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Masha Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide | Mobile Legends

Masha is the Wild-oats Fist of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She was the leader of the Sarmi Tribe in Northern Vale. Its counterpart tribe is the Bear tribe which they consider as their sibling since they are both rooted in the same ancestor. Unlike most tribes from other places, these two tribes never had any conflicts. They lived in peace and harmony together since their founding.

Best Masha Build - Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide
Masha – Mobile Legends

Despite the cold and terrible weather of the Northern Vale, a large group of pirates from the Frozen Sea still took interest in it. They started an invasion and took over the region’s small villages one by one. They came to the point where they started hunting for bears. The Bear King was caught in a bad situation with the hunters as he was protecting the young bears.

Masha came in to help him and they fought the hunters together. It was the first time that their tribes fought side by side. After scoring a victory against the pirates, the Bear King started to weaken. Masha got hold of the Bear King to check his health but to her surprise, the Bear King transferred a powerful energy to her body. She found out that it was the Bear King’s “Beast Power” that he used during battle. Since that day, Masha vowed to protect the bears and use her newfound power to make sure that no invaders will thrive in their land.

Masha Overview

Masha is a fighter/tank who is categorized as a push/damage hero. Her durability is high but her offense is below average. She is known for her cat-like power of having multiple lives because of her three HP bars. This trait makes are a formidable fighter/tank in the game.

Best Masha player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Masha – Zuzu

The guide will have Zuzu, the Global Top 1 Masha player of Mobile Legends as one of the resources. We’ll take a closer look at his best Masha build and then explore his choice of emblem, spell and items to learn more about his secret recipe to becoming a top player for this hero.

Basic Stats

HP Regen3.8Mana Regen0
Physical ATK91Magic Power0
Physical DEF10Magic DEF10
Attack SPD1Movement SPD250
Attack SPD Ratio100%


Ancient Strength

Masha has 3 HP bars and won’t die until the last HP bar is depleted. Masha gains extra attributes (Attack Speed, Lifesteal and Resilience) when her HP is low. Inflicting damage will help her recover some energy.

First Skill: 
Wild Power

Masha gains extra Movement Speed and damage but constantly loses HP.

Second Skill:
Howl Shock

Masha unleashes a shockwave in the target direction, disarming the first enemy hero hit for 2 seconds.

Ultimate Skill:

Masha consumes 50% of her current HP to charge at the target and knock them back slightly, dealing damage and slowing them.

Fourth Skill:
Life Recovery

Masha consumes all her energy to restore 1 HP bar (cannot be cast when engaged in battle).

Best Masha Build


Masha Emblem Set

Custom Fighter Emblem set

Recommended emblem for Masha in Mobile Legends
Custom Fighter Emblem configuration for Masha


Bravery – Physical Attack +12.00
Persistence – HP +300.00
Unbending Will –For every 1% HP lost, damage is increased by 0.25%, to a max of 15%.

Battle Spell


Ideal for chasing while attacking an enemy. It’s also effective for escaping challenging situations. This spell is currently used by the Global Top 1 Masha player.


This is the game-recommended spell. You can use this attack speed booster to further boost her native attack speed feature and lifesteal for a better chance of winning a duel.

Masha Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

First Priority – First Skill: Wild Power
Main Priority – Ultimate Skill: Thunderclap
Least Priority – Second Skill: Howl Shock

Triple Kill by Masha - Mobile Legends
Masha unleashed the “Beast Power” on the battlefield

Masha Combo

First Combo:
First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attacks

Second Combo: 
First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attacks + Ultimate Skill + Basic Attacks
Don’t use your ultimate skill right away because it inflicts greater damage when the enemy’s HP is low. 

Third Combo: 
First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attacks + Ultimate Skill + Basic Attacks + Escape + First Skill + Fourth Skill + Second Combo
This long combo is the guerilla tactic move. When you only have 1 HP bar remaining, you need to move back out, disable the first skill and then rest a bit so you can use your fourth skill to gain another HP bar. Move back into the battle after doing so.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Masha’s three life bars allow her to dive into the battlefield confidently and back out immediately with the help of the movement speed boost from her first skill. Take advantage of this ability to poke your enemy in the early part of the game. After moving back out, use the energy that you gained on your duel to refresh one of your HP bars. With the HP advantage against your opponent, you can do a surprise attack to eliminate it.

Push. If the enemy in your lane managed to escape with little HP after your guerilla attack, take advantage of the situation to push the lane. Maximize Masha’s attack speed ability to quickly take down the tower when there are no enemies around.

Farm. Aside from earning gold, killing minions and jungle monsters will also help you regain your energy faster. If you only have 1 HP bar remaining, run back out and then find a jungle monster in a safe area to fight. You’ll earn 3x energy with jungle monsters compared to minions. Add the benefit of the gold and you’ll also be on your way to get your strong items.

High kills by Masha - Mobile Legends
Masha’s God Among Men milestone

Team Play

Gank. As a fighter/tank, your low-HP but high-damage allies rely on you to act as their first line of defense. When ganging up in the enemy’s territory, you should take the lead by being the first hero to explore the dangerous spots and checking the bushes if there are some enemies hiding. Your body can withstand powerful surprise attacks. If you’re caught in a bad situation, you can boost your Movement Speed and escape after absorbing all the damage for your team. Look for a place to hide to regain an HP bar and then get back to the fight.

Team Fight. You’re the second-best frontline hero next to the tank so make sure that you’re holding up your post to protect your allies when a clash is about to start. If the team’s tank starts to move back out after receiving the enemy team’s strong attacks, you can take over the role to frustrate those who are trying to kill the tank. If your backup fulfills their roles correctly, they can kill your attackers as they attack you.

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