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Best Aulus Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Aulus is the Gimli of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The Leonin race kept a legendary axe that their ancestors used to win many battles. After a century, the new generation of Leonins never gave regard to it. It was used as an ordinary axe and no one believed in its legend anymore besides Aulus.

Best Aulus Build and Guide
Aulus: Warrior of Ferocity

He decided to keep the axe with the hope that it will awaken its power one day. When other Leonin creatures mocked him about it, he decided to beat them but he ended up getting hated by his community. Because of the hostility, he decided to leave the forest and live with the humans instead. He attempted to become a warrior for the Moniyan Empire but he was told to become a cleaner or a clown instead.

He later got the chance to become a soldier but despite his accomplishments in the war, the promotion was given to a rookie. The drunk official told him that he doesn’t see a Leonin leading their army. This made him more upset so he went to the Lantis Mountains to fight the demons himself. In his rage, the axe started to glow and transform into a more powerful weapon. Every swing swiftly turns the demons into dust. After his fight, he met Benedetta and her fellow rangers. Since they have the same goal, he decided to join them. He wants to prove his power to the Land of Dawn so that everyone will recognize and honor not just himself, but the entire race of the Leonin.

Aulus Overview

Aulus is a fighter hero who is known for his powerful berserker moves and earth-shaking axe. His skills are composed of speed boost, buff, burst and Crowd Control. His attacks are lethal and ideal for ganking. With the right build, spell and combos, Aulus can become a fierce and relentless hero in the game.

Best Aulus player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Aulus – 83% Win Rate

The current Global Top 1 Aulus player is newname4048030 and he will be one of the references in this guide. We will be exploring his best Aulus build and then elaborate on his choice of emblem, spell and items. We’ll also have an analysis of the factors that helped him become a top player for this hero.


Passive: Fighting Spirit
A stack of Fighting Spirit adds to his axe every time he deals Basic Attacks (4 stacks max). One stack adds 4-16 extra Physical Attack damage and 1-4 Physical Penetration within 3 seconds (scales with the level of Undying Fury). When the Fighting Spirit reached its max, Aulus will gain 130% Basic Attack Damage and his Movement Speed will have a 15% boost.

Aulus Story
Basic Stats of Aulus

First Skill: Aulus, Charge!
Holding down the “Aulus, Charge!” will dispel slow effects, boost his Movement Speed by 45% and give him a 30% Damage Reduction from frontal attacks within 4 seconds.
If “Aulus, Charge!” is released before its time limit, Aulus will pour out his anger and smash the ground to deal 200 + 150% Extra Physical Attack Damage to all enemies near him. This attack will also apply a 60% slow effect for 1.5 seconds.

Second Skill: The Power of Axe
Aulus swings his axe to deal 150 + 120% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies in front of him in a cone-shaped area. His Basic Attacks will be enhanced within 3 seconds. (1 for each minion and 3 for each non-minion).  Aulus will also increase his Attack Speed by 140% and restore 30 + 60% Extra Physical Attack HP when performing the enhanced Basic Attack.

Aulus with a golden hair and hammer
Aulus Berserker Skin

Ultimate Skill: Undying Fury
Passive: Undying Fury gets three unique enhancements in every upgrade.
Blade Craft: His Basic Attacks will get a permanent additional damage of 35.
Hammer Craft: He will get a 15% Physical Lifesteal permanently.
Handle Craft: His attack range will be increased by 65% along with the range of the Power of Axe.
Active: Aulus unleashes a powerful smash to the ground to deal 210 + 220% Extra Physical Attack Damage to all enemies in a straight line. The ground will remain scorching within 5 seconds and will deal 90 + 80% Physical Attack Damage every 0.5 seconds and will slow down the enemies by 70%

Best Aulus Build


Tough Boots. As a close-combat hero, Aulus has a great tendency to be hit by Crowd Control attacks. With the help of this item, the control time will be slashed by a third and its Magic Defense will reduce it further. Its Movement Speed boost will allow him to roam, chase and escape better.

Global Top 1 Aulus Build - MLBB
Best Aulus Build – Emblem, Spell and Items

Windtalker. While this item is mostly used on marksman heroes, Aulus would greatly benefit from its high Attack Speed. His damage stacks up and gets enhanced the more Basic Attack he deals. It will also give him a slight Critical Chance and its high Movement Speed boost will help him get in and out of the battle quicker.

Berserker’s Fury. This item will start to make Aulus’ attacks more painful because of its high default damage. This will be boosted further by its high Critical Chance and extra Critical Damage. His overall Physical Attack will have a slight increase in every successful Critical hit.

War Axe. The passive feature of this item syncs perfectly with his passive skill. It will also enhance his Basic Attacks the more he’s using it. On top of that, this weapon will increase his HP and reduce the cooldown of his skills.

Dwarf with a white hair and large hammer
Aulus Barren Pioneer Skin

Late Game Items

Malefic Roar. This late-game item will let Aulus counter enemies who already upgraded their Physical Defense because of its armor-busting feature. Aside from increasing his damage, its high Physical Penetration will let his attacks bypass the enemies’ defense. The percentage of Physical Penetration will increase further depending on the armor of the enemy.

Blade of Despair. This final item has the highest damage on the list that’s why it’s also the most expensive. What makes this item more fearsome is its passive feature that increases the user’s overall Physical Damage by a quarter if the target’s HP is below half.

Aulus Emblem Set

The Global Top 1 player has selected the Custom Jungle Emblem set for Aulus because he’s flexible enough to be used as a core hero. The native features of this emblem will help him efficiently farm in the jungle. This could equate to better support for his team. Let us examine the best configuration for this emblem that worked great for him.

Best emblem to use against the Lord and Turtle
Custom Jungle Emblem for Aulus

For the first feature, he maxed out Brutal to give him extra damage to jungle monsters and then he also maxed out Swift to increase his attack speed. It’s clear that both of these features will allow him to farm faster in the jungle area. This will also equate to earning gold and getting the strong items faster while having more time to help the team.

For the final feature, he selected Demon Slayer which will significantly increase his damage against the turtle and the Lord while reducing the damage he gets from them. This will clearly give him the advantage to kill the turtle while reducing the chance of the enemy stealing it. Getting the turtle will boost the gold and level of the team while killing the Lord will give a push advantage.

Battle Spell

Retribution. Since our Global Top 1 player is using Aulus as a core hero with a jungle emblem, this battle spell is what you should use. Aside from letting you deal high damage when used in a creep, it will also let you gain higher rewards and less damage from them.

Battle spell that is good for jungle monsters
Retribution is the highly recommended spell for Aulus

Flicker. If you’re not using Aulus as a core hero, you can consider using this teleportation spell. It will help Aulus survive unexpected attacks while giving him a chance to chase a dying enemy.

Aulus Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

The Power of Axe. Prioritize upgrading this second skill because aside from its burst damage, it also has a 3-second buff, Attack Speed boost and HP restoration.

Undying Fury. Aside from its powerful smash, this ultimate skill gives him permanent enhancement in every upgrade so make sure to upgrade it as soon as it’s ready.

Dwarf fighter hero attacking his enemies with a powerful axe
Aulus’s Ultimate Skill: Undying Fury

Aulus, Charge!. While this skill is powerful for chasing and escaping—it’s not urgent to upgrade it. 

Aulus Combo

First Combo:
First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attacks
Use this combo before reaching level four. Start by charging toward the enemy and then slowing it down. Use the second skill to damage it further and immediately follow up with enhanced Basic Attacks. 

Most Valuable Player in Mobile Legends
MVP Win by Aulus

Second Combo: 
First Skill + Second Skill + Ultimate Skill + Basic Attacks + Second Skill
This combo starts similarly to the one above but you follow up the second skill with the ultimate skill instead. The goal is to hit the enemies with multiple burst damage attacks first before barraging them with enhanced Basic Attacks. In the latter part of the game, the second skill’s cooldown will be short enough for you to repeat it at the end of the combo.

These are just example combos that you might commonly use for Aulus but there are other combos you can try for him depending on the situation. There are times that you might need to start the combo with the second skill and ultimate skill because you need to reserve the first skill to chase or escape. 

Fighting Strategy

Poke. If you’re in the EXP lane with a Flicker spell, it will be easy for you to poke your enemy. Simply dash using your first skill to burst damage it and slow it down and then quickly follow it up with your second skill and a barrage of Basic Attacks. When you’ve reached the time limit, simply run back away. If the enemy has a surprise backup, that’s when you use Flicker to instantly escape.

Timing. Take note that Aulus’ ultimate skill has a delay and that the enemy can cancel it with CC attacks. To avoid your ultimate skill getting canceled, make sure that there are no CC attackers around you before using it. You can also use it while hiding behind an ally who can absorb the CC attacks.

Push. Take advantage of Aulus’ insane attack speed and crit to quickly clear out the minion waves and crush the tower. Don’t lose sight of the goal of crushing the enemy’s base instead of focusing too much on kills.

Triple Kill by Dwarf hero
Aulus is not holding back his anger!



Farm. For his core player role, you’re expected to start the game by farming in the jungle and getting all of the buffs. The jungle emblem gives you the advantage to take down the turtle and the Lord faster so make sure that your enemies don’t get the chance to get them ahead of you.

Roam. After getting all of the buffs, utilize the power-up that they give you by immediately helping an ally that is nearest to your position. Aside from increased damage, the buffs can slow down your target, reduce your cooldowns, increase penetration and much more. Don’t waste that advantage by farming endlessly.

Team Fight. Despite being a fighter, take note that your item build is close to an assassin or marksman which means that you’re squishy. Therefore, you should avoid initiating a fight or jumping into the clash right away. Wait for the tank or another fighter with a heavy defense build to start the fight before joining. Make sure to properly time your ultimate skill to damage more enemies who are close together.

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