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Best Dyrroth Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Dyrroth is the Anakin Skywalker turned Darth Vader of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He was the celebrated royal baby from the moment he was born in the Moniyan Empire. The people saw him as an upcoming leader who would become a symbol of justice and salvation for their land.

Dyrroth V.E.N.O.M. Skin - MLBB
Dyrroth with his horrifying cobra

On his first birthday, everyone was shocked to find out that his bed is covered with blood and all of his guards are dead. Plenty of claw marks was found in his room. This brought great pain and sorrow to the entire empire. Some are still hoping that the prince is still alive somewhere while others believe that the demons already killed him.

After many years have passed, on the southern hill of the Moniyan Empire, a powerful new creature appeared and won a special battle against the strongest demons. He was specially trained in battle by Alice and Lord Lava himself. The title they gave him is the Son of Darkness.

Dyrroth Overview

Dyrroth is feared for his damaging burst strike, defense buster and resiliency in battle. He has a rare two-mode feature where his passive enhances his skills when he reached the rage state. His natural life-stealing ability (Spell Vamp) keeps him sustained in every battle.

Dyrroth Best Mobile Legends player
MLBB Global Top 1 Dyrroth Player – Raphael.

This guide will be based on the proven and tested strategy of the Global Top 1 Dyrroth player Raphael. We will have an analysis of the best build, emblem and spell that effectively worked with his gameplay that made him earn the highest spot for this hero.


Passive: Wrath of the Abyss
Dyrroth can enhance his Burst Strike and Spectre Step once he reached 50% of his rage state. Every two Basic Attacks, he will automatically launch a Circle Strike on his third attack. This will deal 140% Total Physical Attack Damage to multiple enemies hit by the circle and will restore his HP based on the amount of damage he made.
Successful enemy hits will have a 1-second reduction to the cooldown of his “Spectre Step” and “Burst Strike”.

Mobile Legends hero story
Basic Stats of Dyrroth

First Skill: Burst Strike
This is a series of power circles that Dyrroth throws to his enemies in a straight direction. Each power burst can deal 200 + 60% Total Physical Attack Damage to an enemy or group of enemies and will give a slow effect of 25% for 1 second.
Abyss Enhanced: This skill will boost the original damage to 140% and double its slow effect. The range of this attack will have a greater length.

Second Skill: Spectre Step
This gives Dyrroth the ability to leap in a selected direction. When he hits a target, he will stop and then deal 230 + 60% Extra Physical Attack Damage to enemies.
Using this skill again allows him to give a Fatal Strike to the target and deal 345 + 120% Extra Physical Attack Damage. The enemy’s Physical Defense will have a 50% reduction for 4 seconds.
Abyss Enhanced: This skill will raise the original damage to 150% and slow down the enemy by 90%. The Physical Defense reduction will be increased to 75% for 4 seconds.

Fighter vs Tank - MLBB
Dyrroth’s Spectre Step

Ultimate: Abysm Strike
Dyrroth releases a powerful Fatal Strike that deals 650 + 250% Extra Physical Attack Damage plus 20% of the target’s lost HP. This also has a slow effect of 55% for 0.8 seconds.

Best Dyrroth Build


Tough Boots. As a melee unit, getting the boots with Magic Defense for the first item would be the most practical for Dyrroth. Aside from giving him better mobility, it also reduces his magic control time to 30%. This will help Dyrroth recover faster when stunned and then utilize his HP restoration ability to quickly heal while fighting back.

Raphael. best build, emblem and spell for Dyrroth
Global Top 1 Player Best Dyrroth Build

War Axe. This weapon has a good balance of damage and added toughness. It may seem like it has low initial damage but its passive makes up for it. Its damage will keep on stacking up as the user keeps on hitting the target. It even adds a good percentage of movement speed. This works perfectly for Dyrroth considering that he’s meant to continuously attack an enemy and then chase it when its HP is low.

Dominance Ice. Although Dyrroth doesn’t need the added mana of this item, the rest of its features are very valuable for him. Since Dyrroth already has a Magic Defense from his Tough Boots, this item will significantly level up his Physical Defense this time. Its passive feature further enhances his armor-busting feature because it reduces the enemy’s shield and HP regeneration by half. It also slows down their attack speed and you get a slight movement speed increase.

Athena’s Shield. Immobilization from mages is Dyrroth’s greatest threat that’s why it’s best countered with more Magic Defense and higher HP. Nothing can accomplish it better than Athena’s Shield. Despite being a shield already, it also provides another extra layer of shield that reduces the Magic Damage received by a quarter. The small amount of HP regeneration it gives reduces your need to heal back at the base.

KOF skin - MLBB
Dyrroth in King of Fighters skin

Late Game Items

Malefic Roar. On top of Dyrroth’s armor-busting features, what else could be a better mix than this armor-piercing item? Tanks and heavily armored fighters would end up scratching their heads wondering how they were quickly killed by Dyrroth despite their heavy-plated bodies.

Immortality. This final item will make Dyrroth a more resilient fighter. Considering the HP restoration and Spell Vamp that he has, getting resurrected back then stealing your enemy’s life will turn your situation upside-down. It will be a big upset for your opponent who taught that he/she already won the fight. You may not even get to that point considering the large amount of HP and Physical Defense that this item is adding.

Dyrroth Emblem Set

Based on Mobile Legends’ Global Top 1 Dyrroth player, what worked really well for him in his long experience of playing Dyrroth is the Custom Fighter Emblem Set. Looking at his item line-up previously, we can see that the emphasis of his emblem configuration is heavy on magic and physical defense along with physical penetration. Let’s check each feature that he maximized for this emblem.

Best Emblem for Dyrroth - Mobile Legends
Custom Fighter Emblem configuration for Dyrroth

The first one he maxed out is Bravery, this allows Dyrroth to have a Physical Damage advantage upfront. The next one would be Invasion for greater Physical Penetration. His native feature and selected items complement this really well. 

For the final option, he selected Festival of Blood. This gives Dyrroth an advantage at the start of the game considering that he has an HP regeneration feature by default. He can initiate an attack at level two and have that healing advantage over his target. If an enemy which doesn’t have a healing or lifesteal feature chose to fight you head-on, it can result in First Blood.

Battle Spell

Flicker. Even though Dyrroth already has a dash feature, getting flicker ensures that he can successfully chase a blinking enemy or escape if he’s suddenly outnumbered. Considering the kind of fighting power that Dyrroth has, you might end up using flicker more to chase your enemies.

Dyrroth spell - MLBB
Flicker is the most recommended spell for Dyrroth

Retribution. Dyrroth is one of those heroes who is flexible enough to take the core player role. His combos and slow effects are great for ganking and assisting teammates. Despite being naturally powerful, getting the buffs would make him more fearsome.

Dyrroth Gameplay

Skill Sequence

Spectre Step. This skill is not your ordinary dash for chasing and escaping that is usually not prioritized. Unlike Balmond, this dashing skill should be your top priority when upgrading. It has two levels of damage and it even has an enhanced version of those damages. You should also use this to start an attack because it reduces your target’s Physical Defense by half. You can make the most out of your succeeding attacks after weakening your enemy’s defense.

Abysm Strike. Upgrade your ultimate skill as soon as it’s available. Dyrroth’s Abysm Strike works similarly to Balmond’s ultimate because its damage is greater when the enemy’s life is shorter and has an AoE. You can get multiple kills in one blow with this skill if you jump into a team clash where most of the enemies have little life left.

King of Fighters Skin - Mobile Legends
Abysm Strike

Burst Strike. While it’s good for clearing up minion waves and damaging a group of enemies—it should go last on your list. 

Dyrroth Combo

First Combo:
Second Skill + First Skill + Basic Attack
You can use this combo at the start of the game to poke your enemy. It’s best done while hiding in the bush. 

Triple Kill - MLBB
Dyrroth is on fire!

Second Combo:
Second Skill + First Skill + Ultimate
This will be your combo all throughout the game. I’ll emphasize that you should always start with your second skill because it reduces the enemy’s defense. By doing so, you’re maximizing the damage that you’re dealing with your target when you execute your two other skills.

Fighting Strategy

Spam your second skill. Since it was mentioned earlier that your second skill should be your top upgrade priority—its cooldown will just keep going down. Keep dashing to quickly move around the map and get through the walls with it. 

Poke. Keep in mind that at the start of the game, you already have a lifesteal advantage over your enemies through Dyrroths passive and emblem. Take advantage of that and harass your enemy at the start of the game using the first combo mentioned above.

Dyrroth Legendary - Mobile Legends
Dyrroth with minimal death and Legendary kill

Ambush. Since your enemies know that you’re capable of dashing into them and barraging them with your attacks, chances are they’ll distance themselves a bit from you. To make sure that you’ll get the catch, hide inside the bush then use your second skill when the enemy gets close. If the enemy blinks away, that’s when you can use your Flicker to continue chasing your target.

Level up ahead. Never waste a second and always look for ways to quickly level up and get more coins. The goal is to widen your level and item gap with your enemies to have a better chance of winning. Don’t take too much time hiding inside the bush in wait for an ambush. Keep killing those minions and creeps with every chance you get.

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