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Best Vale Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Vale is the windtalker of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He’s a close friend to Valir, the fire manipulator. They met at a royal party and easily jived with each other because they felt their magic powers have similarities. Together, they had plenty of memorable moments at the Fire Kingdom and the Valley of the Winds. They were thick as thieves and treats each other as a brother.

Best Vale Build and Guide
Vale: The Windtalker

At one point, the flood of unrest in the Fire Kingdom forced Valir to abandon it. Vale felt sorry for his friend because he knew how much sacrifice Valir had to endure for their kingdom. He wrote a letter to him to give him some encouragement and he also promised to help restore their kingdom.

As the years went by, Vale became a more seasoned mage with sophisticated magic. He’s the only member of his family who can manipulate the wind but he always tried to hide his powers. Vale is now excited about the day of his pact with Valir. Because on that special day, he intends to showcase his magic and create a spectacular performance. He’s hoping that Valir would reminisce about their adventures and wonderful moments during their youth.

Vale Overview

Vale is a mage hero who is feared for his ability to summon storms and tornados. His skills are composed of burst, Area of Effect and Crowd Control. His enemies tremble grouping together because of his ability to knock them down by knocking them up while getting them ravaged by a storm.

Best player of Vale in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Vale – 72.4% Win Rate

This guide will have the current Global Top 1 Vale player Rai. Just Rai. as a reference. We’ll study how he managed to reach the top spot for this hero by inspecting his best Vale build and exploring his choice of emblem, spell and items.


Passive: Windtalk
Reaching levels 4, 6 and 8 will allow Vale to enhance one of his skills. Every enhancement has two options per skill.
Each time Vale gets a kill or an assist, he gets a stack of Windtalk that boosts his Movement Speed by 8 (10x max stack).

Vale Story
Basic Stats of Vale

First Skill: Wind Blade
Vale summons wind blades in a selected area to deal 250 + 80% Total Magic Power damage.
Vale can upgrade it to either increase its damage or widen its coverage.
Wind Blade – Sorrow
The damage of the attack is increased dealing 300 + 100% Total Magic Power damage.
Wind Blade – Scatter
The range of this attack is widened and its cooldown is significantly reduced.

Second Skill: Windblow
Vale unleashes a tornado forward to deal 410 + 80% Total Magic Power Damage while reducing the Movement Speed of the enemies hit by 40% within 2 seconds.
Windblow – Fix
When the tornado hits a target, it will stop and continuously deal 150 + 30% Total Magic Power Damage to all enemies around.
Windblow – Control
Enemies hit by the tornado will be knocked up for 1 second.

Mage hero with white hair leaving a portal in Mobile Legends
Vale Supernal Tempest Skin

Ultimate Skill: Windstorm
Vale forms a windstorm in a selected location to reduce the Movement Speed of all enemies hit by 40%. After a 1.5-second delay, the windstorm will burst to deal 800 + 160% Total Magic Power Damage to all enemies in the area.
Windstorm – Death
The damage of the windstorm will increase and deal 1200 + 240% Total Magic Power damage in the area.
Windstorm – Gather
The windstorm will pull all enemies in its eye and its explosion will have a 2-second delay.

Best Vale Build


Arcane Boots. This Movement Speed booster will also give him Magic Penetration to counter the Magic Defense of his enemies.

Global Top 1 player build for Vale
Best Vale Build – Emblem, Spell and Items

Clock of Destiny. Despite its affordable price, this item will give Vale the most vital features he needs. High magic damage, HP and mana. On top of that, it will also continuously level up all three as the clock moves.

Lightning Truncheon. This item is a shocker because his skills will have up to 1,000 Magic Damage every 6 seconds. That’s on top of the high default Magic Damage, Mana and cooldown reduction.

Holy Crystal. This fourth item is about purely boosting his damage because aside from the high Magic Damage it gives, its passive feature boosts his overall Magic Damage by a large percentage.

Mage hero in Hindu style
Vale Soaring Devata Skin

Late Game Items

Divine Glaive. This late-game item will help Vale counter the Magic Defense of his enemies because of its high Magic Penetration. Its passive feature increases it even further and it scales based on the Magic Defense of the enemy. It also has high default Magic Damage.

Necklace of Durance. This final item is another defense breaker because its Life Drain feature cuts the Shield and Regen effects of his enemies by half. It will also give him high Magic Power, Magic Lifesteal and a slight cooldown reduction.

Vale Emblem Set

The Global Top 1 Vale player selected the Custom Mage Emblem set for him which is not a surprise since he’s purely a mage hero. All of the default features of this emblem would definitely enhance his skill and abilities. Let us check what configuration worked best for him.

Level 60 Mage Emblem with Magic Worship
Custom Mage Emblem configuration for Vale

For the initial feature, he maxed out Agility to boost Vale’s Movement Speed. As a mid-lane hero who is expected to roam and assist his teammates, improving his mobility will help him perform his role better. That’s on top of helping him chase and escape. For the next feature, he picked and maxed out Observation to increase his Magic Penetration. This will make his attacks more painful because of its armor-busting capability.

For the final feature, he selected Magic Worship for greater Magic Damage and Burn if he managed to damage his target beyond 7% using three consecutive attacks within 5 seconds. Vale can definitely take advantage of this feature considering his combos and high damage of his skills.

Battle Spell

Flameshot. This battle spell is ideal for most mages because its damage increases based on the Magic Power of the user. This will benefit Vale a lot, especially in the early part of the game where his enemies can still survive his combos. Its long range can help you eliminate a dying enemy that managed to get far.

Battle spell for magic users of Mobile Legends
Flameshot is the highly recommended spell for Vale

Sprint. Although Vale’s passive already boosts his Movement Speed, it requires an assist or a kill. This spell can be used anytime it’s active to chase or escape. Considering that the speed boost lasts for 6 seconds, you can also use this to swiftly respond to a clash even if you’re from a far location.

Vale Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Wind Blade. Prioritize upgrading this first skill because of its high damage, low cooldown and low mana cost.
Wind Blade – Sorrow. It’s recommended to use this upgrade because it will increase the skill’s damage.

Mage hero fighting an assassin hero in MLBB
Vale’s Ultimate Skill: Windstorm

Windstorm. Upgrade this ultimate skill as soon as it’s available since it’s his most powerful skill.
Windstorm – Gather. Select this upgrade so that windstorm can pull all enemies caught in its eye. The enemies packed together can all be knocked up when hit by his second skill.

Windblow. While it’s a powerful skill to damage and slow the enemies—there’s no need to rush upgrading it.
Windblow – Control. It’s recommended to select this option to knock up the enemies. The knock-up ability can cancel channeling spells and momentarily stop the enemy from attacking or moving.

Vale Combo

First Combo:
Second Skill + First Skill + Flameshot
Before unlocking your ultimate skill, you can use this combo at the start of the game. You don’t have to shoot the flameshot immediately. Start by attacking your enemy using the first two skills to poke it. Wait for your cooldown to refresh then repeat the combo. If the enemy’s HP is low enough, you can use flameshot to eliminate it.

Mage hero team won even if the enemy is ahead of kills
Epic Comeback Win by Vale

Second Combo: 
Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + First Skill + Flameshot
Before using this combo, poke the enemy with your first two skills first to reduce its HP. If it’s HP close to half, that’s when you use this combo to secure the kill.

There are more combos that you can try for Vale depending on your type of enemies and what your situation is. If you’re facing a squishy hero and you’re far ahead in level and items, the first two skills are enough to kill it. If you’re dealing with a tanky hero, you might need to spam it with your first two skills first before giving it a final blow.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Take advantage of Vale’s long-range attacks to poke your target. Barrage your enemy with his first two skills and then move back out quickly. Wait for the cooldown to finish and then barrage it again. Since flameshot has a short cooldown, use it the moment you see the enemy and then use it again after the cooldown.

Aim. Since Vale’s attacks are either straight or in a designated area only, make sure that you’re wisely aiming your attacks. For his first skill, don’t place it exactly under the target. It will just move back to avoid it. Instead, place it behind the target because instinctively, it will still move back when it sees the wind blade and get hit when it explodes. Hide in the bush if possible when casting your second skill and wait for your target to get steady. Hitting a target with your second skill with a knock-up upgrade will also help you hit it with your first skill since it can’t move back or blink away anymore.

Vale gets a Legendary kill
Vale is unstoppable on the battlefield!

Roam. Since mage heroes are directed to fight in the middle of the lane, it will be easy for you to visit the other two lanes and the turtle. Always check the map to see if a clash is about to start in one lane so you can immediately respond to help. When you see the core hero attacking the turtle, find a subtle way to leave your lane so you can help the core.

Team Fight. Vale is one of the most hated heroes during a team fight because he can damage and Crowd Control a large group of enemies. In his case, you don’t always have to wait for the tank to initiate the fight. The moment you catch a group of enemies close to each other, you can surprise them with your storm, knock them up with your second skill and then finish them off with your first skill.

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