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Best Benedetta Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Benedetta is the Shadow Ranger of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She was an orphan who struggled to survive independently before becoming a legendary ranger. Her father was a soldier who died dishonorably despite fighting bravely for the Moniyan Empire. His group was falsely accused of rebellion after losing a battle.

Best Benedetta Build - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Benedetta: The Shadow Ranger

Unlike Alucard who was sent to the Monastery of Light for training—Benedetta never had the same privilege because her father was an ordinary soldier. Despite this fact, she worked hard to survive and trained rigorously to become one of the soldiers of the empire. She was eager to get revenge against the monsters that killed her father. It’s her way to help him restore his honor. Her application as a soldier was rejected by the Empire’s Army because of the treachery of Alucard. They decided not to enlist any children of the soldiers who were charged with rebellion.

Frustrated by the new law, Benedetta decided to fight the monsters on her own. In her journey, she came across the southern foothills of the Lantis Mountains where a community was working hard to survive despite the desolation and the threat from the monsters. Benedetta formed a team with other fellow rangers to defeat the monsters in the region. This helped the area thrive and become prosperous. It’s all thanks to the constant fight of Benedetta and her team against the monsters.

Benedetta Overview

Benedetta is an assassin hero known for her swift attacks and signature rain of sword slashes. Her skills are composed of burst, AoE, blink, control immunity and a unique trait of being able to dash with just her basic attacks. Her swift moves and elusiveness make her difficult to catch while her burst attacks let her quickly eliminate squishy heroes.

Best player of Benedetta in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Benedetta – 96.2% Win Rate

The current Global Top 1 Benedetta player is HI ANGGA?. This guide will be referencing his best Benedetta build and then examine his choice of emblem, spell and items to learn how it helped him get a high win rate and become a top player for this hero.


Passive: Elapsed Daytime
Holding down the Basic Attack button puts Benedetta into a Swordout State while charging the Sword Intent. When the Sword intent is fully charged, releasing the Basic Attack button will unleash her Swordout Slash. This is an attack that will make her dash forward while slashing her sword to deal +210% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies in the path. This will be considered a skill attack. Creeps and minions will only receive 50% damage. 
The Sword Intent can also be charged through Basic Attacks and Skills.

Benedetta Story
Basic Stats of Benedetta

First Skill: Phantom Slash
Benedetta steps backward while leaving a shadow image. Afterward, the image will slash forward in a broad area to deal 200 + 70% Total Physical Attack Damage while slowing the enemies by 60% for 0.5 seconds.
Benedetta will immediately follow up with another slash to deal 50 + 80% Total Physical Attack Damage. (If her shadow image hits the target, Benedetta’s follow-up attack will have a 200% damage boost.

Second Skill: An Eye for an Eye
Benedetta uses her weapon to block incoming damage while gaining control immunity for 0.8 seconds. Afterward, she dashes to the selected area to deal 300 + 80% Total Physical Attack Damage.
If Benedetta was successful in blocking any attacks, her Sword Intent will be fully charged and her stab will stun the target for 1.5 seconds. 

Assassin hero fighting shadow monsters
Benedetta Death Oath Skin

Ultimate Skill: Alecto: Final Blow
Benedetta dashes forward to reduce the Movement Speed of all enemies in the path by 70% for 1 second. She becomes invincible while dashing.
After the dash, Benedetta unleashes a barrage of Sword Intent within 2.5 seconds. Each slash will deal 120 + 80% Total Physical Damage while slowing all enemies hit by 20% every 0.2 seconds.

Best Benedetta Build


Tough Boots. While Benedetta already has a Crowd Control immunity skill, it requires fast hands and perfect timing. In case you failed to avoid a CC attack, this item will reduce the time you’re controlled. Its Magic Defense will further reduce the control time. The Movement Speed it provides will allow her to escape or chase swiftly during clashes. 

Global Top 1 Benedetta build
Best Benedetta Build – Emblem, Spell and Items

Blade of the Heptaseas. This item will give her another burst attack because it will buff her Basic Attack if she hasn’t dealt or received any damage within 5 seconds. The buffed attack will also reduce the Movement Speed of her target. This item has a high default Physical Attack, a decent extra HP boost and Physical Penetration.

Blade of Despair. This weapon has the highest Physical Damage on the list. It will also boost her overall Physical Attack by a quarter if the target’s HP is below half. This item will also give her a slight Movement Speed boost.

Athena’s Shield. To keep Benedetta sustained in battle, this shield won’t just give her high Magic Defense but a high HP boost and HP regen as well. It has a passive feature that reduces Magic Damage taken by a quarter when receiving Magic Attacks.

Shadow ranger assassin creates strong waves with her katana
Benedetta Moonblade Skin

Late Game Items

Malefic Roar. This late-game item ensures that Benedetta’s attacks will continue to hurt her enemies because of its armor-busting feature. It has the highest Physical Penetration in the list and it increases even higher based on the Physical Defense of the target.

Immortality. When all else fails and Benedetta gets caught in a bad situation, the resurrection feature of this item will help her defy death. Upon resurrecting, she’ll also get a shield that will keep her protected as she tries to escape from the swarm of enemies.

Benedetta Emblem Set

The Global Top 1 Benedetta player picked the Custom Assassin Emblem set for this hero. Unlike other dual-role heroes, Benedetta’s skills and attack style are purely assassin-related so the native features of this emblem will work best for her. The next goal is to find out what’s the best configuration for this emblem.

Level 60 Emblem for core heroes
Custom Assassin Emblem configuration for Benedetta

For the first feature, he selected Bravery to increase Benedetta’s Physical Attack. This will give her a damage advantage at the start of the game. For the second feature, he maxed out Invasion for higher Physical Penetration. This armor-busting feature will make Benedetta’s attacks more painful.

He selected Killing Spree for the last feature. From the name itself, it’s meant to benefit Benedetta when killing multiple enemies in one clash because every kill will restore a portion of her HP. It will also boost her Movement Speed.

Battle Spell

Retribution. Since our Global Top 1 Benedetta player uses her as a core hero, this spell is the recommended choice. This will allow her to get higher rewards when killing jungle monsters while receiving less damage from them. Its active skill can help her make sure that the buffs won’t be stolen from her. It can also damage and slow down enemy heroes.

Core player recommended battle spell
Retribution is the highly recommended spell for Benedetta

Flicker. If you’re not assuming the core player role, this is the recommended battle spell. It can be a backup when her dash skills are on cooldown. 

Benedetta Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Phantom Slash. Prioritize upgrading her first skill because of its double damage, dodge and slow feature. Its short cooldown allows you to spam it.

Assassin hero dashes while leaving a barrage of slashes behind
Benedetta’s Ultimate Skill: Alecto: Final Blow

Alecto: Final Blow. Upgrade this ultimate skill right away the moment it’s ready. It can greatly hurt multiple enemies when positioned properly because of its AoE, Burst damage and Slow effect.

An Eye for an Eye. While it is a powerful defense and offense skill because of its immunity and stun—there’s no need to prioritize upgrading it.

Benedetta Combo 

First Combo:
Basic Skill dash + Basic Skill + First Skill + Basic Skill dash + Basic Skill + Second Skill + Basic Skill dash + Basic Skill
This is the recommended combo before unlocking your ultimate skill. Start by dashing near your enemy so you can hit it with your First Skill. Since your skills will instantly recharge the Sword Intent, you can use the dashing Basic Skill again after every skill cast. This combo can also be used to kill the Lord solo.

Assassin with 16 kills and 7 Assists - MLBB
Legendary Win by Benedetta

Second Combo:
Basic Skill dash + Basic Skill + First Skill +Second Skill + Ultimate Skill + Basic Skill dash + Basic Skill
It starts similarly to the combo above but some steps dashes and Basic Attacks were skipped so that the enemy will immediately feel the wrath of her ultimate skill. Squishy heroes will immediately die from this combo but you might need to use the longer combo if you’re facing a bulky hero.

These are just some of the example combos that you can use for Benedetta. You can freely use any sequence for the skills depending on what the situation calls. There are times that need to start with the ultimate skill if a group of enemies comes near you while you’re hiding in the bush. You can damage more enemies with your ultimate skill if they’re too close together.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Benedetta’s unlimited dash through her Basic Attack gives her a poking advantage. You can dash in for a surprise combo and then dash away to escape and then simply repeat the same attack until her target is forced to go back to the base to heal. You might even eliminate your target if you get lucky.

Farm. Since it’s recommended to use Benedetta as a core hero, it’s a given that your routine should start by farming in the jungle. Give her a fighting advantage by getting all of the buffs and empower your team by killing the turtle. 

Monster kill by the shadow ranger
Benedetta is rampaging in the game!

Roam. While it’s important to strengthen Benedetta through farming, make sure that you’re not disregarding your role to help your teammates. You can farm as you roam by visiting an ally’s lane after killing the closest jungle monster in that area. 

Gank. Benedetta’s slow effect and swift dash combos make her a great ambush partner. Hide in the bush where the enemy would most likely get near and then wait for your ally to stun or attack it. Surprise it with your dash moves and then slow down its Movement Speed using your ultimate skill to reduce its chance of escaping.

Team Fight. During a team fight, you should take note that you are a bit squishy so make sure to wait for a bulky fighter or tank to initiate the clash. Prioritize attacking the marksman and mage because they mostly have low HP but high damage. You can also target the team’s healer. Avoid attacking from the front because it’s where most of the AoE attacks land. Lurk from the side or from behind when attacking your squishy targets.

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