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Best Lunox Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Lunox is the Twilight Goddess of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Her story accounts that there was a final battle and a Twilight Orb absorbed the energies of a mysterious mage to allow a girl who was covered by the energy of Chaos and Order to step out.

Best Lunox Build - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Lunox is balancing the powers of Order and Chaos

Her origin is a mystery but it was known that she has the power to project her dream into reality and change it. She later received a revelation to balance the forces of Chaos and Order using her dreamland ability.

Out of her love for the world, she took the task and took the two powers together in her dreamland to become united with the Twilight Orb. The cost of her action has put her in an endless sleep. Prior to that, a mysterious voice gave an assurance that she’d wake up one day to fulfill her fate of finding the other Twilight Orbs that were forgotten since ancient times.

Lunox Overview

Lunox is a mage hero who is highly recognized for her signature ethereal transformation that gives her immunity to all kinds of attacks. Her skills are composed of burst, buff, slow and damage immunity. With the right moves, combo, positioning and items she can powerfully dominate the game.

Best Lunox player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Lunox – 86.5% Win Rate

This guide will adopt some of the effective practices of the Global Top 1 Lunox player ashton. We will be following his best Lunox build and then dissect his choice of spell, emblem and items to learn how they helped him get a high win rate for this hero.


Passive: Dreamland Twist
Lunox won’t be able to reduce the cooldown of her skills. Every cooldown reduction she gets will be converted into 80% Magic Penetration if she’s in Chaos mode and 180% will be converted into Physical and Magic Defense if she’s in Order mode.

Lunox Story
Basic Stats of Lunox

First Skill: 
Starlight Pulse
Lunox pours starlight rain on all enemies nearby to deal 200 + 110% Total Magic Power Damage while recovering 60 + 20% Total Magic Power HP. This effect is doubled if an enemy hero is hit.
This skill adds a stack of Power of Order
Chaos Assault
Lunox fires Chaos Energy forward to deal 200 + 120% Total Magic Power Damage plus 2.5% of the Max HP of the enemy (100% for creeps). This will slow the target by 10% for 1 second.
This skill adds a stack of Power of Chaos

Second Skill: Cosmic Fission
Lunox unleashes the power of Order and Chaos in a straight line to deal 300 + 150% Total Magic Power Damage to all enemies in its path while applying 40% Movement Speed reduction for 2 seconds.

Colorful angelic hero with contrasting dress colors
Lunox Dawn Revelation Skin

Ultimate Skill: Order & Chaos
Lunox can cast the ultimate power of Chaos or Order depending on her stack.
If she’s in Chaos mode, she can unleash her Darkening power to dash to a selected area and continuously use Chaos Assault without any cooldown. 
If she’s in Order mode, she can transform into Brilliance which allows her to continuously attack her enemies while in an invulnerable state.

Best Lunox Build


Clock of Destiny. This item will bulk up Lunox’s HP while increasing her Magic Damage and Mana. As the clock moves, all of the three features will be enhanced. 

Global Top 1 build for Lunox
Best Lunox Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Demon Shoes. The mobility enhancement that this item provides will help Lunox’s fulfill her role better as a mid-lane hero because she needs to respond to her teammates during clashes. Its mana regen will help her cast her skills more and remove her need to go back to the base to replenish it.

Genius Wand. This will significantly increase her Magic Damage while slightly improving her Movement Speed. Its passive feature will make her attacks armor-busting because of its Magic Penetration and continuous Magic Defense reduction as she attacks her target.

Holy Crystal. Huge Magic Damage is what this item offers. On top of its high default Magic Damage, it adds up to a third of her overall Magic Damage as extra Magic Damage. 

Lunox wearing a hood while glowin in yellow and red
Lunox Eyes of Eternity Skin

Late Game Items

Lightning Truncheon. Multiple enemies will receive her attack with this powerful item because it can echo it to up to 3 enemies. It will also add up to 1,000 extra Magic Damage based on the user’s maximum mana. Beyond the attacks, it will increase her mana pool while giving her a slight cooldown reduction. Based on her passive feature, the cooldown reduction will be converted to either Magic Penetration or Shield depending on her state.

Divine Glaive. This late-game item will help Lunox continue inflicting powerful damage despite the enemies’ Magic Defense because of its armor-busting feature. Its default Magic Penetration, which is already exceptionally high, will increase further based on the Magic Defense of the target.

Lunox Emblem Set

It’s no surprise that the Custom Mage Emblem set was picked by our Top Global Lunox player because she’s a pure mage. Its basic components like Magic Power, Magic Lifesteal, Magic Penetration, Cooldown Reduction and Movement speed are all beneficial to Lunox. Let’s check what effective configuration he picked for this emblem.

Mage Emblem config with Flow, Observation & Mystery Shop
Custom Mage Emblem configuration for Lunox

For the first feature, he maxed out Flow to increase Lunox’s Magic Power. This will make her attacks more damaging even at the start of the game. For the second feature, he maxed out Observation to increase her Magic Penetration. This is just the start of her method to counter her target’s defense.

For the last feature, he selected Mystery Shop to lower the cost of the items. He’s clearly eager to complete her item build to hasten Lunox’s dominance on the battlefield.

Battle Spell

Flicker. Since the strategy for Lunox is heavy on chasing and escaping, this battle spell is recommended for her. It’s currently being used by our Global Top 1 Lunox player.

Mobile Legends Battle Spell for dash
Flicker is the highly recommended spell for Lunox

Flameshot. This is another spell to consider for Lunox if her offense side is your focus because the damage of this spell increases based on the Magic Power of the user. It’s not completely an offensive spell because it has a feature that allows her to knock back her enemy who managed to get close to her.

Lunox Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Starlight Pulse/Chaos Assault. Make it a priority to upgrade this first skill because of its multiple features like heal, slow, AoE and burst damage. It also has a very short cooldown.

Lunox is in an invulnerable state
Lunox Ultimate Skill: Order & Chaos (Brilliance)

Order & Chaos. Upgrade her ultimate skill as soon as it’s available because it can be used in two different modes which can powerfully damage the enemy or make her immune to attacks.

Cosmic Fission. There’s no need to prioritize upgrading her second skill but it doesn’t mean that it’s not important. Its Movement Speed reduction is critical when chasing an enemy or when trying to escape.

Lunox Combo

First Combo:
First Skill (Dark/Light) + Second Skill + First Skill(Dark/Light) + Basic Attacks
This is one of the recommended combos before unlocking your ultimate skill. If you’re HP is full and you want to go full offensive, you can use the Dark attack combo.
If you’re trying to heal and you’re dealing with more than one enemy, you can use the Light attack combo instead.

11 kills, 0 deaths and 8 assists in Mobile Legends
Legendary Win by Lunox

Second Combo:
One Dark Element Stack
Ultimate Skill(Dark) + Second Skill + First Skill(Dark) x N

Dash near your enemy using her Dark ultimate skill and then immediately attack it with your second skill to slow it down. Barrage it with your Dark first skill further. This is ideal to use when facing one enemy.

Third Combo: 
One Light Element Stack
First Skill(Light) + Second Skill + First Skill(Light) + Ultimate Skill(Light)

This combo is ideal to use when facing several enemies because of its AoE. 

Ultra Combo:
First Skill(Light) + Second Skill + First Skill(Light) + Ultimate Skill(Light) + First Skill(Dark) + Second Skill + First Skill(Dark) + Ultimate Skill + First Skill(Dark) x N
What’s great about Lunox’s ultimate skills is that each one has its own cooldown. This means that after using your ultimate skill in Light mode, you can switch to Dark mode by casting the Chaos skill twice. After doing so, you should be able to use the Dark mode ultimate skill. This combo can be used in vice versa which means you can also start in Dark mode. 

Fighting Strategy

Poke. What makes Lunox a powerful poker is her ability to use her first skill to inflict damage or heal herself. Take advantage of that ability to harass the enemy you’re facing. If it manages to retaliate to your attack you can always heal by using your Light skill.

Roam. As a mage hero assigned in the middle lane, it will be easy for you to visit the other two lanes. Because of that, you’re expected to assist your teammates and even help kill the turtle. Help the core secure the turtle by joining in killing it. You can also distract the enemy who is trying to steal it.

Lunox eliminates Moskov in the game
Lunox is rampaging in the game!

Gank. When you visit an ally’s lane, hide in the bush and then wait for an opportunity to help if a duel starts. After that, use your second skill to slow down your enemy which will reduce its chance of escaping and then help your teammate barrage it with attacks.

Team Fight. Wait for the tank to initiate the fight and then use her AoE attacks so you can damage more enemies with your skills. Then, when you revert to your Chaos state, prioritize targeting the marksman or mage because of their high damage but squishy bodies.

Lord. What makes Lunox stand out from other mages is her capability to kill the Lord on her own. The moment she gets almost her strong items, you can use the recommended long combo above to kill the Lord. Some of your enemies might be surprised that a mage took down the Lord while they’re busy fighting your allies.

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