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Best Estes Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Estes is the Moon Elf King of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. His story accounts that he was born in the Tree of Life which is located in the middle of the Emerald Woodland. Estes was put to a long sleep during the second plain war because of his serious injury. 

Best Estes Build and Guide - Mobile Legends
Estes: The Moon Elf King

When the orcs and humans engaged in a war in their woodlands, Miya took charge in leading their kind since Estes was unavailable. She successfully rallied all of the moon elves to protect their homeland until the war was over. However, their greatest enemy is not fighting them with force but with influence. With the help of Alice, the young elves have fallen into the deception and cult of the Abyss. 

One stormy evening, the great elven king Estes woke up from deep sleep. He was outraged after learning about the kind of evil that was creeping into his people. With the empowerment of the moon and the Code of the Moonlight in his hands, he made an oath to repel all of the enemies of the moon elves.

Estes Overview

Estes is a support hero who is highly recognized for his powerful group healing ability. He’s practically the team’s doctor/medic. His skills are composed of buff, Area of Effect, slow effect, Crowd Control and of course—heal. His continuous group healing ability is somehow bulking up the HP of his allies because they’re constantly replenished during battle. He may not get the glory of having several kills but he plays a significant role in enabling his teammates to do so.

Best Estes player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Estes – 94% Win Rate

This guide will reference the best practices of the current Global Top 1 Estes player El Chonkyino.. We will be exploring his best Estes build and then inspect his choice of spell, emblem and items to understand how their features will work great with his abilities.


Passive: Scripture of the Moon Elf
Code of Moon Elves is a form of energy that stacks up into Estes gradually. When it reaches 100, it will buff his next Basic Attack which will deal 250 + 100% Total Magic Power Damage to his target. Enemies near his target will receive 125 + 50% Total Physical Attack + 75% Total Magic Attack Power Damage and will be slowed by 50% for 1.5 seconds.

Estes Story - Mobile Legends
Basic Stats of Estes

First Skill: Moonlight Immersion
Estes immediately replenishes the HP of his target hero by 250 + 70% Total Magic Power. He will also create a link between his nearby ally while continuously healing its HP by 325 + 30% Total Magic Power. The link will also boost his Physical Attack and Magic Power and the intensity will depend on the number of allies attached to him. His Code of the Elf recharge speed will increase and his Movement Speed will have a 15% boost. If Estes and his linked ally moved too far from each other, their link will be broken.

Second Skill: Domain of Moon Goddess
Estes summons a flood of moonlight to a selected location to deal 350 + 70% Total Magic Power Damage to all enemies inside it. Then, it will transform into a domain of the Moon Goddess. If an enemy hits the domain’s barrier, it will be slowed by 90% for 1.5 seconds.

A mage wearing black and silver cape with magic in his hand
Estes Blacklist International Skin

Ultimate Skill: Blessing of Moon Goddess
Estes unleashes an enhanced version of the Moonlight Immersion instantly to all allies nearby within 8 seconds. Estes will continuously replenish his HP by 1260 + 105% Total Magic Power. 

Best Estes Build


Tough Boots. The moment your enemies realize your importance in strengthening the team, you’ll become a top target—especially by Crowd Control attacks. Having a Magic Defense using this item will reduce the Crowd Control effects that you receive. It also has a passive feature that will further reduce the control time if you get such attacks. Its Movement Speed booster will help you catch up with your fast allies that you’re linked in.

Global Top 1 Estes Build - Mobile Legends
Best Estes Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Dominance Ice. This item will give you a tremendous amount of Physical Defense and Mana while slightly boosting your Movement Speed. Its passive feature will make your presence hated by your enemies because it will reduce their Attack Speed while reducing their shield and HP regeneration as well. 

Athena’s Shield. Enormous Magic Defense and HP boost is what this item is about. It will greatly reduce the amount of Magic Damage he receives especially from the likes of Eudora or Karina who deal with concentrated Magic Attacks. Its passive feature even creates a shield that will further reduce the Magic Damage. It also has an HP regeneration feature.

Immortality. After his boosted Magic Defense, this next item will increase his Physical Defense again while boosting his HP. Its most important feature is resurrection because the enemies will most likely attack him first. While the enemies are busy attacking Estes to death, his allies will be attacking his attackers. He could heal himself and his allies after the resurrection.

An elf mage in green attire - MLBB
Estes Rattan Dragon Skin

Late Game Items

Enchanted Talisman. Since the late part of the game will be more skill intensive, having this additional source of mana will allow Estes to cast his skills more and help his teammates. This will also give him a decent amount of HP, Magic Power and cooldown reduction.

Oracle. This final item will boost his HP regeneration and Shield absorption which will help him stay in the fight longer. It will also increase his HP, Magic Defense and cooldown reduction. 

Estes Emblem Set

Our Global Top 1 Estes player is currently using the Custom Support Emblem set for this hero. The hybrid nature of this emblem is a perfect fit for Estes since he deals with both Physical and Magic Attacks. Let’s examine his configuration to learn how he is optimizing this emblem.

Support Emblem - Agility 1 point, Mastery 2 points, Recover 3 point & Pull Yourself Together
Custom Support Emblem configuration for Estes

For the first feature, he selected 1 point of Agility. While the emblem has a default Movement Speed increase, adding that extra speed will help Estes roam and respond faster. For the next feature, he selected 2 points of Mastery for cooldown reduction. This will help Estes cast his skills more and support his team better. For the third feature, he maxed out Recovery to boost his regeneration feature. This will help him heal faster and stay longer in the game.

For the final feature, he selected Pull Yourself Together to reduce his respawn time and the cooldown of his battle spell. Since Estes is subject to being a locked-down target, dying in the game would be unavoidable most of the time so managing it by reducing his respawn time will help him get back immediately to help the team. Even if he manages to avoid death, the cooldown reduction of his battle spell will also help him a lot. 

Battle Spell

Purify. This battle spell is the choice of our current Global Top 1 Estes player to ensure that Estes could keep on supporting his team despite getting hit by Crowd Control attacks. He is most likely to be hit by AoE Crowd Control attacks since he needs to get near his allies to maintain their link. 

Battle spell to cleanse debuffs
Purify is the highly recommended spell for Estes

Revitalize. You can also consider using this game-recommended spell for Estes to add an extra healing feature for his team. 

Estes Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Moonlight Immersion. Prioritize upgrading this first skill because it allows Estes to fulfill his main purpose of healing his teammates while buffing his attacks. 

Support hero healing multiple allies in Mobile Legends
Estes’ Ultimate Skill: Blessing of Moon Goddess

Blessing of Moon Goddess. Upgrade this ultimate skill as soon as it is ready because of its instant team heal. It will immensely boost his first skill while allowing him to link to more allies. 

Domain of Moon Goddess. This skill is good for group damage and slow but you don’t need to rush upgrading it.

Estes Combo

First Combo: 
Enhanced Basic Attack + Second Skill + Basic Attacks + First Skill + Basic Attacks
This is an example combo that you can use before unlocking your ultimate skill. Start by being offensive. After receiving damage from your enemies’ retaliation, that’s when you use your first skill to heal yourself and your allies. Since your link enhances your Physical and Magic Power, barrage your enemies with Basic Attacks to help your allies fight the enemies.

Support hero with 27 assists and 5 kills
Expert Wingman Win by Estes

Second Combo: 
Enhanced Basic Attack + Second Skill + First Skill + Ultimate Skill + First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attacks
This combo starts similarly to the one above. Take note that you should use your first skill first before using your ultimate skill because it resets the cooldown of the first skill. This will enhance your magic healing power. That’s the reason why the combo has two of the first skills before and after the ultimate skill. 

These are just some example combos that you can use for Estes. The sequence of the attacks will always depend on the situation and the type of enemies you’re playing. There are times that you might need to reserve the Second Skill for enemies with escape abilities. You might also need to start with the ultimate skill if a surprise attack left your team with very little HP.

Fighting Strategy

Assist. At the start of the game, an arrow will direct you to the Gold Lane which is also the lane of the marksman. Perhaps they made it the default route because marksman heroes are squishy but deal high damage. Help the marksman farm and secure the crab because they can dominate the game once they get their strong items. If the marksman you’re assisting is not performing as expected, you might need to shift your help to the highest performing player.

Estes Monster Kill
Estes doesn’t just heal but can kill as well

Roam. After successfully helping an ally eliminate an enemy in one lane, you can visit another lane to help your other allies. Immediately heal an ally engaged in a fight and then use your second skill to slow down the enemy if it’s trying to escape. Your enhanced basic attack would be a great help as well. You can also assist your core hero by healing it as it attacks the turtle.

Team Battle

Team Fight. This is the part where you’ll stand out because you can provide enormous healing power to several teammates all at once. If you can sense that a team fight is about to start, use the Quick Chat to message your team to gather for a team fight. When the clash begins, don’t use your ultimate skill immediately. Start with your first skill to heal your most hit ally and then use your ultimate skill the moment you see that the rest of your allies are starting to get damaged. It’s useless to use your ultimate skill if the HP of your allies are full. Your enemies might even fall back the moment they see that your ultimate skill is active and will just fight your team again when it’s already on cooldown.

Survive. Our Global Top 1 player has a tank build for Estes because it’s very important that he stays alive to constantly heal his teammates. Be alert to use purify when hit by Crowd Control attacks. Always position yourself to where you’re surrounded by your allies so that they can attack those who are attacking you. In case you’re in a situation where you’re all alone and chased by an enemy, you should take note that your first skill and ultimate skill can still heal you even if you’re not linked to any ally. You can also use your second skill to slow down the enemy chasing you.

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