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Best Lesley Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Lesley is the chivalrous sniper of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She lived with her father in the Vance household because he works as the chief security of the noble family. One day, an unexpected attack from a rival family got her father killed.  Lesley tearfully took her father’s rifle and successfully took down all of the assassins.

Lady marksman pointing her rifle - Mobile Legends
Lesley: The Chivalrous Sniper

With much appreciation, the Vance family adopted Lesley and even made her the mentor of their son Harley.  Harley was quite a menace who loves using his magical skills to cause trouble in the family.

Lesley found out later that her adopted brother Harley went on a quest to the perilous Land of Dawn. She can’t help but follow him to ensure his safety. The moment they met, she noticed that his once immature brother has improved a lot—perhaps because of the hardships he experienced along the way. She decided to continue training him in the Land of Dawn while she keeps her protected.

Lesley Overview

Lesley is one of those distinct heroes who can take the role of both a marksman and an assassin. She is feared for her early game poking skill because of her damaging passive and stealth. Dying enemies hate her because they can’t escape her ultra-long-range ultimate skill. This certifies Lesley as one of the most lethal snipers of Mobile Legends.

Highest ranking player for Lesley - Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Lesley player – RinSylvie

This guide will be mostly referenced to best practices of the Global Top 1 Lesley player RinSylvie. With almost 10,000 Lesley games played, her experience with this hero is undeniably exceptional. We will examine her best Lesley build and dissect her choice of emblem, spell and items to see how they blend well with Lesley’s native features and skills.


Passive: Lethal Shot
Every successful hit of her Basic Attack restores 5 points of her energy. In every 5 seconds that she doesn’t receive any damage, Lesley’s range widens and her Critical Chance increases to 50%. Her Basic Attack spikes up to 1.2 times damage. Lesley’s improved basic attack has double the amount of energy restored. When the Lethal Shot is used on minions, the damage will have a 20% increase.

Story of the marksman Lesley - MLBB
Basic Stats of Lesley

First Skill: Master of Camouflage
Lesley shifts to stealth mode gaining 40% Movement Speed and twice the energy restoration. She also gets 75 Physical Attack within 3 seconds.

The enemies will still have a faint view of Lesley in her stealth mode as if she’s in a transparent fluid mode. This mode will end as soon as she receives or deals damage.

Second Skill: Tactical Grenade
Throwing this grenade forms an explosion that is fan-shaped and will knock Lesley’s enemies back as she hops backward. This can deal 150 + 50% Total Physical Attack Damage.

If Lesley is on Ultimate Snipe when using this skill, it will release a fatal bullet if she has not finished firing them all to her target.

Lesley attacking Layla in Mobile Legends tutorial
Ultimate Snipe

Ultimate Skill: Ultimate Snipe
Lesley locks her target with her scope and shoots four Lethal Bullets consecutively. Each bullet can deal 200 + 80% Total Physical Attack damage plus 5% of her target’s lost HP. Lesley restores 10 energy per hit. The target’s allies can block the Lethal Bullets. This ultimate skill can be stopped by Lesley abruptly and part of the skill cooldown will be regained.

Best Lesley Build


Swift Boots. The additional Attack Speed that this item provides will help Lesley farm fast at the start of the game. This will also help her become more elusive when poking her enemies.

Lesley build based on Global Top 1 player - Mobile Legends
Best Lesley Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Berserker’s Fury. While most heroes get this item late in the game, it will be a good start for Lesley to have that heavy damage and crit early in the game. Adding its Crit Doom passive makes it even worst for her target.

Scarlet Phantom. After getting the Berserker’s Fury, this will make most of Lesley’s attack deal a critical hit while speeding up her attack. Its passive slightly amplifies both features. It will be easier to acquire because of its low cost. 

Endless Battle. This will improve two important aspects for Lesley. First is survivability because of its added HP, lifesteal and movement speed. Next is damage because of its 65 Physical Damage and True Damage feature. The price of the item is worth it based on its features.

Female navy sniper with mystical bullet - Mobile Legends
Lesley: The Angelic Agent

Late Game Items

Blade of Despair. The amount of damage that this item provides will every Basic Attack from Lesley extremely painful. Squishy enemies will lose more than half of their HP with just one hit once Lesley gets this. The next bad news for them is that this item boosts its damage to 25% when the target has less than half HP.

Windtalker. This is the cheapest main item in the game yet our Global Top 1 player decided to put it on the last of her list. It only means that its value is not diminished despite the stronger items in the first part of the list. Its high addition to Lesley’s Attack Speed and Movement Speed along with the critical damage are still significant in the late part of the game.

Lesley Emblem Set

Between being a marksman and an assassin, our Global Top 1 player assessed that Lesley’s assassin nature is more dominant that’s why she picked the Custom Assassin Emblem set. Let’s analyze her configuration of the emblem to see how it will blend with her choice of items and Lesley’s skills.

Lesley Emblem for MLBB
Custom Assassin Emblem configuration for Lesley

She started with Agility to boost Lesley’s movement speed. As a squishy marksman, this will help Lesley respond to team fights faster, escape death and effectively chase dying enemies. For the second level of the emblem, she chose two Invasion and one Fatal. It’s clear that she has a strong inclination to enhance Lesley’s armor-busting features while increasing her Critical Chance.

For the final option, she selected Killing Spree which benefits Lesley’s survivability. This option helps restore Lesley’s life while increasing her movement speed at the same time. This will help her recover her life quickly when hit by AoE damages.

Battle Spell

Flicker. In spite of having two escape skills already, getting Flicker will significantly improve her survival rate. Since she uses her stealth mode a lot to boost her damage, it may not be handy with a Melee jumps right into you. Using her second skill plus Flicker will give her a significant distance from her predator, allowing her to escape.

Lesley spell - Mobile Legends
Flicker is the recommended battle spell for Lesley

Retribution. It may be rare for her to use this spell considering that she’s not purely an assassin. The good news is that she can freely switch to the core player role in cases where no one wants to take it.

Sprint. This is a good alternative to Flicker because it has a shorter cooldown and it provides slow immunity as well. This is also good to use when chasing a dying target.

Lesley Gameplay

Skill Sequence

Master of Camouflage. Since this ability boosts Lesley’s critical chance and damage significantly, this should be your upgrade priority. Upgrading it doesn’t just increase its bonus damage but it also reduces its cooldown which allows you to use it more often.

Ultimate Snipe. Lesley’s ultimate skill should be upgraded as soon as it’s available. Aside from securing a kill of an escaping enemy, it can also be used to reveal enemies hiding in the bush.

Stellaris Ghost Skin - MLBB
The futuristic look of Lesley

Tactical Grenade. While it’s good for escaping and can even allow you to pass through walls—you don’t really need to level this up right away.

Lesley Combo

First Combo:
Skill 1 + Basic Attack
This will most likely be your most used combo to poke your enemies at the start of the game.

Second Combo: 
Wait for Passive (Fatal Shot) + Basic Attack + Skill 1 + Basic Attack
This combo allows you to deal two Fatal Shots because using a skill instantly reactivates Fatal Shot. This combo may not work if your target knows how to keep its distance from you.

Third Combo: 
Skill 1 + Basic Attack x N + Ultimate Skill
This last combo is practically using your Skill 1 + Basic Attack to continuously attack your enemies during clash then using your ultimate skill when a dying enemy tries to escape.

Fighting Strategy

Early game harassment. Lesley is a dreadful enemy to face at the start of the game because of her first skill and range. Spam your First Skill + Basic Attack combo to your enemy until it’s forced to go back home to heal. Take advantage of the time to kill the crab and clear the minion wave while your enemy is gone.

Multiple hero kills by Mobile Legends marksman
Lesley rampaging on the battlefield

Optimize the ultimate. As a squishy marksman, Lesley can’t afford to freely roam around because the threat of ambush could be just around the corner. Her ultimate skill is not just for finishing off dying enemies but its scope can actually detect enemies hiding in the bushes. If the opposing team’s lineup has fast-escaping heroes, try to save your ultimate to secure your kill for them. The ultimate snipe will keep hitting heroes like Fanny, Ling and Johnson even if they’re very far off the map already.

Hero Focus

Don’t lose focus on your item build. Even the game itself is saying that “marksman heroes” should go to the gold lane because they’re reliant on items. Help your team in every opportunity possible but don’t lose your focus on completing your item build. You can kill squishy heroes with just 2-3 shots once you have all of your items in place.

Survival. Take advantage of Lesley’s long-range to put her at a safe distance during a team clash. Make sure that you’re outside the range of the mages when they cast their spells on your team. If there’s a Helcurt in the enemy’s lineup, make sure to use your first skill the moment Helcurt uses his ultimate because he is more likely to target squishy marksman heroes first.

Lesley Maniac - Mobile Legends
Lesley’s successful Maniac kill

Do you think that there’s an important tip that wasn’t mentioned in this guide? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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