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Best Selena Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Selena is the Abyssal Witch of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She is a young dark elf who was a victim of a fanatic group. They offered her as a sacrifice to the Abyss in exchange for dark energy. As she falls into the offering pit, a demon’s dark energy starts to inflict pain and agony on her body. When she was about to be consumed by the darkness—a strange warm-blue light covered her body.

Best Selena Build - Emblem, Spell and Items - Mobile Legends
Selena: The Abyssal Witch

Moments later, she woke up wondering why she is still alive after getting sacrificed. Selena noticed that her skin has an odd blue glow and her eyes are have an ornate scarlet gleam. The demons were astounded about what happened. The Will of the Abyss revealed that Selena is deeply loved and that love gave her protection from getting consumed by the darkness. A balance of the Moon Goddess and the Abyss energy is bestowed upon her.

The ancient deep voice told them to leave her alone because she will be the strongest Abyss warrior. Selena discovered that she can control dark magic and absorb the power of the abyss. She can turn herself into a demoness and shred her enemies to pieces. Selena was appointed by the Will of the Abyss to be its voice and she was given the authority to rule over the demons. Even Alice, the Queen of Blood Magic trembles at her presence because she can sense immense power in her.

Selena Overview

Selena is an assassin/mage hero who is known for her signature Abyssal Arrow which can shock and stun her targets. Her abilities consist of traps, buff, AoE, shape-shifting and of course—stun. With the right combo and build, she can be a dominant hero in the game.

Best Selena player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Selena – 89.3% Win Rate

The current Global Top 1 Selena is SAWO. This guide will be based on his advanced tricks of using this hero. We’ll determine his best Selena build and then explore his choice of emblem, spell and items to understand how these will significantly improve Selena’s performance in the game.


Passive: Symbiosis
Selena can shift between two forms. 
Elven Form: Selena’s skills would put an “Abyssal Mark” to her target which can stack up to 2 times. When an enemy steps on an “Abyssal Trap” it will instantly add an “Abyssal Mark”.
Abyssal Form: Inflicting damage will devour 1 stack of the “Abyssal Mark” that deals 240-450 + Total Magic Power extra Damage.

Selena Story - MLBB
Basic Stats of Selena

First Skill: Abyssal Trap
Selena releases an Abyssal Devil to lurk in a target area. When an enemy approaches the spot, it will attach to it and then reduce its Movement Speed by 70%. After 1 second, the Abyssal Devil will deal 350 + 150% Total Magic Power Damage to the enemy and other nearby enemies. It will also reduce their Movement Speed by 50% for 1 second.

Up to 3 Abyssal Devils can be used at the same time and each one has a 60-second limit. Extra Abyssal Devils gives a 50% increase in the final damage.

Second Skill: Abyssal Arrow
Selena unleashes magic arrows to a selected direction that deals 250 + 20% Total Magic Power to 500 + 40% Total Magic Power Damage to the target hit. It will also get stunned within 0.5 – 3 seconds. The amount of damage and duration of stun increases based on the distance of the enemy when hit.
The magic arrows absorb the “Abyssal Traps” as it flies to the target and will apply the effects of the “Abyssal Traps” to an enemy hit.
If Selena’s target gets stunned for 1 second or more, her Movement Speed will have a 40% boost for 2 seconds. 

Ultimate Skill: Primal Darkness
Selena shifts to Abyssal Form then get a 30% Movement Speed boost for 0.8 seconds. This action will instantly reset the cooldown of “Soul Eater” and “Garrote”.
Abyssal Form: Selena will have a new set of skills and her Basic Attacks will deal +25 Total Magic Power extra Damage. 

Futuristic version of Selena
Selena Virus Skin

Abyssal Form

First Skill: Soul Eater
Selena extends her empowered claws to make her Basic Attack deal an extra 200 + 130% Total Magic Power Damage. She will also gain a shield that can absorb 300 + 150% Total Magic Power Damage.

Second Skill: Garotte
Selena dashes to a selected direction to deal 150 + 50% Total Magic Power Damage to all enemies along her path.
If this attack triggered the “Abyssal Mark” effect, its cooldown will be instantly reset.

Ultimate Skill: Blessing of the Moon Goddess
Selena shifts to Elven Form and gets a 30% Movement Speed boost for 0.8 seconds. This action will instantly reset the cooldown of “Abyssal Trap” and “Abyssal Arrow”.

Best Selena Build


Demon Shoes. Since planting traps and switching between Selena’s two forms are mana intensive, it’s best for her to get this affordable item. She’ll have a decent mana stream while boosting her Movement Speed.

Global Top 1 player Selena Build - MLBB
Best Selena Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Clock of Destiny. As a melee hero in her Abyssal Form, it’s important to bulk up Selena’s HP to have a better chance of surviving close-combat fights. This item won’t just increase her HP but her Magic Power and Mana as well. 

Genius Wand. This next item will boost her Magic Power while making her attacks armor-busting. Aside from its default Magic Penetration, the passive feature of this item continuously reduces the magic defense of her target as she attacks it. This also gives her a slight Movement Speed boost.

Lightning Truncheon. This is one of the most painful items in the game. This perfectly fits Selena’s attack strategy of lurking in the bush while waiting for an enemy to stun. It inflicts huge damage with its echo and AoE. This item will also increase her mana while reducing her cooldown.

Selena with her assistant in burning red color
Selena Lady Vengeance Skin

Late Game Items

Divine Glaive. This late-game item will help Selena continue to deal serious damage to enemies even after getting their Magic Defense items. This is the most armor-busting item on the list because of its high Magic Penetration and Magic Defense reduction based on the existing Magic Defense of the enemy.

Holy Crystal. To boost Selena’s overall Magic Power, getting this final item would be her best option because on top of its high Magic Damage—it also increases her entire Magic Power by a large percentage.

Selena Emblem Set

Our Global Top 1 Selena player finds the Custom Support Emblem set to be the most effective for this hero despite being a mage and an assassin. While the Custom Mage Emblem would work as well, it all depends on the player’s focus.

Recommended emblem for assassin hero
Custom Support Emblem configuration for Selena

For the first feature, he picked Agility to improve Selena’s Movement Speed. Since Selena is heavy on poking and escaping, maxing out this feature will benefit her a lot. For the second feature, he selected and maxed out Recovery to help her heal after surviving a fight. Since Selena tends to keep on hiding inside the bush to wait for a target, her wait time won’t be wasted because her idle time lets her heal.

For the final feature, he picked Avarice to help Selena earn more gold every time she attacks an enemy. It’s clear that our Global Top 1 Selena player is focusing on helping Selena complete her item build right away. The more items she has, the more dominant she’ll become.

Battle Spell

Flicker. This is the most picked battle spell for Selena by pro players. As someone who tends to jump in and out of the battle a lot, this won’t just improve her survivability but her chase ability as well.

Mobility spell for an assassin hero
Flicker is the highly recommended spell for Selena

Flameshot. Considering that her attacks inflict Magic Damage, this battle spell becomes more powerful as she improves her magic. This can also help her survive melee attacks because it allows her to push her attackers away.

Retribution. This taps on her assassin side when taking the core player role. Her abilities and skills make her a good candidate for the core player role. In fact, retribution is the battle spell that the game recommends for her.

Selena Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Abyssal Trap/Soul Eater. Selena’s first skills have a low cooldown but high in damage. Make sure to prioritize upgrading it as soon as it’s ready.

Assassin attacking a female marksman in Mobile Legends
Selena’s Ultimate Skill: Primal Darkness

Primal Darkness/Blessing of the Moon Goddess. As her Ultimate Skill, always upgrade it as soon as it’s available to shorten its cooldown and improve her speed bonus.

Abyssal Arrow/Garotte. While this is her most feared skill because of its element of surprise and stun—there’s no need to rush upgrading it.

Selena Combo

First Combo:
Abyssal Trap + Abyssal Arrow + Ultimate Skill + Soul Eater + Basic Attack + Garotte + Garotte

This is Selena’s easiest combo and perhaps this will end up becoming one of your most-used combos. It’s best executed while inside the bush. You just need to put the trap exactly under Selena so that when you shoot the arrow, it will automatically combine with the Abyssal Trap regardless of the direction you pick. All you have to do next is check the mini-map to see the red indicator on whether your target will get hit or not.

Some players get the wrong idea that you always need to put the trap in front of her. Putting a distance between you and the trap won’t allow you to move the arrow in any direction. Shooting the arrow without combining it with the Abyssal Trap won’t have that extra damage and full mark.

Female assassin with high kills and one death in Mobile Legends
Legendary win by Selena

Poke-escape Combo: 
Arrow +  Abyssal Trap + Ultimate Skill + Soul Eater + Basic Attack + Garotte + Garotte

Your hands need to be fast in this combo because this is where you saw an immediate opportunity to shoot the arrow while roaming. Your hand should be fast enough to put the Abyssal Trap right in front of the arrow to empower it and do the rest of the steps in the combo. The last Garotte move is to escape just in case your target’s allies suddenly arrived.

Four-dash Combo:
Arrow +  Abyssal Trap + Ultimate Skill + Soul Eater + Garotte + Garotte + Basic Attack + Garotte + Garotte

This combo is almost the same as above but you’re going to delay using the Basic Attack to avoid triggering one of the marks. After the 1-second explosion, you can use Garotte again.

Fighting Strategy

Farm. Start the game by farming the minions with the help of your first skill. Your simple goal is to quickly enable your second skill. 

Aggression. The moment you get your second skill, you can start being aggressive even if it’s just early in the game. Unlike other heroes, Selena can activate her ultimate skill at the start of the game similar to Roger. You can already perform the combos listed above even if you’re just on level 2.

Spam. Take note that Selena’s ultimate skill has a very short cooldown and it resets the cooldown of her other skills. Take advantage of that feature by quickly shifting back and forth so that you can bypass the cooldown and be able to spam your skills.

Selena eliminating Hylos in Mobile Legends
Selena on a Mega Kill in the battlefield!

Core. As a core player, don’t lose sight of your goals of getting all the jungle monsters, buffs and turtles but prioritize helping nearby allies when they’re in trouble.

Trap Tricks. Since you can plant up to three traps, place two of them inside the bushes where enemies would usually position themselves to prepare for an ambush. Reserve one of the traps for your combo. You can also put all three of them on the same spot and deal high damage when an enemy steps on to them.

Group Attack

Gank. Immediately visit other lanes the moment you clear up your lane. Simply hide inside the bush while waiting for your target to get steady. Stun it with your arrow then work together with your ally to eliminate it.

Team Fight. A group of enemies who are close together gives you a higher chance to hit one of them. Take advantage of the situation to hit an enemy with the maximum stun duration to make your team fight 4v5 even for a short moment. This will clearly give your team an advantage at the start of the clash.

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