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Kagura Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide | Mobile Legends

Kagura is the Onmyouji Master of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She is a descendant of the ancient yin yang master Seimei who was one of the earliest disciples of the Great Dragon. He learned how to control spirits and even raise the dead through yin yang. Seimei left his descendants a legacy through an umbrella empowered by 100 ghosts and with the wisdom of its own to choose its owner.

Mobile Legends Kagura Build - Lady in Kimono
Kagura: The Onmyouji Master of Mobile Legends

A shrine was built for the umbrella and people prayed to it for mastery of the yin yang arts. For centuries, the umbrella seemed lifeless and ordinary until one naughty girl went to its shrine. She climbed a tree to see what was inside the shrine. After reaching halfway, some adults saw her and scolded her which got her distracted so she fell. Hayabusa happened to be in the scene so he used his ninjutsu to catch her while hanging on one of the branches.

An umbrella appeared on top of them so they grabbed it and then it brought them down safely. Everyone who witnessed the miracle of the umbrella affirmed that Kagura was chosen to use it. It became her partner and it witnessed how she grew up from a kid to a young lady. When it was Hayabusa’s coming-of-age ceremony, she heard rumors that he was planning to leave the Cadia Riverlands. Even if it was heavily raining, she rushed in to find Hayabusa so she could join his journey.

Kagura Overview

Kagura is a mage hero who is known for her poke and surprise attacks. Her skill set is composed of Area of Effect, Crowd Control, Slow, Burst and Stun. She might seem sweet and mild but her killer combos are feared on the battlefield

Best player of Kagura in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Kagura of Mobile Legends: BondolSebastian

This guide will be exploring the effective strategies of the current Global Top 1 Kagura player BondolSebastian.. We’ll review his best Kagura build and then check why his choice of spell, emblem and items to understand what will help enhance Kagura’s performance in the game.


Passive: Yin Yang Gathering
When Kagura repossesses the Seimei Umbrella, she gains a shield with 280 + 50% Total Magic Power while stunning enemies around her for 0.5 seconds and then slowing them by 60% for 1 second.
The cooldown for this skill is 4.5 seconds.

Kagura Story - MLBB
Basic Stats of Kagura

First Skill: Seimei Umbrella Open
Kagura throws the umbrella to a selected area to deal 315 + 105% Total Magic Power Damage to all enemies hit while slowing them by 60% for 0.5 seconds. If Kagura moves too far away from the umbrella, it will automatically return to her.

Second Skill: Rasho Umbrella Flee
Kagura dispels all crowd control effects on her and then leaps to a selected area while leaving the Seimei Umbrella behind her.
When the umbrella is away: Kagura blinks to the location of the Seimei Umbrella and then grabs it which deals 300 + 90% Total Magic Power Damage to enemies close to her.

Female Japanese mage hero carrying a flower umbrella
Kagura Water Lily Skin

Ultimate Skill: Yin Yang Overturn
Kagura unleashes the power of the Seimei Umbrella to deal 330 + 105 Total Magic Power Damage to all nearby enemies. They will be knocked back and receive a 60% Movement Speed reduction for 0.5s.
When the umbrella is away: Kagura summons the power of the Seimei Umbrella to deal 290 + 70% Total Magic Power Damage to all enemies near the umbrella then reduce their Movement Speed by 60%. This will reset the cooldown of the Seimei Umbrella Open.
After 1.5 seconds enemies around the umbrella will be pulled to its center and receive 400 + 145% Total Magic Power Damage.

Best Kagura Build


Arcane Boots. Getting this item will make her attacks more painful at the start of the game because of its Magic Penetration feature. It will also improve her mobility which fits her well as a roaming hero.

Global Top 1 Kagura build - Mobile Legends
Best Kagura Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Clock of Destiny. This affordable main item covers three important aspects for Kagura. Magic Power, HP and Mana. She’ll boost all three and continue to improve them as the clock moves based on its passive feature. The HP boost is very important since she tends to jump inside the center of the battle.

Genius Wand. Kagura will get a high amount of Magic Power and a little Movement Speed with this item. It also has a magic armor-buster passive feature that keeps on stacking up as she continuously attacks her target.

Lightning Truncheon. This is one of the most powerful burst magic weapons for Kagura. Its passive feature will tremendously increase her Magic Damage based on her mana capacity. That’s on top of the high magic damage that it gives by default. It will also increase her mana and reduce her cooldown.

Woman mage in dragon theme
Kagura Soryu Maiden Skin

Late Game Items

Divine Glaive. Since most enemies will have high Magic Defense at the late part of the game, it’s important to have this magic armor-buster handy. This will give Kagura high magic damage and the highest Magic Penetration on the list. The higher the enemy’s magic defense is, the higher the magic penetration of this item becomes.

Holy Crystal. This final item will increase her overall Magic Damage by a large percentage. On top of that, it will give Kagura a very high initial Magic Damage.

Kagura Emblem Set

The Custom Mage Emblem was selected by the Global Top 1 Kagura player since she’s clearly a pure mage hero. Kagura will benefit from all the native features of this emblem but what is the best configuration that our top player used for it?

Recommended emblem for Kagura by the Global Top 1 player
Custom Mage Emblem configuration for Kagura

He started by maxing out Agility to boost Kagura’s Movement Speed since she’s a poke and roaming hero. For the second feature, he selected Observation to increase Kagura’s Magic Penetration. This will make her attacks armor-busting and painful even at the start of the game.

For the final feature, she picked Magic Worship. Since her attacks are rich in combos, this will benefit her greatly since 3 consecutive attacks will trigger its extra damage burn effect on the enemy.

Battle Spell

Flameshot. The top Kagura player is using this battle spell since its damage increases as the user’s magic power increases. Because of its very long range, it will let Kagura eliminate a target who managed to escape her combo but with little HP left.

This can also help Kagura survive if a melee attacker managed to get near her. The knockback feature of this spell will let her push the enemy away.

Flaming shot spell for female mage hero
Flameshot is the highly recommended spell for Kagura

Flicker. This mobility spell is another good option for Kagura since she tends to poke a lot. In case her native blink spell is still on cool down, she can use this as a backup.

Kagura Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Seimei Umbrella Open. Prioritize upgrading this first skill because of its high damage but low cooldown. It can slow down the enemies as well.

Strongest skill of Kagura - MLBB
Kagura’s Ultimate Skill: Yin Yang Overturn

Yin Yang Overturn. Upgrade this ultimate skill as soon as it’s available because this is Kagura’s most powerful skill.

Rasho Umbrella Flee. While it’s a powerful escape and chase ability—it’s not urgent to upgrade this skill.

Kagura Combo

First Combo:
First Skill + Second Skill + Second Skill
Before reaching level 4, use this combo at the start of the game. The moment your second skill hits your target, use it again to dash out to avoid retaliation.

Second Combo:
First Skill + Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + Ultimate Skill +  First Skill
Take note that after using the ultimate skill for the first time, the umbrella will release a power that will damage and slow down the target then pull it in after 1.5 seconds. 
Casting the second skill will stun it then the next ultimate skill will push it away. This will reset your first skill so you can use it again to secure the kill.
This combo is ideal when taking down a single target.

Dragon lady mage with umbrella in Mobile Legends
MVP Epic Comeback Win by Kagura

Third Combo:
First Skill + Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + First Skill
This next combo is almost identical to the first one but instead of using the first skill, you’re going to use the second skill to exit out to safety because you’re dealing with more enemies.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. The game describes Kagura as a Poke/Reap hero so take advantage of her first two skills to damage your enemy. If the target’s HP is low enough, use your stronger combo with her ultimate skill to instantly eliminate your target.

Time. Enemies who are familiar with Kagura’s attacks will blink away once they get hit by your umbrella so make sure to execute your combo with precise timing. Try to fake your attack with her first two skills until they’ve used flicker or other escape skills. Once their escape skills are on cooldown, that’s when you use your killer combo. Another sure way to hit your enemies is to wait for them to get engaged in a fight before barraging them with your combo.

Kagura Monster Kill in the battlefield
Kagura unleashing the monstrous power of her umbrella!

Gank. As a mid-lane hero, you should roam and help your teammates ambush an enemy. Start by visiting the lane of squishy heroes to have a high chance of a kill. Squishy heroes tend to have very high damage if left farming in their lanes. Once you get all of your strong items, you’ll be powerful enough to kill fighter heroes as well.

Team Fight. With Kagura’s powerful AoE attacks, you have a good chance to kill multiple enemies when your combos. As a mage, always stay at the back and wait for a tank or fighter to start the team fight. The moment you see your enemies grouped close together, take advantage of the situation to damage and stun most of them to give your team an advantage in the clash.

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