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Best Ruby Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Ruby is the mysterious little red hood of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Her village was attacked by a pack of wolves long ago but they were rescued by Roger. After training the villagers on how to fight, Roger left them thinking that they can already defend the village on their own. 

Classic Ruby skin - Mobile Legends
Ruby: The Mysterious Little Red Hood

One moonless night, Ruby has been praying for Roger to come back because of her fear of the wolves. She has a giant scythe next to her to serve as her protection. Unexpectedly, the wolves attacked their village and her grandparents were killed by them. She managed to survive by hiding under their dead bodies.

Out of great despair, a strange feeling came into Ruby. Burning with anger, she stood up and picked the scythe to attack the wolves. After her rampage, the wolf king ended up as the only survivor. After he left, Ruby regained consciousness but she doesn’t have any idea about what had happened. Since then, whenever she hears a wolf’s howl, her eyes mysteriously turn red out of rage.

Ruby Overview

Ruby is a fighter/tank hero who is feared for her ability to lock down her target. Her dash and crowd control skills make her an effective enemy chaser. She has a native lifesteal ability which if boosted with the correct items—can make her a formidable foe on the battlefield.

Best ruby player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Ruby – 89.7% Win Rate

This guide will be based on the effective gameplay of the current Global Top 1 Ruby player Rann. We’ll explore his best Ruby build and have an analogy about his choice of emblem, spell and items to understand how his combination will bring out the best fighting performance for Ruby.


Passive: Let’s dance
Ruby has a native Physical Lifesteal of 10%. Her basic attacks cannot trigger lifesteal but her skills can gain 115% benefit from it.
Whenever Ruby casts her skills, she can dash to another location and gain 9 + 1.8 x Hero level Physical and Magic Defense. It has a maximum of 3 stacks for 4 seconds.

Ruby Story - MLBB
Basic Stats of Ruby

First Skill: Be good!
Ruby sweeps her scythe to deal 80 + 65% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies in front of her. This will also release a shockwave in the selected direction to deal 80 + 65% Total Physical Attack Damage. A Movement Speed reduction of 40% for 2 seconds will be applied to all enemies hit.

Second Skill: Don’t run, Wolf King!
Ruby swirls her scythe two times to deal 60 + 55% Total Physical Attack Damage. All enemies hit will be slowly pulled into her and get stunned for 0.5 seconds.

Ultimate Skill: I’m offended!
Ruby swings her scythe to a selected area to grapple her enemies toward her and deal 200 + 200% Total Physical Attack damage in an arc. It will also stun them for 0.5 seconds.

Best Ruby Build


Warrior Boots. Considering that Ruby is a melee hero, it’s best to start her items list with an affordable Movement Speed booster that will level up her Physical Defense at the same time.

Global Top 1 player build for Ruby - Mobile Legends
Best Ruby Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Haas’s Claws. Since lifesteal is one of her main assets, it’s best to boost it even further with this second item. It has the highest lifesteal in the game and its passive further increases her lifesteal if her HP is less than half.

Dominance Ice. This third item will significantly increase her Physical Lifesteal and mana while slightly improving her Movement Speed and Cool Down. Its passive feature will also slow down the attack speed of her enemies while reducing their HP and Shield regen at the same time.

Athena’s Shield. After boosting her Physical Defense, this third item will give her a strong Magic Defense this time while increasing her HP. The passive feature of this item levels up her Magic Defense even further through its shield. It also has an HP regen feature which is a good partner for her lifesteal.

Pirate Mobile Legends character swinging her anchor weapon
Ruby: Pirate Parrot Skin

Late Game Items

Brute Force Breastplate. This late-game item will bulk her up even more with its additional Physical Defense and high HP. Its passive feature will slightly increase her Movement Speed while giving her both Physical and Magic Defense every time she uses her skills. This clearly works similarly with her passive skill.

Immortality. When all else fails, the resurrection feature of this item will give her a chance to fight back after losing a fight or escape if she’s in a tough situation. Considering the extra Physical Defense and high HP it provides, she may not even get the chance to use the resurrection feature.

Ruby Emblem Set

Although Ruby is considered and fighter/tank, the current Global Top 1 Ruby found it most effective to use the Custom Fighter Emblem for her. The default features of this emblem are well-suited to Ruby’s abilities. The next question is, what’s the best configuration for this emblem for Ruby?

Recommended emblem for Ruby
Custom Fighter Emblem configuration for Ruby

Our top player picked and maxed out Bravery for the emblem’s first feature. This will increase her initial Physical Attack and give her a damage advantage at the start of the game. For the second feature, she selected and maxed out Invasion to increase Ruby’s Physical Penetration. This will make her attacks more painful and armor-busting.

For the final feature, he selected Festival of Blood. This will allow her to have a lifesteal advantage when engaging in a fight even in the early part of the game. There’s no need to wait for a lifesteal item before engaging in a duel.

Battle Spell

Flicker. As a chaser hero, Flicker is the most recommended spell for her. In case her target managed to escape her combo, having flicker handy would help secure her kill. This can also aid her escape from potential death when she gets caught in a surprise attack.

Flicker allows heroes to teleport on a selected location
Flicker is the highly recommended spell for Ruby

Purify. Since Ruby is a close combat fighter, she’ll most likely get hit by crowd control attacks. To counter this, getting the purify spell would be a good solution for that. Its Movement Speed boost can also help her escape freeing herself from the cc attack.

Ruby Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Be good! Prioritize this first skill since it deals the most damage. Since it has a short cooldown, you can use it more often.

Fighter hero grabbing her two enemies in Mobile Legends
Ruby’s Ultimate Skill: I’m offended!

I’m offended! Given that this is her most powerful skill, make sure to upgrade it as soon as it’s available. 

Don’t run, Wolf King! This is effective in locking down your enemy close to you but you don’t need to prioritize upgrading it.

Ruby Combo

First Combo:
First skill + Move Button + Second skill + Move Button + Basic Attacks
Use this combo at the start of the game before reaching level 4. After using the first skill, immediately use the move button to hop near the enemy then lock it with your second skill. Use the move button again to hop behind it so it will be easier to chase when it tries to escape. If you’re lucky, you can have the chance to kill it. You can also use Flicker just in case it managed to get far.

High kills and assist gameplay by Ruby
Legendary win by Ruby

Second Combo: 
First skill + Move Button + Ultimate Skill + Move Button + Second skill + Move Button + Basic Attacks

Third Combo: 
First skill + Move Button + Second skill + Move Button + Ultimate Skill + Move Button + Basic Attacks

You might have noticed that the Move Button is always part of the combo. The reason behind it is not just about chasing but activating her shield. You will see a small shield symbol on her upper right every time you do this in her combos. If you use the skill alone without using the move button to hop, it won’t activate the shield. You’re like Wanwan but hops using the skills instead of basic attacks.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. At the start of the game, take advantage of Ruby’s lifesteal to harass your enemy. Take note that she has a native lifesteal that is boosted by her emblem. You can engage in a duel and last longer in the fight while your target’s HP gets drained.

Tower Flicker Trick. The moment you reached level 4, look for an opportunity to grapple and pull your enemy to the tower’s range as you stun it. If your target is not far enough to the tower, pull it with your ultimate skill then immediately teleport to the tower using flicker. When it’s already in the tower’s range, keep it locked in using your second skill then slow it down with your first skill.

Screenshot of Ruby's gameplay - Mobile Legends
Ruby is rampaging on the battlefield!

Gank. Ruby’s abilities that keep her enemies in place make her a good partner during an ambush. Make sure to visit other lanes and pick a good spot to hide before doing a surprise attack on your target. 

Team Fight. Considering that you have a tanky build, you’re expected to be one of the front-liners during a team fight. The safe approach is to use the grab and flicker combo to pull out one of the weakest enemies into your group then quickly eliminate it with the help of your allies. This will give your team a 4v5 advantage. Always check the map to see if you have some allies nearby that can help you before engaging in a team fight.

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