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Best Gusion Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Gusion is the blade master of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He was born from the reputable magic-wielding House Paxley but his inclination is towards the use of daggers. As a kid, he would successfully hit his housemates with toy knives. As a student, he used a quill pen to hit the back of the head of his tutor. At one party, he was doing some dagger exhibition but he accidentally hit Aamon’s face instead of his target.

Best Gusion Build and Guide - Mobile Legends
Gusion: The Holy Blade

Aamon who was his close brother had to assume the dukedom position at an early age so he became one of the elders. Gusion who was notorious for his menacing behavior expected that Aamon would side with him but he lectured him instead. Aamon encouraged him that he can use his magic to form magical daggers. When he turned 18, he joined a contest and was able to beat other young mages with his swift magical daggers before they could even cast their spells.

This impressed the elders of the House of Paxley because even if his style is unconventional, he’s clearly using Magic. The beaten contestants accused him of cheating so he challenged them to attack him and they were all surprised when his multiple magic daggers swiftly hit them. He even hit the statue of the House of Paxley ancestor Valentina to provoke the rest. His violations forced Aamon to expel him from the House of Paxley and at the back of his head, he thought that the best he could offer Gusion is to restore his freedom.

Gusion Overview

Gusion is an assassin hero who is known for his magic daggers and swift attacks. His skills are composed of blink, Area of Effect, Buff and burst damage. With the right combo, items and strategy he can instantly kill his targets before they can even react.

Best Gusion player in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Gusion – 85.2% Overall Win Rate

The current Global Top 1 Gusion player iNsaNeWWW will be referenced in this guide. We’ll examine what helped him reach the top spot for this hero by exploring his choice of emblem, spell and items. We’ll also cover what skills should be upgraded first and what combos are effective for him.


Passive: Dagger Specialist
Each skill cast adds a rune to the dagger of Gusion (4 stacks max). Each stack of runes will boost his Basic Attack to deal damage equal to 4% of the target’s lost HP and then restore 50 + 25% Total Magic Power.

Gusion Story
Basic Stats of Gusion

First Skill: Sword Spike
Gusion darts his dagger to a selected area to deal 200 + 50% Total Magic Power Damage to the enemy hit and then leave it a mark.
Use again: Gusion dashes behind the marked target to deal 200 + 100% Total Magic Power Damage.

Second Skill: Shadowblade Slaughter
Gusion unleashes a barrage of daggers in a sizeable cone-shaped area with each one dealing 110 + 50% Total Magic Power Damage. Enemies hit will be slowed by 6% for 2 seconds. Multiple daggers attacks can stack and slow a target up to 30%.
Use again: Gusion retrieves the daggers with each one dealing 65 + 40% Total Magic Power Damage to enemies hit.

Assassin hero using magical daggers
Gusion Soul Revelation Skin

Ultimate Skill: Incandescence
Gusion blinks to a selected area and then resets the cooldown of his other two skills. If Shadowblade Slaughter was already used before the ultimate skill, he can throw another set of daggers and then recall all of them by using the skill again.
Use again: Gusion dashes at a short distance based on the selected area.

Best Gusion Build


Arcane Boots. This affordable item will simply boost his Movement Speed while making his attacks more painful because of its Magic Penetration.

Global Top 1 Gusion Build - MLBB
Best Gusion Build – Emblem, Spell and Items

Genius Wand. This second item will give him high Magic Damage and a slight Movement Speed increase. Its passive feature will make his attacks armor-busting because of its Magic Penetration. Continuous damage to a target will further reduce its Magic Defense.

Holy Crystal. Gusion’s attacks will become more deadly after getting this third item because of its very high Magic Damage. Its passive feature will increase his overall Magic Damage by a significant percentage.

Calamity Reaper. Every time Gusion uses his skills, his next Basic Attack will be enhanced by this item. On top of that, it will also give him high Magic Damage, mana, mana regeneration and cooldown reduction.

Assassin hero throws five daggers in full moon
Gusion Night Owl Skin

Late Game Items

Divine Glaive. This late-game item will help Gusion counter the Magic Defense of his enemies because of its high Magic Penetration. A high percentage of the Magic Penetration will be added further based on the Magic Defense of the target.

Blood Wings. This final item has the highest default Magic Damage in the list. It will also bulk up his HP significantly while giving him a strong shield that replenishes every 30 seconds when it breaks.

Gusion Emblem Set

Our Global Top 1 Gusion player found it best to use the Custom Mage Emblem set for him. While he’s an assassin who can also benefit from the assassin emblem set as well, our top player finds it more effective to boost his magical nature. Let’s check out his optimized configuration of this emblem.

Emblem for high Movement Speed, Magic Penetration and Cheaper Items
Custom Mage Emblem configuration for Gusion

For the first skill, he maxed out Agility to boost Gusion’s Movement Speed. As an assassin, mobility is very important because you’ll do more than the usual chasing and escaping since you have powerful burst attacks but a squishy body. He selected Observation for the second feature to increase his Magic Penetration. This will make his attacks more painful and armor-busting.

For the final feature, he selected Mystery Shop to lower the cost of the items. Our Global Top 1 player is clearly focused on getting all of the strong items for Gusion right away. The sooner you complete your items, the earlier you’ll dominate the game.

Battle Spell

Execute. Although Gusion is mostly used as a core hero that uses retribution, he’s using him as a regular EXP lane hero. This battle spell could help you make sure that the enemy gets eliminated in case it managed to survive your burst attacks.                                                                                                                                                   

Battle spell for dealing instant damage based on the lost HP of the target
Execute is the highly recommended spell for Gusion

Retribution. If you’ve assumed the core player role, it’s mandatory to get this battle spell since you’re going to farm inside the jungle. This will make your attacks deal greater damage to jungle monsters while receiving less damage from them. You’ll also get higher rewards for every creep kill.

Gusion Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Shadowblade Slaughter. Prioritize upgrading this powerful second skill because it lets him throw five magic daggers that can instantly kill squishy enemies.

Gusion has thrown ten daggers
Gusion’s Ultimate Skill: Incandescence

Incandescence. Always upgrade this ultimate skill because it’s doubling his killing power by resetting the cooldown of his other two skills.

Sword Spike. While it’s a powerful chasing and damage skill—there’s no need to prioritize upgrading it.

Gusion Combo

First Combo:
First Skill + First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attack + Second Skill
This is one of the recommended combos before unlocking your ultimate skill. Make sure to accurately aim the first skill because it’s the backbone of this combo. The first skill allows you to get very close to your target. Close enough to hit it with five daggers when you cast your second skill. While waiting for the short delay to retrieve the daggers, hit your target with an enhanced Basic Attack.

High kills with no deaths by Magic-wielding assassin hero
God Among Men Win by Gusion

Second Combo: 
First Skill + First Skill + Second Skill + Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attack + Ultimate Skill + Basic Attack
This combo starts the same as the combo above but it focuses on hitting the enemy with as many outgoing daggers as possible. Based on the second skill’s description, the outgoing daggers do more damage compared to the incoming daggers. The latter part of the combo is about retrieving all ten daggers for maximum damage and then dashing toward the enemy with an enhanced Basic Attack if it managed to survive.

These are just common combos but you can tailor them based on your scenario. Let’s say you’re hiding inside the bush and an enemy is approaching, the moment it gets near the bush you can start with the second skill and ultimate skill and then chase it with the first skill. In the late part of the game, some squishy heroes will already die after just getting hit with the second skill so try to estimate when to use the ultimate skill.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. At the start of the game, you can already poke your enemy once you’ve unlocked your first two skills. Surprise your target with a quick combo of your first skill, second skill, enhanced basic attack and the execute battle spell. If it’s squishy enough, you’ll end up eliminating it. If not, it will end up running away to get back to the base to heal. Take advantage of the time your enemy is gone to kill the crab.

Farm. Our Global Top 1 player selected the Mystery Shop for the final feature of his Mage Emblem which means that you need to focus on completing your item build immediately. You can achieve this by farming in every possible free time without neglecting your role of helping the team. If you’re not playing the core role, make sure to always get the crab and minion waves for faster gold and level.

Ambush. As an assassin, you’re designed to swiftly take down an enemy alone. Gusion’s powerful burst skills and swift combo would surely allow that. Having said that, you need to watch out if your target has an ally around. A stunner or disabler might suddenly attack you the moment you get close to your target.

Gusion kills Karrie in MLBB
Gusion is dominating on the battlefield!


Team Fight. Since you’re a bit squishy, the best approach is to wait for a tank or a bulky fighter to start a clash. After the crowd control attacks have been thrown, that’s when you can start joining the fight. Make sure to prioritize attacking high-damage heroes with low HP like marksman, mage or fellow assassin. You can also position yourself from the side of the clash to make sure that you won’t get hit by the CC attacks and you can easily sneak behind the squishy heroes.

As an assassin, Gusion is an ideal hero to take the core player role. Use retribution as your battle spell and then start the game by farming in the jungle area. While it’s important to earn gold and get the buffs, make sure to help an ally nearby if it’s engaged in a fight. You need to help as you farm in the jungle and roam. Always make sure that your team gets the turtle by having an active retribution battle spell for it.

These are just some of the tips that you can follow when using Gusion. If you think that there are some missing tips in the guide, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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