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15 Best Optional Bosses In Elden Ring 2023

Like every previous Souls game, Elden Ring has both required and optional boss fights (bosses that do not need to be beaten for your character to gain some development). These best optional bosses Elden Ring, which are highly difficult and mainly connected to side missions or other endings, are best suited for devoted and more committed gamers. But defeating these bosses also has its benefits because getting fantastic armor, weapons, and spells is simple. Therefore, the list provided here is not exhaustive, although it includes bosses that most players would ideally encounter over their playthroughs.

15 Best Optional Bosses In Elden Ring this year
15 Best Optional Bosses In Elden Ring

Only 12 of the sign over 100 bosses Elden Ring has distributed across the planet are genuinely required. If you avoid this game’s optional bosses, you’ll lose out on hours of entertaining material and incredible riches. Elden Ring’s alternative bosses range in size and type from ancient dragons to enormous snakes to strange extraterrestrial species.

You don’t want to ensure you get all of the game’s best and most valuable equipment just because you want to avoid taking on any further boss battles. Now without any further adieu, let’s get into the list of the best optional bosses in Elden Ring.

15 Best Optional Bosses In Elden Ring 2023

Elden Ring leverages runes as the merchants’ currency and the players’ experience points. However, the game’s enemies are the primary source of runes. For murdering the inhabitants of the Lands Between, you will receive artifacts and runes. Sometimes enemies will have shimmering golden eyes, which will cause them to spew forth five times as many runes as usual. Hence, you should fight these adversaries to receive a prize of runes.

After being defeated, certain monsters may drop memories you may use to craft runes or exchange for powerful gear. In cooperative multiplayer games, the host keeps 75% of the boss’ rune payout while the players split the remaining 25%. You will leave whatever runes you have on you at the location of your death. Additionally, if you were murdered again before retrieving the runes, you will never be able to do so. The compass at the top of the screen indicates the direction in which the runes have vanished. In light of this, the Golden Rune Consumables are a reliable supply of runes. You may keep them and use them anytime you need a few extra runes because they don’t die with the owner.

Introduction to the 15 Best Optional Bosses In Elden Ring 2023
Facing Placidusax in the game


Also, you can take runes at any place of grace to level up once you first meet Melina and use this function. You have the choice to redistribute attribute points in the future through Rebirth. The friendly inhabitants of the Lands Between offer Runes a variety of goods, weapons, and other stuff for sale. Seldom do businesses provide a particular good in an unlimited supply, permitting even the largest shopping binges. Speaking of runes, let’s quickly review the top 10 optional bosses in Elden Ring today.

In the game, these bosses often drop the most runes. Let’s get started on our guide about the best optional bosses Elden Ring:

Blade of Miquella – Malenia

Every player is advised to attempt Malenia’s boss fight because she is considered the most demanding boss in Elden Ring. The most potent Empyrean, Miquella, was born with a twin named Malenia. She rose to fame due to her well-known conflict with Starscourge Radahn during the Shattering. Malenia possesses considerably more aggressive and lethal techniques that may one-shot players in phase two, administers scarlet rot after successful assaults, and heals herself after successful attacks.

Red hair female optional boss in Elden Ring
Malenia: Blade of Miquella

Due to this, the battle with her employer is fast-paced and lethal in a matter of seconds. Her combination of healing and aggressive assaults will be too complex for most players to manage independently, so we strongly advise summoning assistance.

She unleashed the catastrophic might of the Scarlet Rot there, razing Caelid to the ground. Malenia is equipped with artificial arms and legs and lives in Elphael, Stronghold of the Haligtree. It may be difficult for players to avoid taking damage with her Waterfowl Dancing skill because she is a problematic end-game boss. You can also counteract some of her attacks by taking advantage of her lack of composure. Together with the 480,000 runes, she drops Malenia’s Great Rune and the Memory of the Rot Goddess when vanquished

Mohg – The Blood Omen

Due to its simplicity of competition, Mohg, King of Blood, is one of the most well-known optional bosses. Due to the high rune drop page and ease of cheese, many players will use this boss battle as a rune farm. Nevertheless, Mohg also offers some excellent drops that many gamers would appreciate. Finding Mohg the Omen weakness and defeating him would surely be a challenging task.

The Blood Omen of Elden Ring
Mohg: The Blood Omen

The first Great Rune that Mohg will drop will offer phantoms a blessing of blood, allowing you to restore 10% of your health with each kill your phantom receives. If your phantom uses a bleed effect on foes, their damage will also be increased. You can get a Bloodboon incantation in his honor, which enables you to hurl blood flame, or his Sacred Spear, one of the game’s most potent Great Spears. Both prizes are potent if your character’s attributes allow for proper use.

The Dragon Lord – Placidusax

At Crumbling Farum Azula, you might run across the gigantic, two-headed dragon known as Dragon Lord Placidusax. Fighting this legend-type boss in multiplayer is allowed, as is summoning spirit ashes. Although Dragon Lord Placidusax attacks quickly and forcefully, there is enough time in between them for you to score some easy hits. Like other dragons, he has a weak point in his skull or head.

Placidusax resting afloat
Placidusax: The Dragon Lord

Unlike with other dragons, you won’t get the opportunity to attack it in the head too often. The best chance for survival is to attack Placidusax here, near his legs and beneath his wings. You positioned yourself to avoid his wing ram by doing this. He can also be stopped from swiping his tail at you.

You will earn 280,000 runes and his memories as excellent incentives. You may purchase the Dragon King’s Cragblade in his honor, which is the greatest rapier in the game since it imitates Placidusax’s skill move of dissipating into a storm cloud before unleashing a devastating strike. Placidusax’s Ruin, the second prize, is an incantation that enables you to spew the golden laser of Placidusax. Both of these incentives are potent. Therefore, I strongly advise using them.

Lord of Blasphemy – Rykard

The optional boss, Rykard, could well be discovered in Mt. Gelmir towards the conclusion of Volcano Manor, and he is highly disgusting. You will get 130,000 runes, Rykard’s Great Rune, and Memory of the Blasphemous as compensation for conquering Rykard. You can choose between using a faith sword with a healing ability or a blazing skull sorcery when you remember him. If they suit your build, both are highly potent and worth the battle.

Elden Ring's Lord of Blasphemy - Rykard
Rykard: Lord of Blasphemy

The real Rykard Lord of Blasphemy, whose body Rykard has seized, is the God-Devouring Serpent. To reach Leyndell, players must defeat him in the Volcano Manor on Mount Gelmir. He is one of the shard carriers there. Because of his desire to overthrow the Golden Order, he was highly respected by his fans. The bulk of his fans, nevertheless, turned against him. As he surrendered all to the snake for immortality, they attempted to murder him alongside the Serpent-Hunter. Fire, Pierce, and Standard Damage are all dealt with by this boss. Moreover, lava encircling the boss may impede attacks and do slow-burning fire damage.

The Dragon Fortissax – Lich

You must achieve substantial progress in bot’s and Ranni’s questlines to defeat the challenging boss Lich Dragon Fortissax. All players should check out this boss battle since it is incredible, but faith builds should pay extra attention to it because of the faith-based prizes. It’s important to note that this boss battle is essential for the Age of Dusk Born conclusion.

Fortissax with his red lightning forks
Lich: The Dragon Fortissax

Fortissax’s rewards are helpful for faith boosts because they are both incantations. The first is Death Lightning, which releases deadly lightning in your immediate vicinity. Fortissax’s Lightning Spear, which shoots two red lightning bolts into the ground, is the second prize. We heartily suggest both potent incantations to gamers practicing their religion.

Void Born – Astel

The huge insect-like creature known as Astel, Stars of Darkness, resides in the Yelough Anix Tunnel in Consecrated Snowfield. Except for its physical damage, this optional Elden Ring monster has no weaknesses. Nevertheless, you can momentarily take it down with powerful hits if you use Spirit Ashes.

The giant firefly monster of Elden Ring
Astel: The Void Born

Often, it allows for cooperative attacks. Users of melee weapons should stay away from the bursting clouds and jump attack the head whenever a gap appears. Attacking too frequently might cause Astel to link together your assaults. It is advisable to stay close to the head since biting attacks may usually be prevented. But if you stay too long beneath him, he could launch a Gravity Wave at you.

Black Knife Ring Leader – Alecto

Alecto’s drops are why she is one of the best optional bosses. After beating Alecto, you will receive 80,000 runes handsomely, but the summon Black Knife Tiche is more valuable. Tiche is one of the greatest summonses in the game and, just after the mimic tear, is my personal favorite. Tiche will be helpful in late-game boss battles. Thus I strongly advise pursuing Alecto.

The shadow warrior  - Alecto
Alecto: The Black Knife Ring Leader

At the Moonlight Altar, a hard and ferocious field boss named Alecto may be found imprisoned in an Evergaol. Alecto resembles most of the other black knife assassins you may have faced. Alecto, though, has much more health, and her assaults are far more lethal. According to a cheese approach, she won’t be able to attack you as successfully if you hop onto the rock to the left of her spawn spot.

Adula – The Glintstone Dragon

The gigantic dragon monster known as Glintstone Dragon Adula resides in Liurnia of the Lakes. Adula is first seen wandering the northern Three Sisters subregion. The beast will relocate to the southern Cathedral of Manus Celes if severely injured. Given that this enemy has strong magic resistance try to do damage using physical attacks if you can. Use the spell Eternal Darkness to draw the homing crystals in to amplify this battle. If you defeat this optional boss, you will receive 120,000 runes as payment.

Adula is the ice dragon of Elden Ring
Adula: The Glintstone Dragon

Elemer of the Briar

A mid-game boss battle called Elemer of the Briar may be found in the Shaded Castle, located in the northern part of the Altus Plateau. For several reasons, this boss battle is challenging. The boss may launch his blade into the air for long-range slashes or stabs, giving him a good amount of range. In addition, he possesses shield attacks and close-range slashes. The small size of the boss area makes his assault options increasingly riskier.

A giant that has a heavy medieval armor and exceptionally long sword
Elemer of the Briar

Fortunately, there are a few techniques to combat Elemer successfully. Long-range, high-damaging spells will still be effective against Elemer if you maintain a safe distance, whether using magic or faith build. As the majority of Elmer’s sword strikes are physical for melee builds, you may entirely stop him using shields that can take 100% physical damage.

A few cool goods that gamers might like will drop from Elmer. For starters, Elemer will lay down his “Marais Executioner’s Sword,” which is capable of the long-range slashes Elemer uses. Moreover, he loses his “Briar Greatshield,” which does bleed damage to your enemies. Overall, this is a good boss battle that offers a lot of people some good rewards.

Snail – The Spirit Caller

The Spiritcaller Snail can be found at the Road’s End Catacombs in the Spiritcaller’s Cave. While taking on this boss, multi-player, and spirit summoning are allowed. Pay attention to the snail’s location and focus on that rather than the summons if you run into this boss in the Road’s End Catacombs. If you can’t see the snail, you could look for the feeble glowing light on the ground. You may discover the snail in the corners of the arena. You will receive 170,000 runes after you kill this optional boss.

A ghostly warrior in the dark
Snail: The Spirit Caller

Ordovis – The Crucible Knight

Battle Knight Ordovis is perhaps one of the most challenging boss battles in the game, but that’s also what makes it so rewarding. Just outside the city on the far eastern side lies a mausoleum known as the Auriza Hero’s Tomb, where Ordovis is buried.

Two powerful knights of Elden Ring
Ordovis: The Crucible Knight

You’ve undoubtedly already seen a few Crucible Knights throughout the game, but you’ll have to contend with two of them in a small area in this boss battle. A spear is held by one crucible knight and a sword by the other. Dealing with two of these jerks at once is a little too much to handle. Therefore we strongly advise calling spirits or a buddy to assist you in this boss battle. Of course, this boss battle offers some fantastic benefits that are well worth the effort. You will obtain the Crucible armor set, which resembles Ordovis’s armor, once you beat the Crucible Knights. You will also receive Ordovis’s Greatsword, a sword for faith boosts.

Radahn – The Starscourge

We strongly suggest Starscourge Radahn as a unique boss fight for several reasons. First, this boss battle features the biggest boss chamber, which suggests you ride a horse to battle Radahn. In the boss area, you may call in a tonne of NPC allies who also want a huge takedown of Radahn.

A humunguous Orcish figure of Elden Ring
Radahn: The Starscourge

With the eight or so NPCs you can call and the ability to ride your horse aside, this boss battle will be difficult because of Radahn’s potent close-range and long-range attacks. Especially in his second phase, Radahn employs several attacks that can kill you in one hit or do it swiftly.

The benefits of this battle, however, much outweigh the rage Radahn will engender in you. Initially, his Great Rune will increase your maximum HP, FP, and stamina. You can receive his Starscourge Greatsword or Lion Greatbow, the best examples of their respective weapon classes.

Knight of Haligtree – Loretta

The non-spirit version of the Carla Manor boss, Loretta, sits in Miquella’s Haligtree as the Knight of the Haligtree. While taking on this boss, multi-player, and spirit summoning are allowed. Loretta is a plain boss with readily discernible patterns. She regularly uses glint-stone sorcery, which is indicated by a flash of a blue rune. She frequently employs the Carian Phalanx, which takes some time to approach its intended target. Before evading the missiles, always put some space between yourself and Loretta. The reward for defeating this boss is 200,000 runes.

A medieval knight with a heavily armored horse
Loretta: The Knight of Haligtree

Death Rite Bird

Death Rite Birds are skeleton bird-like creatures that may be seen everywhere. By the location of the encounter, you can conjure spirit ashes. Usually, these beings may be found in Caelid, located east-southeast of the Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank site of grace. It may be found in Liurnia of the Lakes at night, across the bridge from Stargazer’s Ruins on the Mountaintops of the Giants, close to the Gate Town North Site of Grace. They descend from the snow-covered rocks as well. They may also be seen at night in the Consecrated Snowfield, southeast of the frozen river, close to the Apostate Derelict.

The dark vulture of Elden Ring
Death Rite Bird

Liurnia of the Lakes is worth 7,800 runes, Caelid is worth 15,000, Mountaintops of the Giants is worth 77,000 runes, and Consecrated Snowfields is worth 220,000 runes.

Theodorix – The Great Wyrm

To the north of Albinauric Rise, in the frozen river of the Consecrated Snowfield, sits the Great Wyrm Theodorix. While taking on this fight, multiplayer and the usage of spirit ashes are both allowed. Huge Wyrm Theodorix is watching the old dragon smithing stone from a ledge beyond his resting spot. With the 180,000 runes, Theodorix’s Magma incantation will be accessible at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion once you defeat this boss.

A gigantic fire-breathing komodo dragon
Theodorix: The Great Wyrm

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are some best optional bosses in Elden Ring? Are they worth defeating?

There are almost 100 bosses in Elden Ring, of which only 12 are considered essential. Bosses such as Malenia, Mogh the Omen, and Elemer are considered the best because of the rune and rewards they leave behind. If you genuinely want to be the lord of the Elden Ring, then yes! They are worth defeating, given the amount they leave behind as rewards after getting defeated, and it is also great for your character and rank development.

Which best optional bosses in Elden Ring leave behind great rewards?

The list of best optional bosses in Elden Ring that leave behind great rewards is sadly short from a player’s point of view. But bosses like Malenia and Elmer leave out the best runes in quality and quantity. Check out the article above to make sure you aren’t missing out!


That was our list of best optional bosses, Elden Ring. Hope you got what you were looking for; trust us, the list doesn’t end here. These may be the best, but the minor bosses also put up a good fight and leave some good rewards behind!

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