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Terizla Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide | Mobile Legends

Terizla is the executioner of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He was once a respected master craftsman but he later became known as the Executioner of the Abyss after being framed as a heretic by the Church. Seeking revenge for the unjust treatment he and his kin suffered, Terizla wields his hammer to soothe the restless souls of his loved ones. The Monastery of Light, a powerful institution, is shaken when Terizla escapes from their dungeon, leaving behind a message of rebellion.

Best Terizla Build - Emblem, Spell and Items - MLBB
The executioner of Mobile Legends – Terizla

As the head of the Free Smiths’ Guild and a spiritual leader against the Church, Terizla openly defies their commandments and supports fellow smiths. Known for his exceptional craftsmanship, Terizla’s creations gain popularity, causing jealousy among competitors who accuse him of using black magic. On the day of his son’s birthday, Terizla returns home to find an ambush by Church assassins, resulting in the destruction of his guild and the loss of his family.

Captured and imprisoned, Terizla finds himself shackled with his own creations and consumed by hatred. The Demon Queen Alice offers him revenge, and Terizla joins the Abyss, using his legendary craftsmanship to create enchanted weapons for the demon army. Driven by his anguish and loathing, he throws followers of the Church into his furnace, fueling his vengeance. In his tormented forge, Terizla is determined to destroy the Church and seek revenge against Moniyan.

Terizla Overview

Terizla is a Fighter hero that specializes in Burst Attacks and Crowd Control. He has high Durability, average Control Effect and below-average Offense. His skills are composed of Buff, AoE, Speed Boost, Burst, Slow and Crowd-Control. He stands out in clashes because of his ability to lock down multiple enemies with his chains while inflicting powerful burst damage.

No. 1 player of Terizla in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Terizla of Mobile Legends – BREW

This guide will reference BREW, the Global Top 1 Terizla player of Mobile Legends. We will cover how his best Terizla build helped him reach the highest position for this hero worldwide. Then, we will also have a closer look at his choice of emblem, spell and items to understand how these factors increase his dominance when using Terizla.

Basic Stats

HP Regen10.8Mana Regen4.2
Physical ATK129Magic Power0
Physical DEF19Magic DEF15
Attack SPD1Movement SPD255
Attack SPD Ratio100%


Body of Smith

Terizla gets higher Damage Reduction when his HP is low.

First Skill: 
Revenge Strike

Terizla cracks the ground with his hammer and the fissure will spread out. After the fissure hits the first target, it will drill into the target and slow them. At the same time, Terizla’s Movement Speed will be increased. The fissure on the target will then explode.

Second Skill:
Execution Strike

Terizla swings the hammer and releases his energy continuously. It can be released several times.

Ultimate Skill:
Penalty Zone

Terizla jumps to the designated area and knocks enemies airborne. He then summons Scaffold to continuously pull enemy heroes in range.

Best Terizla Build


Terizla Emblem Set

Custom Fighter Emblem set

Recommended Emblem and Talents for Terizla - Mobile Legends
Custom Fighter Emblem configuration for Terizla


Bravery – Physical Attack +12.00
– Physical Penetration +6.00
Festival of Blood – Spell Vamp is increased by 8%. Killing an enemy hero grants 1% extra Spell Vamp, to a max of 12%.

Battle Spell


The Global Top 1 Terizla player is currently using this battle spell. The damage reduction and damage return that it provides has been effective for his Terizla battle engagement—especially when charging multiple enemies.


This battle spell is a good alternative for Terizla and is used by other top global Terizla players. You can combine this with his Ultimate Skill for a surprise attack or for chasing low HP enemies.

Terizla Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

First Priority – Second Skill: Execution Strike
Main Priority – Ultimate Skill: Penalty Zone
Least Priority – First Skill: Revenge Strike

Godlike kill by Terizla - Mobile Legends
Terizla is dominating the battlefield!

Terizla Combo

First Combo:
First Skill + Second Skill
This is the recommended initial combo before reaching level 4. Use your First Skill to slow down your enemy’s Movement Speed while boosting yours. Immediately get close to it and continuously attack it with your Second Skill. Use the move button as you use the Second Skill if the enemy is trying to avoid your attacks.

Second Combo:
First Skill + Ultimate Skill + Second Skill
Use this combo to immediately rush into the battle and then capture as many enemies as you can with your Ultimate Skill. The AoE of your Second Skill would greatly reduce the HP of the group.

Third Combo: 
Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + First Skill
This is ideal to use while hiding inside the bush. When you see a group of enemies passing by, capture them by surprise with your Ultimate Skill and then heavily damage them with your Second Skill. If the enemy tries to escape, finish it off with your First Skill and Basic Attacks. Make sure that you have a backup before using this combo.

Terizla Mobile Legends Combat Strategy

Poke. Take advantage of Terizla’s revamped First Skill because it has a longer range that is ideal for poking your enemies. Aside from the initial damage from its fissure, it also gives a second damage with its explosion. Use its Movement Speed boost to run away from your enemy to avoid retaliation. You can also do it while hiding inside the bush to make sure that you can hit your target.

Zero deaths with high kills by Terizla - Mobile Legends
God Among Men Win by Terizla

Farm. Make the most out of your First and Second Skills by using their AoE effect to attack minions while having a duel with another Fighter hero in your lane. Your First Skill is best used when the enemy minions are lined up straight before a clash with other minions while your Second Skill is ideal to use when they’re already scattered. With Terizla’s lower cooldown after the revamp, you don’t need to hesitate to spam your skills even on minions.

Ambush. If you can see a group of enemies heading toward a direction near you, hide inside a bush and signal your team for backup. Capture as many enemies as you can with your Ultimate Skill while the rest of your allies are attacking them helplessly.

Team Fight. You’re expected to be one of the initiators of a team battle aside from the tank because of your durability and Crowd Control ability. Before initiating a team fight, it’s best to have a tank nearby to follow up on your Crowd Control attack. The safer approach is to wait for your tank to start the Crowd Control attack and then immediately follow it up with your Ultimate Skill to capture more enemies.

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