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Best Yu Zhong Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Yu Zhong is the feared Black Dragon of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He used to be an apprentice of the Great Dragon and a friend of Wanwan. He lived an ordinary life as a Cadia Riverland disciple until the day Lou Yi met him. She revealed to him that he was the most feared Black Dragon in his past life and that she already assembled a team that would help him recover the reversed scale that would unlock his true image.

Best Yu Zhong Build and Guide
Yu Zhong: The Black Dragon

Upon their successful entry to the Great Dragon’s Altar, Yu Zhong managed to recover the reversed scale. When it was about to take over his mind to the point of completely forgetting about his current life. Wanwan still believed in the good nature of Yu Zhong so she placed the primordial spirit in his body thinking that it would help him overcome the evil from the reversed scale.

Yu Zhong was able to regain consciousness but it was actually part of his plan to let Wanwan’s good nature help him avoid the Black Dragon’s complete takeover. Instead of throwing the reversed scale, he combined its power with the primordial spirit. Now, he’s capable of transforming into a Black Dragon or human form. As Yu Zhong soars high as a Black Dragon, Luo Yi is highly elated about the resurrection of their ancient leader.

Yu Zhong Overview

Yu Zhong (Formerly Chong) is a fighter hero known for his dragon transformation and intimidating physique. His skills are composed of burst, slow, heal, buff, Area of Effect, Crowd Control and transformation. With the right build, combo and strategy he can become a formidable hero on the battlefield.

Perfect score for an MLBB hero
Global Top 1 Yu Zhong – 100% Win Rate!

The Global Top 1 Yu Zhong player is RIZ.KAJOKI.MLBB and this guide will have a closer look at his best Yu Zhong build to understand how it helped him perform excellently. We will also review his choice of emblem, spell and items and inspect each of their features to learn how these can optimize Yu Zhong’s abilities in the game.


Passive: Cursing Touch
Yu Zhong’s attacks mark his target hero with Sha Residue as he gathers Sha Essence. The Sha Residue will erupt when it reaches its limit of 5 stacks. Yu Zhong will gradually absorb each stack every 0.5 seconds. Each stack will restore 6% of his HP lost and 6 Sha Essence will be added to him. On the other hand, the enemy will receive 30 + 20% Extra Physical Attack + 2% of HP lost as Physical Damage.
A fully charged Sha Essense will give him a 10% Spell Vamp and will boost his Movement Speed by 30% which decays within 2 seconds.

Yu Zhong Story
Basic Stats of Yu Zhong

First Skill: Dragon Tail
Yu Zhong transforms his cloak into a weapon and then uses it to attack all enemies nearby after a short period. Enemies inside the cloak will receive 220 + 100% Extra Physical Attack Damage while those who are hit by its sharp teeth will receive 250% of the damage. This grants him 2 stacks of Sha Residue.
Attacking minions will only give him 40% Spell Vamp.

Second Skill: Soul Grip
Yu Zhong summons the Dragon’s Soul to deal 150 + 120% Extra Physical Attack Damage is a straight direction. All enemies in its path will be slowed by 60% for 1 second.
A successful hit will enhance Yu Zhong’s Basic Attack and will deal 108 + 100% Total Physical Attack Damage. If several enemies are hit, his enhanced Basic Attack will have multiple Sha Residue applied which will boost the attack up to 200%

Bloody red fighter hero of Mobile Legends
Yu Zhong Blood Serpent Skin

Latter Skills

Third Skill: Furious Dive
Yu Zhong hops toward a selected area to deal 180 + 80% extra Physical Attack Damage. He can leap one more time based on where he is facing.
After a short period, all enemies within the circle will be knocked up into the air for 1 second and receive 180 + 90% Extra Physical Attack Damage.

Ultimate Skill: Black Dragon Form
Yu Zhong transforms into a Black Dragon after channeling for 0.6 seconds. He will be able to fly above obstacles while gaining Control Immunity. His HP will increase by 600 + 200 Extra Physical Attack while enemies rammed by his body will receive 180 + 80% Total Physical Attack Damage and will be knocked back. This form lasts within 7 seconds.
When he leaves the Black Dragon form, his transformation will deal the same amount of damage to all enemies nearby. His body will be in a Dragonoid form which has the same amount of power as the Black Dragon form while increasing the range of his skills.

Best Yu Zhong Build


Magic Shoes. This first item will simply reduce the cooldown of his skills while boosting his Movement Speed. A shorter cooldown will allow Yu Zhong to cast his skills more often.

Global Top 1 Yu Zhong Build
Best Yu Zhong Build – Emblem, Spell and Items

Bloodlust Axe. This second item will continue to reduce the cooldown of his skills while giving him high Physical Attack damage. Its Spell Vamp feature will let him steal the life of his enemies when casting his skills.

Endless Battle. Yu Zhong will have another cooldown reduction from this item while getting a lot of other benefits. This item will also give him additional HP, Movement Speed boost, Physical Lifesteal and high Physical Attack. Its passive feature will make his Basic Attack enhanced every time he casts a skill.

War Axe. Don’t be fooled by this item’s low initial Physical Attack because it keeps going up as he attacks the enemy. Aside from that, his Physical Penetration will increase and if that stack reached the maximum, it will also boost his Movement Speed. This will also increase his HP and reduce his cooldown further. 

Venomous skin of a fighter hero in MLBB
Yu Zhong Bio Hazard Skin

Late Game Items

Queen’s Wings. This is his first defense item on the list. It will give him a high HP boost, a little Physical Attack increase and cooldown reduction. Its passive feature will boost his Spell Vamp while reducing the damage that he receives when his HP is low.

Immortality. This final item will give him Physical Defense while boosting his HP further. The best feature of this item is defying death through its resurrection feature. Upon resurrecting, he will only have a little amount of HP but he’ll also gain a shield that will keep him protected as tries to escape.

Yu Zhong Emblem Set

The Custom Assassin Emblem set is what the current Global Top 1 player is using for Yu Zhong. While some might consider the fighter emblem with Spell Vamp, our top player found the native features of this emblem more beneficial based on his build and gameplay. Let’s have a closer look at the configuration of this emblem to understand what helped him reach the top spot for this hero.

Emblem for Assassin which can help earn extra gold
Custom Assassin Emblem configuration for Yu Zhong

For the first feature, he maxed out Agility to boost Yu Zhong’s Movement Speed. Mobility is definitely critical in chasing, escaping or simply responding to clashes. For the second feature, he selected Bloodthirst and Fatal to increase his Critical Chance and Spell Vamp. The critical chance will make his enhanced attack more damaging while the Spell Vamp will work well with his passive feature and existing Spell Vamp items.

For the last feature, he selected Bounty Hunter to earn more gold per kill. His goal on this is clearly about completing his item build as soon as possible because more items would give you a great advantage during fights.

Battle Spell

Petrify. The freeze and slow feature of this battle spell will help Yu Zhong make sure that his target won’t be able to escape the wrath of his skills. This is best used right after using his third skill to make sure that the enemies will get knocked up in the air.

Mobile Legends battle spell to petrify the enemies
Petrify is the highly recommended spell for Yu Zhong

Vengeance. This is the game-recommended spell for Yu Zhong. This is best used when Yu Zhong is bulked up in his Dragonoid form because he has higher HP. It won’t just reflect the damage of the attacks he’s getting but will reduce them as well.

Yu Zhong Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Dragon Tail. Prioritize upgrading this first skill because of its low cooldown and high base damage with AoE.

Black Dragon Form. As his most powerful skill, you need to upgrade it as soon as it’s available.

Yu Zhong has transformed into a Dragon
Yu Zhong’s Ultimate Skill: Black Dragon Form

Furious Dive. This third skill should be your next priority because of its Crowd Control effect and two powerful damage effects.

Soul Grip. While this second skill is great for slowing down his enemies and enhancing his next Basic Attack—you don’t need to prioritize it.

Yu Zhong Combo

First Combo:
Third Skill + Petrify + First Skill + Second Skill + Enhanced Basic Attack + Basic Attacks
Use this combo before unlocking your ultimate skill. Petrify will make sure that your target won’t be able to dash away before your third skill’s knock-up kicks in. If you’re not using petrify, attack the enemy closest to the center to reduce its chance of being able to run away and escape from your knock-up attack.

High kills and low death by Yu Zhong
Legendary Win by Yu Zhong

Second Combo: 
Dragon Form + Dragonoid + Third Skill + Petrify + First Skill + Second Skill + Enhanced Basic Attack
It’s ideal to start the combo with the Dragon Form and then damage your enemies with your transformation into a Dragonoid. Your body is more bulked up and your skills will have a greater range in this form. In other words, you’re making the most out of your attacks as a Dragonoid.

These are just some example combos but the sequence, timing and execution of the skills would depend on what situation you’re in. The types of enemies you’re facing should be considered as well.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. At the start of the game, poke your enemies with your first skill little by little. When its HP is low enough, use your killer combo to eliminate it. If it manages to survive, it will have to go back to the base to heal. While the enemy is away, take advantage of the time to clear the minion waves and kill the crab to be ahead of level and gold.

Ambush. While hiding inside the bush, surprise a passerby with your third skill and then lock it up with petrify so it won’t be able to escape the knock-up attack. Attack it with the rest of your skills and if it manages to escape with little HP, chase it with your Black Dragon form.

Maniac kill by Yu Zhong
Successful Maniac kill in the game!

Survive. Don’t hesitate to use your ultimate skill to fly away from your enemies if there’s an unexpected ambush. Your third skill will also let you leap away from your chaser and your second skill and slow down its Movement Speed.

Team Fight. Yu Zhong’s Black Dragon form gives him the advantage of flying fast towards a clash and helping the team. His transformation into a Dragonoid has an AoE damage and most of his skills have AoE as well. Add the fact that his skills have a greater range in Dragonoid form. He can greatly damage a large group of enemies when responding to clashes so be alert when a team fight is about to break out.

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