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Best Cecilion Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Cecilion is the Phantom of the Opera of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He is from the Blood Demon race which was under the Abyss empire. Since the empire has been oppressive to them, they decided to abandon it and live in peace with the humans. Although they’ve experienced discrimination from the humans, their biggest problem is how the demons are hunting them down one by one.

Best Cecilion Build - Spell, Emblem and Items
Cecilion carrying Carmilla

Cecilion is one of the last of their kinds and he has been doing his best to hide his powers and identity to avoid discrimination. He found success as an opera actor in the Aberleen Castle. People loved him because of his talent but their cheers couldn’t make him happy because he needs to limit his close interaction with the humans.

In one of his performances, he was captivated by Carmilla’s beauty. She looked at him the same way and they ended up falling in love with one another. Carmilla’s father decided to arrange a marriage for her to an influential Baron because he saw Cecilion as a commoner. To everyone’s shock, Carmilla ended her life during her marriage. When Cecilion found out about what happened to her, he snatched Carmilla from her funeral. When night came, Cecilion went up to the Aberleen Castle with Carmilla in his arms as if the time has stopped.

Cecilion Overview

Cecilion is a mage hero who possesses the power of bats. His skills are composed of Area of Effect, Burst and Crowd Control. He is feared for his ability to swarm his enemies with bats while getting himself healed in the process. With the right strategy and elements, Cecilion can powerfully dominate the game.

Best player of Cecilion in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Cecilion – 91.7% Overall Win Rate

This hero guide will feature the current Global Top 1 Cecilion who is Vaughn. We will be inspecting his best Cecilion build and also check his choice of emblem, spell and items that helped him optimize the performance of Cecilion in the game. Based on his gameplay, we will analyze how to properly execute his skills and learn what strategies he effectively used.


Passive: Overflowing
Cecilion earns 10 mana points and gains 10 mana in every successful skill hit.
Cecilion has a mana regen and his maximum mana is higher the most heroes. His skills’ damage increases based on his maximum mana.

Cecilion Story
Basic Stats of Cecilion

First Skill: Bat Impact
Cecilion summons a large bat to attack a selected area to deal 85 + 80% Total Magic Power damage + 5% Total Mana Magic Damage in its path and 170 + 160% Total Magic Power Damage to the enemies in the targeted area.
Succeeding use of this skill will increase its mana consumption by 1.8 times (4 stack maximum).

Second Skill: Sanguine Claws
Cecilion unleashes a pair of large claws on a selected area. They will clench together after a short period and all of the enemies in their paths will be pulled in the center and receive damage equal to 200 + 45% Total Magic Power + 1.2% Total Mana Magic Damage. This will also stun them for 1 second.

Blonde man in romantic era blue dress with glowing spear
Cecilion Stargazer Skin

Ultimate Skill: Bats Feast
Cecilion releases his Blood Demon power to fire 40 bolts of blood energy at all enemies around him. Each bolt deals 35 + 8% Total Magic Power + 0.3% Total Mana Magic Damage to all enemies hit and will reduce their Movement Speed by 3% (30% max) for 1 second.

Special Skill: Moonlit Waltz
Cecilion can summon Carmilla to become a Vermil Shadow that will serve as his shield with 220-500 power based on Carmilla’s level.
Carmilla can leave Cecilion’s body to attack a selected area that deals 220-500 Magic Damage while gaining an equal amount of shield. All enemies hit will be slowed by 30% for 1 second.

Best Cecilion Build


Demon Shoes. Since Cecilion is a mana-intensive hero, it’s best to have a rich source of mana for him at the start of the game using this item. As a roaming mid-lane hero, the mobility that this item gives is critical to his role.

Global Top 1 build for Cecilion
Best Cecilion Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Clock of Destiny. This is the perfect second item because it will boost his HP, Mana and Magic Power. Its passive feature will boost all three even further as it stacks up over time. The HP booster plays an important role in this item as he tends to get near his target when casting his ultimate skill.

Lightning Truncheon. Cecilion can easily utilize the maximum power of this item because it is echoing passive damage scales with the mana capacity of the hero. By default, it will give him high Magic Power and Mana pool while reducing the cooldown of his skills.

Divine Glaive. This fourth item will make sure that his enemies will continue to receive the might of his magic despite their Magic Defense because of its armor-busting feature. This item has the highest Magic Penetration in the list and this will go higher depending on the Magic Defense of the target. It will also grant him high Magic Damage.

Opera actor wearing a Victorian era dress in red and black
Cecilion Embrace the Night Skin

Late Game Items

Ice Queen Wand. As a hero who barrages his magic as he chases his target, this item will work great for him. It will slow down the Movement Speed of his enemy as it receives his attacks. What’s great about it is that it also grants him a lifesteal every time his bolt of Blood Energy hits his target. On top of that, this item will give him high magic damage, decent mana and a Movement Speed boost.

Blood Wings. This final item will significantly bulk up his Magic and HP while giving him a strong shield. This will make him a mighty enemy who is hard to kill.

Cecilion Emblem Set

The Global Top 1 Cecilion player picked the Custom Mage Emblem set for this hero since he’s purely a mage. This emblem has native features that will optimize his skills and magical nature. Let’s figure out what configuration helped our top player get the most out of this emblem.

Magic Power, Magic Pen, CD reduction, Magic Lifesteal & Movement Speed
Custom Mage Emblem configuration for Cecilion

He started by maxing out Agility to increase his Movement Speed. Mobility is very important to him as a roaming hero because it will help him respond faster when a clash occurs. For the second feature, he selected Observation to increase his Magic Penetration. This will make Cecilion attacks more painful even at the start of the game.

For the final feature, he selected Mystery Shop to reduce the cost of the items. He’s clearly focused on immediately collecting all of Cecilion’s items to help him dominate in the game.

Battle Spell

Sprint. This Movement Speed booster spell is an ideal partner to his ultimate skill. It will allow him to maintain a close distance from an escaping target as he barrages it with his bolt of blood energy. This is definitely good for escaping as well.

Battle spell for boosting Movement Speed in Mobile Legends
Sprint is the highly recommended spell for Cecilion

Flameshot. Since he is a mage, he can optimize the potential of this spell because its damage increases based on the Magic Power of the user. Its exceptional range will allow him to eliminate a low HP target that managed to blink far away from him. It will also let him escape from a close-combat attacker because of its knockback feature.

Cecilion Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Bat Impact. Prioritize upgrading this first skill because of its very low cooldown but huge AoE damage. 

Bats Feast. This powerful ultimate skill should be upgraded as soon as it’s ready. It allows Cecilion to pour down the rain of terror.

Mage hero barraging his enemies with bolts of blood energy
Cecilion’s Ultimate Skill: Bats Feast

Sanguine Claws. While this is powerful during team fights because of its AoE and crowd control feature—there’s no need to prioritize upgrading it.

Cecilion Combo

First Combo:
First Skill + Second Skill + First Skill
This will be your first combo before unlocking your ultimate skill. If you’re trying to save mana, you can attack with just the first two skills and then wait for the cooldown before repeating the same combo. Using the first skill within 6 seconds will have a greater mana consumption. Once you have the items that boost your mana pool and regen, you can start spamming your first skill.

Mage hero with high kills and assists - Mobile Legends
MVP Win by Cecilion

Second Combo: 
First Skill + Second Skill + Ultimate Skill + Basic Attacks + First Skill + First Skill
If your second skill successfully hits your target, take advantage of the stun time to barrage it with your ultimate skill.

These are just some of the example combos that you can use for Cecilion but there are more you can use depending on the scenario. The sequence of the skills you’re using should adapt to a particular situation.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Take advantage of Cecilion’s long-range attacks to poke your target until its HP is slim enough to send it back to the base. This will help you level up faster ahead of your enemy.

Anticipate. Since Cecilion’s first two skills land on a particular location, you need to target an area based on the movement of your enemy. If it’s running back to the base, target the area it’s facing. The delay of the large bat landing and your enemy’s movement to the target area should exactly meet and give you a successful hit.

Legendary win by Cecilion
Cecilion is dominating in the game!

Roam. You’re expected to visit every lane and help your teammates since you’re in the middle of the map. When you see the core trying to kill the turtle, immediately pay it a visit to help it. Hide in the bush when you visit other lanes. The moment your ally clashes with the enemy, surprise it with your combo to get a high chance of eliminating it.

Survive. If your Sprint or Flicker spell is on cooldown, don’t hesitate to use your ultimate skill to escape when an unexpected attack is about to kill you. Take note that your ultimate skill will boost your Movement Speed while slowing down your enemy.

Team Fight. Enemies grouped together will give you a feast because of your AoE and Crowd Control attacks. Wait for the tank or fighter to initiate the fight. When your enemies are in a steady position, unleash your splash damage attacks. If your claws managed to catch and stun a large number of enemies, it will be a great advantage to your team. Send your rain of bolt of blood energy afterward.

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