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Best Luo Yi Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Luo Yi is the Ying-yang Geomancer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She may look prim and proper but Luo Yi is a devoted descendant of the Black Dragon. Her story accounts that a thousand years ago, the Great Dragon and his disciples were attacked by the Great Dragon and his fighters. The Great Dragon’s army emerged as the victors but the Black Dragon promised his fighters that he will reincarnate after a thousand years.

Classic Luo Yi Skin - Mobile Legends
Luo Yi: The Yin-yang Geomancer

After many generations have passed, most of the fighters of the Black Dragon forgot about him as they live normal lives. Unlike them, Luo Yi’s ancestors kept a tradition that reminds them of the stories of the Black Dragon and his promised reincarnation. Luo Yi devoted her life to finding the reincarnated Black Dragon until she discovered that it was the immature Yu Zhong. After telling Yu Zhong about his previous life and glory days as the Black Dragon, he refused to believe her. Luo Yi decided to let him go but she has faith that Yu Zhong will come back to her when the time is right.

Years later, Luo Yi was visited by a manly figure who looks strong and wise. It’s the new Yu Zhong who was once weak and immature. He endured so many hardships, overcame challenges and survived a disaster that led to his rebirth. Luo Yi and the remaining fighters welcomed him as their King. Her goal now is to help Yu Zhong recover the reverse scale from the Forbidden Area of Dragon Soul to complete the reincarnation of the Black Dragon.

Luo Yi Overview

Luo Yi is a mage/support hero with a powerful set of Buff, Area of Control, Crowd Control and Burst skills. Her enemies fear her painful group stun and damage while her ability to teleport is hated by escaping enemies.

Best Luo Yi player in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Luo Yi – 85.3% Win Rate

The current Global Top 1 Luo Yi is Heather. He managed to have a win rate of 85.3 out of 655 games for Luo Yi. This guide will explore his best Luo Yi build and his choice of emblem, spell and items that made him optimize the capability of this hero. 


Passive: Duality
When Luo Yi casts her skills, it creates Sigils of Yin/Yang. These Sigils can last up to 6 seconds. When Sigils of the opposite attributes meet at a certain distance, it will trigger a Yin/Yang reaction that deals 365 + 20*Hero Level + 190% Total Magic Power Damage to all marked enemies. They will also get pulled toward each other and will be immobilized for 1 second.
Whenever Luo Yi applies a new Sigil to a marked enemy, she gets a shield that is equal to 300 + 10*Hero Level + 150% Total Magic Power up to 3 stacks. Her Movement Speed also gets a 30% boost that fades within 2 seconds. 

Luo Yi Story - MLBB
Basic Stats of Luo Yi

First Skill: Dispersion
Luo Yi unleashes the power of Yin/Yang to a selected direction that deals 210 + 120% Total Magic Power Damage to the first enemy hit. Enemies behind her will receive fan-shaped splash damage. All enemies hit will get a Sigil of Yin/Yang.
Luo Yi stacks four Dispersion charges which she earns every 8 seconds. Whenever a Yin/Yang reaction is triggered, she would instantly gain 1 charge.
Every time this skill is used, its Yin/Yang state changes.

Second Skill: Rotation
Luo Yi casts the Fire of Yang/Aqua of Yin to a selected area to deal 250 + 50% Total Magic Power Damage to all enemies hit. It also has a 60% Movement Speed reduction for 0.5 seconds.
Every 0.7 seconds, Fire of Yang/Aqua of Yin continuously deals 50 + 10% Total Magic Power damage to all enemies covered by its scope within 6 seconds. A Ying-yang reaction can be triggered by this skill as well.
Every time this skill is used, its Yin/Yang state changes.

Ultimate Skill: Diversion
Luo Yi summons a portal that allows her and her allies to teleport to a target location. The teleportation has a 3-second delay.
Passive: Luo Yi’s cooldown is reduced by 6%.

Best Luo Yi Build


Shadow Twinblades. Since Luo Yi has powerful skills, the goal of this item is to boost her basic attack as well. Inflicting a strong basic attack before executing her combo will increase her chances of eliminating the target. This item will also give her high magic damage, a decent lifesteal and a slight Movement Speed boost.

Luo Yi build by the Global Top 1 player of Mobile Legends
Best Luo Yi Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Swift Boots. Aside from boosting her Movement Speed, this second item will improve her attack speed as well.

Calamity Reaper. This third item is another Basic Attack damage booster. Luo Yi’s Basic Attack will deal an extra 120% True Damage Magic Attack after using a skill. On top of that, this will give her extra mana, mana regen, high Magic Damage and a slight cooldown reduction.

Demon Hunter Sword. This Physical Damage item might seem off in her list as a mage but the purpose of this is to further boost her Basic Attack damage. This will help Luo Yi overcome her weakness of killing jungle monsters and clearing minion waves because it’s designed to be more damaging for them. Its most important feature is the high damage it deals that scales on the HP of the target.

Luo Yi dressed in gold with pantone hair
Luo Yi: Elysium Guardian Skin

Late Game Items

Holy Crystal. This late-game item is practically the most damaging Magic Item in the game. Aside from its high initial Magic Power, it also increases the overall Magic Damage of the user by a large percentage.

War Axe. This is another Physical Damage item that will help improve Luo Yi’s basic attacks while bulking up her HP and giving her another cooldown reduction. 

Luo Yi Emblem Set

The Global Top 1 Luo Yi player found the Custom Mage Emblem to be the most suitable for this hero. Although Luo Yi can be considered a support hero as well, the native features of this emblem will help her become more effective in the game.

Mage emblem details
Custom Mage Emblem configuration for Luo Yi

For the first feature, he picked and maxed out Agility to increase the Movement Speed of Luo Yi. As a mid-lane hero, mobility is very important for her to quickly respond to clashes or assist her allies. For the second feature, he selected and maxed out Observation to increase her Magic Penetration. This will make Luo Yi’s attacks more painful and armor-busting at the start of the game.

For the final feature, he picked Magic Worship. This will amplify the damage she inflicts if she does a combo of three consecutive skills. This fits well with her killer combos listed below.

Battle Spell

Flicker. This is the battle spell is effective in escaping unexpected attacks or even in chasing enemies who survived her combos.

Mobility spell in MLBB
Flicker is the highly recommended spell for Luo Yi

Flameshot. As a magic user, this is another great option for Luo Yi because its damage scales according to the Magic Power of the user. Its long range allows Luo Yi to finish off enemies with low HP while its knockback feature will let her push away an enemy chasing her.

Luo Yi Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Dispersion. Prioritize upgrading her first skill has high damage, AoE and low cooldown.

A group teleporting in Mobile Legends
Luo Yi’s Ultimate Skill: Diversion

Diversion. Upgrade this ultimate skill as soon as it’s ready because it allows her to quickly assist her allies on different lanes, gank enemies or even chase them when they try to escape.

Rotation. This is very useful to trigger the Yin-Yang effect and to slow down your enemies but you don’t have to prioritize upgrading it.

Luo Yi Combo

Before using Luo Yi’s combos, make sure that her first and second skills are in opposite states to trigger the Yin-yang reaction. 

First Combo:
First Skill (Enemy 1) + First Skill (Enemy 2)
Use this combo at the start of the game before getting your second skill. Hitting your first enemy with Yang and then your second enemy with Yin will trigger the Yin-yang reaction if they come close to each other.

Mage/Support hero with high kills in the game
Legendary win by Luo Yi

Second Combo:
First Skill + Second Skill + First Skill + First Skill
This combo can trigger the stun twice if your enemy stays inside the area of your second skill.

Third Combo:
First Skill + Basic Attack + Second Skill + Basic Attack + First Skill + First Skill
Use this combo once you have Shadow Twinblades and Calamity Reaper.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. As soon as you get your second skill, you can start harassing your enemy with your powerful Yin-yang combo. Keep repeating it until your target goes back home to heal. Take advantage of your enemy’s absence to clear the minion waves and level up ahead of it.

Aim. One of Luo Yi’s challenges is hitting her target with her first skill. Minions can block it and a fast-moving enemy will be hard to hit. To overcome these challenges, attack your target at a spot where the minions can’t block your first skill. You can also take advantage of the time when the minion wave is already clear. Another way is to hide in the bush and then do a surprise attack that will ensure a hit.

Chase. When an enemy managed to escape your combo with very little HP left, teleport to the closest bush where it may pass then finish it off with a killer combo. If your target is not that far, a simple flicker may do the trick.

Mage kills another mage in Mobile Legends
Luo Yi is rampaging in the game!


Group Fight

Gank. After clearing the minion waves in the middle lane, teleport inside the bush of your ally’s lane. Then, do a surprise combo to stun your enemy as your teammate help you eliminate it. You can also invite your allies to teleport together on the usual spots like the enemy’s buff area then gang up on the enemy core player.

Team Fight. Wait for the tank or a fighter to initiate a team fight. Then, when a group of enemies gathers close together to fight, you can hit and stun more of them since all of your attacks have AoE. When things go bad, you can teleport your allies out of the battle to save the ones who have low HP. 

Teleport Trick. Casting your ultimate skill inside a bush won’t let your enemies see the round indicator that reveals you’re teleporting there unless they’re inside that bush.

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