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Silvanna Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide | Mobile Legends

Silvanna is the Warrior Princess of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Since the day that her baby prince brother was kidnapped, her family had nothing but sorrow and pain. They were all worrying if something bad has been done to the baby. Silvanna had to be with her mother most of the time to give her comfort even if she was in pain herself.

Silvanna Build - Emblem, Spell, Items and Guide
Silvanna: The Warrior Princess

During her coming of age celebration, she decided to abandon her role as a princess to become an imperial Knight instead. She used the pain of hard work and training to cope with the pain in her heart because of their family’s tragedy. She emerged as one of the best Knights in the empire but Tigreal won’t allow her to join an actual battle because he doesn’t want another heir to the throne to be put in danger.

While Tigreal and his soldiers were busy fighting a demon army, he received news that Silvanna broke into the Imperial Sanctuary which is a restricted area. Silvanna thought that getting the Seed of Light will grant her protection when she leads their army’s empire into battle. She is not afraid to sacrifice herself for that cause.

Silvanna Overview

Silvanna is a mage/fighter hero that is feared for her target lock attacks. Her skills are composed of stun, dash, AoE, lifesteal and immobility. Blinker heroes hate getting caught by her chains because their escape assets would be useless. With the proper combo and techniques—Silvanna would stand out in the game.

Best player of Silvanna in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Silvanna – 93.1% Win Rate

The strategy and effective approach of the current Global Top 1 Silvanna player Jeyasheshhwill be the reference of this guide. We will have a breakdown of her best Silvanna build and then examine her choice of emblem, spell and items to understand how they will optimize Silvanna’s performance on the battlefield.


Passive: Knightess’ Resolve
Silvanna’s Basic Attacks are enhanced and deal 25 (+45% Total Physical Attack) + (75% Total Magic Attack Damage).
Each attack puts a mark on her enemies for 5 seconds. There’s a 3-6 magic defense and physical defense reduction to the enemy per mark with a maximum of 5 stacks.
An enemy with 5 marks will receive 30% extra Magic Damage from Silvanna.

Silvanna Story
Basic Stats of Silvanna

First Skill: Cometic Lance
Silvanna forcefully stabs her lance to a selected area to deal 150 + 70% Total Magic Power damage to all enemies in the line. The first enemy in line will get stunned for 1 second. 
If a target is successfully hit, it will allow Silvanna to use the skill again to dash towards an enemy to deal 250 + 100% Total Magic Power Damage within 4.5 seconds.

Second Skill: Spiral Strangling
Silvanna thrusts her lance in a selected direction and then spins it 6 times. Each spin deals 165 + 45% Total Magic Power Damage and will pull her enemies toward the center.
For the duration, she gets a shield with 250 + 150% Total Magic Power.
If she gets 50% extra Attack Speed, it will add one spin to her attack.
Minions will receive 50% less damage from this skill.

Fighter/Mage hero raising her glowing lance - Mobile Legends
Silvanna Queen Frost Skin

Ultimate Skill: Imperial Justice
Silvanna jumps to a selected area to summon a Circle of Light that deals 350  + 110% Total Magic Power Damage to enemies. Enemies hit will get a 40% Movement Speed reduction within 1.5 seconds while the enemy closest to the center will be chained within 3.5 seconds.
Inside the Circle of Light, Silvanna’s attack speed will have a 100% boost while gaining 80% lifesteal.

Best Silvanna Build


Warrior Boots. It’s best to have a Movement Speed booster and Physical Defense for Silvanna at the start of the game. The passive feature of this affordable item will continue to increase her Physical Defense when receiving Basic Attacks.

Global Top 1 player Silvanna build - MLBB
Best Silvanna Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Concentrated Energy. This item will bulk up her HP while giving her Magic Lifesteal and Magic Power. It’s clearly going to make her more durable while empowering her attacks.

Cursed Helmet. After obtaining Physical Defense from warrior boots, this item will give her Magic Defense this time. It will also add a high amount of HP and burn damage to enemies nearby. This is perfect for her since she loves to get close to her enemies.

Guardian Helmet. As a close-combat hero, bulking up her HP even more with this item would make it tougher to put her down. Aside from the enormous amount of HP that it gives, it also provides healing through its high HP regen feature.

Fighter/mage hero preparing an attack
Silvanna Pure Heroine Skin

Late Game Items

Oracle. Since she generates a shield and has HP regen, getting this late-game item will help enhance both. It will also increase Silvanna’s HP while reducing her cooldown.

Brute Force Breastplate. This final item will go back to increasing her Physical Defense while bulking up her HP even further. It has a passive feature that will slightly increase her Movement Speed while increasing both her Physical and Magic Defense.

Silvanna Emblem Set

The Global Top 1 Silvanna player saw it fit to use the Custom Mage Emblem set for her. All of the native features of his emblem will help enhance her abilities in the game as a magic user. To make the most out of this emblem, let’s check her configuration for it.

Recommended emblem for fighter/mage hero
Custom Mage Emblem configuration for Silvanna

She picked and maxed out Mastery to reduce the cooldown of Silvanna’s skills. This will allow her to use them more against her enemies. For the second feature, she picked Observation to increase Silvanna’s Magic Penetration. This means that her attacks will be more armor-busting and painful.

For the last feature, she selected Mystery Shop to lower the cost of the items and help her acquire them faster than her enemies. The sooner she completes her items, the more powerful she becomes in the game.

Battle Spell

Flameshot. As a magic user, Silvanna can make the most out of this battle spell because its damage increases based on the user’s Magic Power. This can also help her execute an enemy with a little HP left but managed to run far because this spell has a very long range. Its knockback feature will help Silvanna flee from an attacker.

Attack and Defend battle spell in MLBB
Flameshot is the highly recommended spell for Silvanna

Flicker. Since Silvanna already has a chase and escape skill, having this spell as a backup when her skill is on cooldown would also be good for her.

Silvanna Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Spiral Strangling. This basic skill has an AoE, high damage and target lock despite its short cooldown so make sure to prioritize upgrading it.

Silvanna chained Gatotkaca with her ultimate skill
Silvanna’s Ultimate Skill: Imperial Justice

Imperial Justice. Since this is Silvanna’s most powerful skill, upgrade it as soon as it’s ready.

Cometic Lance. While this skill is useful for chasing, escaping and stunning the enemy—there’s no need to rush upgrading it.

Silvanna Combo

First Combo:
First Skill + First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attacks
This will be your combo before unlocking your ultimate skill. Properly target your enemy with your first skill because you won’t be able to use it again if you miss. Hiding inside the bush before executing this combo will give you a better chance to hit the target.

Second Combo: 
Ultimate skill + Second skill + First Skill + Basic Attacks + First Skill + Basic Attacks
The length of this combo would depend on the enemy you’re attacking. Silvanna can kill squishy heroes with just the second skill.

Silvanna with high kills and assists to become MVP
MVP Win by Silvanna

Third Combo:
First Skill + First Skill + Second Skill + Ultimate Skill + Basic Attacks
This last combo allows you to test the environment before using Silvanna’s ultimate skill. If the hero, you’re attacking blinks away after the second skill, try to catch it with your ultimate skill. In another scenario, in case more enemies show up while attacking your target with your second skill, you can skip using the ultimate skill and then retreat instead.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Silvanna’s long-range stun, dash and locking attack make her a powerful poke hero. If your enemy is familiar with her combo, do it while hiding inside the bush so it won’t know how to evade you.

Farm. Considering that our Global Top 1 Silvanna player picked Mystery Shop for her final emblem feature, it hints that you should focus on constantly farming as you fight so that you can immediately get your strong items.

Gank. Your enemies will see you as an emissary of death if you show up while they’re fighting your ally. The moment you lock it with your chains and immobilize it with your spinning lance while your ally attacks it as well—it’s game over for them.

Silvanna killed Lapu-lapu - MLBB
Silvanna is unstoppable!

Team Fight. Silvanna is one of the best initiators of team fights in the game. She can jump in to start a fight while getting protected by her shield from her attackers. If things go bad, she can retreat using her first skill but if everything goes well, she can use her first skill to help her allies stun and chase retreating enemies.

More Silvanna Tips:

  • Flicker won’t let you escape Silvanna’s ultimate skill but Purify will.
  • Aldous can’t fly his way out of the chain.
  • Johnson can’t drive his way out of the chain.
  • Lylia won’t be able to return to her shoes.
  • Chou’s ultimate skill won’t let him kick his way out of the chain. Shunpo won’t work as well.
  • Zilong, Diggie and Valir’s ultimate skill can free themselves from the chain.
  • Kaja and Franco can’t pull out enemies that you chained.

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