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Best Bane Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Bane is the Davy Jones of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The seas of Northern Vale used to be divided into four regions. They were ruled by four pirate leaders who respected each other’s territories. All of that changed when Bane and his men arrived. He conquered all of the territories to become their tyrannical leader. Because of his ruthlessness, some people joined his arch nemesis, Franco.

Best Bane Build - MLBB
Bane: The Frozen King

Bane used his full force to attack Franco’s fleet but he can’t get an upper hand against him. During this time, he also learned about the mystical Ionic Heart hidden in the depths of the Frozen Sea. It has an immense regenerative power that can help him dominate the world. Bane revealed his plan to Franco so he can help him find the Ionic Heart and promised to share its power. What Franco didn’t know is that Bane also told about the Ionic Heart to the Moniyan Empire’s Navy. His devious plan is for them to clash with Franco while searching for the twilight orb.

Bane’s plan went as expected and his fleet destroyed the remaining ships that survived the clash. While standing proud and high, an unexpected cannon attack barraged his ship and his body was shattered. Franco never believed Bane’s story so he had a backup plan for a surprise attack. As Bane was going down the depths almost lifeless, he found the Ionic Heart. An octopus suddenly attacked him so the Ionic Heart slipped away from his hand. Unknowingly, he was able to absorb a small amount of its power and it made him merge with the octopus. While everyone thought that Bane is already gone—a stronger version of him is about to emerge.

Bane Overview

Bane is a fighter hero who is rich with burst and Area of Effect damage. He also has a healing and Crowd Control ability. Bane is one of the most powerful pushers in the game because his ultimate skill is capable of dealing damage to towers.

Best player of Bane in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Bane – 81.2% Win Rate

The gameplay of the current Global Top 1 Bane player Diwash Dumbapo will be referenced in this guide. We’ll take a closer look at his best Bane build then analyze his choice of emblem, spell and items to understand how they can level up your usage of Bane in the game.


Passive: Shark Bite
Bane gets a stack of Tidal Energy every time he uses his skills (2 stacks max). Each stack will empower his Basic Attacks and deal + 135% – 170% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies nearby. The attack damage increases with level.

Bane Story
Basic Stats of Bane

First Skill: Crab Claw Cannon
Bane fires his Crab Claw Cannon to a selected area to deal 150 + 160% Total Physical Attack Damage to a target hit while dealing 150% damage to another enemy behind it (enemy heroes are prioritized). If the initial target dies, the second target will receive 200% damage and is slowed by 10 + 10% Total Magic power for 1 second.
The cooldown of this skill is reduced by 5% in every 100 Physical Attacks that Bane gains.

Second Skill: Ale
Bane imbibes his Ale to recover 160 + 150% Total Magic Power plus 6 + 2.5% Total Magic Power of his lost HP. He will also gain a 50% Movement Speed boost that wanes within 2.5 seconds.
Use again: Bane spits a venom to a target area that deals 200 + 180% Total Magic Power Damage. It increases up to 150% based on the length of the charging time. 
The cooldown of this skill is reduced by 7% in every 100 Magic Power that Bane gains.

Fighter hero with umbrella and hand cannon
Bane Castle Master Skin

Ultimate Skill: Deadly Catch
Bane unleashes a school of sharks to a target direction which deals 600 + 100% Total Physical Attack + 170% Total Magic Power to all enemies on their part. Enemies hit will be knocked up by 0.4 seconds and will be slowed down by 65% which wanes within 3 seconds.
This attack deals 40% damage to turrets.

Best Bane Build


Tough Boots. Bane will get Magic Damage protection and Movement Speed from this item. It also reduces the time that he’ll be controlled when hit by a CC attack.

Global Top 1 Bane Build - Mobile Legends
Best Bane Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

War Axe. This item will bulk up his HP and reduce his cooldown while increasing his HP. Its passive feature will keep on increasing Bane’s damage the more he attacks his enemies.

Blade of Despair. This has the highest Physical Damage on the list and it will increase even more if the target’s HP is below half. It will also slightly boost his Movement Speed.

Malefic Roar. Bane’s attacks will become armor-busting because of the high Physical Penetration of this item. Its passive feature will continue to increase the Physical Penetration based on the target’s Physical Defense.

Octopus general carrying a sword and hand cannon with flying rockets in the background
Bane Warlord Skin

Late Game Items

Endless Battle. This late-game item perfectly fits Bane’s passive skill because it will also enhance his Basic Attack within 3 seconds of using a skill. On top of that, it will also bulk up his HP, increase his Physical Damage and reduce his cooldown while giving him mana regen and Movement Speed boost.

Immortality. His killer will get frustrated after finding out that he will get resurrected by this item. Upon resurrection, he’ll get a shield that’s enough for him to get protected as he escapes. By default, this item will give him a high HP and average Physical Defense.

Bane Emblem Set

Despite being a fighter hero, the Global Top 1 player is using the Custom Assassin Emblem set for Bane. Although a custom fighter emblem set with spell vamp will work as well, based on the current update, he found it more effective to use the assassin emblem when using Bane as a core player. Let’s examine the configuration of this emblem.

Recommended emblem for Bane as core player
Custom Assassin Emblem configuration for Bane

For the first feature, he maxed out Agility to increase Bane’s Movement Speed. If you add his second skill’s Movement Speed boost—it will be hard to escape from him or catch him. He selected Invasion for the second feature to make his attacks more armor-busting because of its Physical Penetration.

For the final feature, he picked Killing Spree to keep Bane sustained by its heal and Movement Speed boost as he eliminates his enemies one by one.

Battle Spell

Retribution. Because of the recent updates, Bane can now be used effectively as a core hero that’s why this battle spell would benefit him well for the role.

Battle spell for jungle monsters, turtle and lord - MLBB
Retribution is the highly recommended spell for Bane

Execute. This battle spell is a good option if you’re not assuming the core player role for Bane. Its instant kill feature will blend well with his burst damage skills.

Flicker. If chase and survivability are your priority, this battle spell would also be a great option for him. 

Bane Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Crab Claw Cannon. Prioritize upgrading this first skill because it has high damage, long range, AoE and a very short cooldown. 

Three sharks summoned to attack marksmen
Bane’s Ultimate Skill: Deadly Catch

Deadly Catch. Upgrade this ultimate skill as soon as it’s available.

Ale. While useful in healing, chasing and escaping—there’s no need to prioritize upgrading this second skill.

Bane Combo

First Combo:
Second Skill + Basic Attack + First Skill + Basic Attack + Second Skill + Basic Attack
Use this combo at the start of the game before reaching level 4. Start with the second skill to boost your Movement Speed to get near the enemy, this will activate his Tidal Energy that’s why you need to immediately follow it with a Basic Attack. While the second skill is turning, you can use your first skill with a Basic Attack then use the second skill again spit the venom then hit the enemy with another empowered Basic Attack.

High kills and assists with low deaths using Bane
Legendary Win by Bane

Second Combo: 
First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attack + Basic Attack + Second Skill + Basic Attack
This is another variation of the first combo. Take note that the new Bane stacks two Tidal Energies so the two Basic Attacks are empowered. You need to be fast because Tidal Energy has a 3-second time limit.

Third Combo: 
Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attack + First Skill + Basic Attack + Second Skill + Basic Attack
The combo started with his ultimate skill to immediately inflict huge damage and then slow down the enemy as you barrage it with your succeeding attacks. The goal is to reduce the enemy’s HP to below half so that your Blade of Despair will damage it more.
These are just some examples of Bane’s combos. There are other variations you would come up with instinctively depending on the situation. 

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Since his first skill has a long range and it even bounces to enemies, use that advantage to damage your target little by little until its life is low enough for you to kill it with a surprise combo. If it manages to escape and go back to its base to heal, take advantage of the time to kill the crab or farm the minions.

Jungle. When assuming the core player role, focus on farming the jungle monsters, getting the buffs and killing the turtle. Don’t try to hoard all the resources and give the minions and crab to your teammates to help them level up as well. 

Fighter hero kills a marksman hero in Mobile Legends
Bane is rampaging in the the battlefield!

Roam. As you farm in the jungle, visit nearby lanes to help your teammates ambush an enemy. It would be good to attack an unsuspecting enemy from behind with your ultimate skill while your ally attacks it in the front. Budget your time properly by setting aside a short time to assist your teammates instead of putting all of your time in the jungle. 

Push. Considering that Bane’s ultimate skill can inflict high damage to towers, hit as many birds with one stone by using your ultimate skill to tower huggers. Force them to abandon the tower by continuously attacking them with your first skill. Take advantage of the situation to bring it down afterward.

Team Fight. Your enemies tend to avoid gathering close together when you’re around because they know the group stun that your ultimate skill can do. To give them the confidence to huddle, it’s best to show up a bit late in the party and then surprise them with your ultimate skill from the side or behind if they make the mistake of grouping close together. 

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