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Best Thamuz Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Thamuz is the Surtur of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He is the leader of the fire demons and was appointed chief of the Abyss. Thamuz is a powerful warrior who has a bad temper and his method of accomplishing his tasks is cruel. He firmly believes that only the strong should rule.

Best Thamuz Build and Guide - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Thamuz: The Lord Lava

He views all of his enemies as weak beings who don’t deserve to live. Thamuz even hated his ally, Alice, because she is not a pure demon but a blood demon. He doesn’t see her as someone worthy to command their army.

As the legion of demons awaits his return, a strong air of intense fear can be sensed in the place. It’s because all of the weak demons will be burned by Thamuz upon his return. He dreams of rallying his strong demon army to the Land of Dawn to show them that only the strong shall reign.

Thamuz Overview

Thamuz is a fighter hero(villain) who is feared for her durability and powerful attacks. His skills are composed of buff, blink, Crowd Control, AoE and regeneration. He clearly fits the title Lord Lava because some of his skills have burn damage or continuous damage effect. When optimized with the right items and combos, Thamuz would truly reign in the game.

Best Thamuz player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Thamuz – 92.8% Win Rate

This guide will have the current Global Top 1 Thamuz player Rexha.. as one of the references in the game. We will be discussing his best Thamuz build and elaborate on his selected spell, emblem configuration and items to know further what helped him reach the top spot for this hero.


Passive: Grand Lord Lava
When Thamuz deals Basic Attacks while holding his scythes, there’s a chance that he’ll trigger a burst of Lava Energy under his target that will deal 50 + 110 Total Physical Attack True Damage. The explosion has a 0.7-second delay.

Thamuz Story - Mobile Legends
Basic Stats of Thamuz

First Skill: Molten Scythes
Thamuz throws his scythes to a selected area to deal 120 + 60% Total Magic Power Damage to the first enemy hit. After reaching a certain distance or hitting its target, it will spin to deal 45 + 20% Extra Physical Damage every 0.5 seconds to all enemies nearby while slowing them by 30%.
The scythes will dash back to Thamuz if he’s too far away from them or after the time limit. 
To retrieve them early, he can approach them or cast this skill again.

Second Skill: Chasm Trample
Thamuz leaps to a target location to deal 230 +60% Extra Physical Attack Damage. Upon landing, the enemies’ Movement Speed will be reduced by 25% within 2 seconds.
If the scythes are away, they will dash back to Thamuz and then instantly reset the cooldown of Molten Scythes.

3D Fat Buffalo villain
Thamuz General Kai Skin via Kung Fu Panda event

Ultimate Skill: Cauterant Inferno
Thamuz unleashes the lava stored inside his body to deal 300 + 80% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies nearby while summoning a Couterant Zone around him. The Cauterant Zone will deal 30 + 10% Extra Physical Attack Damage every 0.5 seconds which will last in 9 seconds.
He will also get an extra 500 Max HP while healing himself with the same number. His attack speed will have a 1.3 times increase while recovering his HP for 1.5% every time his Scythes and Basic Attacks damage the enemy.

Best Thamuz Build


Tough Boots. Since Thamuz is a close combat hero, he will most likely receive Crowd Control attacks so it’s best to counter those with this item. This will reduce the control time by one-third and it will also give him Magic Defense. The Movement Speed boost will help him roam, chase and escape faster.

Global Top 1 Build for Thamuz
Best Thamuz Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Corrosion Scythe. This is the perfect chase weapon because it will significantly boost his Attack Speed while slowing down the Movement Speed of his target. Its high attack speed will increase further as Thamuz inflicts damage on his target. Since his Basic Attacks can trigger the Lava Energy, we can expect more of those the moment he gets this item. It will also increase his Physical Attack while slightly improving his Movement Speed.

War Axe. It may look like a weak item because of its small initial damage but its passive feature will keep increasing it as Thamuz deals damage to his target. With the help of the Corrosion Scythe, he can reach the item’s full stack faster which will boost his Movement Speed. This will make him tougher as well because of its decent HP addition. It also has cooldown reduction which will let him cast his skills more.

Cursed Helmet. The burn damage of this item fits Thamuz perfectly because some of his skills have a burn effect already. It will also increase his Magic Defense and significantly bulk up his HP.

Blue monster with the power of fiery liquid
Thamuz Liquid Fire Skin

Late Game Items

Blade Armor. This late-game item will cover his Physical Defense this time. It has the highest Physical Defense on the list. It’s also capable of reflecting a portion of the damage to his enemies while reducing their Movement Speed. Critical Damage he receives will have a reduction as well.

Immortality. This final item will bulk up his HP further and give him more Physical Defense. Its most important feature is the resurrection upon death. After the resurrection, a portion of his HP will be restored and he’ll gain a strong shield within 3 seconds which can help him survive while escaping.

Thamuz Emblem Set

Our Global Top 1 player is using Thamuz as a core hero and he found it effective to use the Custom Jungle Emblem set. He clearly wants to dominate in the jungle to make sure that he gets all of the buffs and he earns gold fast. Let’s see what is his best configuration of this emblem.

Jungle emblem - Hybrid Attack, Attack Speed, Hybrid Lifesteal, HP
Custom Jungle Emblem configuration for Thamuz

He started by maxing out Brutal which will increase his damage to Jungle monsters. For the second feature, he picked Swift to increase his Attack Speed which will get boosted by his items further to help him trigger his Lava Energy passive.

For the final feature, he selected Demon Slayer which will increase his damage to the Lord and the Turtle while reducing the damage that he receives from them. It’s clear that he doesn’t want to give a chance for the enemies to get those two giants.

Battle Spell

Retribution. Since our Global Top 1 player is using Thamuz as a core hero and he’s using a jungle emblem—it’s a given that you should use retribution for this hero. Aside from helping you make sure that the buffs won’t get stolen by your teammates, it will also increase the rewards you get from jungle monsters and reduce the damage you receive from them.

Battle spell for core player heroes
Retribution is the highly recommended spell for Thamuz

Inspire. If someone else already assumed the core player role, you can consider using inspire for Thamuz. You can partner it with the Fighter or Assassin emblem since you won’t be focusing on the jungle anymore. Inspire will boost his Attack Speed further while making his damage ignore a certain amount of the target’s defense.

Thamuz Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Molten Scythes. Prioritize upgrading this first skill because of its many features like continuous damage, Basic Attack buff, Movement Speed boost and slow effect It also has a very short cooldown.

Thamuz unleashing his most powerful skill
Thamuz’s Ultimate Skill: Cauterant Inferno

Cauterant Inferno. As his most powerful skill, make sure to upgrade this ultimate skill as soon as it is ready.

Chasm Trample. While this is an effective skill to burst damage and slow your enemies—there’s no rush to upgrading it.

Thamuz Combo

First Combo:
First Skill + First Skill + Basic Attack + Second Skill + Basic Attacks + First Skill + Basic Attacks + First Skill + Basic Attacks
Start by throwing the scythes to your target to slow it down and reduce its HP as it spins. As you get close to your target, retrieve the scythes to pull your target close to you then attack it with your buffed Basic Attack. Use your second skill to chase it and slow it down. Afterward, barrage it with your first skill and basic attacks.

High kills with zero deaths in MLBB
God Among Men Win by Thamuz

Second Combo: 
First Skill + First Skill + Basic Attack + Second Skill + Ultimate Skill + Basic Attacks
Similar to the combo above, you start by throwing the scythes to your target and then you use it again after a short period to retrieve it. This will make your Basic Attack buffed that’s why the combo is followed by a Basic Attack. Use his second skill if the enemy tries to run away but if the enemy decides to continue fighting you can use his ultimate skill to damage it and then barrage it with your Basic Attacks.
These are just some example combos that you can use for Thamuz but there are more combos you can use depending on the circumstances. 

Fighting Strategy

Farm. Since Thamuz is recommended to take the core role based on the gameplay of the Global Top 1 player, you should start the game by getting the buffs and killing the jungle monsters. This will let you earn more gold swiftly and complete your item build faster than your enemies. More weapons mean more power and advantage over your enemies. While it’s important to earn more gold, don’t neglect to help an ally nearby.

Roam. Core players are expected to visit other lanes from time to time to help during clashes. You have your buff advantage and slow effect that can help secure the kill when a duel takes place. Even if the enemy managed to escape, you’ve given your teammates the confidence that you’ll assist them anytime you’re near.

Thamuz Mega Kill
Thamuz is rampaging on the battlefield!

Ambush. As a buffed core hero, you have a good chance of taking down an enemy alone. Always check the map to see if there’s an enemy who is alone and start making a move to surprise it with your combo after empowering yourself with the buffs.

Team Fight. While Thamuz is a strong hero, he’s not strong enough to face five enemies alone. Make sure to wait for your tank to initiate the fight and check if have a backup when a clash starts. You can also tease your opponents by throwing them the scythes to trigger one of them to attack abruptly and have a poor formation during a clash.

Survive & Chase. Since his scythes can slow down your enemies and boost your Movement Speed if you’re not holding them, throw them at the enemy chasing you as you run away fast with your boosted movement.

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