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EA FC 24 Crossplay

After much anticipation, EA Sports FC 24 has finally arrived! The new alternative and direct result of FIFA and EA parting ways after 30 years, EA FC 24 is a rebrand with a few changes, like Playstyles and HyperMotionV. The developers’ emphasis on realistic gameplay has hyped up the title to fans worldwide, with existing modes like Ultimate Team and Career Mode receiving certain upgrades.

EA FC 24 Crossplay
Does EA FC 24 Have Crossplay?

The previous title—FIFA 23—was the first game to offer crossplay across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC; however, modes like Ultimate Teams and Pro Clubs were left out. This time around, the game includes many new quality-of-life features. Here’s what we know about EA FC 24’s crossplay capabilities.

Does EA FC 24 Have Crossplay?

Yes, EA FC 24 does have crossplay, and it expands on the functionality of FIFA 23, wherein you can utilize same-generation platform crossplay across a wide range of modes. It sucks that crossplay is only featured in specific modes for the same gens, but at least it can be used on many more modes than the previous game. This means PC, Xbox Series S/X, and PlayStation 5 users can play together. Meanwhile, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners can do the same. Funnily enough, though, the Nintendo Switch is left out of the party, as crossplay isn’t available for the platform.

Which Modes Have Crossplay?

For the first time, EA has enabled cross-play for all the multiplayer online modes, including the following:

  • Online Sessions
  • Online Friendlies
  • Pro Clubs
  • Co-Op Seasons
  • Ultimate Team Co-Op (Play A Friend, Squad Battles, Champions, Rivals, Online Friendlies, Online Draft)
  • Volta Football (Squads/Arcade)

This is excellent news if you enjoy playing Pro Clubs and Ultimate Team with your buddies, both of which have previously been hamstrung by platform restrictions. Now, trying to get the gang together is easy as pie. It certainly felt like it was only a matter of time before EA expanded its crossplay offerings, so it’s wonderful to see that a full rollout was achieved this year.

It’s a shame that crossplay is separated between console generations, though. Many players are still using last-generation hardware to play games and won’t be able to play with their friends who have upgraded to the current-gen consoles.

How to Turn On Crossplay in EA FC 24

Crossplay is already enabled by default in all the modes unless you manually turn the setting off. You’ll be able to play with your friends using crossplay without worrying about extra barriers to get through, as long as they’re on the same console generation as you.

If you want to play with your friends, you must utilize the EA Connect platform, which lets you manage friends and game invites across platforms. Here, you can accept crossplay invitations, send game invites to friends, and manage your friends list. The full UI can be used in Volta Football and Pro Clubs, while a simplified version of the UI is available in all the other modes.

Whether a lobby has crossplay enabled or not will depend on the status of its host. If you only want to play with people on the same platform as you, then, as the party leader, you’ll have to knock your crossplay setting off or let someone who already has crossplay disabled lead the party.

EA FC 24 Screenshot
EA FC 24 Gameplay

How Online Leaderboards Work with Crossplay

To see how you’ve stacked up against the best of the best after a couple of hours of grinding for FC coins—be it across multiple platforms or just your own—the online leaderboards are also automatically filtered based on your crossplay settings. You can stick to your own platform of choice, but if you want to push yourself, we recommend playing against challengers from across the board.

How to Turn Off Crossplay

Turning off crossplay capabilities in your FC account is simple. To disable it, enter the Customize page and find the Online Settings tab. Then, under the matchmaking options, you can turn crossplay on or off.

There are a few menus to jump through, but the process isn’t too cumbersome overall. This is handy if you compare your progress using the leaderboards since these depend on your crossplay settings.

What About Cross-Progression?

EA FC 24, unfortunately, does not support any cross-platform progression. Should you start playing on one platform and wish to move your progress to another one, you won’t be able to do so. You can always buy FC coins in online marketplaces if you need the extra help, but otherwise, you’re forced to start from scratch.

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