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Lylia Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide | Mobile Legends

Lylia is the little wizard of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She is a young girl who is a descendant of a great magician and the sole successor of Alien Space Summoning. Lylia was exiled from the Magic Academy along with other Dark Magicians, but she returned when she found a Void Monster named Gloom. Gloom was a powerful creature, and Lylia was able to control him with her Dark Magic.

Best Lylia build - emblem, spell and items - MLBB
Lylia – Mobile Legends

The other magicians at the academy were suspicious of Lylia and Gloom, and they began to attack them. Gloom was angered by this, and he summoned a portal to the outer world, bringing more Void Monsters to the academy. The battle between the magicians and the Void Monsters was fierce, and many people were injured.

Eudora, a mentor and professor at the academy, realized that Lylia was the only one who could stop the Void Monsters. She helped Lylia to control Gloom, and together they were able to seal the Void Monsters back into the portal.

In the end, Lylia was accepted back into the Magic Academy, and she was able to use her Dark Magic to help protect the world.

Lylia Overview

Lylia is a Mage hero who specializes in Push/Damage. She has an average Durability, high Offense and low Control Effect. Her skills are made up of Buff, Speed Up, AoE, Slow and Heal. Unlike most heroes, her Ultimate Skill is not her most powerful attack. Instead, it’s used to spare her from death and recharge her Second Skill. Her Second Skill deals the highest damage among her two offensive skills.

Number 1 player of Lylia in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Lylia of Mobile Legends – -TerTzyy

This guide will be referencing –TerTzyy, who is the current Global Top 1 Lylia player of Mobile Legends. We will take a closer look at his best Lylia build and then examine his selection of emblem, spell and items to understand how he became the number one player for this hero.

Basic Stats

HP Regen6.8Mana Regen3.8
Physical ATK113Magic Power0
Physical DEF17Magic DEF15
Attack SPD1.01Movement SPD245
Attack SPD Ratio100%


Angry Gloom

Lylia increases her Movement Speed when there’s a Gloom around.

First Skill: 
Magic Shockwave

Lylia sends out Gloom with a shockwave, dealing damage to enemies hit and slowing them. Gloom will devour shadow energy in its path.

Second Skill:
Shadow Energy

Lylia condenses Shadow Energy to the designated area, which will explode and deal damage to nearby enemies after being devoured by Gloom. Each devour increases the next explosive damage.

Ultimate Skill:
Black Shoes

Lylia immediately returns where she was several seconds ago, regenerating HP and increasing her Movement Speed.

Best Lylia Build


Lylia Emblem Set

Custom Mage Emblem set

Recommended emblem and talents for Lylia - Mobile Legends
Custom Mage Emblem configuration for Lylia


Agility – Movement Speed +6.00%
Observation – Magic Penetration +6.00
Bargain Hunter – Equipment can be purchased for 90% of its price.

Battle Spell


This battle spell was selected by the Global Top 1 Lylia player of Mobile Legends. Sprint allows Lylia to continue attacking while chasing an enemy within 6 seconds. This is also great for escaping a bad situation.


Since one of Lylia’s weaknesses is facing Crowd Control heroes, she can best counter them with this battle spell. The Movement Speed boost that it provides can also help her flee from unexpected attacks.

Lylia Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

First Priority – Second Skill: Shadow Energy
Main Priority – Ultimate Skill: Black Shoes
Least Priority – First Skill: Magic Shockwave

Monster Kill by Lylia - Mobile Legends
Lylia is unstoppable!

Lylia Combo

Second Skill + First Skill + Second Skill x N + Ultimate Skill + Second Skill  x N

Unlike most heroes, Lylia’s combo is quite simple. You just need to hit your target with her Shadow Energy (Second Skill) and then turn it into Gloom by hitting the Shadow Energy with Magic Shockwave (First Skill). After that, keep on hitting the target with your Second Skill until Gloom reaches level 5.

If your target is moving, you might need to use your First Skill more if the enemy goes out of the range of your Second Skill. Finally, when your HP gets low, you can use your Ultimate Skill to recover it. In some situations, you can use your Ultimate Skill to regain 5 charges for your Second Skill even if your HP is full.

Fighting Strategy

Harass. One of Lylia’s unique features is having two skills at the start of the game. As she walks toward the end of her lane, she’s also gaining charges along the way. By the time she’s in the middle of the map, her 5 charges are almost full already. Take advantage of this ability to do a killer combo to your target in the early part of the game to dominate your lane.

20 Kills with only 2 deaths by Lylia - Mobile Legends
God Among Men Win by Lylia

Farm. To make the most out of your AoE skills, try to initiate the attacks when the enemy hero is close to the minions. Even if the enemy hero managed to avoid your attacks, it’s not a total loss because you earned some gold and experience from the minions. Even if you’re using a mage, it’s always helpful to be ahead in items against your enemies.

Beware. Since you tend to wait for your HP to get low before using your Ultimate Skill, watch out for enemies like Balmond, Eudora, Gusion, Lesley and Clint. They have burst attacks which can instantly kill you before getting the chance of recovering your health. If you see them around, don’t wait for your HP to go below 50% before using your Ultimate Skill because waiting for it to reach 20% would be very dangerous. Also, beware of Crowd Control enemies because they can prevent you from using your Ultimate Skill.

Team Play

Roam. As a mage hero, you’re expected to visit the other lanes since you’re deployed in the middle of the map. Try to make it subtle so that the enemies would still think that you’re still in your lane as you sneak into another lane.

Ambush. The slow effect of Lyllia’s skills is perfect during an ambush. This will make it hard for the target enemy to escape while your allies attack it. Before using your skills, wait for an ally with a Crowd Control ability to immobilize the target before barraging it with your attacks for a sure hit and to inflict maximum damage.

Team Fight. If you can foresee that a clash is about to happen, stay at the back and wait for the tank and the fighter to absorb all of the attacks. Distance yourself from heroes with Crowd Control abilities but try to capture as many enemies as you can with your AoE attacks. Most enemies will avoid you knowing that you can immediately recover your health but don’t be too complacent and always check your HP status.

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