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Natan Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide | Mobile Legends

Natan is a Spacetime Walker of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He was born in a world that was on the brink of destruction, as the Abyss was encroaching on the Land of Dawn. Natan was a brilliant scientist, and he dedicated his life to finding a way to save his world. When most of the cities of the Land of Dawn were on the brink of getting taken over by the Abyss, he started working on his most ambitious project. A time machine.

MLBB: Best Natan Build - Emblem, Spell, Items and Guide
Natan – Mobile Legends

After years of research, and with the help of other Eruditio scientists. They finally developed a time machine. By the time they were finished, Eruditio was the only protected city left standing against the Abyss. After a powerful attack from the Twilight Orb of the Abyss, Erudio’s defenses were penetrated but the power it brought activated the time machine.

Even if the time machine wasn’t tested yet, Natan took his chance to use it because they were about to get overrun by the Abyss forces. He managed to survive the time travel and arrive in the present just as the Abyss was about to launch a major attack on the Land of Dawn. After a strong flash of light, a tranquil city appeared before him. A time when the Land of Dawn was still thriving without the chaos brought by the Abyss. Now his mission is to work with everyone to prevent the upcoming apocalypse of the future.

Natan Overview

Natan is a marksman hero who specializes in burst/magic damage. His skills are composed of buff, burst, crowd-control, blink and summon. His most powerful weapon is his clone which he can summon to distract his enemies from attacking him. It can also help him escape by summoning it behind him and trading places with it.

Global Top 1 Natan – T01irkA

The current Global Top 1 Natan of Mobile Legends is T01irkA. His effective practices will be one of the resources of this guide. We’ll explore his best Natan build and then check his selection of emblem, spell and items to learn how these factors helped him reach the highest spot for this hero in the game.

Basic Stats

HP Regen6Mana Regen3
Physical ATK115Magic Power0
Physical DEF17Magic DEF15
Attack SPD0.87Movement SPD245
Attack SPD Ratio100%


Theory of Everything

Natan gets a stack of entanglement each time he or his Reverse-Clone hits an enemy with their skills (Up to 6 stacks). The stacks grant Natan extra Attack Speed and Movement Speed.

First Skill: 

Natan shoots a dense mass of energy in the target direction, inflicting damage to enemies in its path.

Second Skill:

Natan launches a Gravitational Attraction in the target direction, knocking back enemies in its path. The attractor detonates upon reaching its maximum range, knocking back nearby enemies.

Ultimate Skill:

Natan summons a Reverse Clone at the target location that copies his moves and attacks in reverse. He can cast this skill again to switch places with the Reverse Clone.

Best Natan Build


Natan Emblem Set

Custom Jungle Emblem set

Recommended emblem and talents for Natan
Custom Jungle Emblem set configuration for Natan


Brutal – Damage to Monsters +21.00%
Knowledge – Battle Spell Cooldown Reduction +6.00
Seasoned Hunter – Damage dealt to Lord, Turtle and Turrets is increased by 20%, while damage received from Lord and Turtle is reduced by 20%.

Battle Spell


This spell is used by the Global Top 1 Natan player at the moment. He saw Natan’s great potential to perform the core player role and has effectively used it. The focus of his gameplay is clearly leaning toward juggling.


If you’re not using Natan as a core hero, you can use Sprint instead to increase his survivability and chase ability. This is the game-recommended spell for this hero.

Natan Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

First Priority – First Skill: Interference! 
Main Priority – Ultimate Skill: Theory of Everything
Least Priority – Second Skill: Entropy? 

Natan killing Paquito in Mobile Legends
Natan is dominating the game!

Natan Combo

First Combo:
Second Skill + First Skill + Basic Attacks
Use your second skill to knock back your target so you can easily hit it with your first skill.

Second Combo:
Ultimate Skill + Ultimate Skill + First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attacks
This is an aggressive approach. You need to cast your clone near your target as a surprise attack and then switch positions with it before casting your other skills.

Third Combo: 
Ultimate Skill (Behind you) + Second Skill + First Skill + Basic Attacks + Ultimate Skill
This is a more defensive approach. You’re casting your ultimate skill behind you so you can switch with it to escape when things go bad for you.

Fourth Combo:
Ultimate Skill + Ultimate Skill + Retribution + First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attacks
This combo uses the retribution spell in-between to help you gain extra Physical Attack and Magic Power before continuing with the rest of the attacks.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Use your first skill, Superposition, to deal damage to the enemy from a safe distance. If the enemy gets close, use your second skill, Interference!, to knock it back. Continue to use your Basic Attack to deal damage to the enemy. Use can use your first skill again after its cooldown is over.

Natan with high kills and low death in Mobile Legends
Legendary Win by Natan

Roam. While it’s important to quickly level up by farming in the jungle, make sure that you’re not overlooking your role to help your allies. Be alert to help a teammate nearby as your jungle and roam.

Ambush. A good ambush technique for Natan in Mobile Legends is to use his ultimate, Time Fracture, to teleport behind the enemy and then use his first skill, Superposition, to deal damage to it. You can also use your second skill, Interference!, to slow down the enemy and make it easier for you to hit it with your first skill.

Clone. Since Natan’s clone can deal damage and tank for you, use it to your advantage in team fights. You can also use your clone to scout ahead, check the bushes or escape from danger.

Positioning. Natan is a very squishy hero, so it’s important to be mindful of your positioning in team fights. Don’t get too close to the enemy, or you’ll be easily killed. Make sure to align your clone properly so it won’t miss hitting your target with your skills.

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