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Best Chang’e Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Chang’e is the menace moon child of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She is the youngest apprentice of The Great Dragon. Despite her young age, she managed to master The Sacred Satellite which is one of the Hidden Land’s most powerful spells. Because of her exuding energy and playfulness, she is sometimes causing some trouble so The Great Dragon assigned Zilong to look after her. 

Chang'e classic skin in Oriental background - Mobile Legends
Chang’e: The Menace Moon Child

They both practiced magic together and he treated her as his little sister. When Zilong found the Moon Rabbit, he gave it to her as a gift. Zilong thought of helping Chang’e improve her magic skills with the help of the divine rabbit. When an interplanetary war broke out, Zilong had to leave for some time. While he was away, Chang’e misbehaved again but this time, she has a rabbit causing trouble with her.

This made The Great Dragon angry so he cast the rabbit away from his sanctuary. The rebellious rabbit didn’t learn and started another trouble so The Great Dragon decided to end its life. When the rabbit was about to be attacked, Chang’e came to rescue it and made a promise to make up for all of the troubles it caused by assisting Zilong. By this, The Great Dragon decided to protect Chang’e by giving her the Crescent Moon.

Chang’e Overview

Chang’e is a mage hero with a good set of Buff, Area of Effect and Burst damage. She can make her enemies frustrated and annoyed because her boosted Movement Speed and shield make it hard to catch and damage her. What’s more annoying is how she can shower you with meteors as you try to chase her.

Best Chang'e user in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Chang’e – 87.4% Win Rate

This guide will be based on the successful practices of the current Global Top 1 Chang’e who is Fatin Shidquia. We’ll examine her best Chang’e build and then inspect her choice of emblem, spell and items to understand how they can enhance this hero’s potential on the battlefield.


Passive: Trouble Maker
Chang’e’s basic attacks will leave a mark on her target. Each mark will increase her skills’ damage to the target by 2% up to 40%.

Chang'e Story - Mobile Legends
Basic Stats of Chang’e

First Skill: Starmoon Shockwave
Chang’e throws a magic ball to a target area to deal 300 + 120% Total Magic Power Damage to all enemies along its path. This will slow them down by 20% for 1.5 seconds.

Second Skill: Crescent Moon
Chang’e gets a permanent shield from the Crescent Moon which is equal to 300 + 150% Total Magic Power. She’ll also get a 10% Movement Speed boost. On each skill cast, she’ll also gain an extra 50% Movement Speed increase that decays within 2.5 seconds.
Her Basic Attacks and skills will be enhanced by the Crescent Moon.
Enhanced Basic Attack: Her Basic Attack will deal 40 + 30% Total Physical Attack + 70% Total Magic Power Extra Damage.

Chang'e with her divine rabbit - MLBB
Chang’e Vine Cradle Skin

Ultimate Skill: Meteor Shower
Chang’e unleashes 30 Meteors in a selected direction within 4 seconds. Each meteor will deal 50 + 30% Total Magic Power Damage. It will deal 100% extra damage if it hits Minions or Creeps. Chang’e will have a 20% Movement Speed boost during the casting of this skill.
Crescent Moon: The Crescent Moon will shoot extra meteors that deal 33% extra damage.

Best Chang’e Build


Arcane Boots. It’s best to start her items list with an affordable Movement Speed booster that will make her Magic Damage more painful because of its Magic Penetration.

Global Top 1 player build for Chang'e - MLBB
Best Chang’e Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Genius Wand. This second item is another magic armor-buster because aside from its default Physical Penetration, its passive feature continually reduces the magic defense of the target as it gets hit. It will also give her a high Magic Damage and a slight Movement Speed boost.

Holy Crystal. High magic damage is what this item offers and its passive feature increases it further based on the overall Magic Power of the user. This will help Chang’e dominate the middle part of the game.

Divine Glaive. This is the ultimate magic armor-busting item. It has the highest magic penetration in the list and it even gets higher based on the magic defense of the target. The magic damage of this item is quite significant as well.

Sanrio theme of Mobile Legends
Chang’e Moon Artist Skin

Late Game Items

Fleeting Time. Aside from the high Magic Damage and mana it provides, the most beneficial feature of this item is its high cooldown reduction. This will allow Chang’e to spam her skills more—especially her ultimate skill.

Immortality. As the battle becomes more intense in the late part of the game, bulking up Chang’e’s HP and Physical Defense will further ensure her survival. If she gets caught in a really bad situation and gets eliminated, the resurrection feature of this item will give her a chance to escape.

Chang’e Emblem Set

The current Global Top 1 Chang’e player selected the Custom Mage Emblem set for this hero. This is not a surprise since Chang’e can be considered as a pure mage hero. The default features of this emblem will maximize her abilities but let’s check what configuration she used for this emblem.

Best emblem for Chang'e
Custom Mage Emblem configuration for Chang’e

For the first feature, she picked Agility to further boost Chang’e’s Movement Speed. Since Chang’e has plenty of native Movement Speed enhancers, this will make it harder for her enemies to chase her. For the second feature, she picked and maxed out Observation to improve Chang’e’s Magic Penetration. It’s clear that her focus is on making Chang’e’s attacks more armor-busting. Most of her selected items are high in Magic Penetration as well.

For the final feature, she picked Magic Worship. This will inflict thrice the burn to the target when it receives high Magic Attack damage three times. Melting her enemies with her magic is enhanced by this feature.

Battle Spell

Flameshot. This battle spell won’t just help Chang’e eliminate a target that managed to survive her attacks but it will also help improve her survivability with its knockback feature. Chang’e can also maximize the power of this spell because it scales based on the Magic Power of the user.

Best spell for Chang'e - MLBB
Flameshot is the highly recommended spell for Chang’e

Flicker. This second option should be considered if greater survivability is your focus. Like flameshot, it won’t just help Chang’e survive better but it can also help her kill better because she can use this to chase more effectively when an enemy blinks away.

Chang’e Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Starmoon Shockwave. Prioritize upgrading her first skill because of its high damage, slow effect and a short cooldown. Its damage even gets higher when Chang’e is buffed.

Mage hero attacking a marksman hero in Mobile Legends
Chang’e’s Ultimate Skill: Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower. This ultimate skill should be upgraded as soon as it’s ready because it’s her most powerful killer move. 

Crescent Moon. While this skill enhances the power of the skills above, there’s no rush in upgrading it. Activating it to have a shield and speed booster only needs to be done once unless your shield gets broken.

Chang’e Combo

Second Skill + First Skill + Ultimate Skill
It’s clear that Chang’e has a simple combo that is easy to execute. The idea behind this combo is simple, you need to activate the second skill to buff up her two other skills and boost her Movement Speed. Then, use the first skill to slow down the enemy and activate her extra magic damage from her passive skill. Finally, use her ultimate skill while the movement speed of the target is degraded.

High kills and no death by a mage
God Among Men win by Chang’e

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Take advantage of Chang’e’s long-range first skill to harass the enemy in her lane. Since her second skill boosts her attacks and Movement Speed, it will be easy for you to hit your target and then back off quickly to avoid retaliation.

Gank. As a mid-lane hero, you’re expected to visit the other lanes from time to time to help your allies. Simply hide inside the bush close to where you can quickly assist if a duel takes place. Use your first skill to slow down and damage the enemy to decrease its chances of escaping. Barrage it with your ultimate skill then use flameshot if it has very little life left.

Chang'e eliminate Eudora in the game
Chang’e massive kill in the battlefield

Team Fight. Always wait for a fighter or tank to initiate the fight before showing up to help since you’re a bit squishy before getting your last item. Since your first skill has AoE, point it in a direction that will hit the most number of enemies. Pick a good spot to use your ultimate skill where it won’t be blocked by the minions.

Do you know other tips for Chang’e? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

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