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Best Alice Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Alice is the Queen of the Damned of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She used to be a human who was an illegitimate child by the powerful leader Brun of the Antalus family. Since her childhood, Alice was badly treated by everyone around her—especially by her brothers. One day, she saw some soldiers dividing some spoils of war. Someone complained about their junk and then threw one of the items that went near her.

Alice glowing red while flying - Mobile Legends
Alice: Queen of the Damned

It was actually a bead that looked ordinary to everyone but it’s bursting rose-colored in the sight of Alice. When she picked it up, a demon’s voice offered to give her power in exchange for her soul. His brother suddenly came to push and bully her while those who were watching laughed at her. Their act made her accept the demon’s offer and then she devised a plan to incite a fight between the two brothers.

Because of their fight, one of the brothers got killed. Brun ended up executing his only son left because of the influence of Alice’s spell. She later poisoned her father so she can steal his position as the tribal patriarch. Alice incited her followers to throw their holy objects and turn their back to the Lord of Light. Afterward, a curse came upon them which turned them into monsters. Under the leadership of Alice, they’ve sworn allegiance to the Lord of the Abyss and wandered into darkness.

Alice Overview

Alice is a mage/tank hero who is rich in lifesteal and has a good set of AoE, crowd control and escape skills. She’s feared for her life-draining ability and surprise attacks using her teleportation and stun.

Best Alice player with high win rate - MLBB
Global Top 1 Alice – 94.9% Win Rate

The current Global Top 1 Alice player is tell me pretty lies. He managed to maintain a high win rate of 94.9% for this hero after 332 games. We will be exploring his best Alice build and then review how his choice of spell, emblem and items will give Alice the best shot of winning in the game.


Passive: Blood Ancestry
Alice absorbs blood orbs from minions who die in her presence. This will give her a permanent Max HP increase by 10 while recovering 50 Mana. When she absorbs 12 blood orbs, she will gain a permanent 10% cooldown reduction. Once her blood orb reaches 25, she’ll get 15% Shield and HP regen. When she reaches 50 blood orbs, she’ll have a permanent 40 points of Movement Speed.

Alice Story - Mobile Legends
Basic Stats of Alice

First Skill: Flowing Blood
Alice throws a blood energy ball to a selected direction that deals 400 + 120% Total Magic Power Damage to all enemies in its path.
If this skill is used again, she will be able to teleport to the location of the energy ball. 

Second Skill: Blood Awe
Alice unleashes a magic explosion around her to deal 270 + 90% Total Magic Power Damage to nearby enemies. All enemies hit will be immobilized for 1.2 seconds and then slowed by 70% for 0.8 seconds.

Ultimate Skill: Blood Ode
Alice shifts to a blood-draining mode that allows her to consume 40 mana and deal 120 + 50% Total Magic Power Damage to all nearby enemies every 0.5 seconds. She also gains 60 + 20% Total Magic Power HP each time she damages an enemy (50% equivalent to non-hero enemies). 

Best Alice Build


Demon Shoes. Since Alice is a mana-intensive hero, it’s best to have a constant mana source for her early in the game. This affordable item won’t just help her replenish her mana but boost her Movement Speed as well.

Global Top 1 player Alice build - Mobile Legends
Best Alice Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Clock of Destiny. This next item covers the three important features that are critical to Alice. The increased HP would help her survive when fighting in close combat and its mana booster will allow her to keep using her skills longer. This item also adds high Magic damage while its passive feature will continue to level up all three.

Enchanted Talisman. This is a powerful mana source that will also give Alice a high cooldown reduction. It even adds a decent amount of HP to make her last longer in fights.

Winter Truncheon. Immunity and evasion is the specialty of this item. This will allow Alice to do some tricky moves in the game. One example would be initiating a team fight and then freezing herself momentarily when her enemies are about to hit her with their ultimate skills. This item will also bulk up her HP and increase her Magic Power.

Flying wizard lady - Harry Potter style
Alice in her wizard skin

Late Game Items

Ice Queen Wand. This item is a perfect partner to her ultimate skill because it will slow down her target’s Movement Speed while its life is being drained. This will also increase her Magic Power, mana, Movement Speed and give her lifesteal.

Dominance Ice. Alice will get a high defense and mana while boosting her Movement Speed with this item. Its passive feature will reduce her cooldown but the most beneficial feature is the reduction of the enemies’ armor, HP regen and Movement Speed when they’re close to Alice. This will also work perfectly well with her ultimate skill.

Alice Emblem Set

The Global Top 1 Player found the Custom Mage Emblem to be the most suitable for Alice. Some might focus on her tank side and use the custom tank emblem. That could also work depending on the role you want to focus on.

The highly recommended emblem for Alice is the Custom Mage Emblem
Custom Mage Emblem configuration for Alice

For the first feature, he selected and maxed out Mastery for cooldown reduction. The next feature he picked and maxed out is Observation to increase the Magic Penetration of Alice. While most users would pick Agility for the first feature, this is not applicable to Alice since she has a native Movement Speed booster if she reaches 50 blood orbs.

For the final feature, he picked Mystery Shop to lower the cost of the items. This will allow Alice to get all of her items quicker than her enemies and dominate faster in the game.

Battle Spell

Sprint. The Global Top 1 Alice player picked this spell to give Alice a Movement Speed boost and slow effect immunity. It does make sense because compared to flicker, sprint allows Alice to stay in the enemy’s presence and drain its life as it tries to get away from her.

Spell for long-lasting speed and slow immunity
Sprint is the highly recommended spell for Alice

Petrify. This is another good option for Alice because it works similarly to her second skill. Casting this spell can cancel channeling attacks and some ultimate skills like the ones from Dyrroth and Balmond.

Alice Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Flowing Blood. Prioritize this first skill because it has high damage, low cooldown and teleportation.

The most powerful skill of Alice - MLBB
Alice’s Ultimate Skill: Blood Ode

Blood Ode. Since this ultimate skill is Alice’s most powerful skill, make sure to upgrade it as soon as it’s available.

Blood Awe. You don’t need to prioritize upgrading this skill because it has a long cooldown and little damage. Upgrading it won’t increase the duration of its immobilization feature.

Alice Combo

First Combo: 
First Skill + First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attacks
This will be your combo at the start of the game before unlocking your ultimate skill. 

High kills with no deaths by Alice - Mobile Legends
Legendary win by Alice

Second Combo: 
First Skill + First Skill + Second Skill + Ultimate Skill + Basic Attacks

Third Combo:
First Skill + First Skill + Ultimate Skill + Basic Attacks + Second Skill + Basic Attacks
The sequence of the skills would depend on the type of enemy you’re dealing with. There are cases where you need to reserve your second skill so you can cancel the enemy’s channeling spell or ultimate skill. 

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Take advantage of Alice’s long-range and painful first skill to keep damaging your enemies little by little. Your enemy might end up going back to the base to heal or try to stay in the lane only to die from your surprise combo.

Farm. Gather as many blood orbs as you can from minion waves to unlock more features for Alice. Take advantage of her mobility to keep going back in forth from your lane and your allies’ to complete the 50-orb requirement. The sooner you unlock all three features, the more dominant you become. 

Mage killing an assassin in the game - Mobile Legends
Alice is on a killing spree in the battlefield

Gank. Since Alice is a mid-lane hero, you’re expected to visit other lanes to help your allies. Make sure to pick the strategic time to assist because the enemy might end up escaping. Wait for it to get far from the tower and hide in the most appropriate bush. Take note that it gives you an advantage if you’re surrounded by enemy minions because they add more HP when using your life-draining ability.

Team Fight. Your enemy team will hate your first skill because it can damage multiple heroes since it can pass through their bodies. When you see a group of enemies who are very close together, poke them with your first skill to weaken them. When an ally starts a team fight, surprise them with your combo and take advantage of your second skill to cancel their channeling attacks or ultimate skills.

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