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Best Granger Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Granger is the Death Note of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He became an orphan after the war of the Moniyan Empire against the Southern Mountains. The Imperial Army brought him to the Monastery of Light to take care of him. Like most orphans, he was silent and cold but the music of the violin gets him excited and emotional.

Best Granger Build and Guide - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Granger: The Death Chanter

When he became an adult, he chose to become a demon hunter without abandoning his passion for music. Whenever he’s on a mission, he would play the violin very badly to distract the demons before hunting them down. Even the famous demon hunter, Alucard, recognized his exceptional talent.

Granger eventually became famous in the land, even among the demons. The moment they hear his sad violin playing, they start to panic and run for their lives. The longer they hear his notes, the higher the chance of their death.

Granger Overview

Granger is a marksman hero whose skills are composed of escape, buff, AoE and powerful burst attacks. His most feared weapon is his violin because it converts into a cannon with a long-range attack and explosive damage.  

Best player of Granger in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Granger – 72.9% Win Rate

This guide will have the current Global Top 1 Granger player Pekochan as one of the references. We will be exploring his best Granger build and then have a closer look at his choice of emblem, spell and items to learn how it helped him optimize the capability of this hero.


Passive: Caprice
Granger’s Basic Attack deals 50 + 110% Physical Attack Damage but he will only gain 40% Attack Speed from Emblems and Equipment. The 6th bullet of Granger will deal Critical Damage.

Granger Story - Mobile Legends
Basic Stats of Granger

First Skill: Rhapsody
Granger reloads 6 bullets and then rapidly fires them in a straight direction. Each bullet deals 35 + 70% Total Physical Attack Damage (90 extra damage for creeps).

Second Skill: Rondo
Granger dashes to a selected area and then the first two bullets he fires will have an extra 10% damage within 5 seconds.
The cooldown of this skill will be reduced by 0.5s in every hit of his Rhapsody attacks.

Marksman hero in white carrying a violin
Granger Lightborn Overrider Skin

Ultimate Skill: Death Sonata
Granger activates the cannon mode of his violin to shoot two super bullets at a time. The super bullets will bypass minions and hit an enemy hero directly. Each bullet will explode if a target is successfully hit and will deal 80 + 70% Total Physical Attack + 12% of the target’s lost HP. Nearby enemies will receive the same damage and will be slowed by 80%. Granger can hop to a selected area after every use of this skill. Every remaining bullet will reduce the cooldown of Death Sonata by 15% once it ends.

Best Granger Build


Tough Boots. Aside from boosting his Movement Speed, this affordable item will reduce the time Granger is controlled in case he got caught by a CC attack. This will also give him slight Magic Damage protection.

Global Top 1 Granger Build - Mobile Legends
Best Granger Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Hunter Strike. This next item is a must for Granger because its passive feature will significantly boost his Movement Speed if he deals with 5 succeeding attacks. On top of that, he will get cooldown reduction, Physical Penetration and high Physical Damage.

Endless Battle. The passive feature of this item will boost Granger’s Basic Attack every time he cast his skills. This will also give him an HP increase, cooldown reduction, lifesteal and significant Physical Damage.

Brute Force Breastplate. Boosting his HP and Physical Defense with this item will keep him sustained in the game. It will also continue to increase both his Physical and Magic defense every time he uses his skills.

Marksman hero as a decepticon
Granger Transformers Megatron Skin

Late Game Items

Blade of Despair. This late-game item will give Granger the highest Physical Damage that gets boosted even more if the target’s HP is less than half. It will also give him a slight Movement Speed boost.

Malefic Roar. To counter enemies with high Physical Defense in the late part of the game, this armor-busting weapon will help Granger continue to inflict painful attacks. The Physical Penetration of this item goes higher, the higher the target’s Physical Defense is.

Granger Emblem Set

The Global Top 1 Granger player found it more effective to use the Custom Assassin Emblem set for this hero since his attacks are not comparable to a typical marksman. The features of this emblem fit Granger’s skills more because most of his attacks have a burst effect and don’t rely on attack speed. Let’s check the proper configuration for this emblem that worked well with our top player.

Killing spree, Agility and Invasion configuration for Level 60 emblem
Custom Assassin Emblem configuration for Granger

For the first feature, he selected and maxed out Agility to boost Granger’s Movement Speed. As a squishy hero who is heavy on escaping and chasing, this would definitely suit him well. The next feature he maxed out is Invasion to increase his Physical Penetration and make his attacks armor-busting even at the start of the game.

For the emblem’s ultimate feature, he picked Killing Spree. This will help Granger regain some of his lost HPas he continuously eliminates his enemies.

Battle Spell

Retribution. Even as a marksman, Granger is flexible enough to take the core player role earning him the authority to use retribution. His killer combos are great for assisting allies and his burst damage is powerful during team fights. Getting the buffs will amplify his powerful skills even further.

Battle spell to quickly kill jungle monsters
Retribution is the highly recommended spell for Granger

Flicker. If you’re taking the Gold Lane, this spell would be a great option for him because it can serve as a backup for his second skill when it’s on cooldown.  

Sprint. This Movement Speed booster would be a good option as well. Aside from helping you escape, it will also allow you to better chase your enemy and align your straight attacks more effectively because of your speed advantage.

Granger Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Rhapsody. Prioritize Granger’s first when upgrading because of its powerful rapid damage.

Marksman attacking Chou with his ultimate skill
Granger’s Ultimate Skill: Death Sonata

Death Sonata. This explosive ultimate skill should have the highest upgrade priority. It can inflict high damage to multiple enemies.

Rondo. This is great for chasing and escaping while its slight buff is useful as well but there’s no need to make it a priority when upgrading.

Granger Combo

First Combo:
Second Skill + First Skill 
Use this combo at the start of the game before your ultimate skill is unlocked. It’s ideal to start the combo with his second skill because it will buff his first two attacks and its cooldown will be reduced every time a bullet of his first skill successfully hits the target.

Marksman hero killing 5 enemies in one instance
Savage Kill by Granger

Second Combo: 
Second Skill + First Skill + Ultimate Skill + Move Button + Ultimate Skill + Move Button + Ultimate Skill + Move Button
For this second combo, the ultimate skill is placed last because its damage increases based on the lost HP of the target. The direction of the Move Button will depend if you’re being chased or if you’re the one chasing the enemy.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Granger is one of the master pokers in the game because of his dash and barrage attack. The cooldown of his blink is short enough for him to quickly back off after doing a surprise bullet barrage. You can keep on attacking your target as you move backward.

Farm. Marksman heroes heavily rely on items so farming efficiently is very important.  Getting your strong items rapidly will help you dominate the game. Never miss getting the crab and minion waves. If you’re playing as a core hero, make sure to get all of the jungle monsters and buffs to level up faster and be able to assist your teammates better. Don’t give your enemies that chance to get the turtle.

Triple kill by marksman hero in MLBB
Granger is on a killing spree on the battlefield!

Roam. You’re expected to visit every lane and help your allies as you farm when playing the core hero. However, never neglect to kill the jungle monsters because they will help you level up so it’s more efficient to visit the closest lane to the last jungle monster you killed. When the enemy engages in a duel with your ally, it will stay put so that’s when you jump in for a surprise attack to kill it.

Team Fight. Always stay at the back of the tank or fighter and avoid initiating a team fight because you’re a squishy hero. When the enemies gather close together during a clash, make the most out of your ultimate skill’s splash damage and barrage them immediately. The high group damage will give your team a great advantage.

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