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Best Paquito Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Paquito is The People’s Champ of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He is the first boxer hero in the game who is also known for having the skin of the eight-division World Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao. His story accounts that he came from a small village in the southwestern Moniyan Empire. As a little boy, he dreamt of becoming the world’s strongest fighter.

Paquito Classic Skin Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Paquito: The People’s Champ

He trained relentlessly and put all of his mind, body and spirit into every means that would help him become stronger. By chance, a skillful fighter who passed their village saw his extreme effort in training so he decided to make him his student. After months of training, Paquito significantly improved his skills and he learned a lot of new techniques. Before his master left their village, he told Paquito that the true essence of fighting is not about destruction or attacking.

Years later, Paquito has been challenging strong fighters and helping out other villages to fight injustice and oppressors. The people referred to him as the Heavenly Fist. On one of his journeys, he heard about an evil figure known as the Domineer. He was conquering lands in the Moniyan Empire leaving massacres and cruelty. Paquito and his subordinates bravely warred against his group only to discover that the Domineer was his master from long ago.

Manny Pacquiao power punch - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Paquito in Manny Pacquiao Skin

His master lost what he stood for and became corrupted and ruthless. Paquito fought him but was helplessly beaten to the point of dying. He remembered what his master had told him that the true essence of fighting is not about destruction or attacking. He mustered his strength and then fought back to defeat his former master. Paquito’s team defeated the forces of evil and their land flourished. He later went on another journey to fight for the hopes and dreams of anyone who needs him.

Paquito Overview

Paquito is a fighter hero with a powerful set of burst and AoE attacks. His dash, stun and slow effect are perfect for locking down a target. His quick combos are hard to beat in a one-on-one fight.

Best Paquito player in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Paquito – 87.3 Win Rate

The current Global Top 1 Paquito player is Lho Der. He managed to keep a high win rate of 87.3% after 912 games with Paquito. This guide will analyze his best Paquito build and then compare it with his selection of items, spell and emblem configuration to see how it helped him effectively use Paquito.


Passive: Champ Stance
When Paquito cast any skill, he adds one stack. After reaching the maximum of 3 stacks, he shifts to Champ Stance and his next skill will be enhanced.
His Basic Attacks will deal +85% Total Physical Attack Damage.
Paquito’s Movement Speed will have a 60% increase after using any enhanced skill. This decays within 2.5 seconds.

Paquito Story
Basic Stats of Paquito

First Skill: Heavy Left Punch
Paquito punches in a target location which deals 210 + 50% Total Physical Attack Damage. He gains a shield that is equal to 150 + 110% Total Physical Attack whenever he hits a target.
Champ Stance Enhancement: Paquito’s heavy punch deals 350 + 100% Total Physical Attack Damage while the shield’s power is increased to 120%. This can stack with the non-enhanced shield. The shield will last 2.5 seconds.

Second Skill: Jab
Paquito dashes to a target location and then throw a jab that deals 150 + 150% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies covered by his AoE.
Champ Stance Enhancement: Paquito’s attack will deal 240 + 240% Total Physical Attack Damage.
The dash passes through minions and doesn’t deal damage to those along its path. It will only stop when you hit an enemy hero or creep.

Paquito Fulgent Punch Skin - MLBB
Paquito’s power punch

Ultimate Skill: Knockout Punch
Paquito pushes all the enemies in front of him while attacking with an elbow strike that deals 250 + 50% Total Physical Attack Damage. He follows up with a strong punch that deals 350 + 100% Total Physical Attack Damage that also slows the targets for 1 second while he darts backward.
Champ Stance Enhancement: After pushing his enemies to a target location, he launches an uppercut that deals 400 + 120% Total Physical Attack Damage. Instead of slowing down the enemies, they’ll be knocked up airborne for 0.5 seconds.

Best Paquito Build


Warrior Boots. This Movement Speed booster will also make Paquito thicker through the Physical Defense it adds. This Physical Defense even stacks up when receiving Basic Attacks.

Paquito Build 2022
Best Paquito Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

War Axe. This second item bulks up Paquito with its high HP addition while increasing his attack damage and reducing the cooldown of his skills. 

Brute Force Breastplate. Paquito will get bulked up even more with this item because of its high HP addition and Physical Defense. Its passive feature also gives him a slight improvement in his Movement Speed along with his Physical and Magic Defense as he attacks his enemies.

Bloodlust Axe. From the name itself, this weapon has a good amount of life-stealing ability with its Spell Vamp while increasing Paquito’s attack damage. Its cooldown reduction feature will allow Paquito to cast his skills more.

Paquito Underground Fighter Skin - Mobile Legends
Paquito is mustering his strength

Late Game Items

Oracle. This late-game item will make Paquito more resistant to Magic Attacks. He’ll also get a high additional HP and more cooldown reduction. 

Immortality. Paquito will get more Physical Defense and high HP with this item which will make him harder to kill. Even if he gets killed, he’ll just get resurrected with a short amount of HP plus an extra shield. This would give him a chance to dash away and escape from his enemies.

Paquito Emblem Set

The Global Top 1 player determined the Custom Fighter Emblem set to be the most suitable emblem for Paquito. The default features of this emblem are high in defense and Physical Attack while adding a good amount of HP. Let’s see what configuration he found to be most effective for Paquito.

Paquito best emblem 2022
Custom Fighter Emblem configuration for Paquito

For the first feature, he maxed out Bravery to increase Paquito’s Physical Attack. This is a good choice considering most of his items are already heavy in defense. He selected Invasion for the second feature to make Paquito’s attack more armor-busting with its Physical Penetration.

For the final feature, he picked Festival of Blood. This will help sustain Paquito because of its Spell Vamp feature. This life-stealing feature will work with all of Paquito’s. It will give him an advantage in one-on-one fights at the start of the game.

Battle Spell

Flicker. Although Paquito’s skills mostly have dash effects, those are best reserved for his combos. Having Flicker handy can help him escape unexpected ganks or even chase an escaping enemy.

The battle spells of MLBB
Flicker is the highly recommended spell for Paquito

Retribution. Paquito can use this spell because he is flexible enough to take the core player role. He can assist his teammates effectively with his stun and slow effect while his combos are also effective in swiftly killing the turtle and jungle monsters.

Vengeance. This is the recommended spell in the game when you select Paquito. Its 40% damage reflection and 35% damage reduction are very powerful when combined with Paquito’s shield.

Paquito Gameplay

Skill Sequence

Jab. Prioritize this second skill because it doesn’t just let you dash to your enemies but it lets you inflict huge damage as well. You can also use it when escaping death.

Manny Pacquiao uppercut in Mobile Legends
Paquito’s Ultimate Skill: Knockout Punch

Knockout Punch. Make sure to upgrade this ultimate skill the moment it’s available because of its destructive damage, push and knock-up capability.

Heavy Left Punch. This is good to keep Paquito protected from attacks because of the shield it provides. Since it doesn’t deal high damage and its range is short—you don’t have to prioritize this skill.

Paquito Combo

First Combo:
Second Skill + First Skill + Basic Attacks
This is your starting game combo before unlocking Paquito’s ultimate skill.

Second Combo (0 Stack):
Second Skill + First Skill + Ultimate Skill + Ultimate Skill

Third Combo (1 Stack):
Option 1:
Second Skill + Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + First Skill
Option 2:
Second Skill + First Skill + Ultimate Skill + Ultimate Skill + Second Skill

Fouth Combo (2 Stacks):
Second Skill + Second Skill + First Skill + Ultimate Skill

Fifth Combo (3 Stacks):
Option 1:
Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + First Skill + Ultimate Skill + Ultimate Skill
Highly recommended combo.
Option 2:
Second Skill + Second Skill + First Skill + Ultimate Skill + Second Skill
This combo is ideal for chasing escaping enemies.
Option 3:
Ultimate Skill + Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + First Skill + Ultimate Skill

High win with no deaths by a fighter in MLBB
God Among Men win by Paquito

Avoid the combo below because when Paquito darts far back after using his ultimate skill, his first skill won’t hit anything because of its short range.
Ultimate Skill + First Skill

Take note that you get a Movement Speed boost the moment you use ANY enhanced skill. Use the movement speed boost to walk away from the battle temporarily until your cooldowns are over then jump back into the fight once your skills are active again.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Paquito’s early-game combo using his second and first skill would definitely annoy his enemies. It’s because Paquito would only receive minimal damage when they fight back due to the shield he gets from his first skill. Paquito could also recover his lost HP through the Spell Vamp of his emblem. This gets even more annoying when Paquito reaches a full stack because he can use his second skill twice.

Ambush. Most players tend to distance themselves from Paquito because of his killer combos. To ensure a hit, hide in the bush before doing a surprise attack. Considering that Paquito pushes his enemies away, they’re better attacked from behind. If you’re lucky to spot an enemy close to your tower, pushing it to the tower’s range with your combo would be a sure kill.

Killing Spree Screenshot in Mobile Legends
Paquito on a killing spree in the battlefield

Team Fight. Take advantage of Paquito’s pushing ability to either help your teammate escape or drag your enemy close to your allies to swarm it. Be careful when pushing away your enemy from an ally because you might end up helping it escape. Since Paquito has a shield and dash, you can also initiate a team fight and then blink away when overrun by enemies.

Core Player Role

Farm. As a core player, make sure to get all of the buffs regularly and farm the jungle monsters to quickly level up and be a better help to your team. Never give the enemy the chance to kill the turtle. Ask for your allies’ help to kill it if necessary. 

Gank. Always roam and visit the lanes of your teammates to gank an unsuspecting enemy. Attack it from behind to push it to your ally’s range so that the two of you can secure the kill.

Please take note that you don’t need to strictly follow the build in this guide. You can work on your own build depending on your game style.

Do you know another tip for Paquito that is not in this guide? Please feel free to share it in the comments section.

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