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Melissa Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide | Mobile Legends

Melissa is the Cursed Needle of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She is a young girl who lives with her mother in a small tailor shop. Melissa is clever and quirky, and she loves to help her mother with the shop. One day, Melissa’s mother dies, and Melissa is left alone in the world. She is taken in by her father, who she never knew, but she is not welcomed by her half-sister. Her father is revealed to be a noble from the Paxley family.

Best Melissa Build - Emblem, Spell, Items and Guide
Melissa: The Cursed Needs of Mobile Legends

Melissa finds solace in a rag doll that her mother made for her, and she uses it to confront her sister indirectly. When her sister tears the doll apart, Melissa hatches a plan to escape from her father’s house. During her sister’s coming-of-age ceremony, Melissa pokes the doll, which causes her sister to play the piano disastrously. Melissa takes advantage of the chaos to escape, and she returns to Lumina City.

She discovers that she has inherited her mother’s dark magic abilities, and she uses them to open a tailor shop. Melissa’s Tailor becomes renowned for solving clients’ problems using unexpected and creative ideas. She is fearless and determined, and she is always willing to help those in need.

Melissa Overview

Melissa is a Marksman who is categorized as a Finisher/Damage hero. She has low Durability and an average Control Effect but is high in Offense. She is feared for her voodoo doll because of its debuff effect. Enemy heroes with charge or dash abilities hate her Ultimate Skill because it can counter their attacks. With the right build, combo and strategy you can dominate in the game with Melissa.

Best Melissa player of Mobile Legends this season
the Queen is the Global Top 1 Melissa player of Mobile Legends

This guide will be referencing the Global Top 1 Melissa player the Queen. We will have a closer look at her best Melissa build and then list her choice of emblem, spell and items to understand how she became a top Melissa player for this season.

Basic Stats

HP Regen6.6Mana Regen3
Physical ATK123Magic Power0
Physical DEF18Magic DEF15
Attack SPD0.94Movement SPD248
Attack SPD Ratio100%


Doll Buster

Melissa deals 125% damage to Minions, Creeps and Summoned Units.

First Skill: 

Melissa slides forward and gains extra attack speed for 3 seconds.

Second Skill:
Eyes on You!

Melissa throws out Muddles, dealing damage and slowing enemy heroes while linking them for up to 6 seconds.
Basic Attacks against linked enemies will command Giggles to attack Muddles and transfer 70% of the damage onto linked enemies.

Ultimate Skill:
Go Away!

Melissa commands Cuddles to release the Field of Protection, dealing damage while blocking enemies from entering the field for 4 seconds.

Best Melissa Build


Melissa Emblem Set

Custom Marksman Emblem set

Recommended Emblem and Talents for Melissa - Mobile Legends
Custom Marksman Emblem configuration for Melissa


Bravery – Physical Attack +12.00
Agility – Movement Speed +6.00
Weakness Finder – Basic attacks have a 20% chance of briefly reducing the target’s Movement Speed by 90% and Attack Speed by 50% (only for ranged attacks). This effect has 2 seconds cooldown.

Battle Spell


This battle spell is what the current Global Top 1 Melissa player is using. This can further boost the attack speed that her First Skill is already giving her, making it quicker for her to eliminate an enemy.


This is another battle spell to consider if your priority is survivability and chase. Other Global Top Melissa players are using this. While Melissa already has a Blink ability, it would be great to have this spell as a backup.

Melissa Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

First Priority – First Skill: Falling!
Main Priority – Ultimate Skill: Go Away!
Least Priority – Second Skill: Eyes on You!

Epic outplay win - Mobile Legends
Melissa for an epic win!

Melissa Combo

First Combo:
Second Skill + First Skill + Inspire + Basic Attacks
This is the recommended combo at the start of the game. It’s best to hide inside the bush first before locking your target with the Second Skill. Then, Immediately barrage it with your Basic Attacks with boosted Attack Speed by the First Skill and Inspire.

Second Combo: 
First Skill + Second Skill + Inspire + Basic Attacks
This combo is ideal if you’re trying to catch up in a team fight and the enemy is a bit far from your reach. Start by dashing near the target and then locking it up with your Second Skill to help an ally that is already engaged in a fight with it.

Third Combo: 
Second Skill + First Skill + Inspire + Basic Attacks + Ultimate Skill
This could end up being your main combo. This is practically the same as the first combo but you’re reserving your Ultimate Skill for enemies who might suddenly charge on you. It’s ideal to start with the Second Skill because your doll will also dash in the direction you’re going if you’re chasing an enemy. This makes it harder for the target to escape.

Fourth Combo: Wall Pin
Second Skill + First Skill + Ultimate Skill + Inspire + Basic Attacks
This combo is about pinning your target to the wall with your Ultimate Skill. Simply hide inside a narrow bush and when an enemy tries to get inside as well, shoot it with your Second Skill to slow it down, dash out and then pin it to the wall with your Ultimate Skill. It won’t be able to move away easily and it will have continuous damage from your Ultimate Skill while you barrage it with attacks.

Fighting Strategy

Farm. As a marksman, it’s important to get all of your strong items as soon as possible to dominate the game. Never miss getting the crab and clearing the minion waves to earn gold fast. Take note that her Passive Skill gives her extra damage to minions and jungle monsters.

Survive. When pushing a tower, you can put the doll inside the bush which is mostly used for an ambush. This will let you monitor if there’s an incoming enemy as you take down the tower. When chased by an enemy, you can use her First Skill to pass through thin walls. Beware of long-range heroes because your Ultimate Skill can’t protect you against them.

Four consecutive kills by Melissa - Mobile Legends
Maniac Kill by Melissa


Poke. Melissa’s Second Skill allows her to extend the range of her attack through her doll. You will see an icon of Muddles below the Basic Attack icon if your enemy is within Muddle’s range. Pressing the icon of Muddles lets you attack it and then pass that damage to your target. Melissa’s First Skill allows her to dash in and out of a battle which is ideal for poking as well.

Knockback Ambush. Hide inside the bush and then wait for the enemy to get near your tower. Once it’s near enough, dash behind it and then use your ultimate skill to knock it back within the tower’s range. Hit it will your Second Skill to slow it down and make it harder for your target to get away. Barrage it with your Basic Attacks as the tower attacks it as well. You can also do this on targets near walls.

Harass. Be aggressive against enemies who can’t penetrate your shield and then bully them away from your lane. If you’re lucky, you can also eliminate them if they fail to escape your attacks.

Team Fight. Since Melissa is a squishy hero, you need to stay at the back and wait for an opportunity to attack when the tanks and fighters already absorbed most of the blows. Use your shield to protect your allies, especially squishy allies like mages and fellow marksman heroes.

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