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Best Beatrix Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Beatrix is the Dawnbreak Soldier of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She was born to a wealthy merchant family in Castle Gorge. Since her parents are always away because of business trips, Beatrix was mostly alone but free to do everything she wants. She was spoiled with toys but what caught her attention are the gadgets they brought from Eruditio. These sparked her interest in technology.

Best Beatrix Build and Guide - Mobile Legends
Beatrix in her sniper rifle

Beatrix was so gifted in learning technology that she even created her own laboratory at home. When she felt that she reached her peak of what she could learn on her own, she went to Eruditio to study the most advanced technologies. She excelled as a student but she made a proposal similar to what the evil scientists of Laboratory 1718 were doing so they shut her off from the Leviathan workshop.

Months later, Beatrix came back to Eruditio with a breakthrough technology that allows the user to control avatars with their minds for safe fighting. Plenty of participants lined up to join out of fascination and because of its large prize money. During the event, the hackers of Laboratory 1718 took control of her technology and the Iron Guardian robots under the Eruditio Congress building.

They wreaked havoc in the streets of Eruditio and the crisis seemed unstoppable. Surprisingly an airship arrived and barraged the enemies with its powerful weapons. The airship was controlled by Beatrix and she helped the guards of Eruditio regain control over the robots and their system. Peace was brought back and Dr. Rooney allowed Beatrix to have access to the Leviathan workshop again because of her outstanding help during the crisis.

Beatrix Overview

Beatrix is a marksman hero who is known for uniquely possessing four types of firearms. She can switch to a particular weapon that will work best against the kind of enemy she’s facing. Her skills are rich in AoE and Burst damage. With the right gameplay, combo and items, she’s a hero to be feared on the battlefield.

Best Beatrix player of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Global Top 1 Beatrix – 90.7% Win Rate

The effective approach of the current Global Top 1 Beatrix player Super Carviii will be one of the references in this guide. We will examine his best Beatrix build and study how his choice of spell, emblem and items will help you significantly improve your performance in the game when using this hero.


Passive: Mechanical Genius
Beatrix’s talent in technology lets her summon 4 types of weapons with varying firepower. Her attacks cannot inflict Critical Damage but every single percentage of Critical Attacks will be converted into Physical Attacks.
– Renner (Sniper Rifle) Basic Attack
  Fire a high-damage shot in a straight direction to deal +350% – 525% Total Physical Attack Damage to the first enemy hit. 
– Bennett (Rocket Launcher) Basic Attack
  Bombard a selected area to deal +180% – +320% Total Physical Attack to all enemies while reducing their Movement Speed by 30% for 0.5 seconds. (75% for creeps).
– Wesker (Shotgun) Basic Attack
  Fire 5 shots to an enemy where each shot deals +125% – +195% Total Physical Attack Damage. A target hit by multiple shots will receive decayed damage of 40%. (75% for creeps).
–  Nibiru (Hand Gun) Basic Attack
   Barrages 4 consecutive shots where each one deal +50% – 67.5% Total Physical Attack Damage (75% for creeps).

Beatrix Story - MLBB
Basic Stats of Beatrix

First Skill: Masterful Gunner
Passive: This increases her Physical Attack by 5 and allows her to carry two weapons that can be quickly switched.
Active: Beatrix can switch to her second weapon within 0.6 seconds to have another attack method and a different Ultimate skill.

Second Skill: Tactical Reposition
Beatrix dashes to a selected area as she reloads her weapon.

Ultimate Skills:

– Renner’s Apathy
Beatrix aims her sniper rifle to deal 700 + 280% Total Physical Attack Damage to the target hit. 
It has 50% Physical Lifesteal but Spell Vamp won’t have an effect on it. 
Her aim time is up to 20 seconds. 
– Bennet’s Rage 
Beatrix unleashes 5 rockets in a large area to deal 580 + 225% Total Physical Attack Damage to the enemies hit and will slow them by 30%. Hitting the same target with multiple rockets will have a damage decay of 20%. 
It has a 25% Physical Lifesteal but Spell Vamp won’t have an effect on it.
– Wesker’s Elation 
Beatrix triggers her shotgun to deal 295 + 110% Total Physical Attack Damage per bullet. If the same enemy is hit by multiple bullets there will be a 25% damage decay.
It has 50% Physical Lifesteal but Spell Vamp won’t have an effect on it.
– Nibiru’s Passion 
Beatrix sends a rain of bullets to her enemies scattered in six directions that deal 200 + 60% Total Physical Attack Damage per hit. 
It has a 25% Physical Lifesteal but Spell Vamp won’t have an effect on it.

Marksman carrying a rocket launcher - Mobile Legends
Beatrix Space Agent Skin

Special: Need Backup
If Beatrix is not engaged in a battle for 3 seconds she can contact her Butler Morgan to send her a backup weapon crate.
Beatrix can only pick two firearms that she can use as her primary and secondary weapons.

Best Beatrix Build


Swift Boots. As a marksman hero, boosting her attack speed using this item will help her farm faster and increase her edge against her enemy. The Movement Speed boost is a must because she tends to move back and forth when attacking her enemies.

Global Top 1 Beatrix player item build
Best Beatrix Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Blade of Despair. Although mostly used in the late part of the game, this second item fits her burst damage attacks perfectly. This will help her dominate faster in the game with its high damage that increases the moment her target’s HP goes below half. It will slightly boost her Movement Speed as well. 

Hunter Strike. This will give her high Physical Damage, cooldown reduction and Physical Penetration. Its passive feature will help her chase or escape better because it will give her Movement Speed a boost after hitting her target five times in a row.

Malefic Roar. This is the epitome of all the armor-busters in the list because it has a high Physical Penetration which goes higher based on the Physical Defense of her target. It will also give her high Physical Damage.

Marksman hero barraging her two hand guns
Beatrix X-Factor Skin

Late Game Items

Blade of the Heptaseas. Her Basic Attack will tremendously increase if she doesn’t inflict or receive damage within 5 seconds. This is best partnered with her sniper rifle because of its high Basic Attack damage. On top of that, she will also get a high Physical Attack and a slight HP boost from this item.

Wind of Nature. This final item will help her survive in the late part of the game because of its Physical Damage immunity within 2 seconds. Aside from that, this item will also give her additional lifesteal, Attack Speed and Physical Attack.

Beatrix Emblem Set

Our Global Top 1 player found it best to use the Custom Marksman Emblem set for Beatrix. The default features of this emblem will help optimize her skills, damage and mobility which is well-suited for her role. The next thing we need to find out is the best configuration for it that is used by our top player.

Emblem for Physical Attack, Attack Speed, Physical Penetration & Crit chance
Custom Marksman Emblem configuration for Beatrix

He started by maxing out Bravery to increase Beatrix’s Physical Attack. This is expected since the only other two options are related to Crit and Lifesteal. She can’t have Crit damage and her attacks have lifesteal already. For the second feature, she maxed out Agility to increase her Movement Speed. Chasing and escaping will always be a part of this game so boosting the hero’s Movement Speed is a must.

For the final feature, she picked Weapon Master to further increase the damage of her weapon. This is like a buff but for weapons. It’s clear that he has a heavy focus on getting the strong items as soon as possible because their damage will get boosted by this feature.

Battle Spell

Flicker. This battle spell will increase Beatrix’s chance of survival while giving her a chase ability. It can also serve as a backup if her second skill is on cooldown.

Teleport spell of Mobile Legends
Flicker is the highly recommended spell for Beatrix

Beatrix Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Masterful Gunner. Make it a priority to upgrade this first skill because it will increase her Physical Attack while shortening its cooldown. A lower cooldown lets her switch from one weapon to another more often.

Renner’s Apathy/Bennet’s Rage/Wesker’s Elation/Nibiru’s Passion. Upgrade her ultimate skill as soon as it’s ready since it’s her most powerful attack.

Female hero in pink hair aims sniper rifle to target
Beatrix’s Ultimate Skill: Renner’s Apathy

Tactical Reposition. Since this is merely for chasing, escaping and reloading—you don’t have to prioritize upgrading it.

Beatrix Combo

There are many combos that you can use for Beatrix because she has four types of firearms. We have some examples below but there are more you can combine depending on the situation.

First Combo: (Sniper Rifle)
Basic Attack + Basic Attack + Second Skill + Basic Attack + Flicker + Basic Attack
Use this combo at the start of the game before reaching level 4. It’s ideal to use the sniper rifle at the start of the game because it allows you to attack at a safe distance and you’ll most likely face one or two enemies only.

20 kills with low death by marksman female hero
Legendary Win by Beatrix

Second Combo: 
Ultimate Skill (Sniper Rifle) + Basic Attack + First Skill + Second Skill + Ultimate Skill (Handgun)
This combo is best done while hiding inside the bush so that your target won’t have the chance to evade your ultimate skill. 

Third Combo:
Ultimate Skill (Rocket Launcher) + First Skill + Second Skill + Ultimate Skill (Handgun)
This combo is ideal for team fights because both deal AoE damage. Use your high-damage rockets to slow down your enemies. As they try to move back out, use your second skill to get near them before pouring the rain of bullets with your handgun.

Fourth Combo:
Ultimate Skill (Sniper Rifle) + First Skill + Second Skill + Ultimate Skill (Shotgun)
Use this combo if you only have one enemy. It’s better if there are no minions around because they tend to block these weapons.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Beatrix’s sniper rifle is the perfect poking weapon because of its long range and high damage. Its disadvantage is that it can be easily evaded so it’s recommended to use it inside the bush if possible. Keep hitting your target then move back out as you reload. If you’re lucky, you might be able to get the first blood.

Farm. We can see that our Global Top 1 player has a heavy emphasis on immediately completing the item build so don’t neglect to farm. Take advantage of your sniper rifle’s high damage and long range to steal the crab. Use your handgun when trying to kill moving targets like the lithowanderer. 

Beatrix eliminates Valir
Beatrix is on a killing spree!

Ambush. Since you’re also a sniper, it’s a given that you should patiently wait for your target before surprising it with your powerful attack. If your hands and eyes are fast enough, you don’t need to wait for the sniper’s line guides to perfectly align. You can shoot your ultimate skill the moment the main line points to the enemy.

Team Fight. Take advantage of your AoE weapons to hit as many enemies as you can during team fights. It’s recommended to use the rocket launcher and handgun because both of their ultimate skills have high damage AoE.

Ultimate Spam. What’s great about Beatrix is that she can use four ultimate skills and each one have its own cooldown. To spam her four ultimate skills, simply attack your enemies with the ultimate skills of your first set of weapons and then hide behind the tower to get your second set of weapons. After that, go back to the clash to attack your enemies with two more ultimate skills.

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