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Moskov Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide | Mobile Legends

Moskov is the shadow spearman of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He was once the prince of northwestern Agelta. Moskov eventually met Khaleed the prince of the Artha tribe and became his close friend. Envy later crept into their friendship when Khaleed was elected leader of the alliance while Moskov’s efforts went unnoticed.

Best Moskov Build - Emblem, Spell, Items and Guide - MLBB
The Shadow Spearman of Mobile Legends – Moskov

After their previous defeat, the Thornwolf tribe was able to unleash Khufra who attacked the allies with sand storms and powerful sand monsters. It was a surprise development that no one anticipated so Khaleed prepared everyone to retreat. Moskov, however, saw it as an opportunity to show everyone that he is better than Khaleed. Despite the low chance of winning, he led his tribe to continue the attack on Khufra’s forces.

One by one, Moskov’s men were eliminated. He later came to his senses that he was blinded by pride and it caused the lives of his men. Moskov somehow managed to break away into the battle to escape while some of his soldiers gave their lives to protect him. Badly wounded, he rushed into the cracks of the Abyss and sacrificed his soul. The old Moskov is no more and was replaced by someone filled with pain and hatred whose goal is to avenge his tribe.

Moskov Overview

Moskov is a marksman hero with a good set of buff, burst damage and AoE. He is feared for his surprise attacks coupled with a stun and insane attack speed. His biggest downside as a marksman is his very short range but it’s compensated by his Basic Attack that penetrates several enemies.

Best player of Moskov - Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Moskov player of Mobile Legends – Sphynix | War

The reference of this guide is the current Global Top 1 Moskov player Sphynix | War. We will examine his best Moskov build and check how his choice of spell, emblem and items are going to optimize your gameplay of Moskov based on his default stats and abilities.

Basic Stats

HP Regen6.4Mana Regen3
Physical ATK125Magic Power0
Physical DEF16Magic DEF15
Attack SPD1.01Movement SPD240
Attack SPD Ratio100%


Spear of Quiescence 

The Basic Attacks of Moskov can pass through his target and deal +68% – 110% Total Physical Attack Damage to the enemies at the back. Moskov’s Basic Attack has a 0.8 seconds cooldown reduction for his first and second skills.

First Skill:
Abyss Walker

This allows Moskov to blink to a target area and then increase his attack speed by 1.15 times for 3 seconds. This also increases his damage to the enemies behind his main target by 10%.

Second Skill:
Spear of Misery

Moskov throws a powerful spear that can knock back an enemy hero or creep and then expose their location for 5 seconds. This will deal 300 + 60% of Total Physical Attack Damage. If the target hero hits an ally after getting knocked back, both will be stunned for 1.5 seconds and receive 200 + 30% Total Physical Attack Damage. If a target hits the wall after getting knocked back, it will be stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Ultimate Skill:
Spear of Destruction

After building his momentum, Moskov will throw the Spear of Destruction in a straight line that can reach the edge of the map. This will deal 600 + 100% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies along its path. When it hits a target hero, the spear will explode and deal 700 + 130% Total Physical Attack Damage to the enemies at the back. The explosion has a slow effect of 50% (Increases based on distance) for 1 second.

Best Moskov Build


Moskov Emblem Set

Custom Marksman Emblem

Recommended emblem and talents for Moskov - Mobile Legends
Custom Marksman Emblem configuration for Moskov


Bravery – Physical Attack +12.00
Agility – Movement Speed +6.00%
Quantum Charge – Dealing damage with Basic Attacks increase Movement Speed by 40% for 1.5 seconds and restore HP by 30% Physical Attack. This effect has a 10-second cooldown.

Battle Spell


This is the main battle spell of our top Moskov player. The insane attack speed boost and armor-busting feature of this spell can help Moskov instantly kill a target. It also has one of the shortest cooldowns among all battle spells in the game.


Although Moskov has a teleport feature by default, its distance is not long enough for you to escape. Use Flicker to improve Moskov’s survivability. You can also use it to chase an escaping target.


As a short-range marksman hero, there’s a strong tendency for AoE damages to hit you during a clash. This extra protection can help you and your teammates survive a clash longer as you try to replenish your HP through lifesteal.

Moskov Gameplay Tips

Skill Upgrade Priority

First Priority – First Skill: Abyss Walker
Main Priority – Ultimate Skill: Spear of Destruction
Least Priority – Second Skill: Spear of Misery

Moskov killing spree in the battlefield
Moskov Legendary Kill!

Moskov Combo

First Combo:
First Skill + Second Skill + Inspire
This will be your early game combo before reaching level 4. Use the first skill to properly position yourself against the enemy so that it will hit a wall or another enemy when you use your second skill. Barrage it with your Basic Attacks using Inspire afterward.

Second Combo:
First Skill + Second Skill + Inspire + Ultimate Skill
This combo is ideal when facing one or two enemies. You can use the ultimate skill to kill an escaping target that managed to survive your combo.

Third Combo:
Ultimate Skill + First Skill + Second Skill + Inspire
This combo is ideal for team fights. The explosion and slow effect AoE would greatly benefit your allies during the clash. Add the stun and penetrating barrage of attacks to help further your team win.

Moskov Mobile Legends Combat Strategy

Farm. As a marksman who depends a lot on items, make sure to farm more early in the game. Moskov has the advantage of hitting more minions and clearing the wave quicker because his attacks pass through to them. The sooner you get your strong items, the more dominant you become.

Maniac Kill in Mobile Legends
Moskov Maniac Kill

Poke & Stun. Moskov has that poking advantage by simply positioning himself in parallel to the minions and the enemy because of his passive skill. If the enemy makes the mistake of moving near the wall to avoid your penetrating attacks, simply teleport to an area where your second skill will cause it to get knocked back the wall and get stunned. Rapidly shower it with your Basic Attacks afterward and it may not even get the chance to escape.

Ambush. Hide in a bush then blink away when an enemy is about to get in. Attack it with your second skill to stun it then storm it with your attacks. It’s also great to ambush an enemy who is trying to kill the crab. The wall behind it could let you stun it while the bush facing it gives you a surprise advantage.


Assist & Push. Since Moskov’s build is heavy on attack speed, you have that advantage to quickly clear out the minion wave and then swiftly destroy the tower. You can even use Inspire if necessary. You can also do this when helping your core ally kill the turtle.

Heavily armored marksman in Mobile Legends
Moskov burning red in blood spear skin

Team Fight. Keep in mind that Moskov is still a squishy marksman despite having lifesteal from your emblem and items. Avoid initiating a team fight unless you’re sure that you’re only dealing with 1 or 2 heroes only. During a clash, stun your enemies with Moskov’s second skill to prevent them from attacking your allies further. Immediately barrage them with your attacks using the recommended combos above.

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