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Best Cyclops Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Cyclops is the Starsoul Magician of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He may look tiny but he’s actually a giant in his homeland. As a kid, he was fond of heavenly bodies and discovered that the planets constantly move. He discovered how to harness the power of these movements and turn them into powerful magic. 

Cyclops build and guide - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Cyclops: The Starsoul Magician

After mastering how to control his newfound powers, he became famous on his planet. With the ongoing movement of the planets, his power seemed unstoppable. Eventually, he felt lonely as a powerful being so he decided to have an interplanetary journey until he reached the Land of Dawn.

Cyclops was delighted to find out that this land is full of strong warriors that could challenge his power. He embarked on a quest to become a conqueror in this land that is full of wonders.

Cyclops Overview

Cyclops is a mage hero who is feared for his powerful burst, Area of Effect and Stun attacks. His surprise attacks will almost always lead to certain death. Most of his AoE attacks will give your team an advantage during clashes.

Best player Cyclops player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Cyclops – 87% Win Rate

The current Global Top 1 Cyclops player Molla Vincitta will be the reference for this guide. His best Cyclops build and choice of emblem, spell and items will be explored in detail to help us understand what helped him reach the top spot for this hero.


Passive: Starlit Hourglass
Cyclops’ cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds whenever he hits his enemies with his skills.

Cyclops Story
Basic Stats of Cyclops

First Skill: Stardust Shock
Cyclops shoots two Stardust Disks to a selected area with each one dealing 275 + 60% Total Magic Power Damage to all enemies hit.

Second Skill: Planets Attack
Cyclops summons Starlit Spheres to surround him while boosting his Movement Speed by 30% for 2 seconds.
When the enemies get close to him, the Starlit Spheres will automatically attack them but heroes will be prioritized. Each sphere will explode and deal 200 + 50% Total Magic Power Damage to the enemy. When a target gets hit by multiple spheres, the damage he receives per attack will get lower after the first hit.

Futuristic Mage skin in MLBB
Cyclops SABER Skin

Ultimate Skill: Star Power Lockdown
Cyclops unleashes a Planetary Sphere and then throws it to an enemy hero or creep to deal 500 + 220% Total Magic Power Damage and stun it for 1 or 2 seconds depending on the distance.

Best Cyclops Build


Magic Shoes. This first item will help boost Cyclops’ Movement Speed while slightly reducing his cooldown.

Global Top 1 Cyclops build - Mobile Legends
Best Cyclops Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Enchanted Talisman. Since his main asset is cooldown reduction because of his passive skill, it’s best to make the most out of it by getting another cooldown reduction item. This item will give him a high cooldown reduction while increasing his HP and Magic Power. Its passive feature will help sustain his mana supply and decrease his cooldown further.

Genius Wand. This next item will make Cyclops’ attack more painful because of its armor-busting feature. It will give him high Magic Power and a slight increase in his Movement Speed. Its passive feature will give him a decent Magic Penetration and will allow him to keep reducing the enemy’s magic armor as he keeps attacking them.

Concentrated Energy. To stay longer in battle, this fourth item will bulk up his HP and even let him steal the HP of his enemies. On top of that, this item also adds high Magic Power to further increase his damage.

Star Wars Skin of Mage
Cyclops as Yoda

Late Game Items

Brute Force Breastplate. This late-game item will bulk up Cyclops’ HP even further while adding strong defense. Its passive feature will continuously increase both his Magic and Physical Defense as he attacks his enemies while slightly increasing his Movement Speed.

Divine Glaive. This final item is ideal to counter heroes with high Magic Defense at the late part of the game. He will be able to continue inflicting serious pain to his enemies because of the high Magic Penetration of this item. On top of the default Magic Penetration, extra penetration will be added based on the Magic Defense of the target.

Cyclops Emblem Set

It’s not a surprise that the current Global Top 1 Cyclops player selected the Custom Mage Emblem for this hero since he is mainly a mage. Its default features which are composed of Magic Damage, Lifesteal, Penetration and Cooldown reduction would surely help Cyclops dominate even at the start of the game. Let’s check what configuration worked great for him.

Mystery Shop as main feature
Custom Mage Emblem configuration for Cyclops

For the first feature, he maxed out Agility to improve Cyclops’ mobility in the game. This fits him well as a ganking hero. He selected Observation for the second feature. This will increase the Magic Penetration of Cyclops to counter his enemies’ Magic Defense.

For the final feature, he selected Mystery Shop to lower the cost of the items and help him collect them faster. Cyclops will dominate faster in the game as soon as he gets his strong items.

Battle Spell

Retribution. Cyclops is one of those rare mages who can take the core player role. His fearsome combo can secure a kill like an assassin while inflicting serious damage to its nearby allies. The Global Top Cyclops player is currently using this spell.

Jungling spell in Mobile Legends
Retribution is the highly recommended spell for Cyclops

Flameshot. As for most mages, this long-range spell scales its damage based on his magic power. When he’s not taking the core player role, this spell is an option to consider.

Flicker. If survivability is your priority, this spell is another option you should look at. This will help him survive unexpected attacks and it will also allow him to chase escaping enemies.

Cyclops Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Planets Attack. Prioritize upgrading this second skill because of its enormous damage and Movement Speed increase. Its cooldown won’t be a problem because his passive skill will reduce it in every hit.

Layla attacked by Cyclops
Cyclops’ Ultimate Skill: Star Power Lockdown

Star Power Lockdown. Upgrade this ultimate skill as soon as it’s available since it’s his most powerful attack.

Stardust Shock. While it has nice damage and AoE, there’s no need to hurry to upgrade this skill.

Cyclops Combo

First Combo:
Second Skill + First Skill
Use this combo at the start of the game the moment you get your first two skills.

High kills and assist by a mage hero
Epic Comeback Win by Cyclops

Second Combo: 
Second Skill + Ultimate Skill + First Skill
Start by activating your second skill to boost your movement speed and catch your target by surprise before casting your ultimate skill. Barrage it with your first skill and use flameshot if necessary. 

Fighting Strategy

Aim. Since Cyclops’ second skill tend to attack the minions when you’re targeting an enemy hero, position him properly to have a concentrated attack on your target. It’s best to hide inside the bush before rushing in for a surprise attack.

Poke. Take advantage of his Movement Speed boost to quickly attack your enemies then immediately run away to safety. Keep repeating the same steps until your target’s HP is low enough for you to eliminate it when you use his ultimate skill.

Mage vs marksman in MLBB
Cyclops is on a killing spree!

Farm. If you’re assuming the core player role, make sure to constantly get all the jungle monsters and buffs. Never let the enemy get the turtle because it will give your team a big advantage.

Roam. Whether you’re playing Cyclops as a mid-lane mage or core, you need to roam to help your teammates. His combo freeze is a very powerful way to lock down an enemy when assisting your teammates. 

Team Fight. Always stay at the back and wait for your allies to start the clash. Your enemies tend to keep their distance from you because of their fear of getting locked down by his ultimate skill but if they’re already busy in a fight, they won’t foresee your attacks. His ultimate skill also has an AoE damage before freezing a target so you’re really making the most out of that skill in group fights.

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