with your exploding crossbow arrows.

Third Combo:
Ultimate Skill + First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attacks
This combo can be used to quickly jump into a fight that already started. You can also use this to back out momentarily before heading back into the clash.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Thanks to Irithel’s passive feature, poking would be easy for her since her movement doesn’t get paused when attacking a target. To make sure that your target gets hit by your first skill, hide inside the bush before doing a combo. With a reduced Movement Speed and armor, you definitely have an advantage in a duel. Enemies like Beatrix and Layla will have a hard time catching you with their straight-direction skills because you’re constantly moving.

Distance. Irithel’s first skill doesn’t allow her to hit an enemy nearby. This strongly indicates that you should consistently keep your distance from them. If someone managed to blink near you, simply blink away using your ultimate skill or run using the Sprint spell.

Farm. Marksman heroes are very reliant on items so make sure to farm consistently as you fight. Don’t let the enemy get the crab and always clear the minion waves. More items mean more chances of winning.

Irithel killed Aurora
There’s no stopping Irithel!


Push. Don’t forget that destroying the enemy base wins the game and not the number of kills. Always grab the opportunity to push the towers if there are no enemies around.

Monsters. Your swift attacks would be very helpful in eliminating the Turtle. Don’t rely on the core hero too much and help it kill the Turtle so the enemies won’t have the chance to steal it. In the late part of the game where you have your strong items already, you can kill the Lord on your own if you can see the enemies busy on the opposite corner of the map.

Team Fight. Like most marksman heroes, you have high damage but a squishy body. Always stay behind a tank or a fighter hero during a clash to avoid crowd control and AoE attacks. Attack an enemy when it’s already busy attacking your bulky ally. Your armor reduction and slow effect would greatly give your team an advantage against your enemies.

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