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Best Jawhead Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Jawhead is the Steel Sweetheart of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Whenever there is unrest or crisis in the Land of Dawn, it’s a mystery how certain figures emerge to restore peace and order. These were actually made by secret organizations which are developing advanced technology.

Best Jawhead Build by Global Top 1 player - Mobile Legends
Jawhead: The Steel Sweetheart

Professor Henry and his wife made a breakthrough in technology that is the first in the land. They developed an android with superior power and Artificial Intelligence that can be genetically matched to its user and allow to control it at will. They gave it the name SMART-01.

The leaders of the Dawn Council ordered that the technology be transferred to the government for mass production to create a strong army of androids. The Henrys refused to follow the order so they had their Prototype 1 destroy all data related to it and they mysteriously vanished. The little girl Ailee has no idea about the mess that her parents got involved with. All that she knows is that a robot she calls Jawhead protects her so decided to embark on a journey to look for her parents with the android’s help.

Jawhead Overview

Jawhead is a fighter hero who is well-known for his signature throw. He can throw his target to the tower or even throw his teammate to catch an escaping enemy. He has a powerful set of skills which are composed of stun, AoE and burst. With the right items and combo, Jawhead can become a serious threat in the game.

Global Top 1 Jawhead – 90.9% Overall Win Rate

This guide will be referencing the current Global Top 1 Jawhead player Golden player. We will be taking a closer look at his best Jawhead build and then have an analysis of his choice of emblem, spell and items to understand what helped him get a high win rate for this hero.


Passive: Mecha Suppression
A stack of Mecha Suppression is applied whenever Jawhead attacks and hits his target (10 stacks maximum). Each stack gives an 8% damage boost to Jawhead’s Basic Attacks which lasts for 3 seconds.

Jawhead Story
Basic Stats of Jawhead

First Skill: Smart Missiles
Jawhead gradually unleashes 12 missiles on all enemies surrounding him within 5 seconds. Each missile deals 120 + 25% Total Physical Attack Damage to the target hit.

Second Skill: Ejector
Jawhead gets a 30% Movement Speed boost plus a shield equivalent to 250 + 180% Total Physical Attack for 5 seconds.
Use Again: Jawhead hurls the closest unit to a selected area to deal 300 + 80% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies hit and stun them for 0.5 seconds. 

Jawhead in Japanese theme
Jawhead Samurai Mech Skin

Ultimate Skill: Unstoppable Force
Jawhead rams a target enemy to deal 350 + 150% Total Physical Attack Damage and stun it briefly. Enemies around the target will be knocked back and receive an equal amount of damage.

Best Jawhead Build


Tough Boots. As a melee attacker, Jawhead tends to get hit by Crowd Control attacks so it’s best to counter it early on using this item. On top of the Movement Speed boost and Magic Defense, it reduces the duration of getting controlled by almost a third.

Global Top 1 Jawhead Build - Mobile Legends
Best Jawhead Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Blade of the Heptaseas. This Basic Attack booster perfectly fits his burst damage combo. It will also give him high default damage and a slight increase in his HP and Physical Penetration.

Endless Battle. This is another Basic Attack booster that takes effect every time Jawhead casts his skills. On top of that, this item has a little of everything else that he needs. It has a high Physical Attack, Mana Regen, HP booster, cooldown reduction, Physical Lifesteal and slight Movement Speed boost. 

Blade of Despair. After dealing a huge blow to his target and leaving it with less than half HP, this weapon will deal greater damage to it through its passive feature. That’s on top of the significantly high additional Physical Damage that it will give to Jawhead.

Futuristic theme of Jawhead and Ailee
Jawhead Cyber Ranger Skin

Late Game Items

Wind of Nature. This late-game item will give him a short period of immunity to all Physical Attacks which is critical in clutch moments. It will also boost his Attack Speed while slightly increasing his Physical Attack and Physical Lifesteal.

Immortality. This final item will serve as his fail-safe in case he gets killed in a clash. He’ll get resurrected with a decent amount of life and a shield that’s enough for him to get protected as he escapes. His HP will have a huge increase through this item while giving him Physical Defense.

Jawhead Emblem Set

Considering his concentrated attack, our Global Top 1 player found it effective to use the Custom Assassin Emblem set for Jawhead. It has a powerful set of features that will help enhance the performance of this hero. Let’s inspect his configuration to learn how to optimize this emblem for Jawhead.

Core player recommended emblem for Jawhead - Mobile Legends
Custom Assassin Emblem configuration for Jawhead

He started by maxing out Agility to boost his mobility. Movement Speed is very critical not just in chasing and escaping but in roaming and responding as well—especially if you’re playing as the core hero. For the second feature, he picked Invasion to increase Jawhead’s Physical Penetration. This will make his attacks more painful and armor-busting.

For the last feature, he selected Killing Spree to keep Jawhead’s life sustained every time he eliminates an enemy. This is very helpful when consecutively killing his enemies.

Battle Spell

Retribution. Since our Global Top 1 player is using Jawhead as a core, this battle spell should be your default for the role. This will allow him to jungle faster and make sure that the buffs don’t get stolen from him.

Mobile Legends Battle spell for jungle monsters
Retribution is the highly recommended spell for Jawhead

Petrify. This is the game-recommended spell for him. It’s good to stop channeling spells when you get close to an enemy and can prevent your target from moving away from your missile barrage.

Flicker. If you’re after enhancing Jawhead’s chase and escape ability, this battle spell would be a good option to consider.

Jawhead Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Smart Missiles. Prioritize upgrading this first skill because of its low cooldown and the high damage of its powerful missiles.

Jawhead stunning Odette - Mobile Legends
Jawhead’s Ultimate Skill: Unstoppable Force

Unstoppable Force. This ultimate skill should be upgraded as soon as it’s available. This strong attack doesn’t just damage your target but the enemies around it as well.

Ejector. This should be your last option when upgrading. It’s good for creating a shield and throwing units but upgrading it won’t significantly improve its features.

Jawhead Combo

First Combo:
Second Skill + First Skill + Basic Attacks + Second Skill
This is the recommended combo before unlocking your ultimate skill. You start with the second skill to activate your shield and boost your Movement Speed. This will allow you to fight head-on to your target. Activate your first skill to unleash your missiles as you barrage your enemy with your Basic Attacks.

Jawhead with 2 deaths, 15 kills and 8 Assists
Legendary win by Jawhead

Second Combo: 
Second Skill + Ultimate skill + Second skill + First skill + Basic Attacks
Use his second skill to activate his shield and then immediately go near to your target so that you can attack it with your ultimate skill. Use your second skill again to immobilize and damage your target then shower it with your missiles as you throw your Basic Attacks.

Third Combo: (Tower Throw)
Second Skill + Second skill + Ultimate Skill + First skill + Basic Attacks
If your target is near your team’s tower, use your second skill so that you can move fast to get close to it and then use it again to throw it inside the tower’s range. Immediately follow up with your ultimate skill to stun it as the tower attacks it. The tower might kill it already but use your First Skill and Basic Attacks to make sure your target dies in case it has a tanky build.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Jawhead’s shield and Movement Speed boost allow him to fight in close combat with little damage received. Partner it with your missile barrage and you can deal great damage to your target while receiving less damage from it. In case it manages to heavily damage you, you can use your second skill again to throw it far away from you before escaping.

Jungle. If you managed to get the core player role the way it’s used by the Global Top 1 player, you need to focus your farming in the jungle area. Make sure to get all the buffs to empower Jawhead and give him an advantage in duels or when assisting allies. Never give the enemy a chance to get the turtle.

Triple Kill by a fighter in Mobile Legends
Jawhead is unstoppable in the game!

Roam. While it’s important to get all the buffs and gold, always be alert when an ally nearby needs help. Basically, the best approach is to roam as you farm in the jungle. The moment you killed the jungle monster near the corner of the map, prepare yourself to help an ally who might be getting ready to engage in a fight.

Gank. As a hero with a burst, stun and throw, you make a perfect partner for an ambush. Pick the best bush to hide where the enemy tends to get close and then surprise it with your combo as your ally helps you eliminate it.

Team Fight. Make sure to prioritize targeting the damage dealer during team fights and take note that your ultimate skill has splash damage to the enemies near your target. Additionally, you can also throw the tank at a group of enemies so it can immobilize them before the rest of the team attacks them.

Troll. Avoid getting reported and banned because you used Jawhead to troll your teammates. He’s probably the most favorite hero of trolls because his second skill can practically control his teammates. Don’t be mean and don’t waste your time upsetting players who just want to relax after a stressful day.

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