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Best Ling Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Ling is the Cyan Finch of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. After winning a contest against Zilong, he was frustrated that The Great Dragon didn’t choose him to become his successor. After this event, Ling left the Hidden Land of the Dragon and then trained hard on his own.

Lightweight assassin hero in MLBB
Ling: The Cyan Finch

Years later, an assassin faction called the “Finch” attacked the Hidden Land. Their leader managed to unlock the Sky Arch using his Defiant Sword. Since the Hidden Land is protected by enchantments and traps against trespassers, almost everyone failed to enter aside from their leader the Cyan Finch.

The Cyan Finch managed to sneak into the throne while the rest of the soldiers were checking the Sky Arch. The Great Dragon saw him and shook his head after recognizing that it was his former student Ling.

Ling in purple color - Mobile Legends
Ling: Night Shade Skin

Zilong suddenly appeared and Ling saw it as an opportunity to prove The Great Dragon wrong. During their powerful clash, Ling suddenly trembled after realizing that Zilong had the opportunity to strike him down with his spear but he withdrew it. Ling’s memories of his friendship with Zilong flashed back to him and he realized one thing. Zilong allowed himself to get defeated in their contest long ago to help him achieve his dreams.

Ling Overview

Ling is an assassin hero with a good set of Burst, Buff, Blink, AoE and Crowd Control skills. He is known for having one of the highest mobility in the game because he can leap on walls. The unpredictability of when and where he will show up makes him one of the most feared assassins.

Best Ling player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Ling – 86.5% Win Rate

The current Global Top 1 Ling is s i n x. After 902 games, he managed to maintain a win rate of 86.5%. We can see that most of his favorite heroes are assassins as well. This guide will help you figure out how his best Ling build and we’ll also have a breakdown of his selected emblem, spell and items.


Passive: Cloud Walker 
Ling can leap among walls because of his feathery weight. When he’s on a wall, he will earn 4 Lightness Points per second. If he deals damage, will earn 5 extra Lightness Points. 
Ling will have double the Crit Chance from varying sources but has 140% Crit Damage only.

Ling Story - Mobile Legends
Basic stats of Ling

First Skill: Finch Poise
Passive: Ling will have a 2.5% Critical Chance increase permanently.
Active: Ling activates his lightness ability to leap on top of a target wall. He’ll switch to half-stealth mode and improve his Movement Speed by 30% while gaining more lightness points quicker. The half-stealth mode will be disabled if he receives damage. If Ling gets controlled, he’ll fall from the wall and then be slowed down by 30% for 2 seconds. Jumping from one wall to another will reset the cooldown and refresh the half-stealth state.

Burst Damage Skills

Second Skill: Defiant Sword
Ling dashes to a selected location and then stabs all enemies along his path to deal 250 + 33% Total Physical Attack Damage.
If Ling is on the wall when this skill is used, he’ll unleash an attack wave with the same amount of damage and slow all enemies hit for 30% within 1.5 seconds. If it’s a critical attack, all enemies hit will get an extra 45% slow effect for 0.75 seconds.

The Defiant Sword is counted as a Basic Attack which can trigger attack effects. Each time an enemy gets hit, it restores 35 HP.

Ling in Chinese-themed skin - MLBB
Ling: Serene Plume Skin

Ultimate Skill: Tempest of Blades
Ling flies into the air and then becomes immune to all attacks. Meanwhile, he gains 10% extra Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds as he freely moves in the air. Ling smashes the ground as he lands to deal 250 + 100% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies covered in the area. Those who are in the center of the attack will be knocked up in the air for 1 second. 

Four Tempest of Blades will appear after the explosion at the edge of the sword field circle. If Ling touches them, it will reset the cooldown of the Defiant Sword and reduce the cooldown of Finch Poise by 4 seconds. Ling also gains 25 lightness points.

Best Ling Build


Warrior Boots. As a squishy hero, it’s best to start with an item that will bulk up Ling while improving his Movement Speed. Since his favorite target is marksmen heroes, having that Physical Defense against them increases his chances of survival when hunting them down.

Global Top 1 build for Ling in Mobile Legends
Best Ling Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Windtalker. Since Ling’s native feature is heavy on Critical Damage and mobility, this affordable item will help him boost both. The high attack speed he’ll get from it will allow him to farm faster and kill better.

Berserker’s Fury. This powerful item will further enhance his Critical Damage and Critical Chance while significantly increasing his base damage.

Endless Battle. To keep him sustained in the battle without the need to keep coming back to the base, this fourth item would be the best option. Aside from giving Ling lifesteal, it also adds high base damage, cooldown reduction, true damage and slight Movement Speed improvement. 

Futuristic Skin of Assassin Hero
Ling: MWorld Skin

Late Game Items

Malefic Roar. This late-game item will help Ling continue to deal painful damage despite the enemies’ increased armor. This has the highest Physical Penetration among all items. Its passive feature further increases its armor-busting feature as well.

Demon Hunter Sword. Also known as a Tank Killer, this item will help Ling swiftly damage high HP heroes. It adds damage that is almost a tenth of the overall HP of the enemy hero to his basic attacks. Definitely a suitable item in the late part of the game.

Ling Emblem Set

The Global Top 1 Ling player found it effective to use the Custom Jungle Emblem for this hero. As an assassin hero, the Custom Assassin Emblem is a great option as well but the gameplay of our top player is heavy on farming. The jungle emblem gives Ling a better chance to secure the Turtle and the Lord for the team. Let’s check what configuration worked best for him.

Jungle Emblem used by an assassin
Custom Jungle Emblem configuration for Ling

He started by maxing out Brutal for increased damage to Jungle Monsters and then he maxed out Swift for high Attack Speed. It’s clear that his focus is quickly killing all of the jungle monsters to level up faster and get more gold quicker.

For the final feature, he picked Demon Slayer. This will significantly increase his damage to the Lord, Turtle and Towers while reducing the target he gets from the Turtle and Lord.

Battle Spell

Retribution. Ling is one of the most ideal candidates for a core player role so the most recommended battle spell for him is retribution. Since the selected emblem for him is a jungle emblem, this definitely compliments the spell.

Best spell for Ling - Mobile Legends
Retribution is the highly recommended spell for Ling

Aegies of Immortal. If you’re not assuming the core player role, the other option for Ling is the Aegis of Immortal because of his squishiness despite his great damage. This will help him survive duels and team fights.

Ling Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Defiant Sword. This skill is Ling’s most powerful regular skill. It has a very short cooldown and high damage. It natively has an HP regen as well. Upgrading this second skill should be a priority. 

Ling casting his strongest skill to an enemy hero
Ling’s Ultimate Skill: Tempest of Blades

Tempest of Blades. Prioritize upgrading this ultimate skill. Aside from dealing high damage and Defiant Sword reset, it momentarily boosts Ling’s Movement Speed and gives him immunity from attacks.

Finch Poise. Since this skill is mostly used for climbing up walls and slightly increasing his Critical Chance—you don’t have a prioritize upgrading it.

Ling Combo

First Combo:
First Skill + Second Skill  + Basic Attacks + Second Combo + Ultimate Skill
Second Combo:
First Skill + Basic Attacks + Second Skill + Basic Attacks + Ultimate Skill

The combos above are just some examples of the most commonly used. You’re the one who can estimate what skill sequence should be used based on the situation you are in. You might even start with ultimate skill if a surprise attack takes place. 

260 Legendaries in Mobile Legends
Legendary win by Ling

Fighting Strategy

Core. Since Ling will mostly be used as the core hero, you’re expected to farm in the jungle area and get all the buffs. Considering your mobility, you can even steal the buffs in your enemy’s area. Make sure that you don’t let the enemy get the turtle and the Lord. Take note that your jungle emblem allows you to deal extra damage to the Turtle, Lord and Tower. Make the most out of it and push as well.

Ling killing Miya in Mobile Legends
Ling is going wild in the battlefield

Chase. Always check the map to see if there’s a low HP enemy who somehow managed to escape from your ally. Your exceptional mobility will allow you to chase and kill it. A few hops on the walls and a swift blow will do the trick.

Survive. Watch out for Franco’s hook, Selena’s stun and Ruby’s pull because they can still catch you even if you’re on top of the wall. If you’re caught by Lesley’s or Harley’s ultimate skill, you can use Ling’s ultimate skill to avoid death because of its momentary attack immunity.


Gank. Once you get the buffs, immediately visit your ally’s lane then position yourself to the best spot where you can immediately respond to a clash. Once a duel starts between them, swiftly hop into the fight to eliminate the enemy faster.

Team Fight. The moment one of your teammates initiates a team clash, prioritize finding the marksman then kill it because it’s mostly the highest damage dealer but is squishy. Take advantage of your ultimate skill to knock up enemies who are too close together. That short immobilization gives a big advantage during a clash.

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